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silverdecepticon93·2 days agoAnswer
Will Evil Twin get a part 4 ??

I’m not sure because I have no idea where I’m going with the series now. I’m sorry but I’m still debating whether or not to continue.

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silverdecepticon93·2 days agoAnswer
imagine Klarion with a reader who's got OCD?
  • He finds it cute at first, not aware of how detrimental or bad it can be for you, but keep in mind that he only sees you being a little perfectionist.
  • Teekl has point out your behavior to him such as your habit of ‘double checking things’ for the thirteenth time, tapping or repetition of certain words, and other symptoms.
  • It isn’t until you have something similar to a panic attack does Klarion begin to ask about OCD and do research on it.
  • Huh…so while it may add to your cuteness, it’s kind of bad for you…
  • Also, has him questioning why you’re dating a lord of CHAOS if you have this disorder.
  • “Meow?”
  • “No, I don’t want them to break up with me! I just think that if you have these symptoms then maybe you shouldn’t be-”
  • “Meow.”
  • “I am not being a hypocrite!”
  • He isn’t sure how to make things better on your part and is worried that he only makes it worse.
  • Has the Light utilize Hugo Strange to help you out since Klarion isn’t sure where to begin and knows for a fact he’s probably just going to make it worse.
  • “So, can it be cured?” Klarion asks the shrink curiously.
  • “Some people can be cured completely but most of the time, the patient will still have OCD but at least know how to cope better,” Hugo explains.
  • Klarion then threatens politely tells Hugo to do the best he can because he’s not sure if he can stand seeing you so timid and jittery.
  • All progress will be checked by him, he wants to know everything about every session you have with Hugo, and will try to notice any changes in your behavior.
  • He throws doctor-patient confidentiality out the window, if he wants you to know if you’re getting better, he will know you’re getting better.
  • Meanwhile you’re somewhat happy that you managed to get him so concerned over you, especially since he was often thought to be heartless, but it seemed as though he has a soft spot for you.
  • “You know, I really appreciate that you care so much.” You smiled.
  • He gently cupped your face in his hands as he presses a kiss to your forehead, “Of course I care! You’re my (Y/n)!”

Understand I have very limited knowledge of OCD so if I have anything incorrect or offended those with OCD, I am genuinely sorry. Otherwise, I hoped you enjoyed!

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silverdecepticon93·2 days agoAnswer
OG young justice team with demigod S/O's (like from percy Jackson)


  • Obviously, you’re the child of Poseidon
  • Date nights aren’t too showy, often going out on swims or a simple movie night.
  • If you ever need help adjusting to the mortal world, Kalur will be very understanding and does very well in teaching how to adjust and fit in.
  • Doesn’t mind you’re more powerful than him but he will still be a little worried for you in battle. 
  • If you want to learn hand-to-hand combat, he’d be more than happy to teach you.
  • If you’re anything like your father, you are ruthless to anyone who dares to cross you, and crossing Kaldur is like crossing you so he kinda has to reel you back in when you get too threatening.
  • You two are very much the parents of the Team, making sure everyone’s okay and lightly scolding them when they’ve done bad.
  • It’s a very secure relationship since you two trust each other completely.
  • He’s very easy to make blush if you kiss him or any other kind of PDA, especially if you do it in front of someone in the League.
  • “(Y/n), you could get us in trouble.”
  • “Sorry, Kal, I couldn’t resist.~”


  • You’re the child of Athena (well, more like an adopted kid but you still inherit some of her abilities) which makes sense considering that Robin is a tricky little bird.
  • Much like him and Batman, the two of you don’t need to talk in battle since you guys seem to think alike.
  • He also doesn’t mind that you’re more powerful than him unless you embarrass him in front of Batman or something, then he gets all flustered and pouty.
  • You’re a sucker for that creepy laugh and cute smile of his.
  • Will offer to teach you hand-to-hand combat if you decline he’s fine and won’t pry into the matter any further, but if you say ‘yes’ then he’s gonna get so excited.
  • If you also have trouble adjusting to a mortal lifestyle, then he doesn’t mind helping you introducing you to ‘normal’ mannerisms.
  • You’re accepted into the Batfamily with no problems or qualms at all, you’re just one of them, so accept it.
  • Expect a lot of greek mythology pick-up lines that backfire on him when you correct him mid pick-up line about a fact or something about a family member.
  • “Alright, so in order to succeed in this mission, you’re going to have to-”
  • “Take out all the system remotely while also creating a distraction so you can slip past? Good idea, (Y/n).”
  • “I am so in love with you right now.”

Kid Flash:

  • Child of Hermes, loud and proud!
  • Since Wally doesn’t believe in magic, you like to fuck around with him by doing…you know, magic! 
  • It’s very entertaining for you to watch him struggle trying to justify your magic and abilities but go off, I guess?
  • You two still love each other deeply, being one of those couples that are incredibly obnoxious but you know that they’d take a bullet for the other.
  • Expect him to challenge you to races to prove whose faster, you or him.
  • Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t. Wally knows when you purposely lose a race and when you don’t so don’t think you can get away with going easy on him.
  • As for adjusting to the mortal world, you’re don’t really need help. After all, you adapted pretty quickly, which is another thing Wally loves.
  • Someone who can roll with the punches.
  • He denies the fact he’s dating a bonafide demigod and calls you his ‘Diety’ or ‘God/Goddess’ for the sake of irony.
  • “Hey, I realized if we had kids would they be like 25% god or something?”
  • “If we had kids, they’d be 100% awesome!”


  • Child of the war god, himself, Ares.
  • How you and Conner start to get close is when you’re being shunned by your aunt Diana because your dad and she don’t have the best track record, he feels your pain and you two kid of bond over that.
  • Play roughhousing isn’t uncommon but you two are a lot softer than you seem, favoring to cuddle in comfy silence with each other instead.
  • Literal war couple, both of you equal in power and strength and can trust that the other has your back during a battle.
  • Both of you adjust to normal human mannerisms together, since you’re both kinda clueless about it.
  • You two also bring out a softer side in each other because you two know you can vulnerable around the other without fear of ridicule or teasing. You guys just understand each other.
  • Only gets better when Wolf joins because now you three are in the living room just napping in a comfy doggy pile.
  • Both of you are resting your heads on a napping wolf where your cuddling Conner, the Team is surprised to see that he’s the little spoon, but know better than to bring it up.
  • Villians are very hesitant to fight you two because they know that separate, you guys can be taken down, but together you guys can raise hell if angry.
  • “Oh! Sorry if I hurt you, Conner!”
  • “As if you could.”

Miss Martian:

  • Child of Demeter and I might be going off Lore Olympus because why not?
  • You can see M’gann’s real form but it doesn’t scare you after all if you can handle seeing a god’s true form then you can handle M’gann’s.
  • You two are literally the cutest since your often baking with each other, watching her favorite reality TV show, or just being wholesome.
  • You two get very awkward when it comes to PDA so it’s nothing more than comforting shoulder pats and the occasional kiss on the cheek.
  • Both of you have shape-shifting abilities but you’re slightly more mastered in yours, so you offer to help her whenever you can.
  • You both listen to each other intently as she tells you about Mars and you tell her all about Olympus.
  • Someone help Psimon if he thinks that he can hurt your M’gann because there won’t be a god or goddess alive that can save him from your wrath. You’re Demeter’s kid, after all.
  • You don’t mean to but you kind of reinforce her intrusive mind-reading behavior but that’s only because it was also a normal part of your childhood so if she’s apologizing for accidentally reading your mind, you tell her it’s fine.
  • The team has to step in and remind you why it’s a bad thing.
  • “Oh cool! You made me cookies!”
  • “Well, you were thinking about them earlier and- Hello, M’gann! I did it again…”


