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i thought maybe we would kiss tonight.
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sierrascribblesan hour ago
Tumblr media
oh wow im insane . stan kaeya yall f2p king <3 still helps carry to this day
also heres my anniversary link to get some free anni gifts !! leave urs in the comments luv yall <3
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sierrascribbles13 hours ago
genshin poll results tah-dah !!
here r the results of the google survey !! thank you all who took it mwah !!
best written character:
coming in first place is the geo archon zhongli!
Tumblr media
in second is kaeya, and third is the anemo archon venti 馃挊
which harbinger... quick!
scaramouche wins the battle versus signora with 43.4% of the total votes. / signora trails behind w 41.5% of the votes. / 15.1% of people just want them dead lol
who is the best boy?
best boy decisevely is the lonely adeptus xiao (deserved)
Tumblr media
second best boy is kaeya, and third is old man zhongli 鈽
who is the best girl?
by FAR everyone's favorite girl is crux captain beidou
Tumblr media
second is the electro archon baal / ei / raiden shogun, and tied for third is lumine & hu tao 馃懟
best archon quest?
khaenri'ah ("we will be reunited") won w 32.1% of the votes!
second is the liyue arc, followed by monstadt, and then inazuma 馃尒
next hangout events should be...?
crux captain beidou, gorou, & tohma!
Tumblr media
thank you again & stan kujou sara god bless
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sierrascribbles13 hours ago
ummm really quick bc i鈥檓 not sure but tw/cw: covid. remember you don鈥檛 have to answer this ask <3 hi 鈽濓笍currently i have covid and i鈥檝e been having really bad coughing fits and i just wish i had someone to hold my hand and rub my back and just tell me i was gonna be alright. NAMELY joe tazuna bc i know he鈥檚 so good at comforting people but also bad at the same time ?? like he鈥檚 the 鈥渃an i get you water?鈥 but also knows exactly when to rub your back or stroke your hair and yea 馃殻鈥嶁檧锔
please this is so cute </3 joe WOULD . he comes in in a hazmat suit bc he doesn't want to get sick but he'll still sit outside ur door and talk ur ear off ..... if youre not contagious he'd just lay beside u and try to make u laugh !!! plays w ur hair ... soft <3
i hope u got thru it safely !!! and feel much better now mwah !!
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sierrascribblesa day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. RICHTER MO YI VYN I LOVE U HEAPS AND HEAPS U CRAZY LITTLE MAN鈥硷笍鈥硷笍鈥硷笍 1000000 birthday kisses to you mwah mwah mwah
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sierrascribblesa day ago
I WAS EXCITED FOR UR REACTION TO FINDING THAT PART OF COOKIE RUN LMAO. everyone has different reactions to it. but okay so. as a guilty party in finding the cookies hot, i only find the humanized versions hot </3. humanized latte cookie is awooga humna humna
this is so wild to me haha i think the shock of it all is still wearing off .......... i would be fine if i didn鈥檛 find out there鈥檚 smut for it like ?! 馃槼 this is like just like when i was 16 and discovered that ppl want to seggs sans the skeleton lmao
EATS ur cookie gf .... jk i just looked her up why do ppl draw them as humans and why do they make them sexy anime characters help ?!??
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sierrascribblesa day ago
MOTHER HELLO!!!! I don't know if you remember me, but I just wanted to send you a little message and say hello!! and I hope you're doing well and life is treating you well and all that amazing stuff! tell me why I read through your nanami drabbles like no tomorrow bc literally nanami is mf husband the fact that you're his AS WELL?!?! your taste is IMMACULATE, but I wouldn't expect no less from mother, of course. all in all though, I'm sending you all the love and I miss talking to you! thanks for being amazing as always and I'll send you another message soon (maybe a nanami ask??? who knows?)!! see ya, wouldn't want to be ya!!!
