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size0isfine-blog·5 years agoText

 Valentine’s day is a day to express love, and we all are aware of that, but in this world there are many who are shy in expressing their love properly, for all those who fall under this criteria, and I know many would, there is a simple way to gain in more confidence and that is by using valentine’s day love spells. This white magic spell is performed either on the night before or on the day of valentine and it helps the shy person build in more confidence to approach another person for love; moreover his proposal is never turned down or declined by the other person. 

white magic spell caster

To cast Valentine’s Day love spells, you would need a picture of the person whom you want to propose and your photo as well, a red thread and a red candle. Cast this white magic spell the night before Valentine’s Day and approach the person or your lover next day when Valentine’s Day is celebrated. First tie both the photo together with face facing each other and tie it or wrap it completely with the red thread, then light up the red candle and burn the photo, while the picture is burning cast the below spell three times, then put the ash under your pillow and go to sleep, next morning the first thing you need to do is go and propose your person whom you love and he or she will not be able to turn you down. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Roses and sweets, mixed within Power and passion together in the mansion What I want my lips would utter What I want your ears will follow Your eyes will be on thee You will never say a no to me.

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size0isfine-blog·6 years agoText

I found and used some of these beauty spells and they worked!! I tried the perfect skin spell and a custom spell to make my eyes change color from blue to green and they are slightly changing! I was never so happy in my life!

I also purchases weight loss spells and lost 10 pounds within a month!

Give it a look (click below)


And they are super cheap! My friends also bought them and they did wonders! I am telling the world about this! No more diets !

Beauty spells are the solution! If you want to lose weight, have a better skin, change eye color, look beautiful, and be looked by everyone then go ahead with Beauty spells!


Let me know how it goes!!


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size0isfine-blog·6 years agoText

 Let’s get real for just a second. When you stop and look at the health and beauty market there are literally thousands of different cosmetic and enhancement options and combinations out there, and after a while we get to a point where we really, just want to look great and feel great all the time. That is what has led more men and women to stop and start looking for alternative means. Now oddly enough we aren’t talking about plastic surgery or physical alterations from a doctor, but rather we want you to look spellbinding-literally.

If wishes were horses

Now if you are still reading you are probably wondering what we are talking about, or if you searched for this article, than you just want us to get to the point already. Basically what we are talking about here are different spells, ingredients and magic potions to give you the physical appearance you are looking for. It doesn’t matter if you want to change your eye color, lose 25 pounds without working out or grow two inches in your 40s, more than likely there are a few options out there for you. Here we will go over a few of those options.

Planning and Preparation

One thing that you have to stop and think about is when you are looking in to any form of magic, witchcraft or homemade spells you want to take the time to do all of your research, which means you should read reviews, listen to videos, tutorials or anything else that you can from sources that you can trust. In doing this you will be ready to create your potions or spells in bulk. Here we have put together a few different beauty spells and homemade makeup serums for you to make at home. Consider this your weekend of “canning” just instead of making applesauce and jan your stocking your bathroom cabinet with beauty serums and potions. And just like with any recipe you want to follow directions, and follow the spells word for word.

Homemade Beauty Product Recipes

Summer Mask

Strawberries, abundant this month, are an excellent skin softening agent, containing salicylic acid, which rids the skin of dead cells and allows the skin to absorb more moisture. Below is a simple, quick summer mask that will leave your face soft and glowing!

½ cup fresh strawberries
2 tbsp. plain yogurt (with live cultures)
1 tbsp. cornstarch
1 tsp. honey
1/8 tsp. Essential Oil of Lavender

Combine the ingredients above into a paste and apply to face and neck. Relax for 20 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. And this recipe is just one of several that are out there, and as this doesn’t come with any chants or anything “spell binding” it does offer a great facial mask.


So after reading this far into the information on white magic, you’re probably thinking that there isn’t a whole lot of difference in white magic for beauty serums and well, just your average homemade beauty creams. But there is a whole lot more to the story. Here you will get a better insight into what goes into white magic.

  1. How does the weight loss spell work?

Well anytime you are looking into having a spell cast on your, or you want to cast a spell you want to stop and think about you can expect your body to go through. As far as how the spell works, there are a few different things. You will see a combination of inner power and spiritual power at work with the weight loss spell. White magic is something that fees off the energy you carry within yourself, which is where the spiritual power will come through. Not only bringing physical weight loss but you, as a person will carry yourself with great self-confidence. For more information about weight loss spells visit , there are many body spells as well.

  1. Will I cast the spell and immediately see results?

This is one of the most common misconceptions that newbies see. There are only so many things that you can see overnight, and great beauty is not one of them. You cannot cast a spell, throw some salt over your shoulder spin around 4 times and go to bed a red head and wake up a blonde, down to waist sizes and up 4 bra sizes. There isn’t anything out there that will offer that, and definitely not in the white magic realm.

When you look into having a spell cast for you, or you decide to use homemade recipes to create white magic serums or spells it is important that you understand this can take anywhere from 3-12 before you, or anyone else will begin to see real results. And we mean lasting results.

  1. Where do I find someone experience in white magic to perform the spells?

It is not secret that you cannot go to your local wholesale mart and pick up a spell guide for white magic beauty spells. But that is what is so great about the technological age we live in. When you go online, like you are right now, you can follow up with great research and find trained and authorized white witches who can and should offer you references, and read their reviews. You may be able to do the potions or serums yourself, but overall, it is best you “don’t try this at home”.

Take the time to read up on white magic, who can and cannot perform these spells, and know how much time you will be required to invest in the beauty spells. And it is important that you know what you want. There are weight loss spells, beauty spells to change your eye color, and one of the more popular and less oppositional, the better skin white magic spells out there.