  • You’re the child of Apollo (I feel like it makes more sense) so it does feel kind of weird that you’re dating someone with the same name as your aunt.
  • Think of nicknames for her quick because you honestly can’t bring yourself to call her ‘Artemis’ unless it’s an emergency or if you really want something.
  • If she ever feels insecure about herself being a hero or her abilities as an archer, you are going to make sure to list all the reasons why she is THE BEST hero until she’s back to her fully confident self.
  • You’d feel very honored if she told you about her past and congratulate her about it, acknowledging how brave she was to tell you something so personal.
  • But seriously, how can she feel so insecure when she’s literally dating a demi-god? I mean, that’d be a pretty big ego-booster in my opinion.
  • There are nights where you two just like to stargaze as you point from constellation to constellation and tell them her about all the stories behind them.
  • If I had to choose who influences who more, I’d have to say you. The only reason why is that your able to warm up and get close to Artemis in way no one has for a long time, you’d rather die than break her trust, and she really finds it assuring knowing that you’ll be with her through thick and thin.
  • Her mom really likes you since you’re a big motivator for Artemis to stay on the straight and narrow.
  • There’s mutual respect between you and Cheshire and Sportsmaster not only because of your skills but because of your adamancy on keeping Artemis safe and your loyalty to her.
  • “Do you have my back?”
  • “(Y/n), you know I always do.”


  • The child of Hecate, demi-god of magic.
  • Klarion is very fearful when fighting against Zatanna, he may be a Chaos Lord, but you’re literally the child of magic incarnate so he’d rather not.
  • You like to attend Zatanna’s shows and have a look of amazement and awe every time, even though Zatanna is pretty sure you’re much more capable of her when it comes to the mystic arts.
  • Bitch, you’re mom MADE the mystic arts, yet you just like seeing your Zee perform.
  • She looks so happy, so at peace, and it just makes your heart flutter thinking about it.
  • During the events of ‘Misplaced’, you got so scared when she put on the Dr. Fate helmet because even you couldn’t get it off and you knew there was no amount of magic that could. You thought you were gonna lose your Zee.
  • You feel guilty admitting this but you felt so glad when Zatara traded spots, yes Zatanna had become distant with you, but you’d rather have that than her being enslaved to the helmet till the end of her days.
  • She warms up to you again and apologizes while you assure her there’s nothing to apologize for. You two plan a whole weekend where you can catch up and spend time with each other, just you two.
  • You help her whenever you can when it comes to magic but she knows you do it more for yourself than for her, but can she really blame you? You just want to spend as much time as you can with her.
  • “Zee! That was amazing, you’re improving so much!”
  • “Well, I had a great teacher, (Y/n).”
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silverdecepticon93·2 days agoText

I need a fanfic where Billy and Stu are trying to murder the reader. the twist is that while they might’ve watched every slasher film in existence, the reader has watched every ‘Home Alone’ movie and things relating to it and knows how to set up the complex traps shown in the movie. Basically, the Ghostface dou go from being scary killers to the ‘Wet Bandits’ in this scenerio.

I don’t know why but I just need this…

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silverdecepticon93·3 days agoAnswer
Hey dear could you do some hcs with Tye Longshadow and a s/o with dragon-like powers?
  • You’d burn Maurice to a crisp if he asked you, too. Dragons are very protective of what’s theirs.
  • If he’s missing any jewelry, he knows for a fact that you have it, and will confront you about it.
  • “(Y/n), where are my tags?”
  • “I don’t know why you think I have them.”
  • “(Y/n)…”
  • “B-but…sometimes I miss you…”
  • God, you’re so cute.
  • He always tries to carry a water bottle around him now since whenever you sneeze, get angry, or anything like that then you tend to breathe fire by accident.
  • Whenever he wants to get away from his house, all he has to do is call you and you’d pick him up and fly him anywhere he wanted to go.
  • There are mornings when he has woken up on top of your hoard of treasures while you were curled up around him in your dragon form, he just smiles and lays back down. You’re surprisingly comfy in all honestly.
  • When in dragon form, it just awakens the little kid inside of him as he starts to run around you and ask you questions about your dragon-abilities and just can’t keep his hands off of you.
  • “Tye, my prince, please don’t touch my horns.”
  • “Why not?”
  • “They’re…they’re really sensitive, okay?”
  • “Oh…Oh!”
  • You call him your prince and it really gets him feeling some kind of way like you are so protective and give him a sense of safety he hasn’t felt for a while.
  • When things get really bad he’ll just want to cuddle with you in your dragon form as he traces patterns on your scales.
  • “So, you wanna talk about it?”
  • “No…just chill with me, please?”
  • “Of course…”
  • When he uses his astral projection powers, you liked to curl around ‘his’ shoulders. You two look so badass.
  • If he ever gets hurt when using his powers and is left unconscious when his form dissolves, you are going to be in full-on dragon form over him and barring your teeth menacingly as a way to dare the enemy to come near your prince.
  • Only he is able to bring out the puppy-dragon side of you and he takes great pride in that.
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silverdecepticon93·3 days agoAnswer
Evo Crew Reaction to Mama Bat Reader getting hit on/flirting 😆 (human, mutant, or super)
  • Scott is the most protective of you, so he’ll definitely be the one to swat them away if they’re making you uncomfortable.
  • Jean will back him up unless she sees that you didn’t mind the flirting, then she has to call him off.
  • Kitty, Kurt, and Evan, on the other hand, will be all up in the face of the person whose flirting with you. Expect them to be very annoying and obnoxious as a way of trying to scare off the person flirting with you.
  • All Rogue has to do is send them one nasty look and they back off.
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silverdecepticon93·3 days agoAnswer
Can i have some hcs for Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes with a vampire s/o?

I tried to make it gender-neutral but failed.

