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Fnaf Security Breach x Reader Headcanons
Prompt: How each of the animatronics would react to reader being harassed by a Karen. Can be read as platonic or romantic.
Tumblr media
His sensors immediately pick up the disturbance even from across the room, zeroing in on your form and taking in your body language that just screamed you were uncomfortable as you stood next to a very angry customer screaming in your face.
Freddy nervously looks around and sees no other employees are coming to your rescue. Making an executive decision he leaves the bounds he was currently in, quickly making his way across the room before standing directly behind you, one hand on your shoulder as he stared down the woman across from you both.
“Freddy it’s ok I promise, I can handle this. Please go back to your station, I’ll be there in a minute.” He hears your pleas for him to leave but he still picks up on the way your voice shakes. You were scared, voice fried and horse as you held back tears.
“I am sorry Superstar but I cannot do that.” Then he pushes your body behind his, shielding you behind a wall of metal.
“Finally! What sort of high school dropout are you that you couldn’t even get a dumb robot over here for my special boys birthday!?” The woman screeched, trying to grab onto Freddy’s arm roughly to drag him back to her table unsuccessfully, not even able to move his heavy frame an inch.
“Ma’am I cannot go with you” He states calmly.
“Are you kidding me, did you fucking break him or something? You better tell this dumb robot to follow me or I swear I will call your manager over and get you fired you little incompetent bitch.” The woman snarled, still addressing you despite the large animatronic blocking her view of you.
Freddy could feel himself starting to overheat as he listened to the way she addressed you in such a horrible manner.
“Ma’am you have broken the rules of the Pizzaplex and are being very rude to the staff. We will now have security escort you off the premises.”
He watched the woman’s face twist and turn darker shades of red as her anger built up more and more. Her arm raised as if she was trying to punch at him but before she could land a hit security had her arms behind her back, dragging her out of the restaurant kicking and screaming. The rest of her family had been watching the interaction and were nothing short of embarrassed, walking out with security without a struggle.
Freddy keeps you behind his back the entire time he watches the woman get dragged out, not moving until he is sure she is out of the building and no longer a problem. The second the door shuts behind her he spins around, bends down, checking over you frantically, one hand scanning your body, and his other hand holding onto your cheek as he makes sure no harm came to you.
“Oh Superstar, I am so sorry! She treated you so horribly, I am so sorry. Are you ok? What can I do? How can I help you?” He was rambling nonstop while frantically checking you over.
“Freddy stop! It’s ok! I promise I am ok. Freddy stop that tickles!”
“I am so sorry that happened Superstar, are you ok? Come with me!” Before you could respond back to him he has you in his arms, rushing off towards his room, closing the curtains, and setting you down on his couch. “Stay here Superstar and take some time to relax, I will go grab you some items!”
He left briefly before coming back with a hands full of a seemingly random assortment of items. Everything from some pizza from the food court, a large drink, some plushes, and even a blanket hung over his arm as he jogged over to you and tried handing you everything at once.
For the next hour at least, every time you tried standing up to return to work he was pushing you back down, constantly fretting over you and taking care of you the best that he could. Eventually he reluctantly agreed to let you go back out but not without him following you around, just out of reach, constantly keeping watch to make sure nothing else happens to you.
You were currently stationed in the food court, generally keeping an eye on the customers and assisting them with any problem they have. Despite having to deal with plenty of disgruntled customers in the past you have never personally witnessed a scene like the one playing out in front of you.
A woman surrounded by presumably her whole family was complaining loudly about the pizza in front of her, making a show of inspecting the slice in front of her, taking a small bite, and loudly spitting out the food in a disgusting clump on the ground next to her.
Sighing you made your way over to the woman, prepping yourself with a deep breath before speaking to her in the best customer service voice you could muster. “Hello Ma’am, it looks like there is a problem, is there anything I can assist you with today?”
“Yes we have a problem! This is the third pizza we have ordered and each fucking time it tastes terrible! Don’t you idiots know how to cook a simple fucking pizza?”
