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sleeplessintokyo87·10 days agoPhoto

Lately I’ve received many messages about selling prints and pictures. I’m really flattered.
I want to share some thoughts I’ve been having about this matter, and why this hasn’t happened so far. (Brace yourselves this is gonna be a long post, don’t mind me anyway if you don’t care, just look at the picture. I feel like writing today :P)
At the beginning of the year I set as a goal to start some kind of online gallery to sell prints, that was intended, because again, I’ve been contacted so many times about wanting my pictures that I felt a wasted opportunity not to do it but this brings many challenges.
First, Many pictures uploaded here are old, I was starting, and when I see them now I feel a little bit ashamed. My eye evolves, my skill becomes better, and whenever I see some of my old photos I feel embarrassment that I ever wanted to share that. I know it sounds dramatic, but it’s just a part of the life of any artist I believe.
But this, brings many setbacks, because many of the pictures I took are “good” at heart, technically speaking, so I should go over and revisit them, but this, takes a lot of time.
And I began at the beginning of the year, I set up a new site for myself with all of this in mind. And start treating my name a little bit more as a brand. Specially on Instagram, I had a little bit of luck, and I got a nice following base. The same you could say here on tumblr, where the algorithm has work on my favor and i was featured so many times on the radar that I can’t thank Tumblr enough.
Anyway, then COVID hit, but I tried to keep on expanding, and I started a Film Podcast (It’s in spanish tho), and a Youtube Channel as well about my adventures in japan with the idea to make more content related to photography.
The problem is that, probably, because Video is my main source of income, I feel so lazy about doing video at other times, I feel like I enjoy producing but I can’t stand carrying cameras, or editing anymore, I just grow really lazy.
But that’s still happening slowly, my goal is to make at least 10 videos before the year is done. And I feel the pace is right for that.

Coming back to photography, COVID made this year slow for everyone, as we couldn’t go outside that much, travel that much, etc.
So I began working as much as I could on the new edits, and finishing old photography. That’s when my computer died, and I lost 3 months of progress. Way to go!.
Anyway, going back to the print store, sorry my mand went away for a second:
First I thought about buying a printer and do everything by myself but professional photo printers are SO DAMN expensive. So unless I’m selling a LOT of prints that’s not gonna happen.

After this I decided I’m gonna partner / use some site to sell prints.
But to be honest those like Society6/redbubble etc, while they might be good, they don’t feel like the right option for me. There’s something about their philosophy in selling, or the industrialization of art that makes me feel unconfortable.
I found a nice site called Darkroom that let’s you set up a store online and sell through them, they charge a small suscription fee, or a % of your sells, but I send 1 email and contacted them through social media, and the lack of answer made me wonder if I want to partner with someone who can’t take some time to answer emails or questions.
This comes mainly from the fact that if something happens to any people who buys something from my gallery and they can’t receive service from them, I can’t trust this place.

My main worry, is that whichever vendor I decide in the end, I want them to be ecological, i want them to use recicle paper, or something that ensures that me and you are not contributing in the destruction of the planet at least with art.

Art is gonna save us all, I’m sure about that statement, and whichever way I may go, and even if I only end up selling one or two prints to friends or family, I want to know that we are working in to creating a better world together.

I’m still trying to find the best place to do this, if you happen to know anyone please recommend!
If you read this much, thank you! :D

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sleeplessintokyo87·22 days agoPhoto

It’s 1 AM and i’m a little bit bored, can’t sleep.

I was working on some of this trip pictures, and decided to start playing with the editing to try to achieve a “ghibli/makotoshinkai” feel.

I know this can probably be done so much better.

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