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silvernesta · 4 days ago



Um so who wants to come smack a bitch with me😀 cause this should go in a book of the stupidest Nesta anti arguments. That should be a thing 

babe what is that? i’m ready for a fight

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silvernesta · 4 days ago


Part 1

Summary: Rhysand has been killed by his enemies from Hewn City, and Feyre has died with him because of a secret pact between them no one knew about. Keir, Rhysan’s only male relative, has inherited the crown of the Night Court and the High Lord’s magic, and he is taking revenge on each and every member of Rhysand’s Inner Circle one by one. Azriel’s been taken, and Emerie has only one chance to save him before he is executed in two days.

Warning: Angst. Like… a lot.

A/N: I have trouble expressing feelings in English and I’m not sure if a few prepositions were well used or not, so sorry in advance.




The sun was rising behind the tall Illyrian Mountains, their tops still covered with a snow veil, the last remains of winter.

Emerie run as fast as her feet let her to her shop, in the northern part of the camp. She had no time to waste, everything had to either be set into motion -if the letter contained good news- or stoped, if all hope was lost. The night before she had been called to the new Lord of the camp’s tent only for him to tell her, with the cruelest of smiles adorning his face, that Azriel -”the bastard spymaster” he had called him- had been found, taken, and imprisoned.

Emerie’s knees almost failed her when she heard his words, but she was strong, she had lived in one of the most inhospitable places on Prythian for over 500 years; she had endured the worst of pains when her wings were clipped, and she would walk out of this male’s tent without giving him the satisfaction of looking affected. Even if she was, in fact, shattered to pieces.

We are not married”, she kept telling herself. She felt guilt consuming her when she thought about it the first time, right after the Camp’s Lord warned her. So she kept doing it. The previous night, as she waited for the sun to come out again, that was the only thought resonating in her head. “And now, we never will”.

They were not married, that’s why Keir’s soldiers had left her alone all those months: nobody out of the mountain range knew about them, and Illyrians hated Keir’s Darkbringers enough to not tell him. His reputation preceded him, and Emerie’s people didn’t think he would be much better to them than Rhysand was when he lived.

We are not married. We are not mated”. Emerie could see her shop already, smoke from the chimney in her house, upstairs, fading away in the morning mist. Almost there…

At the time, to not bind themselves together had seemed like the best thing to do, but now, knowing he was doomed, the pain in her chest only grew every time she remembered that they had had a chance of accepting the bond and chose not to do it.

For your safety”, he had said. And she had agreed.

Stupid, stupid Emerie. “What are you gonna do now?” she asked herself. She stumbled inside, pushing the door open with her shoulder, hurting herself, but not caring for it. “The letter opener, where was it?” she couldn’t recall where she had dropped it the last time she used it. She was getting nervous.

When Rhysand died, Keir sent a third of his Darkbringers to hunt the Inner Circle of the Night Court down, and they were all forced to split and run away in different directions. When Rhysand died, everything went so wrong so fast, Emerie hadn’t had time to properly say goodbye to any of them before she was left alone in Illyria.

They had found Amren first, and now it was Azriel’s turn.

Emerie opened the top drawer of the counter in her shop and groped for the dagger she kept there. The piece of paper burned in her hand, but she knew it wasn’t safe to read the message until she was alone. And since Nesta left, she was always alone in her shop.

She wasn’t a trained warrior, a gifted high fae or a powerful witch like they were, but she had been smart enough to act quickly and do the one thing the Inner Circle couldn’t do when they finally needed to: ask for help. Azriel and his friends had made too many enemies over the centuries, and when one of them finally killed their High Lord, their world crumbled down. Every single person they had ever wronged took the chance Lord Keir offered them and the witch hunt started.

And where could they go? Morrigan almost didn’t make it out of Hewn City, her power over its citizens reduced to nothing. Cassian and Nesta had disappeared in the cold and merciless Illyrian Mountains, and Azriel had vanished into his shadows, Cauldroun knows where.

Until they found him.

Emerie opened the letter with trembling hands. Keir’s coat of arms sealed the envelope. She hadn’t allowed herself to let her hopes up, she expected the worst from him. Her eyes devoured the words. “Azriel, bastard born, has been  declared an enemy of the crown, and for his crimes…” no, not that. “Azriel the shadowsinger, was captured in the…” not that either. “The former spymaster of the Night Court’s crimes will be read to the public in the Great Hall of Hewn City, and executed the next morning by…”. The next morning? That was tomorow. That couldn’t be. When they got Amren, she was imprisoned for a month before her sentence was passed. Emerie started doubting her plan.

