I'm Bailey (she/her/hers) and I'm in love with a boy named Chase! My inbox/asks are always open! BLM/ACAB!
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smellslikecitrusandcinnamon · 20 minutes ago
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I can keep up with the look of academia, but unfortunately, actual academia has caused me to lose inspiration in writing, properly learning, and any other activities that qualify under the aesthetic. Kudos to anyone who loves to study and still has an eternal infatuation with reading.

I get what you mean. School has very much instilled this deep hatred of poetry, even though poetry is really nice.

You’re right. It’s just too much pressure.

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**PLEASE read, trans woman needs help escaping domestic violence**

Hi, I’m Miriam. I’m a 22 year old trans woman and I’m in desperate need of help.

I am stuck in a physically abusive relationship. I was cut off by my family long ago for being a gay man, as that’s how I used to identify. My partner has effectively isolated me over the last 2 years of our relationship and I no longer have any close friendships IRL, and I’m not out to most people. My partner knows I am trans, but I’m being exclusively misgendered and deadnamed by him, as well as being generally demeaned and ridiculed for being trans on a near-daily basis.

The abuse has been escalating since quarantine started and even more so since I came out. I’m starting to fear for my life, even though I know that sounds a little dramatic. On my blog, I have pinned a post with proof of physical injuries, in case anyone would like to be sure.

All of this has been super debilitating to my mental and physical health to the point where I have become suicidal and I can’t sleep at night anymore out of fear and anxiety. I’m constantly on the verge of tears. The stress I’m under is causing my hair to fall out, which is causing me a ton of dysphoria. I have no college education and no savings whatsoever and I suffered a massive loss of income due to corona. I feel extremely helpless right now.

I hate to do this. I’m afraid to do this. I’m scared of posting this because I’m terrified of my partner finding it and recognizing me. But I don’t know what else to do anymore.

I’m trying to save up money so I can get out of here as soon and as safely as possible. Here’s what I’m aiming for:

  • Secure a safe place to live (deposit, first + last month’s rent)
  • Transport / preferably getting my car fixed or get a new one, whatever’s cheapest
  • Possible therapy/counseling to help me exit this relationship and/or deal with the aftermath
  • Pay for several ER/medical bills that have been piling up
  • Preferably start transitioning somewhere down the line, but this is lower on my list of priorities as I need to tend to my physical safety first :(

I’m honestly reaching my breaking point here. All I can do is humbly ask for donations. Anything would help, even just a dollar here and there. I NEED to start getting out of this situation.

tldr; I’m a young trans woman trapped in a severely abusive relationship with no resources and no means of getting out.

If you can donate, please donate to this pool I set up with a friend, as I can’t risk my deadname getting out and effectively doxxing myself.

You can do so anonymously and without having a Paypal account!

Miriam’s escape fund

If you can’t, please reblog. I know these are rough times for a lot of people, so I’m not demanding anything. Every reblog has the potential to help. Thank you so much. ❤️

Update 01/18/2021

I’m super overwhelmed and grateful for the response to this post, to everyone who’s reached out to me and to everyone who’s donated. I was really unsure when I decided to do this, but I’m glad I did. The support has helped me feel a little better about the future and I’m already trying to take small steps towards getting out.

However, the post has lost some traction and I’d still be really really appreciative if people would continue reblogging! It really is helping a ton. Again, thank you to all of you, I hope I get to pay it forward one day 💕

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I can keep up with the look of academia, but unfortunately, actual academia has caused me to lose inspiration in writing, properly learning, and any other activities that qualify under the aesthetic. Kudos to anyone who loves to study and still has an eternal infatuation with reading.

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Hi! Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) SPREAD POSITIVITY 💌😘

Thank you for this! Five things I like about myself are:

- my taste for adventure. I love that nature and adventuring was integrated into my life from such a young age.

