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Lea, Class of 2018, 16, Aquarius. Using this blog to help motivate me to bring up my GPA after a rough freshman & sophomore year. I love Steven Universe, drawing comics, & puns. IDK yet what i wanna do with my life.

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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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At this point I am just impressed. and those freaking #’s took me wayyyy to long.

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Little help?
requested by @spidergirl7

I love the parallel between the way Aaron and Jefferson is holding up Miles…

Aaron: Swaying from side to side, holding miles legs by the front not all the way around his legs/ankles and miles having to shift his feet to stay steady.

(Is not stable for miles and not completely keeping miles safe and could get him hurt)

Jefferson: Holding still, holding miles legs by having his hands around miles legs/ankles, miles don’t need to shift to be steady. 

(Is stable for miles and makes sure he is safe and make sure he can not be hurt)

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Okay, you need to make sure you play this game at some point. Maybe not today or anything, because you’ll need about thirty minutes and a serious willingness to understand how it works, but - it’s so worth it. It’s basically an answer to our occasional frustration - why do assholes always come out on top? - and the beautiful thing about it is that not only does it explain how that happens, but also how we can change it.

“In the short run, the game defines the players. But in the long run, it’s us players who define the game.”

This is fascinating if you’re into math or sociology or computer programming or all of the above.

Everyone, everywhere, without exception, should play this thing through.

Don’t check just this - check out all of Nicky Case’s work. They’re a brilliant creator and I heavily recommend checking out at least one of their projects.  Their website can be found here.

Parable of the Polygons - an interactive experiment that shows how tiny individual biases can collectively cause segregation on a massive scale.

To Build a Better Ballot - an interactive experiment that shows the alternatives to the voting systems we currently use and how they can be more representative and democratic, along with their faults.

Coming Out Simulator - a short interactive story/novel about coming out, based off of Case’s own experiences. Not one I’ve played myself but still one I can recommend.

Loopy - a very simple but useful tool to show how systems interact with each other and how things can self-propagate.

We Become What We Behold - “ a game about news cycles, vicious cycles, infinite cycles.“ A short five-minute game about news and media. Warnings for violence, blood, death and stress.

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  • Go to class on the first day, some professors only give out the semester outline and due dates in person on the first day.
  • Try and make a friend in each class. Tbh I struggle with this but they can be lifesavers. 
  • **Better tip** make friends with a person who took the class last year, they know what’s up. Plus they’re more likely to help you bc they’re not in direct competition with you.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Wear what you want, be who you want. Be yourself, even if yourself is weird. It’s college, no one gives a fuck.
  • Buy a diary. use it in every class. Sometimes that means pages and pages of notes, sometimes it’s a doodle. It’s all good.
  • Record every lecture on your phone. This will come in handy around exams especially if you weren’t really listening and only doodled.
  • Buy a big ass calendar. Write in due dates of all your assignments and stick it somewhere where you have to acknowledge it.
  • Put reminders for assignments on your phone but set it a day early. You’ll probably ignore the big ass calendar but most assignments can be done in 24 hours if they need to be.
  • Always sit in the middle of the lecture hall. The professor will remember your face but not enough to notice if you miss a class here or there
  • Engage with the professor, but email is better than office hours. You want them to remember your name, not your face. Ties into the point above. A professor remembering your name can be the difference between an A and a B in assignments and exams.
  • Bring a water bottle. Trust me.
  • No one ever reads all the recommended reading. Read as much as you can. Learn how to skim read. Peer reviews are a life saver, they talk around the new ideas presented in the original piece and cut out all the bullshit bc they assume their readers already know.
  • Backup everything!! Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage. Get it.
  • Join one club or society for fun, and join one that you can use on your resume. Actually, get involved in both. College is about having fun too.
  • Pack your bag the night before. Getting up will seem like less of a chore. This is especially important if you’ve had a good day, pack your bag for the following day as soon as you get home, before you even take off your shoes or pants or sit down. When you’re on a roll, run with it.
  • Make your bed as soon as you get out of it. It’s annoying I know, but you’ll feel more productive for some reason?!? 
  • Try to keep one area in your room or apartment clean. I mean spotless. It can be your bed, your desk, a chair. Just so that when everything is falling apart you can sit in your clean area and pretend you have your life together.
  • Try and eat at least three meals per day. Have a big breakfast, and when you’re cooking yourself dinner double up so that you’ll have enough left over for lunch tomorrow
  • Try and eat one piece of fruit or veg with each meal. For some reason it also gives the illusion you have your shit together and you can't feel entirely like crap bc at least you ate an apple yesterday, right?
  • Set up a standing order with a local supermarket to deliver your groceries if you can. I did this and delivery can be cheap too. It meant that even if I was in a super bad depressive episode at least I had fresh food being delivered weekly.
  • Get professional help. Meet your doctor regularly, discuss medication and therapy.
  • Set a reminder on your phone for your medication. Tbh I’m awful for taking my medication and ignored this daily so a friend and I would send each other a video on snapchat taking our medication and call out the other if we didn’t get one back. Do whatever works.
  • If you can, arrange to walk to Uni with a friend. When I’m depressed I don’t give a shit about anything relating to myself but I have this loophole where I don’t like letting others down so this worked for me.
  • This works with studying too. Form study groups and divide up the work. This way I would do it because I didn’t want to let my friends down. Use your anxiety to your advantage. 
  • Use ‘The Ivy Lee Method’ for Peak Productivity
  • Write down what topics you covered daily. This way when you freak out around finals week about not having done enough there’s a physical list of all the shit you’ve covered during the semester. 
  • Shower daily even if you’re just gonna get back into bed. Wanting to die when you’re clean is slightly better.
  • Brush your teeth in the shower. Two birds, one stone. Personal hygiene can go out the window when you’re in an episode.
  • Have nice clothes that you only wear on your low days. When you look good, you’ll feel a little bit better. Also, adds to the illusion that you’re a fully functioning member of society.
  • Exercise. I would make myself do 10 minutes of HIIT on my worst days. Idk those endorphins helped with not wanting to be alive. Tbh I think this saved my life but that sounds so dramatic  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Spend more time outside when I’m dissociating feeling the wind through my hair or the sun on my skin can ground me again.
  • Try and correct your sleep pattern nothing will fuck you up more than a messed up sleeping pattern. I’ve no tips to help with this bc it’s entirely individual and I suck. I’m currently trying to stop using technology after 9 pm.
  • When you move from room to room in your house bring one thing with you. If you’re going to the kitchen bring the glass from your desk. If you’re going to your room, bring your shoes from the hallway. It slowly makes things cleaner