  • Still a better love story than Twilight.
  • All jokes aside, it’s a pretty normal relationship, just despite the fact that you need to drink blood and can’t go outside and break out whenever you’re near garlic.
  • He hates that you don’t show up on camera at all so he can’t show off how cute you two look together or just spam everyone with photos of just how beautiful/handsome you are.
  • Scarab can tell when you’re hungry and when you’re not so Jaime has a fair warning of when he should and shouldn’t hang around you.
  • Very curious about how you obtain blood and one night asked if you if you’ve ever drunk blood from a human.
  • “Jaime, that’s like drinking an entire carton of milk.”
  • “Okay, just wanted to know…”
  • Kinda curious if you’re one of those vampires that are immortal but doesn’t know how he can phrase it without sounding rude.
  • “So, how old are you exactly? Wait- no, that doesn’t sound right, how about asking what year they were born in? Or would they see right through that? Ah, nevermind.”
  • I feel like he’d be W E A K for his s/o.
  • Very embarrassed that he enjoys you kissing his neck, like the shivers he gets when he can feel your fangs brush against his skin, but he won’t tell you that. However, you can hear his heartbeat spike up whenever you do so you kinda already know.
  • Kinda nervous when he introduces you to Bart but as usual, Bart is just too friendly.
  • “I hear you guys have superspeed? Think you can beat me?”
  • “Oh, you are so on.”
  • He’s gonna cheer for you, all the time, during these races and Bart is just like ‘the bro code though…” and Jaime will just shrug ‘you’ll understand when you fall in love, Ese.”
  • Spiderman-style kisses are his favorite since you can stick to the ceiling and he’ll just have the overwhelming urge to kiss you.
  • One time, you were over at his house to meet his mother while she’s making dinner and then she whips out the garlic for the recipe she was gonna make and Jaime just sorta reacts by…slapping it out of her hand…
  • “Have you lost your mind?!”
  • “Sorry, It’s just that (Y/n)’s allergic to garlic.”
  • “So you just slap it out of my hand?”
  • As sweet as that was for him to do, it was also funny as hell.
  • When you do go out, you have a sunhat and cover-up in as much clothing as you can, and you even have a gothic-style parasol that Jaime literally can’t get over. 
  • Realizes at that moment he has a goth girlfriend, kinda.
  • Avoiding sunlight isn’t even that big of a deal for you guys since you two mostly chill in his room to either play video games or something else.
  • As much as he loves it when you get him flustered, he treasures those moments where he can get you to blush.
  • Mi Vampira.~”
  • The way he just whispered it in your ear literally made you melt, like, he was so suave. Didn’t last though when you sent him a cute flustered smile and showed off your fangs because it made that boy W E A K.
  • As Blue Beetle, he likes to just fly around with you at night. However, Scarab ruins the fun by saying things like ‘this is an improper use of your abilities’ or ‘what if someone was recording you two’?
  • One thing that gets him W E A K for you is that you can identify his heartbeat from everyone else so he’d never lose you in a crowd but he also thinks that out of everyone’s heartbeat in the world, his is the one that sticks out to you.
  • Considering you’re a vampire, I feel like you’d be very interested in heartbeats considering your lack of a heart, so you’d like to cuddle on Jaime’s chest and just listen to his heartbeat.
  • Sleep schedules aren’t a problem, he’s a teenager so his sleep schedule is already fucked up. However, you’re going to put your foot down if the lack of sleep is affecting him.
  • “But (Y/n), I have to do this assignment,” Jaime whined as he tried to get out of your iron grip.
  • “No, what you need to do is take better care of yourself!”
  • If he resists, at some point, you’re just gonna climb on top of him and charm him to sleep.
  • Go to bed, babe~” You said in a voice sweeter than honey.
  • “O-Okay, Dulzura.”
  • Lord help anyone who hurts your Jaime because they didn’t just piss off his girlfriend, they pissed off his vampire girlfriend.
  • I’m soft for those moments when a vampire loses control and tries to attack their s/o but their s/o somehow brings them back because the vampire loves them too much to hurt them.
  • Mi vampira…” Jaime whimpers, making your crimson eyes turn back to their natural (e/c) color as you let go of his neck.
  • “Jaime, I’m so sorry.” You apologized as you backed away from him.
  • He tries to stop you but Scarab warns him otherwise and tells him it’d be best if he let you go for a bit.
  • Gets bummed when he doesn’t see you for a week and blames himself, even if he didn’t do anything wrong, but then you come back when you knock on his door with an armful of his favorite snacks and candies.
  • “Hopefully this makes up for me being gone so long?” You wondered loudly.
  • He looks at you in disbelief before smiling, “I don’t know, you owe me a weeks worth of cuddling and kisses.”
  • “Then how about you invite me in and I can get started on that?”
  • When his hug is actually trapping you for once, that’s when you know this boy missed you.
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silverdecepticon93·3 days agoText

To make this short and simple, all the requests in my inbox got deleted due to an error I made and I hope you wouldn’t mind sending them in again. I’m sorry this happened and I feel really bad about it.

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silverdecepticon93·3 days agoText

I have no idea where I am going with this series at this point. Help me.

Tag List: @chynagirl13 @walawalaboom @princess-evans-addict @readermia

Ransom leaned on the doorway of his older twin’s room, listening in as his parents fussed over Steve who seemed to have caught a nasty fever and was now bed-ridden.

“Mom, I can assure you, I can still g- go-” Steve put his arm over his face and sneezed loudly, slightly scaring his parents.

Ransom chuckled a little and watched the scene unfold before him, a wicked grin on his face as he heard his mother scold Steve.

“You aren’t going anywhere and that’s final.” Linda Drysdale barked, gently forcing down her oldest son back on his bed. Richard only sighed as he got up on his knees, “I know you want to go see your grandpa but with his health scare, we can’t afford to get him sick. You understand, right, Steve?”

Steve opened his mouth to argue but caught the gaze of his twin, a victorious look on Ransom’s face as he waved over to his brother silently. He had something to do with his fever, Steve just knew it, but how exactly could he blame Ransom?
He couldn’t and it wouldn’t change the fact that he was sick, so Steve groaned in annoyance and laid back down on his bed as his mother stood up.

“Yeah, I understand…” Steve frowned, pulling the covers over him. Linda smiled and pressed a kiss to Steve’s forehead, “That’s a good boy. Remember to let the staff know if you need anything, okay?”

“Yes, mom.” Steve smiled weakly.

He watched as his mother and father walked out of the room but Ransom finally walked in and sat on the chair next to Steve’s bed as he inspected his twin in smug satisfaction. 

“You did this, didn’t you?” Steve accused bitterly, his voice was slightly deeper and congested. Ransom only tilted his head in an amused fashion, “I have no idea what you mean, bro, but don’t worry. I’ll tell (Y/n) you said ‘hi’.”

Ransom then stood up, his grin going wider when he saw Steve’s eyes fire up in anger at the mention of your name.

“I’m gonna get you back, Ransom, and you’re gah-gon-” Steve then sneezed again, making his younger twin burst out in laughter.

Meanwhile, you were in your room of Thrombey manor with Marta Cabrera. Marta was about one year younger than you, very soft-spoken and big-hearted, and didn’t mind helping you out with your sewing or being your living mannequin when she wasn’t taking care of your uncle Harlan. 

“Sorry, didn’t get you too bad, did I?” You asked her with your lips holding an assortment of needles. She chuckled nervously, “No, you didn’t. Don’t worry.”

You stitched a few more loose strands of a string before excitedly standing up and backing away from Marta. You put the needles on your desk next to your old bunny stuffed animal as your (e/c) eyes examined your newest creation.

“Do you mind spinning around for me?” You asked her. 

She did want you asked her and spun around, you admired the elegant and gentle way the bottom of the dress floated as she spun and looked back at Marta when she finished. 

“Is it comfy? Not too stuffy or anything? Not too tight or too wide?” You interrogated. She shook her head, “No, it fits very nicely.”

You smiled brightly and then guided your model to a nearby mirror, taking a lot of pleasure as her green eyes widened at the sight of her in your (hopefully) finished dress.

“(Y/n)…it’s beautiful.” She gasped as she twisted her body slightly, watching the graceful way your dress swayed. You squealed happily before hugging her, “I’m so glad you think so! It’s my first time making a strapless dress and taffeta dresses aren’t the easiest thing for me to do so I’m so glad you like it!”

Marta only chuckled, “I like everything you make, (Y/n)! They’re all so beautiful.”

You blushed slightly as you scratched the back of your neck, “Aw, that’s sweet of you Marta…”

She looked up at you with a wide smile on your face, one that you returned as best as you could as your (e/c) eyes were no longer paying attention to the way your dress looked on her but the way her light brown eyes stared at you with such a bright twinkle in them.

“Girls, the Drysdale’s are here,” Fran said as she walked past your room breaking the way you and Fran were looking at each other. She happily walked in the room with a basket full of fabrics that you had probably ordered earlier that week before her eyes landed on Marta, “Marta! You look stunning! You’re getting better at taffeta dresses, (Y/n)!”

Both you and Marta let out shy ‘thank you’ until your eyes widened at Fran’s first sentence.

“The Drysdales!” You gasped as you started to pick up your room a bit, “Fran you should probably change, Ransom’s a bit of a perv.”

She nodded her head before walking behind to the Italian-styled folding screen in your room and began to change as you began to tidy up your room. At the front entrance, Ransom threw his coat on the floor and began to walk into the house.

“Ransom!” Linda shouted, “Pick up your jacket!”

Ransom didn’t look back but  Linda could see the way he shrugged his shoulders dismissively, “It’s fine, Fran can pick it up later, can’t she?’

Linda fumed angrily while Richard sighed and shook his head at his son’s behavior.

“(Y/n)? (Y/n)!” Ransom shouted as he started to walk up the stairs but was stopped when he almost ran into his grandfather.

“Ransom, please don’t shout,” Harlan scolded playfully as he carefully began to walk down the stairs. 