Her heart was pumping so hard she feared it would come out of her chest.  She had to read two full pages of accusations against Azriel and graphic descriptions of the punishments he had been suffering already in his captivity and would endure until the moment his head was cut off. Keir, as they had warned her, never missed an opportunity to be cruel and to cause pain. That’s what she had been expecting, and where her hopes laid, so she put herself together and went through all of it until she finally found, at the end of the last paragraph, the sentence she had been waiting for.

But yes, I do like to play the games you suggest, Illyrian, so I’ll offer you this: If you reach the doors of Hewn City’s Great Hall in the possession of this document before the Spymaster is executed tomorrow at down, I give you my word that the letter itself will serve as safe passage and the bastard will be free to go with you”.

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. 

Emerie couldn’t winnow nor did she know anyone who could and would be willing to help her. She couldn’t fly either, and Hewn City was too far to get there in a day just walking. But she had known that when she contacted another smuggler inside its walls of Hewn City, one she used to make deals with -one of many in her network of contacts-  to deliver her message to Keir. She had a plan. She had a chance to save Azriel’s live, and she was going for it.


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I’m basically tagging the people who said they would like to read this, so if you want to be included on the tag list or taken out let me know :)

The ANGST, i’m here for it. U r so talented & i’m so invested in this

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silvernesta · 4 days ago





How the fuck do illyrians sleep? Do they have to sleep on their stomachs bc of the wings? If they sleep on their side will one of their wings be hanging off their bed? Can they sleep on their backs or do their wings get smooshed? idk…if someone has answers pls tell me.

Asking the important questions here I see!

I always thought they were sleeping on their stomach?

I thought they would cocoon themselves up in their wings, like a little caterpillar in a chrysalis, then go to sleep.

I mean I don’t know, I didn’t read the article. But like, imagine Cassian just hands upside down from a tree while Nesta’s doing something, and she just bumps into him like this and screams. But yeah, no, Idk how they sleep

Nesta would probs accidentally incinerate him

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silvernesta · 4 days ago


PLEASE the Rhysand stans on tik tok. There was a quote in the video where he says “Its your choice Feyre” or something along those lines. When I tell you they were hyping him up in the comments I literally had to laugh. Then there were A few anti Rhysand posts cracking me up. I mean is the bar that low??

i swear whenever i see that i think they’re jk😭 like pls-

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silvernesta · 6 days ago


who wants to write nessian as reincarnated gods and write it well 👀

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silvernesta · 7 days ago





Literally most my friends live in America now

Is very sad

*reblogs until I have money to buy airplane tickets*

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silvernesta · 7 days ago


Since theories about amren and nestas faling out are circling around, I sincerely hope they fought about nestas well being and coping mechanisms. Not some dumb shit regarding the IC or any of her sisters. Let it be “nesta your drinkings out of control” or “you’re hurting yourself” and not feyre or the IC believe…“ or "what you said to mor or feyre wasnt”. Just please no. I dont care enough.

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silvernesta · 7 days ago


Stop this “work hard” bullshit. You deserve free time, you deserve sleep and you deserve mental health. You deserve to procrastinate and you deserve to have your hobbies. You deserve it. You need it. No one should work & study all the time.

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silvernesta · 7 days ago

love how our lil emeriel cult is growing, we need emeriel fanart now (and i could help with that, my friends an artist and she asked me to send her some stuff to draw)

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silvernesta · 8 days ago


Nesta saw the look on Cassian’s face when he realized she had been sexually assaulted and her first thought was that she would never wish on anyone the death that Cassian’s eyes promised.

I have had my own encounter and am not yet ready to disclose much of it, but let me tell you this: It would be an honor to set his pyre ablaze. I’d hold that torch up high as if it were a battle flag.

I don’t really think it’s the same for anyone, but I have a deep, deep, deep hatred for this man—and the fact that Nesta was scared for her own attacker, that she wished mercy upon him…I just, that’s incredible. A queen without a throne is what she is.

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silvernesta · 8 days ago


i am so sad that we aren’t getting ACOSF in a week like we should’ve :(

thinking about this rn

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silvernesta · 8 days ago




I don’t get it why isn’t morrigan not good with nesta bcz I’m sure the real reason isn’t bcz nesta just insulted her. Bcz after that if u remember in high lord’s meeting when nesta was throwing up, before feyre morrigan went to Nesta and nesta even put her head on mor’s shoulder but the whole morrigan not being good to nesta started during the war why is that I mean u can’t REALLY REALLY hate a person so much bcz they didn’t compliment u on ur dress and if it’s about mor not wanting nesta near to Cassian bcz Nesta is not good well she saved Cassian two times in the war which I’m sure morrigan knows then why be like that mor is smart and if she has the truth power then she’ll know that Nesta does care so WHY EXACTLY bcz elain is near with azriel too but morrigan never said anything to elain regarding her being close to azriel. So I don’t understand bcz that is really not a great reason for mor to not like Nesta. I totally want them to be friends.