omg ofc i remember u how could i forget my own son smdh 馃グ i鈥檝e missed you !!! i鈥檓 glad ur back now <3 i鈥檓 glad you鈥檙e ok and sending u SO MUCH love mwah
(and 馃憖 yes u can send as many nanami requests as u want i adore that man more than anything鉂わ笍)
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sierrascribblesa day ago
i wanna share my thougts on kokomi. i legitimately rhought she was gonna b a morally gray character who wanted to eradicate the Vision Hunt Decree. like,,,, that was the vibes she gave when i first saw her. i wanted hee ro b the morally gray of "idgaf how many soliders die bcuz long as the Decree is hone is it rlly that bad?" kinda gray.
idk if this is like,, irrelevant but her character to me would b so much cooler if she was also a polearm. like,, imagine a school of fish or a swordfish or a shark attackin people in time w kokomi's attacks.
EXACTLY what i was saying in a last post . morally grey kokomi who would do anything to stop the tenryou commission would also be a good parallel to baal !!! baal who will sacrifice any life for her eternity bc what鈥檚 a human life to a god vs kokomi who will go any lengths to stop the tenryou commission bc of how theyve hurt her people (+ her own beef w the archon)
and oooo ur right !! we don鈥檛 have a hydro polearm so that would b Epic . i imagine it would be based off of like a harpoon ? or a fishing spear :)
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sierrascribblesa day ago
oh i am SO glad i wasn't the only one that thought kokomi was done dirty. like i wasn't exactly expecting a lot after the raiden shogun quest which i didn't like bc it was lacking the depth of the other archon quests but...kokomi had so much potential as a character that they just wasted...i liked the "what happens to the troops after the war" angle but girl i felt like we were watching the npc's stories happen,,,,not miss kokomi's......what is our chief strategist like after the war mhy!!!
THANK YOUUUU OMG i always find they give the damn NPCs in some of the quests more interesting development than the main girls馃槶 like in yoimiya鈥檚 quest they had those two male npc鈥檚 ... in THE LITERAL ARCHON鈥橲 QUEST THEY FOCUSED A LOT ON THE NAMELESS KUJOU CLAN GUY ???? and now w kokomi :/
i think it would鈥檝e been good if kokomi had the same struggle ? like they needed her prowess during wartime but afterwards they hardly came to her ... and maybe some resentment w that and with the kujou clan ??? not the same 鈥渆veryone comes to her w EVERY little struggle鈥 ugh it鈥檚 so tired 馃槶
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sierrascribblesa day ago
I feel you 110% on the Kokomi situation. Mihoyo did her so fucking dirty. 鈥淪he鈥檚 a brilliant strategist鈥 trusts an 鈥榓nonymous source鈥 for donations, doesn鈥檛 check said donations for legitimacy (or SAFETY), etc. Her design is solid imo (mermaid aesthetic w/pastels?! 馃グ馃槱) but they just couldn鈥檛 decide on her personality/character and all of it just came off as extremely sloppy. They had the chance to give us a character that perfectly embodies 鈥渓ooks like a cinnamon roll but can actually kill you鈥 and they missed it!!!
yes exactly !!! i think it would be more interesting if she was kind of a chess master character ??? like she presented as sweet and loving but her hatred of the raiden shogun trumped everything in her life. or just at least that she鈥檇 be willing to put her own troops/the people of sangonomiya in danger by trusting the fatui bc with them there would actually be a chance of winning . maybe her family had passed down the anger that they had when the raiden had struck down their god . and after all this time she was the one who had a chance to end baal鈥檚 tyrannical governing ?? 鈥渢he ends justify the means鈥 whats a few soldiers to a generation of hatred towards an uncaring god? lmao idk i just thought it would be interesting!!
kokomi is super cute but :/ honestly we need more genshin women who are willing to go apeshit . like noelle, jean, and ganyu already are the 鈥渨ork themselves to death鈥 characters WHY DO WE NEED ANOTHER ONE鈥硷笍 just say u hate writing women w actual flaws smdh .