Remember this doesn’t mean that you have to dance around under the open full moon or spin around in a circle until you puke. There will be things that are required of you, and you have to be ready and willing to dedicate the time and faith in the spells.

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size0isfine-blog·6 years agoText

 A magical ritual is a deep and powerful method for focusing your personal energies, so that you can achieve a specific goal or outcome. The goal for anyone who is reading this guide is, of course, love.

The term “love” is very broad, and some people find the idea to be vague. Love spells can include things which might not traditionally be considered love, such as friendship, lust, desire, or just physical attraction. Before you choose a love spell that you want to perform, think carefully about exactly what you want.

Focus on Your Desired Outcome

When you are casting a love spell, it is important to know exactly what you want. Why are you looking for a love spell? What do you want from the spell? Who is the target of your love spell? Think about these things, and anything else that you consider important. Put some time into making sure that you know exactly what you want, because that is one of the most important aspects of successfully casting a spell.

Simple Establishment Love Spell

This love spell that works is a basic one that you should be able to do, and it does not require any special knowledge or ingredients. The outcome with this spell is to increase the amount of friends that you have, as well as making you more sexually appealing to others, in the case that you want to find more than just friends. You do not need to have any specific person in mind, but if you do, focus your energies onto that one person. Once you know why you are casting this spell, follow these steps:

  1. Give your bathroom a very thorough cleaning, in the every-day, physical sense of the word “cleaning”. Use anti-bacterial cleaners and make sure everything is sparkling and fresh

  2. Put pink or white sheets or towels over any mirrors in your bathroom.

  3. Draw a bath for yourself, adding a handful of salt (any type of sea salt) to the bath water, and then recite these words: “Wash away negativity. I will be renewed from this day. People’s heads will turn towards me, and those who I choose will want to stay.”

  4. You might not actually have a bathtub, but you can still perform this ritual. Simply put the salt into a wash cloth, and use it in the shower.

  5. Next, you should light up three white candles; floating candles are a good choice, as you can actually set them afloat in the tub water. However, regular candles can be used, and simply placed somewhere safe in your bathroom.

  6. Calm yourself and make sure that you feel relaxed. Think about your own body while you get into the bath water (or shower water). Remember that you are attractive, appealing, and sensual, while you get into the water. Think about the things that you do like about yourself – there is no room for thinking about negative things now. You must focus on the positive things, otherwise the magic will not be able to work properly.

  7. If you have chosen a specific person to cast this spell on, start to think about them now.

  8. If you want to, you can provide some music for this experience; try to choose something that is appropriate for the results that you desire.

  9. You may also turn off the lights if you wish to, as it will help you to create the atmosphere that you will need to focus on the magic.

Once you have finished with these love spells that works, you should be focused on getting what you want. Things will start to go your way, you will make more friends, and people who you like will like you in return.

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size0isfine-blog·6 years agoText

White magic beauty spells are casted according to the moon phase, since white magic works great during the waning moon phase and waxing moon phase, hence most of the white magic is performed during these moon phases.

however beauty spells using white magic can also be performed during the sun phases, since white magic uses natural energies present during the day time, beauty spells using white magic gives long lasting results, however it takes time to obtain the results.


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size0isfine-blog·6 years agoText

Beauty spells - Beauty spells are performed by spell casters, witches and psychics who have hands on experience on casting beauty spells, these spells are performed for someone to make that person more beautiful and give a complete makeover to the person so that the person looks more attractive, beauty spells are also performed in relation with attraction spells to give quick results. Visit for more free spells!

Santeria spells - Those who practice Santeria religion and performs spells using the rituals, then the spells are known as Santeria spells, these spells can be of variety depending on the requirement, it can be used to perform love spells or marriage spells, it is also used to perform curses and hexes, Santeria spells can only be performed by a specific group of people who practice this religion.

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size0isfine-blog·6 years agoText

Psychics can also cast love spells, some of them are so intuitive that can just change the energy fields around other persons to make the spell work better. If You are looking for a love spell caster with psychic powers then be assured to ask for a psychic reading first and see how good the reading is. Then decide!

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size0isfine-blog·7 years agoText

Are you like the ugly duckling, is no one beside you and no one to guide you, if so then your only remedy is black magic beauty spells. Black magic beauty spells can help you look like Cinderella or Rapunzel; in shirt it can turn the frog into the princess. Why are you all shocked by reading this I am not talking about fairy tales but I am talking about the facts.. In real life, only beauty spells are the ones which can make you look like a princess, can give you a glowing skin and an unmatched skin tone, people would glare at you, eyes will not move away and would want just that another glimpse of your look.

Beauty spells can even give you a morale boost, since it would help you to look young and cool. It would in other words help you stand out in the crowd so that you do not feel ashamed of anything and shy of something. Beauty spells are best performed by a genuine spell caster who have mastered the art of casting beauty spell, so what are you waiting for go ahead and search for a spell caster and ask the spell caster to cast a beauty spell or a weight loss spell for you.

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size0isfine-blog·7 years agoText

Beauty spells that work are perfect if you are looking for changing eye color or to lose weight. Eye color changing spells are pretty common but most of them are free, so they are weak or don´t work. You should consult a real spell caster to do it!

Weight loss spells can be combined with a diet or not. That´s your choice! I always recommend to eat healthy, it wont hurt you! I also suggest not to try to lose many pounds within a few days, It s preferable to ask for a one or two months time frame, and lose one or two pounds per week! Trust me!

Body spells: they are meant to modify your body, I suggest you consult a professional for this one. It s a powerful beauty spell and I am not sure if it is reversible! so ask before doing it!

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