[Disclaimer!!: I’m not saying these will magically cure your depression or that they’re universal. It’s different for everyone but these helped me and even then I would struggle some. But it’s the trying that counts.] 

I hope these help someone and also feel free to add your own tips! :)

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september 7 ☼ school started for me and a) i’m already dying with the amount of work i have and b) i forgot just how bad i am at math which is g r e a t!

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🎈 Celebrating Collaborations 🎈

Collaborations is a day at Smith where students get to present their own projects, research, and work to the campus. The morning starts with a poster session and then presentations follow throughout the day. In order above:

Emmie: trying to get parent yeast to have baby yeast with a certain color (very simplified science here folks)

Chase: something very cool that has to do with voles

Lynnie: perfectionism in children

Silvana: something very cool that has to do with genealogy

Anastasia: using photos to research seals

Bev and crew: why Smith could save money by having an on campus thrift store (this one I understood!)

Bev and Veronica’s presentation: Food justice work in Holyoke

Maggie’s presentation: feminism and Futurism in the home

Bev and Veronica post presentation

The jazz band playing at the luncheon afterwards - including another Tylerite, Alma.

All of these projects require a lot of time and hard work and it was cool to see so many people in so many disciplines getting involved. I’m proud of all my pals!


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4/22/17 - Spring Break

My spring break was spent visiting colleges I’m planning to apply to next year and, consequently, contemplating what I’m going to do with my life. There are a lot of big decisions headed my way! All I can do now is work hard so that I’ll get into as many of these schools as I can. If anyone currently attends or is thinking about applying to any of the schools I visited, please message me! I also went to the cutest stationery shop to get some colorful pens and a gorgeous sculpture garden with peacocks. Overall a very successful trip!

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Hello! I’m Anu and I’m a campus tour guide for my university.  Funnily enough, one of the questions I get asked the most is “What questions should I be asking?” so here’s a fairly lengthy list of questions that you can ask the next time you go on a college visit.  I’ve split them up into different sections for easier viewing; hope this helps!

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1. pick no more than 15 colleges that you like fifteen colleges is already a lot to sort through, but more than this makes the college application process a lot more difficult, remember don’t apply to all 15 of these, I say apply to no more than 3-6 colleges  

2. now it’s time to do research, literally compile a list of everything important when deciding a college for you from distance from home, ease of transportation, cost, etc.

