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simtanico·4 days agoText

Gonna work on adding mirrors to my downloads. Dropbox probably

No new cc for the near future. I’m still here some of the time, though!

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simtanico·6 days agoPhoto


Hola. Yeah I don’t do much with sims anymore, but when I do it’s making sims I’ll never use.

So this is Julio Rivera (I think that’s his name). Just a basic ass sim base that comes with my basic ass skin blend which was made to keep the awesomeness of Adam Skin but give me the taness of E-Skin tan . I know my editing took away from the skintone so here is a non edited (color wise at least) photo.


He comes in three formats: .sims3pack, .sim, and .package

Anyway have fun and tag me if you use him pl0x.

Julio (Comes with skin too)

Just skin

Link has been dead a while and someone asked for it!

I’m prettttty sure this is it :)

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simtanico·6 days agoAnswer

Hello. I've been trying to find Judaisim's "Adam's got a tan" skinblend for quite some time now and stumpled upon the picture you posted. Would you happen to still have that skinblend? All Judaisim's cc seems to vanished in thin air. I know the pic was from 2017 but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. :)

I do! I’ve kept all if not most of my cc since forever so you came to the right place!

I’m going to reblog the post with a new link, but if anyone at the sims 3 archive blog wants to give me a hand to boost, I’d appreciate it!

(also if anyone has their poses, I’d LOVE them)

Publishing for future reference, hope you don’t mind :)

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simtanico·10 days agoAnswer

Hello! I am curious, if you tried 64 Mac Sims 3 version? Is it better?

Hi! I haven’t tried it. Don’t have a Mac lol. I’ve only seen people’s comments about it here and there, really.

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simtanico·19 days agoText

This is great news. Idk what the next two months have in store for us. But he’s going be OUT!

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simtanico·20 days agoText

thanks to @studiok2sims I now know, my re-directs apparently don’t work anymore so if you followed my slider link it’ll be dead as hell

nvm i fixed it. though tumblr totally got rid of re-directs and i hate that

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simtanico·23 days agoPhoto

Cropped Tees for men

It’s not news that male sims lack almost every bit of variance in cc and I really wanted crop tops! 

I’d already cloned the University tee (the one with the nyan cat on it) to fix it up, and it’s been a base for the crewnecks in some of the edits I’ve made to some EA clothing, so I did the same for this and adjusted the textures as best I could and I ended up with five variations!
Comes in all colors seen above :)

  • For Young Adult to Adult male sims
  • includes 5 files: Short (Cropped Tee 1), Medium (Cropped Tee 2), Medium Fitted (Cropped Tee 2 - v2), Long, Long Fitted (Cropped Tee 3 - v2)
  • 3 channels [torso | sleeves | collar & sleeve hem]
  • 6 presets
  • Enabled for Everyday, Sleepwear, Athletic | Custom thumbnails
  • Compressorized | ~1.1 MB each
  • Under 3k poly at the highest LOD
  • TOU [basically NO REUPLOADING]

    Feel free to edit the textures, recolor or stencil as you like
  • Credit: mesh by EA, TSRW, Milkshape, Photoshop, MeshToolKit, nanashihito
Huge thanks to @nectar-cellar for testing!

Notes/Known Issues:

  • Textures can get a little blotchy, i know (as seen above). Blame those normals
  • Not perfect! The UV and mesh editing might make some patterns look a little squished/stretched but I tried my best to make them mostly uniform and pattern-friendly!
  • Might look better in some poses than others
  • I used a slight edit of nanashihito’s SAM4 body onto the lower exposed parts of the torso, so credit to them for adding some much-needed definition to the sim body!

Download .zip (and ❤) at Sim File Share:


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simtanico·23 days agoAnswer

Hi there! Sorry to bug you, don't know if you're active right now, but if you are, I have a question about sliders that I thought you might be able to answer. That is, can they be disabled for random usage? I have some alien sliders that I like for making aliens, but when my game generates Sims, it uses the alien sliders for not-alien Sims, and it looks...well, unique! I don't want to take them in and out of my game, so I'm wondering if they can be disabled for random like clothing and such can?