Ransom helped him down, even if he did want to see you, but even he had gotten worried when his mother received the phone call from the hospital that Harlan had received a heart-attack. He was glad he looked better but Ransom was still cautious as he helped his grandfather down the creaky staircase.

“Hello, Linda.” Harlan beamed happily as he opened his arms wide. Linda happily ran over to him and hugged him, “I’m so glad you’re alright, I was so worried about you.”

“Linda, give the man some air.” Richard chuckled as he gently patted the old man’s back.

Ransom allowed himself to smile at the scene before him until he began to hear footsteps rushing down the stairs.

“Gah! Sorry, I lost track of time!” You apologized, making Ransom smile brightly as he watched you run down the stairs but that smile was gone when he saw you holding some random girl’s hand. Linda let go off her father and quickly trapped you in her arms, “(Y/n)! Look at you! You grow up looking just as beautiful as your mother every day!”

“I don’t know, Linda, those are Don’s eyes right there,” Richard added as he ruffled your hair playfully. You blushed slightly at their compliments before hugging both of them as best as you can, “Thanks, it really means a lot to me.”

“That’s fine, I’ll just stand here.” Ransom scoffed, it was mostly to tease but there were some undertones of jealousy.

“Ah! Sorry, Steve!” You apologized as you ran over to hug him. Ransom playfully made a buzzer sound to tell you that you were wrong but still hugged you back, “Wrong, guess again.”

“Rogers?” You ‘corrected’ in an innocent tone as you still had your arms wrapped around his waist. He rolled his eyes in annoyance, “That’s still Steve you’re talking about.”

“I know, Ransom.” You winked before pulling away from him, “Speaking of Steve, where is he?”

Linda and Richard looked at each other before looking back at you, Ransom stood next to you and wrapped an arm around your shoulder as he started to lean on you.

“My dear big brother caught a bad bug or something so he had to stay home. Probably puking his guts out as we speak.” Ransom explained. Linda clicked her tongue in disapproval, “You shouldn’t talk like that around young ladies, Ransom.”

“Yeah, Ransom,” You repeated and playfully bumped your hip with his, “You shouldn’t talk like that around young ladies.”
He raised his eyebrow at you before looking around the house and faked a clueless expression, “Where’d that echo come from?”

Harlan chuckled softly at the way you and Ransom interacted while Marta smiled softly, seeing the carefree and playful look on your face.

“(Y/n), would you like to introduce Marta or should I?” Harlan asked, taking your attention away from your childhood friend. You looked at him before running from Ransom to Marta and linking your arm with hers, “Right! You guys are just gonna love Marta, she is the sweetest thing in the world!”

Ransom scowled at the dark-haired girl who now literally had you hanging off your arm and had an embarrassed smile on her face as you started to list off all the things you found great about her. It was something Ransom was used to seeing you do with Steve but sometimes he liked to imagine himself in Steve’s shoes when you did do that, not like it was that hard considering that they were identical twins, but he couldn’t do that with Marta. So maybe that’s why it bothered him more than usual.

“So that’s all you really need to know! Marta this is Linda and Richard Drysdale and over there is Ransom.” You pointed over to the blond seventeen-year-old. Ransom’s eyes were now cold and icy as he stared at Marta, “Actually, you can call me ‘Hugh’.”

Marta became nervous at his cold demeanor while you scoffed, “or you can call him ‘the evil twin’.”

“N-No, it’s fine. Hugh works with me.” Marta assured you and tried not to look back at the youngest Drysdale twin, although she could feel his bitter stare still on her.

An odd tension filled the room, one the had everyone staring nervously from one another except for Marta who kept her eyes to the ground. Harlan eventually coughed nervously to regain attention, “(Y/n), why don’t you show Ransom what you’ve been working on? I’m sure that Linda and Richard want to get to know Marta a bit more.”

“Sure!” You agreed before looking at your Aunt Linda, “Don’t be too harsh on her, I can promise that she’s a very good nurse.”

“If she is then she wouldn’t have to worry about me being too harsh or not.” Linda winked playfully and made you chuckle. Marta only looked at you as you went back to Ransom, “Wait, harsh? (Y/n), what do you mean by that?”

You merely sent her a knowing wink as you and Ransom began to walk up the stairs and you snickered softly as you saw Marta whip her attention back to Linda when she sharply called her name.

“You two seem pretty close.” Ransom said bluntly when you reached the floor your room was on. You looked at him and raised an eyebrow, “Is that jealousy, I detect?”

“Of the help? Please.” Ransom deadpanned. Your eyebrows furrowed as you opened the door to your room, “She’s not just the help, Ransom, she’s my friend.”

The blond shook his head but decided to change the subject when his azure eyes noticed the stuffed animal sitting on your table, “Seriously, you’re sixteen and you still have that thing?”

“You’re seventeen and still an asshole.” You retorted as you went to the wardrobe that contained all the finished projects you had made over the years.

“Language,” Ransom said in the same stern tone that his older brother would say. You laughed at how identical it sounded, “I thought you said you weren’t Steve.”

He walked over to the open wardrobe as his eyes looked over every outfit in vague interest. Then he reached out for one piece of clothing and pulled it out as he held it in front of him while you inspected his reaction carefully.

“Nice sweater.” He finally said.

“I was really into knitting at some point and I got really obsessed with cable knitted sweaters.” You explained.

He lazily looked at you, “Again, nice sweater.”

Then he started to inspect it back and forth before looking at you again, “Kinda looks like it could fit me…”

You shrugged, “I mean, I did make it pretty big but I’m not sure if it- What are you doing?”

Ransom took off his shirt to reveal just how buff he had gotten. While any girl would’ve blushed or fangirled, you were just annoyed with the fact he was going to try on the sweater without your permission, but you supposed you shouldn’t be surprised. He was Ransom Drysdale, after all.

“How do I look?” He asked when he put the sweater on. You chuckled as you started to walk around him to inspect the sweater, “Like you’d threaten to stab someone with a knitting needle.”

He smiled and looked at himself in the full-length mirror, “Really? I feel like I look like someone’s hot dad.”

You gagged in disgust, “You? A dad? I don’t think so.”

Ransom’s face completely changed in an instance when he spoke to you in a sharp voice, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

You stopped and looked at him in confusion and maybe perhaps with a little bit of intimidation.

“I mean…you sorta just don’t seem like the type? I don’t know,” You noticed the way he looked at you and for a moment, you felt like you were that little eight-year-old girl who he used to terrify, “Sorry…”

His gaze softened as he looked at you before walking over to you and stopping in front of you, “No, you’re fine…I shouldn’t have gotten so mad at you anyway, ‘kay?”

You nodded your head as a silent way of saying that you did understand. Ransom guiltily sighed before using his hand to tilt your head up to face him.

“Seriously, you’re fine. It’s my bad.” He repeated.

You smiled weakly before backing away from him, a bit nervous at the close contact you two had. Then you looked at him up and down at him before looking at him with a gentle look in your eyes.

“Actually, you look pretty good in that sweater. You can keep it if you want.” You offered to him before smiling a little. He tilted his head, “I know I look good and I was gonna take it anyways.”

Once more, the playful and warm demeanor began to grow between the two of you before you continued to show off all of the outfits that you had made.


“Heya, bro. You feelin’ any better?” Ransom mused as he walked into his brother’s room. Steve groaned in annoyance at Ransom’s voice before responding bitterly, “I was but then this headache came back.”

  Ransom mockingly laughed at his older twin’s comment and Steve noticed there was something different about his brother.

“What’s with the grandma sweater?” Steve sneered.

That was one thing about Steve that bothered Ransom, to everyone else he was the Drysdale golden boy, but in reality, he was just as much of an asshole as Ransom was. Not only that but it was an act that seemed to have you fooled as well, still, Ransom couldn’t help but smug grimly.

“I don’t know, I thought it looked good on me,” Ransom hummed before turning around to leave the room “hopefully you feel better.”