Yeah I keep thinking about how she literally held Nesta up when she was throwing up and my only conclusion is, either she is worried that Cassian will no longer be her buffer between her and Azriel and she’ll have to confront that whole messy situation now.



MOR LIKES NESTA. And Mor knows Nesta’s all about Cassian. What do we do when we like someone and we don’t know how to act around them? Well normal ppl just flirt or act awkward. But if you’re like me, and every person in Acotar, you’re mean to your crush. Thank you for coming to my tedtalk

I want it to be the second 👁👄👁

yes please the second

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silvernesta · 8 days ago


Not only am I excited for acosf but I’m excited for the all of the Nessian fan art we are going to get! Arg Chef’s kiss 👌🏻👌🏻

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silvernesta · 8 days ago


I simply can’t wait any longer! 26 Days

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silvernesta · 8 days ago






















To prove something to a friend, please







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Sooooo many people liked To the ones who are like me that just like posts without reading This isn’t towards you But the ones who knew what they were doing This is for you🖕

this is only my opinion though dont throw hands

Opinion? R E B L O G



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best reblog >:(

.-.)..Don’t be shy reblog more


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silvernesta · 8 days ago


fuck it’s not lucien’s fault if he’s sexier than azriel and every other character combined 😭

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silvernesta · 8 days ago
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silvernesta · 8 days ago


Yes. Thank you for putting it into words

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silvernesta · 8 days ago



rhys never heard the “she was his queen, and god help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen” but rhys is the definition of it….. he’s That living quote

And it’s so so cringey🥴🥴

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silvernesta · 8 days ago




Is anyone as nervous as me about nessian having hate sex? Cause it’s got me feeling some type of way and I don’t like it.

Nesta and cassian having sex before they have an official romantic relationship sounds to me like an alcoholic being given a beer while in rehab. She used sex and alcohol as a coping mechanism, so her dependency on those should be addressed, eradicated and not indulged. Especially by someone who called her UNLOVABLE. Cassian taking advantage of her vulnerability of that is icky to me and I doubt I’ll ever be comfortable with it. I hope he has more restraint and honour when it comes to nesta especially in her most vulnerable state. Hes chosen to walk this journey and help her heal so he shouldnt take advantage and cross any boundaries.

But alas sjm keeps emphasizing sex in this book and it makes me hella uncomfortable. I have hope that she’ll prioritize nestas healing first, but don’t at the same time.

I use to think this but now idk. She said alot of bodily fluids. Idk if hate sex will happen. Now I’m wondering…

People in rehab go through withdrawals correct? Why should Nesta be any different?

There’s going to be no alcohol. There’s “going” to be no sex. What I mean by the quotations is this,

Regardless of the words said, yes Nesta is hurting from it and it was the final straw, the one thing that truly and fully broke her. In their current situation he’s a male, a male she’s been attracted to for a long time. Just as he’s been attracted to her. Nesta desperately seeking to get her coping mechanism back, could possibly get her to try and seduce Cassian. Therein lies a new question, how strong is his will power? Can he push her away or will he cave?

If he caves, he’s going to feel guilty about it and unless they stop, the guilt is going to consume him.

If he fights against his own personal desires for Nesta’s wellbeing theeen there’s going to be loads of self pleasure. Everytime she tries to rile him up to fuck her, he’s going to take care of himself. Nesta will please herself. Then they will reach a point of oral. Bjs, hand jobs, fucking her breasts, fingering, eating her out, wing kink. It’s gonna be all that messy shit.

Finally, Finally we get sex. When they are at a good place and all that passion comes to life. They got all that aggression out so it’s going to be sensual and deep. Because he’s gonna make love to her not just fuck her.

I love all of this. When I say I’m here for Nessian hate sex I’m not saying i need it to happen. I’m saying it’s okay if it does. And not because i want it to be miserable for Nesta (which it will be once the lust wears off) but i am HERE for angst boi Cassian who’s gonna be feeling sooooo guilty about it. Like I live for the angst. No it’s not healthy, yes I know it’s not conducive to healing, yes I will still enjoy tf out of it if it happens bc I know its gonna get better from there

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