Her voice was already cutting through you, it wasn’t personally your fault but she was using you as a punching bag for her anger. Your mind is reciting the replies you were trained on giving in situations like this, offering her some free vouchers for games or other activities.
“I completely understand Ma’am I-“ You’re cut off from your pre-rehearsed speech as the woman took the rest of the pizza box in a fit of rage and threw it on you, pizza slices making impact on your chin before smearing across your shirt and landing on the floor.
You’re staring in disbelief, mind unable to process what the hell just happened, and even sparing a slight glance behind her to see the shocked looks on her children’s faces curling as they start whimpering with tears in their eyes. Your eyes trail back to her angry gaze and you slightly jump back as Chica seemingly appeared out of nowhere, standing menacingly behind the woman, but despite her unhinged and slightly feral appearance your heart calmed a bit knowing your favorite animatronic was here to save the day.
“ It’s not very nice to waste perfectly good food.” Chica called out behind the woman’s shoulder causing her to jolt in fear before glaring back at you.
“Get this fucking creepy robot out of here and get your manager.” She snarled, pushing aggressively against Chica’s shoulders in attempt to get her to back off.
Your heart broke at the sound of her children crying, little voices pleading with their mother ‘please don’t hurt Chica, Mommy!’. Chica followed your eye sight staring at the situation in front of you, your head twirling with the horrible image that this will be a traumatizing memory of their childhood but feeling so helpless in your current frozen state covered with pizza.
“The pizza is delicious, here have some.” Chica’s robotic voice called out again, opening her stomach hatch that seemed to always be stashing away pizza slice.
“I don’t want-“ the woman’s voice muffled as Chica shoved the slice in her face. Immediately she spit it out again getting ready to start screaming once again.
“ARE YOU-“ again her words are cut off by pizza. Every single time she tried opening her mouth to scream a new pizza slice was pushed in. Her children have by now ceased their crying and instead are giggling watching this funny scene of Chica feeding their mother pizza slices against her will, giggles increasing in volume as they heard their mother try to speak through mouthfuls.
The moment is broken as employees start flooding the areas and are quick to pull Chica away from the woman, most likely afraid of lawsuits, instructing the robot to take you to go get cleaned up as they took control of the situation. Once you were far enough away, hidden in the privacy of the service halls, you spoke up.
“You really shouldn’t have done that Chica, I don’t want you to get in trouble and not be able to see you for a bit.”
“She attacked you Y/N! And she wasted Pizza! PIZZA Y/N!”
You giggled at her outburst, finally making it to your destination, grabbing towels and wetting them under the faucet so you can start cleaning up the pizza all over yourself, well at the very least your face as your shirt would have to be replaced.
Before the towel could make contact with your skin Chica was holding onto your arm, pushing herself against you as closely as she could, while nipping and chomping lightly around the saucy areas of your jawline all while chanting ‘nom nom nom’
“Eww Chica stop that’s gross, don’t eat food off of people.”
Chica shook her head before continuing her biting, “Nonsense, I am helping you clean up and getting a perfectly good snack while I am at it! Win win!”
Her cute, maybe a bit gross, actions caused you to laugh, tension easily slipping off your body as you let the incident fall into the past and instead choosing to enjoy your time with Chica.
You were absolutely ecstatic once you learned today you would be stationed with the animatronic you were extremely close with, Roxy. On top of that it would be extra special because you got to help assist her with her meet and greet photos, her most favorite day of all.
Roxy was a true superstar during meet and greets, glowing under the attention from her fans and running at her absolute best. You could even swear that when you were with her during meet and greets that she pulled out all the stops, almost as if she was also trying to show off for you.
“Y/N isn’t this just the best? I love sharing this with you, just look! They all love me, I am amazing!” Roxy exclaimed, causing you to giggle as you watched her twirl around and pose.
“I am so glad I get to watch you at your best Roxy! You look really beauti-“
“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” A loud voice broke through your conversation.
