sicksucculentz · a day ago
Dolores knocks on the wall in her bedroom.
Dolores: “hey Bruno. Wall talk”
Bruno: “whats up?”
Dolores: “did you see the man Isabela dragged in?”
Bruno: “yea I did! He looks like Markiplier!”
Dolores: “whos Mark-…markiplier?”
Bruno: “oh…mmmmm….”
Dolores: “Tio?…..Tio Bruno…..are you there? Hello?”
She thumps her fist on the wall.
Dolores: “damn him! He’s WEIRD…..oh my god what if he’s a hallucination and im going crazy!…..”
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sicksucculentz · a day ago
Everything is the same but Luisa carries her sisters around like this
Tumblr media
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sicksucculentz · a day ago
Luisa: “h-h-he’s…..SO small….my uncle!….but….so pocket sized”
Luisa holding Bruno in one hand, his feet no longer touching the ground. She’s monotoned voice and staring off into space.
Isabela: “…..are you ok?…..you don’t look ok”
Luisa starts crying about how small Bruno is while still holding him in one hand and staring off into space. Bruno starts wiggling and trying to get out of her grip.
Luisa: “look at him he’s wiggly nooooooowwwww”
She throws her head back and starts bawling her eyes out.
Isabela: “I don’t know how to handle this”
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sicksucculentz · a day ago
Villains tying up the ninja.
Kai: “get off us!”
Nya: “don’t touch me! Back off!!”
Cole: “Don’t you go and make me mad!!! You wont li-
Cole in a panic: “woa woa back up back up back up! Get away from him now!”
Villains quickly back away in fear from a very angry Zane.
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sicksucculentz · 2 days ago
Zane: “im going evil again”
Cole: “ooohhhhh nnnnooooo”
Zane: “thats right…absolutely bonkers”
Jay: “someone stop this madman”
Zane: “I need an evil wife”
Cole: “she will not aid in evil endeavors”
Zane: “I do not have an evil wife….I become worse”
Cole: “show us your evil. Show us your pain”
Zane violently flips a table over with no expression at all sending everything on the table crashing all over the floor.
Cole: “WOA!! WOA!!! Ok-…I didn’t think you would actually do that”
Zane: “too far?”
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sicksucculentz · 2 days ago
Juileta cuddling Bruno on the sofa. Poor guy is just passed the hell out and looks like death. All curled up with his head in her lap as she gently plays with his hair.
Agustín: “awww! Thats so sweet. Cuddle time!”
Julieta: “he stinks….he stinks so bad”
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sicksucculentz · 2 days ago
Bruno: "mam? I have your vision"
?????: "oh good good! thank you"
Bruno: "your daughter will make a great recovery. She will survive this"
??????: "oh thank god!"
Bruno smiles then takes a bite out of the green vision he's holding and starts chewing. The woman looks confused and horrified but she quickly leaves. Pepa comes storming up seeing what has just happened. She smacks the back of his head.
Pepa: "don't eat that stupid! you don't what it's made of and your going to slice up your mouth! spit it out!"
Bruno: "oww! Pepa stop stop. It's not a real vision. It's candy glass. Camilo and I thought It would be funny to make everyone think I eat my visions once they've been told"
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sicksucculentz · 3 days ago
Alberto and Julia arguing again.
Alberto: "well maybe if you weren't such a-"
He quickly scratches under his chin flicking little shedding scales directly into Julia's face. They bounce off her face and she looks horrified.
Alberto: "smart mouth!.....why are you looking at me like that?"
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sicksucculentz · 4 days ago
Bruno shoving just a gross amount of food into his mouth, so much so it looks painful. Camilo and Antonio sort of wander up.
Camilo: “uh hey Tio? Have you seen-…”
Bruno turns around in shock mouth way too full of food and drool dribbling down his chin. He quickly turns his back to them and try’s to cover his face.
Bruno with a mouth full of food: “get Antonio away. He dosent need to see this”
Camilo: “turn around Tonito you don’t want to see your Tio like this”
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sicksucculentz · 4 days ago
Little man wedges wriggles under the painting and into the walls. He darts through the little alleyways and flings open the door to the little room.
Antonio: “TIO BRUNO!”
He throws himself on a lump of blankets and pillows. Bruno groans and loops an arm around Antonio pulling him under the blankets and pillows and cuddles him close.
Bruno: “Stop yelling at your tio….what is it fuzzy”
Antonio: “i lost my baby tooth! Look!”
Bruno: “mmmmm yes thats a muncher cruncher”
Adorable giggling.
((Little fuzz head lost a tooth and he’s just gotta tell everyone. Antonio is so darn adorable. I wana give him a juice box for smiling))
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sicksucculentz · 4 days ago
I feel like a episodic show for Encanto would be a funny idea.
I like the idea of Bruno still creeping around in the walls of the house just doin his thing and the family is just living with their weird uncle in the walls.
Theres like a party going on and Bruno is too shy to come out and have fun so he’s watching from slits in the wood and such. Dolores is just “ill be there in a minute I have to feed my uncle” and she slips him a meal and some snacks so he dosent have to be seen.
Everyone else thats not apart of the family finds it weird and creepy but the kids have only known their uncle this way and don’t see the issue. He creeps into their rooms at night to tuck them him, forhead kisses, bed time stories, glass of water, maybe even the occasional nightmare comfort duty.
He’s been just about nocturnal for 10 years and cannot drop the habit so he just remains sleeping during the day and up and about at night. The family can hear him gently and quietly doing him own little chores, tip toeing past their rooms to keep from waking everyone up. It’s nice to have something to blame the little bumps in the night on.
I don’t think his room has a place to sleep so he sort of remade his place in the walls and thats where he sleeps. He still uses his room for visions and such he just sleeps elsewhere. He can be a bitch to find sometimes but when they need him they just kind of go around pressing their moths into the walls and calling for him.
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sicksucculentz · 4 days ago
Do you think Antonio does that little kid cough?
I think I would just feel bad for him and grossed out at the same time
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sicksucculentz · 4 days ago
Camilo getting his gift. He touches the doorknob then looks around waiting for something to happen. He sees someone making a stupid face.
Camilo: "hahah! look at that guy"
He shape shifts into the stranger he just pointed at.
Camilo: "oh no! I AM that guy now"
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sicksucculentz · 4 days ago
Mirabel: “come on Abuela how can you say no to this face?”
She gestures to Bruno innocently standing there waiting for a response.
Abuela brings her face just inches from Bruno’s face.
Abuela: “NO!”
Yells directly into Bruno’s face.
((This situation really happened but it was me, the cat, and my dad))
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sicksucculentz · 5 days ago
One day I will be an old man.  eccentric, crazy, and sweet voiced.
I will confuse and scare kids with my odd ways. There will be rumors. But ultimately I will just be crazy and wholesome
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sicksucculentz · 5 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sicksucculentz · 5 days ago
Gramadon and Lloyd fighting, Lloyd trying to stop him from taking over Ninjago. Lloyd trips and falls on his face.
Garmadon: "oohhhhh!...are you ok?...get up, get up your alright"
Lloyd picks himself up. He has a bloody nose, an eyelid heavier then the other, and he's kind of listing to the side.
Lloyd: "I feel nauseous....."
Gramadon: ".......please don't tell your mom.....Im scared of that woman"
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