- my writing capability. I don’t like to brag about that too much because I find it hard to treasure any of my skills that fall back onto academia. I’ve written a few stories that have gotten a lot of praise and it makes me feel proud.

- my love for flowers. They’re so wonderful. Loving flowers has led me to find inspiration for my future job. I plan on being a florist!

- my taste in music. I have to thank my dad for all the rock and then my fiancé for the newer stuff in the last three years!

- my growing sense of fashion. Again, I have to thank my fiancé for helping me find that. One day I’ll reach my ideal form of cottagecore.

I don’t know if I’ll send this to anyone else personally, but I implore that anyone who sees this should definitely do it!! It’s really nice!

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Ever since I was little, this area was my comfort place. Fields and fields of flowers, surrounded by hills dimpled with trees and streams intervening in between the flat plains. After some heavy rain, the amount of color overlapping the green is so mesmerizing.

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The weather is amazing today, I had to take a break to fully enjoy it

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i wholeheartedly believe i deserve fairy wings

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In every relationship, there’s always a Folklore and Evermore. In mine, Chase is Evermore and I’m Folklore. It’s perfect.

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HI! Mushroom: are you growing a garden? If yes what are you planting and if no what would you plant?

Hi!! Thank you for being the first to ask! I’m currently not growing a garden, but when I do it’s going to consist of plenty of herbs and flowers! My fiancé and I love to cook and bake, so having those fresh herbs will be the biggest help.

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cottagecore asks!!

please enjoy and have fun!

daisy: what is your favorite flower?

muffin: do you like to bake? If so, what do you bake most often?

peach: describe your perfect weekend!

cloud: what are some of your biggest dreams?

puppy: do you have any pets? If so what are they and what are their names? If not, do you want any pets?

willow: what is your fondest memory?

sundress: what is your favorite outfit/clothing item?

meadow: what does your dream house look like? where would it be?

honey: do you prefer tea or coffee? how do you like it prepared?

forest: what is your favorite season? why?

jam: what is your favorite type of music? favorite song or artist/band? (link a Spotify playlist if you wish!)

moon: are you a morning person or a night owl? do you wish you were the opposite?

library: do you like to read? if so, what’s your favorite book/series?

farm: what are some of your hobbies?

quilt: what is one thing that makes you nostalgic?

basket: do you have a collection of anything? if so, what do you collect and why?

sunshine: list three words to describe yourself.

mushroom: are you growing a garden? if so, what’s in it? if not, do you want a garden? what would you plant?

paint: describe your aesthetic/things you love.

diary: what is one hard thing you’ve overcome in your life? how did you overcome it?

lemonade: give one fun fact about yourself!

bunny: who do you look up to in your life and why?

fairy: do you believe in magic? if so, describe your perception of magic/what “types” you believe in.

picnic: list five things that are naturally your favorite color!

carrot: If you could go anywhere or do anything for one week, where would you go? describe what you would do or who you’d take with you!

heart: list some of your favorite positive affirmations or quotes!

pillow: what is your favorite movie? (if you can’t decide pick a genre and then a movie.)

sticker: type some of your favorite emojis and/or emoticons!

Decided that it was time to get out of my shell a little bit more and let people know more information if they wanna know! So ask away!!

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I get super excited when people think that my pictures are good enough to fit their aesthetics. When people reblog my posts, I check to see if they put tags (something I just enjoy doing) and it warms my heart that some people will put “pretty!!” or the core aesthetic I was trying to achieve. It just affirms my attempts and is really encouraging!

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Anyone have some great tea combinations? I’ve been a huge coffee lover for some time, but I’ve been drinking tea more because there’s so many more benefits. One of my personal favorite combinations right now is green tea with citrus notes plus wild berry, but I’m open to try anything!

Chamomile and Lavender, and i like it with wildflower honey! (preferably local)

And this aint a combo, but tru buttermint tea, it’s great

I definitely agree that wildflower honey is the best!! I’ll definitely try to find some buttermint tea as well!

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