Suddenly the woman at the front of the line ran up to you, finger pointed out at you. “You need to fix this, your stupid ropes are confusing and we got into the wrong line. We wanted to see the actual good robots and not the fucking backup loser ones.”
Automatically you turned to look at Roxy, knowing the comments would offend her and offend her they did. Her movements seemed glitched out for a moment, head turning to tilt in a rough jerky movements as her eyelids lowered to squint.
You placed a quick hand on Roxy hoping to keep her back for the moment while you dealt with the woman. “I am sorry for the inconvenience Ma’am. If you would like I could escort you and show you the line for whatever animatronic you wish to see?”
“Oh no no no, we waited in line, you fucked up with this terribly confusing layout, I DEMAND you take me to the front of the better, popular, animatronics lines and get me a picture with them for free.” Her finger pointing got more agressive as she spoke, eventually pushing harshly into your chest as she screamed ‘demand’, her sharp nails digging into your flesh even through your work shirt.
Roxy quickly stepped in between the two of you, facing you with her back in the woman’s face. As quickly as she separated you both she had you over her shoulder, stomping the short distance to her dressing room door to enter the room before slamming the door in true rock star diva fashion.
She softly set you on her couch before pacing back a forth.
“How DARE she!” She screeched out loudly while continuing to pace, “Doesn’t she know who I am? How many fans I have?! And the way she treated you! I just AGH.”
She took out her frustration on the items on her vanity, throwing them off with snarls as she started kicking her vanity’s legs.
Her tantrum was short lived before she crumbled to the floor, wailing loudly. Your heart broke for her and you quickly jumped up from your spot to go comfort her.
“Roxy it’s alright! Who is she? She’s a nobody compared to you! Right?”
She sniffled a bit before looking up at you “Yea I guess you’re right.”
You rubbed your hand along her back as you gave her a pep talk “Of course I’m right! I should know I’m your biggest fan!”
Her eyes seemed to twinkle at that statement, a large grin adorning her face. She quickly hugged your waist, burying her face into your stomach, before laughing loudly and standing up with you in her arms.
“That’s right! And I have the very best fans in the world!”
“Yea you do! Now don’t you think we should go back out there and make your true fans happy?”
She quickly pepped up with that and with you still in her arms she made another grand entrance out the door, both of you taking note of the woman missing from the spot she was last seen.
Roxy quickly posed for the line of children cheering for her, shouting out love for her fans that adored her right back.
She softly set you back down next to her and leaned down to give you another hug, whispering in your ear as she does “Thank you Y/N, you truly are my number one fan!”
Monty was having a good day with you stationed with him in Monty golf. While he knows your a tough one he does worry a bit about your wellbeing when you aren’t near his sections, when he is unable to keep an eye on you. But today? Today you were on his turf and someone would be a complete idiot to mess with you with him around.
And a complete idiot indeed stepped up to the plate of his challenge, not even an hour into your shift a mother was going ballistic. Much like an overgrown child she was throwing an Olympic level tantrum, an ironic sight next to her perfectly behaved child next to her. She was stomping around, screaming, and eventually kicking over her bucket of golf balls.
Sighing you made your way over to her cautiously “Ma’am I am sorry but please don’t kick over the buckets, and please don’t shout, there are children around.” Your eyes starting darting all around the area, scanning through the foliage to find Monty’s eyes that always seemed to glow a laser beam green from far away.
Before you could find his eyes she spoke again “This stupid game is rigged, you’re all money hungry and preying on small children. You should be ashamed!”
“Ma’am I promise this course has been thoroughly tested with many children and it is completely possible to complete. We have some easier courses over by the entrance if you would prefer?”
“You little bitch! Are you saying I am an idiot? That I can’t even do a game a little kid can?” Her hands started gripping onto the golf putter in her hand, arms tensing like she was getting ready to start swinging.
You could see the writing on the wall and knew there was no pleasing this crazy woman. You slowly started putting some space in between you and her just in case. “Ma’am you need to calm down or I will have security escort you out of the building.”
You heart broke as you heard the small voice from behind her “Mommy please don’t do this again.”