As strange as Ransom’s behavior was, Steve just shook it off and went back to bed while seething angrily at the thought that Ransom got to spend an entire day with you.

Even if Steve wasn’t sure what Ransom did to make him so sick, he was going to make sure that his twin paid big-time, and that’d he’d make up the time he missed with you today.

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Not sure if anyone’s already done this but I just got this idea when I was working on a request and decided to write it while it was still in my head.





Your younger version stared wide-eyed at Mick, younger Mick, who only smirked when he saw that he had left your younger self speechless. The scene made you snicker while Sara looked at you and tilted her head in confusion.

“What’s so funny?” She asked, probably wondering why you weren’t defending your younger self. You shook your head and looked at her, “Reminds me of when I first met Mick, is all. Totally caught me off-guard.”

Suddenly there was a loud ‘smack’ that sounded, making everyone in the Waverider turn around to see your seething teenage self walking away from the younger Mick, who was laying on the ground and holding the side of his face while shouting insults and curse words at your younger self. Mick, your Mick, had moved out of the way of your furious younger self before looking at you.

“Reminds me of when we first met.” He mused slightly under his breath as he looked over at you.

“That crazy bitch,” the younger Mick scoffed as he stood up from the ground, “if she thinks that I won’t hit a girl, then she’s wrong.”

Mick stopped his younger self from following after you and roughly pushed him back, “That “crazy bitch” is your future wife so you might want to rethink that hitting option, kid.”

The younger Mick paused before scrunching his nose in disgust and looked at the spot where your younger self had just stormed off.

“Yeah, right.” Was all he responded before stuffing his hands in his pocket and stomping off in the opposite direction.

 Your (e/c) eyes glinted in amusement when you saw the red hand imprint still on the side of his face, although you had a hard time making it out because of the way his face was red.

“Huh, last time I checked, I couldn’t even do a chin-up at that age,” You mused, “so I’m kinda confused on where I just got that strength.”

Mick shrugged before taking a swig of the beer he was drinking, “I’m surprised that I let you hit me.”

You looked at him with a grin on your face and raised an eyebrow, “You mean like how you let me hit you in Central City, or that time when I stopped you in that bank robbery, or when we first became Legends, or back in 1993-”

“Okay, so I might not’ve let you hit me.” He grumbled in annoyance, although you could see you got him flustered based on the way his face became darker just like his younger self.

Sara only shook her head, “I’m sorry but how are you guys married again?”

You looked up at him while he looked down at you, making an ‘I don’t know’ shrug and finishing up his beer.

“You know what they say,” You began, “There’s a thin line between love and hate.”

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I seriously thinks it's to much to ask but do you take requests for Tye longshadow?


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A story that can involve Wolfsbane!Reader, since her Marvel equivalent had a kid in the comics: "You bring your (son or daughter) to the play date hosted by Iris."

I’m making these headcanons since I don’t know enough about Tier, this is a very wholesome concept though.

  • At first, you were worried about bringing your son. After all, he wasn’t exactly human so you were worried that the other kids might get scared of him.
  • You are immediately proven wrong when Don and Dawn just speed around you little pup, who’s wagging his tail in excitement at the new kids and now the three of them took off.
  • Something will break and you are totally gonna apologize to Iris about it while also scolding your son, who doesn’t look to sorry.
  • Bart ends up in the playdate so now you have three speedsters and a lupine-boy just running around inside and outside of the house.
  • As glad as you are that your precious pup is making new friends, you’re also incredibly concerned when the twins take turns trying to poke the sharpest teeth they can find in your son’s mouth.
  • “That’s not a good idea.” You frowned as you scooped up your son in your arms, making the twins whine and whimper for their friend back.
  • Your son teaches them how to do legit puppy eyes and now Barry can’t say no to them because they’re so cute!
  • You and Iris are just tired moms who wanted a nice playdate but that doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon…
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     Request: I loved your recent Edward Nygma ones! Would you be open to the idea of writing something with him from the Gotham TV show? And maybe with a reader who also works with Batsy but is also dating him? And he finds out reader is a superhero when they were “crime fighting”, unmasks her or something, and fluffy end? Thank you in advance!!

A/N: I am very iffy about this entire story so you guys just let me know how I did.

     Batman, Batman, BATMAN!

     That’s all that occupied Edward’s mind as he broke the pencil in his hand in half. Not too long ago, he and Oswald both watched as a masked vigilante leaped from building to building, and had put a pause on their plans for villainy that night. If only Edward had known all the problems that masked vigilante would cause for him in the future, then he would’ve hunted down that ‘Batman’ to the ends of the earth just to save him the amount of frustration he was feeling right now. It didn’t help that you weren’t there to comfort him, your job as a reporter now preoccupying most of your time, but it’s not like Edward could simply tell you about his troubles.

     Especially since this stupid new hero seemed to have been the person to thank for your sudden promotion, he was a mystery for other reporters to interview however you always seemed to get not only the best photos but some actual comments from the masked vigilante. This only added to Edward’s frustration, why out of all the reporters and journalists in Gotham did this…Batman choose to speak with you?

      After all, Edward knew you were far more superior and special than those other Lois Lane wannabes, that’s why when he was the Riddler he’d often make sure his crimes were near you but not severe enough where you’d get hurt. Only he was allowed to have a soft spot for you, you were his girlfriend and his reporter, and he was going to have to make sure that this mysterious new Batman knew that.

     But how?
     That was the question that vexed him, that evaded him. How on earth could he make something pay that might not even be real?
     Before he started to fully see red, his head perked up at the sound of the door opening, and your angelic voice singing out a cheerful and bright “Edders!~”

     The Batman could wait, for now, there were more important things occupying Edward’s mind as he stood from his spot and gleefully made his way to the living room.

      “You’re back!” He mused as he wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting you from the ground and spinning you around the room. 

     You laughed loudly and became slightly dizzy when he set you back on the ground, in a pleasant way. Then you quickly wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed a kiss to his cheek, making him softly chuckle as he pressed his forehead against yours.

     “I missed you.” He murmured.

     “I missed you, too.” You responded back, stealing a kiss from his lips with a playful smile.

     The two of you stood there for a while, even if it felt like forever. Where he had both his hands cupping your face and keeping his forehead pressed to yours while you had two hands on his shoulders as you let out a content hum.

     “How was your day, Dear?” You asked him as you finally stepped back to put your work bag away in the shared bedroom you two had.

     “Stressful,” He frowned as he followed you like a lost puppy to the room. You turned back to face him with a sympathetic look on your face, “Aw, wanna talk about it?”

     “Desperately,” He sighed before falling backward onto the bed, “but I do believe you know the rules about me discussing my work.”

     You rolled your eyes before laying next to him, laying on your side as you propped your head on one hand and used the other to draw random shapes on his chest, which made him exhale heavily in pleasure and cuddle closer over to you.

     “Right, forgive me, my dear Edward,” You snickered softly as you enjoyed the way he started to snake one hand around your waist and nuzzle his face into the crook of your neck.

     Days like this were nice, days where you two could just lay down with one another and relax, the feeling of having you near him was therapeutic, but of course, these moments never lasted long. Only because both of your jobs required your full attention and dedication, so when his phone began to ring, he groaned in annoyance while you sent him a smug smirk. He looked at who was calling before sitting up from the bed.

      “I gotta take this, it’s for work.” He explained while you nodded at him with a smile that could make even the brightest sun jealous. You stretched out on the bed a bit more before becoming a bit more comfortable, “Hurry back, Edders.”

     He nodded before standing up from his spot and walking out into the hallway, most likely to his office if you had to guess, as he hissed temperamentally to the phone he was talking to. You smiled before frowning and groaning in annoyance when your phone began to shortly ring afterwords. You obviously took it out but your eyes widened when you saw there was no number calling you. Instead a big yellow bat over a black surface was all your phone screen showed, your brows then furrowed into a look of determination as you leaped from the bed and quickly grabbed your work bag.