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sierrascribblesa day ago
kujou sara: the raiden shogun said she liked the cookies you baked her today. she said they had an extra special taste; and i told her thats because you bake them with love!
kokomi: aww i鈥檓 so glad ^_^ [scratches out arsenic on her list of poisons that can kill an archon]
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sierrascribblesa day ago
scale baby - vyn x mc
a commission for sweet arlon @back-to-brawlimar !! a vyn x mc fic where mc introduces his pet snake to vyn <3
my commissions post is here if you would like to commission me !!
鈥淰yn, do you mind if we stop by the pet store?鈥 Arlon stops in the middle of the street, looking up at Vyn with wide eyes.
鈥淧et store?鈥 Vyn鈥檚 lips quirk up into a smile, 鈥渨hy, are you thinking of getting another pet?鈥
鈥淣o, I just need to get a mouse for my Hiccup!鈥 Arlon then looks down, mumbling: 鈥渢hough I wouldn鈥檛 be opposed to getting another pet one day.鈥
It鈥檚 Vyn鈥檚 turn to pause. Hiccup. Their pet, a ball python that was nearly as long as his arm. When Arlon had told him that they were a pet owner, he pictured them with a cute rabbit or maybe a small dog. When they had shown him a picture of a snake coiled around their neck 鈥 he had nearly dropped his glasses.
They would never stop surprising him, he supposed.
鈥淎h, I see.鈥 Vyn links his arm with Arlon鈥檚. In the Autumn weather, they felt warm against his side. 鈥淲ell then, I shall accompany you. I would like to meet your friend Hiccup.鈥
Arlon nods cheerfully, 鈥淚鈥檓 sure he鈥檒l love you! Everyone loves you, after all.鈥
鈥淎h. Does that mean that you鈥?鈥
Arlon frantically takes his hand out of Vyn鈥檚, waving their hands in front of their face. Vyn chuckles at just how cute they look. 鈥淒on鈥檛 say things like that, Dr. Richter!鈥
鈥淥k, so we juuuust need a mouse for him. Thankfully, I鈥檝e been to this store enough times that they know to keep them in stock for me.鈥
鈥淎 mouse?鈥 He looks a bit surprised, if only for a moment. Did he really not know what snakes eat? It was nice to know that there were at least some things the doctor didn鈥檛 know. 鈥淎n鈥 alive one?鈥
鈥淲ell, yes, but the ones I get are frozen.鈥 Arlon enters the pet store, the door being held open by Vyn -- a manner that was almost muscle memory to him. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to see the poor mice die鈥 So I have to shake the thawed ones around! Simulating a real life mouse, you know?鈥
So cute, Vyn thinks. 鈥淚 see.鈥
The bell dings and alerts the one worker on staff. He instantly perks up upon seeing Arlon enter. 鈥淎h, it鈥檚 you, Arlon!鈥 He beams, waving at them from across the room. 鈥淚t鈥檚 so nice to see you! Here for snake food?鈥
鈥淵ep! You got any in stock?鈥 The two follow on over to the counter, Arlon leaning their arms against the lacquer. Vyn stands tall behind them, sizing the employee up.
鈥淯sually you come here alone, is this your boyfriend?鈥 The worker seems oblivious to Vyn鈥檚 quiet appraisal. It was quite obvious Arlon was a favorite customer of his, the way his cheeks flushed under their attention鈥 Did he think he had a chance with his Arlon?
Arlon flushes, starting to dispute his assumption. 鈥淥h no, we鈥檙e--鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 right,鈥 Vyn鈥檚 eyes are closed as he smiles down at him, hand gently resting on your shoulder. 鈥淗e just so happened to remember he needed to feed his pet snake after our date.鈥
鈥淎h, alright,鈥 the cashier seems to deflate. So Vyn鈥檚 assumption was correct. At the very least, he seemed interested in Arlon. Sometimes, he wished they were more perceptive when it came to others. Their trusting aura helped them to get along with mostly everyone; Vyn included, but he couldn鈥檛 help but feel the jealousy welling up in his chest when he saw them with other friends. Especially people with romantic intentions. 鈥淟et me get your snake food, give me a moment.鈥
With Vyn, it was love at first sight. He knew it wasn鈥檛 the same with Arlon, but he wanted to be a person that they could grow to love. Was that too selfish of him?