It was too late, you saw her arm raise with club in hand. You started flinching instinctively, waiting for the painful impact, but the heat never arrived?
You curiously opened your eyes only to be staring back at Montys sharp gaze peering over her back with the metal golf club in his tight grip, easily crimping the cheap metal pole.
Her eyes were wide the second she realized she couldn’t swing down because the pole was now in a large grasp, with an extremely large presence looming behind her.
With a loud growl he easily ripped the club from her hand, bringing the already crunched metal down against his knee as he snapped it in half before throwing it off in an unoccupied area of the room. With the club thrown away he leans down to her ear, screaming a growl loudly into her face while showing off his sharp teeth.
Her once confident attitude drained along with all the color in her face. For someone so willing to assault someone with what was legally a weapon it was amazing watching her turn to a spineless coward in a second flat. Quickly she grabbed her child by the hand, running out of the room, but before fully making it out the door she tried yelling once more.
As quickly as her mouth opened, Monty growled again, making her jump and run out of the room without getting in another word.
“Thanks Monty, I thought I had a handle on it, guess this one got a little out of hand huh?”
He was still growling lowly, gaze locked on the entrance. “You’re sticking with me for the rest of your shift.”
“What? Monty no I’m fine I swear!” It didn’t matter though as he easily and swiftly picked you up before taking you along with him to continue on his day.
Your work day was dwindling to a close in the daycare, lines of parents lined up by the wooden castle door to sign out their children. You couldn’t help but smile as you watched all the little kids you spent the day with run out of the room into their parents loving arms with bright smiles.
You were standing beside Sunny, helping him clean up the daycare before you could go home but truthfully you always took your time so you could spend even just a few extra minutes with him. “Hey Sunny, look!” You nudged his shoulder and gestured with a nod of your head towards the door.
He spun his face and tilt it, looking where you had gestured and mumbled up a “Hmm?”
“You did that Sunny! Look at how happy you made all those kids!”
“We Starlight! We made them happy! Yes yes yes we made them so happy!” You giggled with him and nudged against his frame while continuing to pick up toys.
“Starlight?” His voice sounded extra staticky when he whispered.
“Yea Sunny?”
“Did I make you happy too?” His words melted your heart.
“Of course Sunny! You always make me incredibly happy!”
He started cheering loudly while doing a little dancing jig around the table you are currently cleaning and you couldn’t help but laugh along with him and hope that this moment could stretch on longer. Sadly nothing good lasts forever.
“Excuse me?!” A shrill voice cut through the calm joyful moment. Looking up you could see a mother charging straight at you.
“Hi, how can I help you?”
“Yes, you can help me by doing your job! My daughter came in today with her Sun plush that I spent a lot of money on and now its suddenly missing.” Oh, that was it? You perked up a bit because despite her angry tones trying to intimidate you this was actually a pretty easy fix.
“Oh that’s not a problem Ma’am! I can do a deep clean of the ball pit tonight as it probably just got lost in there. If you leave your number with our desk we can call you when we find it! Or if you would prefer to have a new one instead I can give you a voucher for a free plush.”
“NO, I want the plush I paid for, you need to do your job, you need to go into that ballpit right now and find it. I am not leaving here until you find it.”
You were a bit baffled that she was dragging this along more than it really needed to be, and now you’re really getting nervous as you can hear Sunny’s vents start to heat up, the whirring of his mechanical parts increasing in volume as he watches this woman berate you.
“Ma’am I don’t think you understand-“
“NO I DON’T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND!” She was fully yelling in your face at this point, stepping closer to you to get into your space and stare you down.
“What was that?” She hissed out looking back at your animatronic counterpart.
“Naughty, Naughty, NAUGHTY.” Sunny’s voice was screeching with the words sounding glitched as they ripped through his voice box.
Oh no... you backed up a bit knowing that this was going to escalate quickly now that he was getting involved. You had a special emergency button on your faz watch so you could alert the security team, both to take care of the situation and just in case you can’t handle him and they can support you in making sure the animatronic doesn’t lose it completely.