     “Hey, (Y/n), I have to go-” You pecked his cheek as you ran past him, “I do too, love you!” 

     Before Edward could open his mouth to ask where you were going or to say anything, really, you had already dashed out the door.

     “Huh,” He shrugged, “At least I don’t have to make up some lame excuse or something.”


     “Heya, Bats!” You greeted, dressed in your vigilante attire as you used your grappling hook to descend to the ground and kick away a group of henchmen who were about to attack your partner. 

     The Dark Knight, a nickname you had come up with yourself, merely grabbed the collar of one of the henchmen before flinging him at a group of minions charging towards the both of you.

     “You’re late.” He merely grunts as he dodges another blow. You merely rolled your eyes before you delivering a swift roundhouse kick to one minion who tried to attack you from surprise.

     “Well, I’m sorry I have a life outside of being your partner,” You retorted when you were suddenly struck in the side of the head by something.

     “(H/n)!” Batman shouted as he ran towards you.

      You could feel yourself falling, almost as if in slow motion, and your vision becoming blurrier and blurrier the more you stumbled before you felt your head come into contact with the cold hard ground.

     Funny that it was your first night out as a vigilante and already you got knocked out, huh?

      When you woke up again, you groaned at the throbbing pain in your head and slowly tried to have your eyes readjust your surroundings. The first thing you noticed was that everything was upside down and that you couldn’t move your arms or your legs. You spun around slowly to face Batman, who also seemed to be in the same predicament you were in.

       “You must feel comfortable like this, Bats.” You mused, a small smile on your face. He still kept up his poker face as he spun around slowly, “How can you even joke at a time like this?”

      “He’s right!” Another voice chimed, one that you knew very well, but you really hoped you weren’t right and that you’re ears were failing you.

      Both you and Batman were harshly spun around to face the Riddler, aka, your boyfriend, Edward Nygma.

     “You really shouldn’t be joking at a time like this, my dear hero.” He mused as he walked around both you and your partner.

      You were too speechless to speak, too paralyzed to hear whatever evil plot he had in store for you, and much too conflicted to think of your next move.

      “Who knew it would be so easy to unmask the Batman?” The Riddler mused, “not only that but I get two for the price of one. Forgive me but I don’t think I got your name.”

      He kneeled down in front of you, the charming smile he always gave you looked so ominous in the position you were in right now. Yet, it was also somewhat exciting to you as well.

      “I’d think you should know me pretty well, Edders.” You smirked when you finally recovered from shock, making the villain’s eyes go wide.

      “How did you-….Wait,” He frowned as his gloved hands reached for your mask, he slowly peeled it off and was met with your smiling face.

      “Aw, unmasked on my first night out. Guess I’m not a very good vigilante, huh?” You joked light-heartedly.

      “(Y-Y/n)?” Eddie stammered, touching the side of your face to see if you were actually real, “This couldn’t be, I-I saw you leave…y-you kissed me on the cheek and- how-…when?”

      You shrugged, as best as you could at least, before sending him your signature smile.

      “Can’t tell you all the details but let’s just say I stuck my nose where I shouldn’t have and the big bad Batman saved me and asked me to be his partner.” You tried to summarize as best as you could.

      Bruce wanted to very much argue that he hadn’t asked you to do anything, you just had Alfred make you a vigilante suit as well and then demanded to tag along with him. However, he decided to take advantage of…whatever it is you and The Riddler were having right now.

      “What are you idiots waiting for? Untie them!” Edward barked, making his henchmen flinch and look at each other.

      “But…uh… Boss? Didn’t you-” a simple glare was from Edward was all it took for the henchman to seize his babbling and quickly untied both you and your partner.

      “Why didn’t you tell me you were a vigilante?” He frowned, handing you back your mask. You raised an eyebrow at him as you placed your mask back on, “Says my supervillain boyfriend.”

     “Not Supervillain ex-boyfriend?” Edward tilted his head in confusion. 

      You responded by jumping on him while wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing your lips to his. His eyes went wide until he wrapped his arms around your waist tightly and began to kiss back, making everyone in the room feel uncomfortable. Even the mysterious Batman.

      “As long as I’m not your vigilante ex-girlfriend.” You panted when you broke the kiss. Edward only stared at you with adoring and dreamy eyes, “Never.”

      “Uh…Boss, what do you want us to do with the Bat?” One henchman asked.

     “Let him go, I have more important matters.” He hummed as he spun you around like he did earlier, making you laugh.

      Even though things we’re gonna get a bit awkward considering where you two stood on the whole good vs. evil battle, something told you that it was something you two would overcome.


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hi, do you also do requests on characters from DC's legends of tomorrow!

Yes I do! Though I haven’t watched season 5 yet so… yeah…

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I loved your recent Edward Nygma ones! Would you be open to the idea of writing something with him from the Gotham TV show? And maybe with a reader who also works with Batsy but is also dating him? And he finds out reader is a superhero when they were "crime fighting", unmasks her or something, and fluffy end? Thank you in advance!!

Like a one-shot or headcanon?

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Okay, based off another person's fanfic, and it can be in headcanon form: Headcanons for older!Pro Hero!Midoriya, older!Pro Hero!Bakugou, older!Pro Hero!Todoroki, and older!Pro Hero!Kirishima having a kid with a villain (a la Roy Harper and Jade)?

I am making the reader a responsible parent and I also want Jade in a dometic lifestyle where she can be HAPPY WITH HER FAMILY! BECAUSE I LOVE HER TO DEATH!

Izuku Midoriya:

     When he first finds out he had a kid with you is when you appear at his door, dressed in civilian clothes with an odd worried look on your face, as well as a blanket that bundled something in your arms.

     “(Y/n)?” He gasped in disbelief, what were you doing here?

     You looked away from him in shame before holding out the bundled child in your arms, “I…I need you to do something for me. It’s a lot to ask for and it      might be a bit hard to swallow…but it will be temporary…”

     “What do yo-” His eyes widened when he saw two chubby hands reaching out, a baby cooing and gurgling softly at him.

     He had your (e/c) eyes, your fair (s/c) skin, but Izuku knew that curly green hair from anywhere. Then he looked at you in disbelief.

     “(Y-Y/n) is this…is he?” You cut him off when you shoved the child into his arms gently as sirens started to sound from the distance.

     “Yes, he is. Don’t worry, after tonight, I can promise you won’t see him or me again.” You growled before bending down and pressing a kiss to the baby’s forehead, “Mommy will be back for you, Kioshi.”

     The sirens got louder and Izuku could hear the shouting of someone calling your name through a megaphone, then he looked back at you with a disappointed look in his eyes.

     “(Y/n)….what did you do now?” He questioned in concern. You stared at him in disgust, “As if I have to tell you anything, just watch my son. I have to lie low for a while.”

     Before he could say anything else, you used your shadow manipulation to hide within the darkness, leaving him standing at his doorway with a bumbling baby in his arms. He looked down at the child, his child, and smiled softly as he stared into it’s (e/c) eyes that looked so identical to yours.

  • Izuku isn’t ashamed that he had a child with a villain, he loves you, and he always will. He also loves his child.
  • If he could, he would definitely go public with it, but he knew you wouldn’t appreciate that. It really hurts him knowing he has to keep it a secret.
  • The more time he spends with his son, the more he becomes attached to him and the idea of you three being a family, and doing normal family activities.
  • Isn’t sure what he’s going to do when you come back for Kioshi, whether he’ll give him to you or try to convince you to turn away from your life of crime and take your rightful spot in his life.
  • It keeps him up at night, knowing if he let you take Kioshi that he would very much never see you two again.
  • Please, say yes to him. Please, accept the idea that he wants to be there for you and his son.
  • He wants to be with you and he wants to help you take care of your child.
  • “Dada?”
  • “That’s right, Kioshi! I’m your dada, who loves you and your mommy very much.”