Hey! It’s no big deal. I lurk every now and then.

As far as I know, you can’t? I’ve made a bunch of sliders and there’s not much of an option to completely exclude them from being used.

However, I did notice in one of my trials of trying to get the default head I was messing with imported that some sliders didn’t reset, possibly because they were categorized in a specific way? (Maybe the face/body region in MorphMaker) …Maybe even the differentiation of GEOM and BONE sliders.Perhaps that makes it somewhat immune from being used.

I hope you don’t mind that I published this since someone can probably give you a better answer than my speculation. 😬

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simtanico·25 days agoAnswer

You always seem to know just what to do to remedy EA's fashion travesties lol, like your LN edit preview. So many tops in particular where they could've been almost usable, then somebody at Maxis decided "Hey, let's add an ugly stencil, dangly bits, an extremely overdone specular, and throw on a painted accessory for good measure even though we have a dedicated category for this."

Yeah it’s crazy how that last extra step they take it to makes it so that it’s not something you’d want to dress a sim in. I do like what they tried to do, but sometimes some of the clothing seemed like so specific-looking and styled that only one premade or custom sim could be able to wear it

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simtanico·a month agoAnswer

No worries on the contacts, Simtanico! I know you probably also have new things that you'd like to do and I appreciate everything you've done for all us simmers 🙂 I can definitely still use them as is and love them anyhow ❤ thank you for taking time to reply and I hope you have a wonderful day/night!

Thank you taking the time to ask and understanding! I’m sure you can tell I’m on a clothing editing groove right now lol

I do hope that I get the motivation to edit contacts soon! I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep, so again, thank you.

I do hope you have a great day/night as well :D

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simtanico·a month agoAnswer

Hi Simtanico! I noticed you haven't been that active so you may not want to do this, but I was wondering if you might please be able to lighten up the Jacob contacts? They're so beautiful and I love how they have that ring of light around the iris, but they look so dark in game. The sclera is also a bit dark. I think the eye as a whole is a bit too dark and my graphics suck so it's really hard to admire them lol. If you can't I understand completely! Thank you Simtanico!

Hi! I’m a little wary of doing anything with contacts since I’m super out of practice. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that the Intel texture tool I’ve had for the past year or so wasn’t exporting things right so the contacts I would attempt to make every now and then weren’t appearing right in-game..So since then I’ve mostly given up

I am open to give those eyes a pass-through now that the nvidia one works like a charm, but not any time in the near future. Perhaps once I’ve cleared through my WIPs and finally just toss some stuff out I’ll give it another go. I’m sorry I can’t give you a definite answer :/

If you can find anyone that is willing to give it a shot or wanna give it the old college try yourself, I don’t mind!

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simtanico·a month agoText

Finally got the NVIDIA texture exporter to work with Photoshop without crashing it, so I’m updating the following pieces of cc:

All three have updated and higher quality normals with a small uptick in file size but it should look less blotchy and gross.

The military pants also got a nicer multiplier for the plain versions

If anyone would rather manually replace textures with s3pe, let me know!

Will update/reblog this with more updates.

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simtanico·a month agoPhoto

Speaking of body mesh edits… I started messing around with this in blender to see if there’s a way to make it look a little more natural looking?

I don’t know exactly what I have to do to make sure some sliders work with it but I was able to kinda get it in game :p Either way some of the changes I made are already available in sliders

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simtanico·a month agoPhoto

Got some useful changes in.

  • Added a small edit of nanashihito‘s SAM4 mesh as the exposed parts of the tummy. So the lower torso has more definition than the default tube-like body.
  • made versions of the longer two which cling a little more the sim’s body.
  • The shortest version now has a bit of rumpledness so it’s not completely flat.

It’s a shame that the normals’ compression makes it look so noisy and blotchy :/

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simtanico·a month agoPhoto

Made three versions. I definitely deleted too much of the torso on the super-short one 😅
Also think the hem isn’t necessary on it. Thoughts?

I’m considering making versions of the first two that is a little more form-fitting.
Probably coming next week– time permitting

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