“What the fuck is this robot saying to me?” She screamed at you, eyes widening as she notices you taking slow steps back towards the employee’s desk before whipping her head back to watch the animatronic.
His limbs were curling now, seemingly in agony as his limbs seem to be clawing apart at himself. “Language, Language, LANGUAGE!!”
Sunny was seemingly heaving as he stumbled back a few large strides towards the wall, eyes lowering in a squint as he whispered out one last staticky “Naughty.”
He turns to face the wall slamming his fist directly on the light switch button so he flips of the lights and change into his more aggressive counterpart.
You can hear the woman’s frightened screams but now your sole focus is on finding the red eyes somewhere in the room. You desperately dart your eyes everywhere, especially looking to the ceiling but by the time you catch the bright red eyes its too late.
Moony is fully screaming in the woman’s face, reducing the woman to loud ugly sobs on the ground as he jumpscares her.
Sighing you unhook one of the ropes off the netting on the wall before walking over towards him. As quick as you can you hook the rope on his back, giving the rope one good tug that reels the rope in and leaves his gangly form hanging from the ceiling. Once you are sure he is secured in place you dart back to the glowing light button to flip on the lights.
Once the lights are on you glance back at the crumpled form of the woman sobbing on the ground. Slowly you walk towards her extending out a hand to place on her shoulder. “Ma’am?”
“A MONSTER, YOU HAVE A FUCKING MONSTER HERE.” She quickly jumped away from your hand, scrambling to get up and stumbling in the process before running towards the door. “I AM GOING TO SUE THE FUCKING PANTS OFF ALL OF YOU!”
She continued her way out, screaming and crying the whole way but you just looked up at the animatronic with hands on your hips. Now back to his Sunny form you just watch with a small smirk as he thrashes around like an angry cat that’s too cute to be taken seriously. His body follows her as she makes her way out, desperately reaching out his hands with little punches and kicks as he growls and mutters unintelligible words.
“Sunny? You can stop freaking out now buddy, she’s gone!” He slowly stopped his thrashing about and hung dejectedly as you slowly lowered him back down so his feet met the floor before unhooking him from the rope. “Sorry I had to do that bud, are you going to behave now?”
His face spun as he looked at you “Behave? BEHAVE! She needed to behave! Bad bad bad, naughty! So so naughty! Yes she needs to be punished! She needs-“ You cut him off the a large hug that stopped him ranting. His arms hung by his side in shock before slowly wrapping around you.
“Thank you for protecting me Sunny.” He seemed content with that, ready to calm down and focus more of having more fun times with you.
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Ok but am I the only one that thinks Gregory sounds exactly like this little asshole from ouran?
Tumblr media
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I have a super adorable slow burn Sun/Moon fic in the works and I can’t wait for the first chapter to be done.
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I like that fnaf writers usually fall into one of three camps when writing smut:
1. Full on Barbie and ken just smooth down there, mainly use of fingers and or toys.
2. Having to come up with a reason why the hell animatronics would have genitals for like one line only to address the question in the room before moving on back to smut.
3. Or just completely ignoring it, smutty for smuts sake.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some Moon and Sun doodles for a story I'm writing :D
I don't have the fine details ironed out yet, but the ideas are too strong so now I have yet another fic to work on inbetween other stuff
Listen. Moon and Sun....pretty cool....
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Today I’m writing headcanons for the animatronics reacting to reader being harassed by Karens.
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since "cage" is a last name and there are girls named "chastity" it would be theoretically be possible for a girl to be named chastity cage
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Vanessa: Have any of you seen my flashlight?
Freddy: Yes, it is over on the table.
Vanessa: Great! Thanks, Dad.
[Everyone in the general vicinity stops and stares]
Vanessa: Why is everyone staring at me?
Chica: You just called Freddy “dad.” You said, “Thanks, Dad.”
Vanessa: What? No, I didn’t! I said, “Thanks…man!”