Shoto Todoroki:

     While being a father had always been a huge concern for him, he’s very annoyed when he realizes you didn’t even allow him the chance to try. He meets his daughter, Kimi, when he was visiting you at the containment cell you were currently being held at.

      “Then I drew a picture of us together! Our family, see, mommy? Just me an’ you!” She beamed as she held her photo in front of you. You smiled brightly at your dual-haired daughter before you saw her father walk in and a scowl quickly made it’s way to your face, “Yeah, Kimi…just you and me.”

     You stood up to your full height before looking at your warden, “I think you should get her out of here.”

     The warden nodded before urging your daughter to come over by her and leave your containment cell. You flinched as she walks past Shoto, sending him one of her cheerful smiles you didn’t think he deserved, while Shoto’s eyes widened as his gaze followed your little girl.

      “Close your mouth, Shoto, you’ll catch flies.” You scoffed. He turned his head towards you, “Who- Is that- when-…”

     You sent him a sad smile, “That’s Kimi, she’s your daughter, and as for ‘when’ I think we both know best then to discuss that night on camera.”

     He stares at where the girl exited before looking back at you, a pained look in his face. “(Y/n), you should’ve told me.”

     “I figured you didn’t want the world to know you had a kid with an evil villain.” You snarled, turning away from him.

  • When you usually get arrested, there is an interrogation that follows, and it’s always Shoto who interrogates you. However, instead of the typical flirting, he demands to know everything about Kimi.
  • He also memorizes her visiting hours as well, trying to strike up a conversation between the three of you while you snap at him for dragging your daughter into this.
  • Much like Izuku, he sees that Kimi brings out a good side in you, and he wishes that it’d be enough for you to realize you don’t have to be a villain.
  • As for Kimi, she’s oblivious to it all, but she knows that you and Mr. Todorki argue like an old married couple but she can’t say that out loud because you get upset.
  • Everyone knows Shoto has feelings for you but you don’t show you have feelings for him, although it’s clear to only the both of you that you do, but you don’t wanna ruin his public image.
  • After all, you know that he worked hard to get where he’s at. You and Kimi weren’t gonna be held responsible for wrecking that dream.
  • If only you know that Shoto didn’t care about his image, he only cared about the three of you becoming a family, a loving one that he always wanted.
  • “Hi, Mr. Todoroki! Look at the picture I drew for mommy today!”
  • “That’s very nice, Kimi, I’m sure she’ll love it.”

Katsuki Bakugo:

      You and Bakugo were infamously known for your devastating battles, one that often left whatever part of the city you two were fighting in ruins, but no one knew about the passion you two held for each other. A passion that resulted in the birth of your son, Atsushi.

      “No! No! Don’t take her! Don’t take her!” A young blonde shouted angrily as he slipped past the other police officer and over to you.

      Bakugo, having always been a little too quick to protect you, scooped up the feral kid in one arm and tried to keep him away from you as the police lead you into the car. The kid kept screaming and wailing, shouting over and over again ‘Don’t take her! Don’t take her!”

     “Geez kid, calm down. Don’t you know that’s (Y/n) (L/n)? She’s a villain.” Bakugo tried to explain as he set the kid down but kept a firm hand on his shoulder.

     “She’s not a villain! She’s my mommy and she’s not bad! You’re bad!” The boy shouted.

     “Atsushi! Atsushi! Please be good, okay? Mommy’s gonna be gone for a bit, alright?” You assured him. While he kept struggling against Bakugo’s grip, “No! Lemme go! Don’t take my mommy!”

      Your heart was beginning to break at the sight of your son trying to fight against the pro hero but it didn’t shatter completely when you saw the shocked look in Bakugo’s eyes as he put two and two together.

      “Mommy?” He mouthed to you, you merely turned away and slunk back in the backseat of the police car.

  • Bakugo will actually be an asshole and refuse to let you near your child unless you promise to turn your back on evil and marry him because he wants you to be apart of his life.
  • You bet that he’ll visit you as fast as he can to shout at you about everything. When did it happen? Why didn’t you tell him? How dare you think about raising his son without him?
  • Out of everyone on the list, he’ll take a more aggressive approach and force your ass to the light side. He does this by making Atsushi exclusive, telling everyone that he was proud of his son and that he’ll do all that he can to make sure you can be properly reformed so you could be the mother Atsushi needed.
  • You aren’t very happy about this and express your displeasure when he visits you next time, except he’ll merely state that it had to be done.
  • Likes hanging out with his son, Atsushi reminds him of himself at a young age, but he also seems to hold you in high regard despite you being a villain.
  • Bakugo likes to listen when Atsushi talks about the good times you have with him, how much nicer you are, and why he thinks you’re the ‘bestest mommy in the world.”
  • Bakugo isn’t sure who he’s more jealous of, at this point. You will always be Atsushi’s first love while Atsushi will always be the thing you love most.
  • “You don’t think my mommy’s really a villain, do you?
  • “Nah, kid, I know you’re mommy can be a good person when she wants to be…”

Kirishima Eijiro:

      Akane very much resembled her father in appearance, something you found bittersweet, but that didn’t mean you loved her any less. Meanwhile, Kirishima has been noticing that your crime activity has been around a certain area and an elementary school was in the center of it.

      You wouldn’t harm kids, though, that’s not you. So Kirishima decided to go undercover for a while and just casually show up around the school, trying to catch a glimpse of you to see what was so important about the school.

      “Akane! Don’t forget your lunch!” Your voice shouted, immediately catching his attention. He sees a little girl with crimson red hair run over to you as she takes the lunch box from your hand, “Thanks, Mommy!”

      M-mommy? You were a mom?

      It isn’t until your supposed daughter smiles a sharp-toothed smile does realization hit Kirishima like a wrecking ball. That wasn’t your child, well…it was, but it wasn’t just your child. It was his, too, wasn’t it?

      When you two battle against each other later that day, he skips the playful and flirty banter.

      “(Y/n), is Akane my daughter?” He asks, making you stop your attack. Your (e/c) eyes shine with fear before you step back from him, “Akane isn’t any of your business, Red Riot.”

      “It is if she’s my daughter,” He frowns, “how could you do this to me? I want to be apart of her life, too.”

     You were taken aback but you quickly recovered, “Well, she doesn’t need you in her life and neither do I.”

  • You don’t mean it, he knows you don’t mean it, but god those words still hurt him.
  • He felt very unmanly that he not only knocked you up but he wasn’t even there for his own daughter’s birth, he doesn’t blame it on you since he should’ve been responsible and checked up on you. Texted at the very least.
  • But no, he didn’t do any of those things, and now he missed out on what was supposed to be moments you two would make together with Akane. From her first words to her first steps, and it hurts him to think about it.
  • This doesn’t mean he won’t try to be apart of your lives now, he will, and he’s not gonna give up. No matter how many times you shout that he shouldn’t concern himself with you or your daughter.
  • The elementary school she goes to? There’s recently been a huge monetary donation made that allowed the school to buy more advanced technology to educate their kids.
  • So while Akane is excitedly showing off her new touch screen tablet that was owned by the school, you are conflicted about whether or not you should feel annoyed with a certain pro-hero.
  • You choose to be annoyed when he shows up during parent-teacher conferences, PTA meetings and even became a tour guide for a museum Akane’s class was going to and you had chaperoned.
  • “Woah! We have the same smile! Look!”
  • “Yeah, I guess we do kinda have the same smile. Yours is better, though!”
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silverdecepticon93·4 days agoAnswer
hi, could you do a x reader oneshot on a character from DC's legends of tomorrow!

I will have to brush-up on the Legends but I will get back to you on that!

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silverdecepticon93·4 days agoAnswer
the Edward Nygma one was so cute ! could you maybe do headcanons about him with an interest in a superpowered Hero?

