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Heya! I'm a detail costumer and cosplayer from Boston; Loki shapeshifter/illusionist, and probably an Elf. Loki costumes are my specialty, but recent projects have included Eowyn, Galadriel, Raven Branwen, and Black Widow. Next project: Loki (concept art) Next con: ???

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silhouette-cosplay9 hours agoPhoto


This is the filming location of the end of The Avengers, when Thor and Loki return to Asgard via Tesseract. Shooting Loki here has been a dream for three years; I planned to do it last time I was at NYCC in 2015, but wasn鈥檛 able to for scheduling reasons. In a way, I鈥檓 glad it happened later, when my Loki is so much improved! It was quite amusing to see the reactions of tourists and park-goers; most were confused but curious, but some actually knew who I was and even why we were shooting here. It was so much fun, and a huge thanks to my friends who did the photos and video we got. <3

Photos by @realmythology聽 / edit by me
Costume and accessories made by me

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silhouette-cosplay3 days agoText

I鈥檓 back to working on my Gungnir remake after not having touched it since April or May (this year is ridiculous). I finished the detailing on one side鈥攏ow on to the other! Everything you see is black worbla over a foam clay base, both from @ardawigscanada 馃槏

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Just wanted to say hello to the new folks who have arrived here lately! I鈥檓 in the middle of about 5 different projects, three of which are Lokis because Loki, if you haven鈥檛 guessed, is my favourite character to cosplay and I have a ridiculous number of costumes already. xD聽

Feel free to poke me about my costumes or my process–I love talking cosplay shop!聽

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So here鈥檚 a fun fact: the DESIGN of this costume took longer than the actual making of it. Admittedly, I wasn鈥檛 in as much of a rush, and it was in between other projects, but it still took about 5 months before I was happy enough with my concept art to begin actual production.

I thought a LOT about what I wanted to include in this design鈥搘hat I wanted it to say about Loki鈥檚 character, what I wanted it to MEAN. As my ideas grew, so did the concept; I was drawing on his previous MCU looks, as well as inspiration from unused concept art and even the comics.

And so, in this long rambly post, here鈥檚 where I ended up. :)

Loki鈥檚 armoured costumes began as a reflection of Asgard and his status within it: highly symmetrical, bright gold鈥攁nd their slow move over the films to asymmetry and heavy weathering is as much a reflection of his character as the writing. Here, in a look designed for Infinity War, there are even more complicated layers and further asymmetry鈥攁n assertion by Loki of his changing and many-layered nature, and his refusal to conform to any version of 鈥淟oki鈥 but his own. There is also, perhaps paradoxically, an long-needed of the people and events that have shaped him into who he is, and hints of these are scattered throughout the design.

The right arm is for Asgard. Gold and gleaming, yet heavily worn with age, it both protects and conceals, and supports Loki鈥檚 weapon hand. The forearm bracer mirrors one of his first looks, when he was still a prince of Asgard. His comic-symbol, however, is hidden in the upper arm piece.

The left arm is for Jotunheim鈥攖he arm that revealed Loki鈥檚 true identity when touched by a Frost Giant. It is totally unarmoured, and wrapped in green and black, it is both bandaged and vulnerable. The symbols of the forearm, symbols of Loki, recall the markings of his Jotun form. The wrapped cloth allows for the flexibility of his magic hand.

The breastplate and 鈥渘ecklace鈥 piece mark a continued acceptance of Loki as Loki. The necklace is the one piece in Loki鈥檚 costuming that has remained consistent, until Ragnarok, almost as a relic of his past. Here, it is reshaped into Loki鈥檚 own symbol, and laced with the green of his signature colours.

The left shoulder is for Odin鈥攄espised by Loki, and yet a creator of Loki himself. It is harsher and more geometric than the rest of the armour鈥攁 practical, unyielding piece that mimics Odin鈥檚 own costume鈥攂ut is tempered by the ornate scrollwork on the edge, which is taken directly from Frigga鈥檚 battle armour.

The right chest piece is for Thor. In a loose recollection of Thor鈥檚 winged helm, yet still layered with Loki鈥檚 green, it pulls from the Asgardian arm, and melds into a thin gold line that continues across the chest and encircles the costume almost completely.

The cape is for Frigga. Made from soft but heavy wool, it embraces Loki on all sides, and the drape over the chest mirrors the drape of Frigga鈥檚 dress that she fought and died in. It partially conceals the left shoulder, and falls over Loki鈥檚 heart.

The snakeskin texture is a direct replacement of the textured leather in Loki鈥檚 previous costumes. While those pieces were in the pattern of the triquetra, an Asgardian symbol, the snakeskin is pure Loki.

Again, none of these thoughts were immediate. They grew from something very different over the months of thought and repaints on my tablet, and I can鈥檛 stress enough the importance of patience, especially with original designs. It was worth the wait to finally have this and know that I was happy with it.

For those who have followed this journey鈥搕hank you. I鈥檓 really not a designer, and this was such a new challenge for me. I鈥檓 still a bit boggled that I pulled it off, and the support and encouragement from you all has been amazing. THANK YOU! <3

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I made cape #2 for my Loki original design! This one is super weathered and features a very sexy hood that can attach to the helm with a hidden magnet! Since I originally designed this look as something for Infinity War, I always wanted a darker version as well as the green cape.

The last finishing touch will be zipper stops around the hood edge, which should be here tomorrow!

(Also featuring my bathrobe because why the heck not 馃槀)

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silhouette-cosplay2 months agoText

Fabric textures for my upcoming Elf OC!

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PSA! This is NOT the original Loki costume or Tom Hiddleston鈥攊t鈥檚 me in my cosplay! Unfortunately folks have taken it, added a terrible filter, and uploaded it to pinterest, and it鈥檚 gotten shared and reposted so much that it鈥檚 pretty much unstoppable at this point. But if you see it uncredited, please let me know! It鈥檚 really frustrating to have your work stolen and altered and shared without your name attached.

I鈥檇 appreciate folks spreading this around if you can鈥攖he more people who know the better. :)

(Also, yes, I do watermark my images now. Unfortunately this was taken before I had a large following, so please don鈥檛 come at me with 鈥測ou should watermark鈥 because it鈥檚 unhelpful in hindsight. Thanks!)

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