Freddy: Do you see me as a father figure, Vanessa?
Vanessa: No! If anything, I see you has a “bother” figure! Because you’re always bothering me!
Sun: Hey, show your father some respect!
Vanessa: I didn’t call him dad!!
Freddy: No, no, no, no, no, Sun, I take it as a compliment.
Roxy: It’s not a big deal! I once heard this customer call this girl “mom”, and now I’m pretty sure they’re married.
Vanessa: Guys, jump on that! Your customers have psycho-sexual issues!
Monty: Old news! But you calling Freddy “daddy”——
Vanessa: Hey, “daddy” is not on the table here.
Gregory: But you did call him “dad.”
Vanessa: You, shut up! You’ve done nothing but cause issues since I got here!
Gregory: Alright, alright, I’ve been annoying you for most of your time here, but the dad thing, that happened.
Vanessa: Aha! He admitted that he is an obnoxious brat! It was a trap, all part of my crazy, devious plan!
Freddy: I believe you.
Vanessa: Thank you.
Freddy: Daughter.
Freddy: Do you want to talk about it later over a game of catch?
Vanessa, weakly, holding back tears: I’d like that
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Could I ask for more of the Sun x Reader doodles? The design for the reader is also super cute and comfy!
aw thank you! and here you go :D
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
here to rock your socks
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Headcanon Security Breach Fnaf x Reader
Prompt: How each of the animatronics would react to the reader with their merch/ handcrafted merch.
Tumblr media
As you exited the gift shop you couldn’t help the slight spring in your step as you finally got your hands on the stuffed animal Freddy you have been eyeing forever. It was so cute just like the animatronic you have grown to love as you get to know more and more.
You figured with your employee discount plus working there would automatically help you get your hands on merch easier but you quickly learned even with employee perks the merch, especially Freddys plush, always flew off the shelves as quickly as it was stocked.
“Freddy look! I finally got the plush!” You squeezed the plush tightly into your chest in a full hug as you bounded up to Freddy.
He is shocked seeing how much love you already have for the plush version of himself and gets funny warm feelings watching how happy you are to have his plush.
“Superstar, I am honored you want my merch! I wish you had told me sooner, I always have extras in my dressing room!”
With that he would insist on dragging you back to his room, the singular plush in your arms getting buried by the pile of merch he is practically throwing at you.
“This one, and this one. Oh Superstar you have to wear my shirt too, you would look amazing in it! Oh and this one too!”
“Freddy, help, you’re kinda suffocating me here buddy!”
“Whoops, sorry about that.”
For the rest of the night he would absolutely demand you put on a small fashion show for him, first closing the blinds to his room, and of course always being a perfect gentleman and turning around while you change out of each shirt.
With each shirt you tried on he would loudly clap, showering you with adoration and praise, acting as if this was the first time he had ever seen his shirts worn.
You had a very big surprise for Chica today, you had spent all morning before your shift executing the perfect pizza for your beloved animatronic.
This was no ordinary pizza though, you spent hours adding the cheese and pepperoni slices so they made the image of Chica’s face to show her how much you adored and appreciate her.
It was a bit of a balancing act holding the large box in your hand while trying to knock on her dressing room door but with the fresh smell of pizza wafting through the door it didn’t take long to hear Chica call out in a questioning voice “Do I smell pizza?” Before ripping open the door.
You cant help but laugh watching the animatronic before you already start fidgeting, shaking at the joints, and staring at you with wide eyes.
“Y/N you brought me pizza?!”
“Not just any pizza, open it up!” You yourself were very excited to see her reaction, but you also noticed the near feral gaze she had while reaching out for the box. “Carefully!”
Chica would be sobbing if she could while looking down at the perfectly cooked pizza that mirrored her face.
“I made it for you!”
“You... made this?”
You nodded back happily and before you knew it the box was snatched from your hands and the large animatronic sped passed you, screaming with an ear piercing screech ‘pizza’ as loudly as she can, while forcefully pushing you aside as she passed causing you to spin in your step.