鈥淰yn!鈥 Arlon nudges him in the side, shooting him an embarrassed look. 鈥淲hat reason was there to lie?鈥
鈥淢y apologies,鈥 he smiles, cat-like, not sorry in the slightest. 鈥淚 just can鈥檛 help but tease you when you make those cute expressions.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 it, I鈥檓 feeding you to my snake next time he鈥檚 hungry!鈥
The walk home was peaceful, the sun nestled behind the clouds, and a quiet breeze seemed to guide the two back to Arlon鈥檚 house. Vyn loved these moments, where he could have them all to himself. Throughout the day, Vyn鈥檚 mind would wander to what Arlon was doing, then. He wanted to know everything about them, a never-ending honeymoon phase where he would always feel at home with them.
It made him feel insatiable, Vyn was finally not in control of his emotions. It was horrifying as much as it was electric.
But for now, he was fine to just listen to him talk, leisurely strolling beside him, Arlon鈥檚 shopping bags in his own arms. It was the gentlemanly thing to do, after all.
Much too soon, they arrive back at Arlon鈥檚 apartment.
Arlon鈥檚 house smells like fresh parchment and herbal tea. He recognizes it as the scent of the blend he had last gifted them, and he smiles to himself. Vyn makes a mental note to bring him more next time he sees them. He hoped it would be soon.
鈥淪ure you鈥檙e not scared of snakes?鈥 Arlon asks him, leading Vyn towards his room. 鈥淟ast chance to back out!鈥
鈥淎re people usually scared of them? Snakes are a very common phobia, but ball pythons are not known to hurt humans unless provoked.鈥 Vyn shakes his head, 鈥渂ut, no, I am not.鈥
鈥淒o you have any fears, Dr. Richter?鈥
Vyn watches as Arlon opens his bedroom door. 鈥淲hat do you think?鈥 Arlon shoots him a glare. Nothing was easy with the doctor.
鈥淚鈥檒l find out one day, I promise to you.鈥
Vyn laughs quietly, 鈥淚 will be cheering you on, then.鈥
And then they walk in, Arlon smiling wide when he sees the snake curled up in his habitat. Hiccup鈥檚 tongue flicks out as if to greet them.
Vyn had never seen their bedroom before; though he had imagined what it might look like. It was neat, except for the case files spread across his bedsheets and law books stacked high on their nightstand. He can鈥檛 help but step closer, and find that a picture of Arlon and himself is hanging on the wall in a collage with pictures of some of their other friends from work, and from school. He recognizes only Luke out of the bunch, and scowls.
鈥淰yn, come say hi!鈥 He turns around and sees Arlon has unwrapped the now-thawed mouse and is holding it between a pair of forceps. Hiccup seems curious, and perks up, moving his head towards the intrusion. 鈥淗ave you ever seen a snake feed before?鈥
鈥淣ot up close, no.鈥 He stands behind Arlon, glancing over his shoulder. Despite being such a feared creature, his face looked almost cute. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 have pets when I was younger, so I never got the chance.鈥
鈥淩eally?鈥 Arlon asks, moving the mouse under the heat lamp to make it feel like it was alive. 鈥淵ou strike me as a cat person, actually.鈥
鈥淥h? How so?鈥
鈥淵ou both are elegant鈥 Kind when you want to be but can be prickly too.鈥
鈥淚s that your analysis of me?鈥 He watches as they shake the mouse around, the snake rearing up to strike. And then it does, latching on with its rows of sharp teeth, and coiling his body around the mouse. It was interesting to watch, Vyn understood the appeal of wanting one as a pet. 鈥淭hat was fast.鈥
鈥淵ep!鈥 Gently, Arlon closes the top of Hiccup鈥檚 enclosure, 鈥渁nd now we have to let him rest and eat鈥 If you鈥檇 like, you can stay for a little while longer.鈥
Who was Vyn to deny Arlon of anything? The two walk out into his kitchen, Arlon telling Vyn to rest on the couch as he brews some tea.