I did a superpower generator so now the reader has a ‘Duplication’ power. Also, I’m not sure which version of him you meant so I’m just gonna write for no specific Riddler in particular. Feel free to request another if you aren’t satisfied with this one!


(I’m sorry but I was just watching Batman: The Animated Series and I just adore their portrayal of the Riddler)

  • Usually, Batman is supposed to stop him but apparently, no one told him that a new hero had wormed out of the woodwork.
  • An admittedly attractive and charismatic hero…who seemed to be getting passed all his riddles with ease…oh god…
  • The fact that you have duplication powers doesn’t help at all. Not because you outnumber him but because he finds you so incredibly attractive that there is no way he can deal with duplicates of you.
  • “What’s the matter, Riddler, cat got your tongue?” You asked playfully, with the most enchanting smile he’s ever seen.
  • He can’t speak words, instead, he just stares at you. To anyone else, it looks like he’s terrified of you, but in reality, he’s just too entranced by you.
  • You’re concerned for him but you still take him in, surprised he didn’t put up a fight or even protest. Is Bats really sure this guy is dangerous?
  • Will definitely feel embarrassed and ashamed by his speechlessness but vows not to be so timid next time you two meet, however, he can feel his heart flutter at the very idea of seeing you again.
  • Now whenever he hatches an evil scheme, he has it especially designed for you and your powers so then the Batman would be forced to call you in as a reinforcement. 
  • That villain-hero banter? That’s just him straight-up flirting with you.
  • “Riddle me this, darling, what is yours but you can’t actually hold?”
  • “Um…my name?”
  • “Good guess but no, the answer is…my heart!”
  • Please, don’t be oblivious to his flirting because he tries his best. He really does.
  • Please also don’t have a crush on Batman, he knows that most female heroes the Dark Knight works with tend to end up with feelings for him, so if you turn out to have feelings for Batman well…let’s just say that it gives Edward all the more reason to take care of Gotham’s little bat problem.
  • Will definitely approach you in civilian form, however, he’d have to disguise himself and change his name considering that Batman knows who he is and has probably told you.
  • “Just be cool, Nygma, after all, you should be used to seeing her.” He tells himself as he walks into your favorite cafe and immediately spots your head of shiny (h/c) hair and sees you smiling brightly at the barista who brought you your order.
  • Then he walks back out, not expecting your civilian form to be as enchanting as your hero persona.
  • Has actually gotten four psychiatrists in Arkham to quit their jobs because they were so tired of hearing him talk about how perfect you are (don’t worry he keeps your identity a secret) and just how much he adores you.
  • Batman is also getting annoyed because he knows the Riddler’s recent spike in crime is just so you could face-off against him. Bats will use this to his advantage though, perhaps if the Riddler started going out with you then maybe you’d help him reform into a good person.
  • Now you stand no chance with Batman as the Riddler’s wingman.
  • Although, who’s to say you didn’t have feelings for the notorious criminal as well?
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silverdecepticon93·5 days agoText

Requested by @werewolfnamedraven​ and I decided not to add Pietro in as the reader’s twin since I could fit it in. I hope you enjoy!

  • You two aren’t very exclusive on your relationship, it’s not because you’re embarrassed or ashamed about it, but more because you guys seem not to interact much…according to your classmate’s at least.
  • In reality, you just used to your magic to create a private mind-link with Tokoyami. You two can choose to shut off that mind link and activate it anytime you wish so while your classmates have only seen you guys talk once or twice, you two literally know each other better than yourselves with how much you ‘talk’.
  • Tokoyami likes how similiar you are to one another. From interests to powers and even to personalities. After all, both of your powers are affected greatly by your emotions so you two tend to be closed off from others.
  • Not with each other, though. I mean, he trusts you enough to allow you to set up a mind-link with him, and you cherish that trust.
  • Both of you also work very well together, since you can use your reality-altering powers to create a darker area for him to fight in, although you have to do it a distance since a drawback of your quirk is that you have to focus on whatever it is your trying to use your powers on so being in a dark environment isn’t exactly good for your focus.
  • No one knows you guys are dating until you guys are chosen to spar with each other during training, the battle didn’t last long since Tokoyami used his darkness to blind you, but at the end, he was quick to make sure you were okay.
    • “Are you okay? I’m sorry if I hurt you.” He apologized.
    • “You’re fine, Fumikage, it’s just training.” You assured, caressing the side of his face with your hand.
    • Meanwhile, the class is watching with wide-eyes and Denki just sorta laughs a bit, “Heh, kinda looks like their dating.”
  • Then the realization hits them all like a brick when they put 2 and 2 together.
  • Even Aizawa is surprised but he’s not gonna pry or ask questions, considering it really doesn’t matter, but he’s kinda confused about how that happened.
  • Meanwhile, it’s all that everyone could talk about in class that day. Interrogations happening in the Girls and Boys locker rooms about when, where, why, and how you guys started dating.
    • “We have literally only seen you guys talk once and that was to ask for a pencil!” Mina exclaims. You finished buttoning up your uniform jacket, “We had established a mind-link a while back, we both found it…romantic, I suppose.”
    • “It’s romantic but it’s kind of creepy,” Ochako shuddered.
    • Then you had to explain how the mind-link worked but they still kept voicing their disbelief that you and Tokoyami were dating.
  • It wasn’t any better on your boyfriend’s end either considering that some of the boys in the class were…a little bit perverse.
    • “So, like, if you imagined her in a sexy costume or something then she’d see it?” Sero asked.
    • Tokoyami blushed heavily, “U-um, no, we both can control just how much of our thoughts the other can see.”
    • “Sounds kinky.~” Mineta purred, earning him a sharp glare from Tokoyami.
  • This brings us to the subject of someone flirting with one of you. The only one who is dumb enough to do that is Mineta but even then he knows your powers and how strong they are so you’re not worried about him, that and Tokoyami can be quite intimidating when he wants to be.
  • Another reason no one flirts is that everyone now notices that if one of you is in a room, then the other is not too far away or is lurking about, but only because you two don’t like being apart from each other.
  • Dark Shadow will constantly want Tokoyami to see you or be near you, feeling the ease and security you bring to the both of them, so he’s often asking and urging Tokoyami to find you or make sure you’re alright.
    • “Do you think I can borrow a hoodie? Dark Shadow tends to miss you a lot so maybe that’ll make him feel better.”
    • “Just Dark Shadow?”
    • “…I suppose I miss you as well…”
  • That’s why the mindlink is so handy but sometimes Tokoyami would much rather just spend time in your presence, even if there was no talking or anything, as long as he’s with you.
  • He’s not keen on PDA, finding it a bit immodest, but he’d make an exception for it in scenarios where you lose control of your powers and need someone to reassure or comfort you or if you begin to doubt yourself and your chances on becoming a hero.
    • “You’re going to be a great hero, (Y/n),” He assured as he cupped your face in his hands, “and you should never doubt that.”
    • You put a gentle hand over his before pecking the tip of his beak, “Thank you, Fumikage.”
  • Another thing is nicknames, no one ever hears you guys address each other by a nickname in public, but that’s because you guys are kind of embarrassed to address the other by their…admittedly cheesy nickname in public.
  • For Tokoyami you often call him things along the lines of: My Raven, My Crow, My Shadow, Darling, or different Sokovian terms of endearment.
  • For you Tokoyami often calls you things like: Beloved, Dear, Starlight, Dove, and a bunch of things with ‘my’ at the beginning.
  • Both of you would die if someone caught you guys saying that.
  • He’s ashamed to admit it but sometimes he feels his love for you become so strong and overwhelming that he ends up writing a poem about it and he will go to any length to make sure you don’t ever see them. Little does he know, you often write letters you will never send him that explain just how much you adored him.
  • No one should doubt how much you love each other based on how little you two interact during the day because they don’t understand how truly intimate you and Tokoyami are.
  • You share each other’s thoughts, each other’s passions, and love.
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