Chica would then go door to door to each dressing room screaming and bragging about her pizza portrait, slices disappearing between each visit. By the time Chica reached Freddy’s door the whole pizza was gone.
“Where is the pizza, Chica?” Freddy asks while looking down at the empty box.
“It’s pizza Freddy, how could I not eat it? But just picture my face as pizza and that’s what it looked like!”
Roxanne’s mechanical eyes scanned over the crowd in front of her, stopping as she picks up on her favorite employee’s form amongst the crowd as she always does.
Taking a second to scan them over her eyes suddenly zeroes in on the tight fit purple grey shirt you were wearing with her face prominently displayed across the chest.
In seconds flat she is marching through the sea of children before scooping you up in her arms.
“What are you wearing Y/N?” All of her functions seem to shut off as her attention is fully on the shirt adorning your body, mechanical hands running over the shirt and slightly tickling your stomach as she brushed passed it.
“I’m wearing your shirt! Why do you not like it?” Answering a bit insecurely at her strange reaction. “You know I am your biggest fan!”
With that statement Roxanne practically had cartoonish stars and sparks shooting out from her eyes.
“Of course I love it and of course you would love me! I am the best!”
She squeezes you tightly before lifting you in the air high above her head, ignoring your panicked squeals, as she bounds back over to the rest of the group.
“Y/N Is my biggest fan! I am the best! I am loved! I have so many fans that adore me!”
She throws you around like a little puppet, showing you off to each of the band members while proudly shouting about how great she is.
Once she is finished bragging she would find the closest marker and start signing your shirt, your bag, your lanyard, anything and everything she could get her hands on for you to show off that you were her biggest fan.
Packing up your locker at the end of your shift you make sure to grab your brand new Monty plush before shutting the door. Walking through the plaza you shout a general goodbye to the animatronics before skipping over to Monty’s door for the personal goodbye you give him each night.
From the moment he opened his door his eyes locked onto the small plush tucked in between your arms, he knew he should probably feel happy seeing you with it but his hyperactive rage and jealously fueled up instead, quickly plucking the plush out of your arms in between his claws, and holding the head of the plush in a death grip.
“Why do you have this?”
“Monty please be careful with it, please don’t break it!”
“Nonsense! You don’t need this filmsy thing when you have the real thing right in front of you!” With a deep laugh he impulsively ripped the head of the plush right in front of your horrified gaze.
You brokenly screamed out a plea for him to stop but it was too late, in between his claws were the split remains of his own plush with stuffing falling to the floor between you two. Tears started bubbling up in your eyes as you look up at him in total shock at how selfish and impulsive the reptile could be.
“What’s wrong Y/N? I thought spending time with me would be better than with some cheap imitation, is it not?”
“WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT MONTY!?” You couldn’t hold back your own rage now as your tears flooded down your cheeks. “OF COURSE I WANT TO SPEND MY TIME WITH YOU MORE BUT THAT PLUSH WAS THE BEST REPLACEMENT FOR WHEN I AM ALONE AT NIGHT!”
After your small rant you both stared at each other for a bit as Monty tried to process your words. You frustratedly wipe your tears away and take a few big deep breaths to calm yourself.
“It’s not like you can leave and come home with me Monty, that plush was going to keep me company when I felt sad or alone.”
His eyes scanned the whole area quickly taking in what he had done and realized how much he had messed up. Without responding to you he quickly picked you up and threw you over his shoulder before running off through the halls.
Eventually he made it to the gift shop and despite it being locked up he quickly ripped open the door, adding another broken door to his long list of items he has destroyed over time, and barreled through the shop trying to find the display with his plushies.
Setting you down on the ground he quickly scoops up as many plushes as he can, not noticing his tail knocking over several displays , and pushing the plushes into your arms.
“I...am sorry, I did not think clearly, I just wanted you to myself.”
You cant help but giggle softly, watching him desperately try to fix the situation in the most Monty way possible, filling your heart with warmth.
“I forgive you but please don’t do it again, if you wanted me to hug you instead you could have just asked me.”