鈥淎s you were saying鈥 you think cats suit me as a pet?鈥 Arlon hums from the kitchen, Vyn watching them as they set the teapot on their stove.
鈥淢ost definitely,鈥 he shrugs, 鈥渁lso, I鈥檝e noticed that animals just naturally love you. I鈥檝e seen the way the university鈥檚 cats brush up against your legs. Your charisma knows no bounds!鈥
鈥淢y co-workers have tried to get me to take one of them home a few times.鈥 He pinches the bridge of his nose, remembering the puppy dog eyes his fellow colleagues have given him. It was easy to deny all of them, what was hard was denying Arlon of anything.
Arlon leans against the kitchen counter, waiting for the water to boil. 鈥淚s there a reason you don鈥檛 want to take the kitties home?鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 think I鈥檇 have the time. Between NXX meetings, my tutoring of Marius, teaching, and working鈥 I hardly have time to breathe.鈥 His lips turn up into a mischievous smile. 鈥淭hough, maybe鈥 then one day we could adopt one together?鈥
The teapot starts to whistle. 鈥淒r. Richter!鈥
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sierrascribblesa day ago
Bestie people are out here writing x reader smut for the damn cookies
...please don't ask how I have come to know this information....
S .... SPICEY ???? they鈥檙e . cookies. how do they ...? u kno what nvm i don鈥檛 want to know鉂わ笍 curiosity is always my downfall but not today
also 馃憖 anon how did u find this info ? surely ur not .... ?
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sierrascribbles2 days ago
It's hilarious to me that you just discovered the cookie thing 馃槶 almost every day I see a post from a blog I follow abt them and it's kinda concerning ?? But also lots of good art out there ngl, I still don't get it tho
LMAO HELP I SEE PEOPLE POSTING ABOUT IT BUT I DIDNT THINK IT WAS LIKE ..... THAT ????3!:?:?:?:?3??4?:?;?:?:?: like most . fandom crushes i can at least see the appeal in but this is . 馃馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
girl that is a whole cookie . cant take yall nowhere . yall go to the bakery and start moaning ????? exorcism needed rn
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sierrascribbles2 days ago
everyday i log into twitter and learn something against my will. like people are attracted to the cookies from cookie run ?!:?:?:?:?: help ?3?:?:??:!:
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sierrascribbles2 days ago
Tumblr media
lmao i wanted to like kokomi but she is literally like the 5th woman who 鈥渙verworks herself to make others happy鈥 . she has such a cute design but god genshin does a lot of their female characters dirty馃槶 it鈥檚 ok to like her but she is not a well written character . even her role in the story was cut off lol
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sierrascribbles2 days ago
kokomi sends her the sanrio memes
Tumblr media
and sara sends back the wholesome skeleton memes
Tumblr media
kokosara is kokomi writing down her plans to kill the raiden shogun in bubble letters in gel glitter pen w sanrio stickers around it in her pink notebook. and sara is the quiet goth kid who knits her girlfriend scarves in her free time and puts up kokomi鈥檚 hair before kokomi does arcane rituals
kokomi likes gorey slasher movies (and holds sara鈥檚 hands at all the scary parts) and sara unironically thinks twilight is peak cinema and she adores romcoms .
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sierrascribbles2 days ago
kokosara is kokomi writing down her plans to kill the raiden shogun in bubble letters in gel glitter pen w sanrio stickers around it in her pink notebook. and sara is the quiet goth kid who knits her girlfriend scarves in her free time and puts up kokomi鈥檚 hair before kokomi does arcane rituals
kokomi likes gorey slasher movies (and holds sara鈥檚 hands at all the scary parts) and sara unironically thinks twilight is peak cinema and she adores romcoms .
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