He would quickly take this opening to pick you up, plushes and all, and spin you around knocking over even more merchandise in the process.
“Hello friend! How are you! Did you have an amazing day?” Sundrops bright cheerful voice screamed loudly as you entered the room, arms tucked behind your back hiding your surprise.
“Hi Sunny! I had a great day, thank you for asking! But its about to get better!”
The bright yellow animatronic in front of you spun his face around, swinging it side to side as he swayed looking at you quizzically as he could.
Before he needed to respond you swung your arms out in front of you, displaying the sundrop and moondrop art you made specifically for them.
He leaned down slightly, bending comically at the knees, to observe the paper in front of him before gasping loudly and fainting dramatically, falling into the ballpit behind him. You giggled as you watched him, his head popping out of the pit before spinning around very quickly.
“This is amazing! Did you make this? AH” He screeched out causing you to flinch suddenly. “IS THAT GLITTER GLUE!?!”
“It is! Do.. you like it?” You asked, rocking back and forth on your heels anxiously.
He quickly bounced out of the ball pit, reaching an impressive height, before flipping and landing in front of you. “Like it? I LOVE IT!” He squealed loudly as he picked you up in his arms bridal style and spun you around until you got dizzy.
“Ok ok, I am glad you liked it but I am getting a bit dizzy Sunny, do you mind putting me down?”
“Oh right!”
Once he placed you down again he couldn’t contain his happiness and chose to dance around you in a circle as you giggled along with him.
“Hey sunny, do you mind if I shut off the lights so I can show Moon?”
He stopped his dancing and nodded to you happily, taking your hand and leading you over to the light switch. “Thank you for asking, I am sure he will love it as much as I do!” He spoke ecstatically before taking your hand in his, both of you switching off the light together.
With the lights now off you reach into your pocket to pull out your flashlight, turning it on and revealing the moon faced animatronic now before you.
“Y/N? What are you doing here? It’s late, you need to be in bed, you need sleep, you need-“
“It’s alright Moon, I stayed late so I could show you and Sunny what I made!” Quickly pulling out the paper again and holding it out for him.
Unlike with Sundrop, Moon took his time to fully examine the art piece. His hand tracing along the lines of the art work and rolling over the bubbly surface of the blue glitter glue you used on his hat.
“Do you like it Moony?” You were hesitant to speak and break him out of his concentration.
“It’s amazing, I have never seen anything like it. Is that glitter glue?”
“Mhm, here I want you both to keep it.” Pushing the paper fully into his grip.
Before you knew it your in his arms, much like how Sunny held you just moments ago, dragging you off to his room.
“We shall hang it above the bed so we can always look at it!”
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Tumblr media
jayvik special place + jayce and his partner problems 😏😏😏
Tumblr media
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Jinx: Can I go play?
Silco: I don't care. I'm not your dad.
Jinx: *runs off*
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Tumblr media
*glomps u*
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Ok before I write fnaf fanfiction I have to get this fucking lore down. I really hate writing for materials when I feel I don’t have a complete understanding of it or I feel I’ll make a ton of mistakes that I will get yelled at for. But I am falling in love with the fandom and the game and all of its lore so in the end I just want to get involved, learn as much as I can, and hopefully contribute some great fics!
So since I’m new to the fandom if anyone has recommendations on good videos, music videos, animations, writings, etc to help me out I would love if you guys could pass along!
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They're Hot (FNAF Security Breach) fan animatic
Short headcanon shitpost
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Irreplaceable - Sun & Moon x Reader
my other FNAF fanfics + rules to request!
TW: slight angst, brief mentions of death (ends in fluff!) adult, gender-neutral reader 3626 words
*(Y/N) - Your Name
He/They pronouns for Sun/Moon, He/Him for both Sun & Moon (Separated).
- spending time with the new, child-friendlier version of your animatronic lovers makes you feel a lot more guilty than you thought possible. if only, you could bring your lovers back. oh wait, you can.
Keep reading
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