3. do not ask your friends where they are applying to college do not allow others who’s decisions are irrelevant to your future education influence your dreams unless they are giving genuine advice that you solicited 

4. find a school that will build upon your potential, not ruin it do not go to an extremely difficult school just for the name, especially if you worry that you will struggle, go to a school where you will think and learn, and build upon your knowledge 

5. remember that the colleges you like do not have to necessarily be based upon academic or athletic prestige your dream school is allowed to be the one that is the furthest from home or the one that has the best dorm rooms 

7. consider the finances make sure you are okay with being in student loan debt if you go to a certain college, or if your parents are supporting you that they will be able to help 

8. look at their list of majors make sure that the colleges you are interested in have many majors that you are interested in 

9. visit the college campuses that you can the vibe of a college campus can totally change how you feel about going there, if you can’t do an actual tour, try to see if they offer virtual ones 

10. discuss your top choices with the people that are most important to you this can be anyone whose opinions you value, they typically help to guide you to make a decision that will ultimately benefit you 

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For those of you who read my Guide to Visiting Colleges, and would like my information sheet that I used here it is! I personally used the condensed version but you want to take more notes the extended version might benefit you. Let me know if you have any problems!

Condensed Version: here 

Extended Version: here 

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The Debt of An Immigrant Child

Two immigrants, one simple goal: make a better future for our children. Upon this foundation, my family, like many other PoC, was built. Coming from a family of immigrants is an interesting experience to say the least. Bilingual and multicultural, we are individuals who represent a new dawn of globalization. Traversing this journey as a first generation Americans brings many connotations but…

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Thanks to a lot of lovely people, Virtual College Visits can officially start!

What is this post?

This post is a way to connect students who are unable to visit a certain college with someone who has visited that college.


There are so many things about a college that can’t be learned by looking at their website, or comparing statistics. Yet, at the same time, it is impossible for most students to visit every college that they’re interested in. This is a tool that will hopefully help bridge that gap!

How do I use this?

Think of a school that you’re interested in that you probably won’t be able to visit. Then, scan this (alphabetical) list of schools to see if it’s listed. If it is, congrats! The url(s) listed next to it belong to a person/people who have visited that school. They have contacted me saying that they are willing to talk about their experience at that school with other potential students. Feel free to shoot them a message explaining that you saw their url on this post and want to learn about x school (You should probably specify what school because most of the contributors have visited more than one school).

This is cool! Can I contribute?

Absolutely! Send me (appblrgirl) a message with the schools you would be willing to talk about with others. I will continue to update this post periodically.

Unfortunately because of school and various life things, I won’t be making any more updates to this post for the foreseeable future.

The school I want to visit isn’t on this list!

That sucks. Keep checking back as the list gets updated, you never know when your potential school will show up!

You can also message me with additional questions if you have any.

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed so far, and good luck to all of you!

P.S. To avoid a large number of schools in the ‘U’ section, any schools starting with ‘University of’ have been reformatted. e.g. Virginia, University of

American University - success mess, biochemstudy

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Brigham Young University at Provo - academicsandperformingarts

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Brock University - thecanadianundergrad

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California at Los Angeles, University of - chasingcollegedreams, acca-demic, tyffanyblews, thecollegecollage, study-blurry

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California State University at San Francisco - redlipstickpremed

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Cornell University - cornelldiary, bos-bound, alistaircriesduringsex 

Curry College - sarahblogsaboutstuff

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Florida State University - collegedreamss, iwhaleyouva, studyingsamantha

Florida, University of - collegedreamss, fruity-tuna

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Fort Lewis College - andstraight-on-tilmorning

Franklin & Marshall College - thecollegesearch

George Mason University - studyingsamantha

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George Washington University - successmess

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South Carolina, University of - jwuuuu

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Stanford University - future collegiate, chasingcollegedreams, collegeappadventure, graduation bound, messin-w-the-message-man

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Trent University - pencilcandy

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Vanderbilt University - pyetromaximoff, asaprocket

Vassar College - successmess, cornelldiary, darbysdiamonds, assof2016

Villanova University - darbysdiamonds, b0rnglamorous, lordvoidemort

Virginia Polytechnic Institute - desperatesammy

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Washington and Lee University - pensandtea

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Williams College - darbysdiamonds, assof2016

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute - sarahblogsaboutstuff, ahlltimelow, cupcakehinch

Yale University - studylongandprosper, stickynotestudies, chasingcollegedreams, skyclarke, irblr, cornelldiary, fiendishly-nerdy, thecollegecollage

York University - pencilcandy

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As you start researching colleges and looking into schools to apply to, you’re most likely going to try to visit a few to get a feel for the campus. Read on for tips to make the most of your college visits.


  • Research colleges: I know its tempting to visit all 20 schools on your list but not only is it impractical, its a waste of your time. Instead figure out your very top school(s) that you desperately want to get into and put those on your list (Ideally this should not be more than 2-3 schools). Next find the schools you have some interest in but you’re going to need a little more information before you decide. Lastly, add a few safeties and matches to your list to balance it out. 
  • Variety: Once you have your list, look it over and see what kind of schools you have. Do you have public schools as well as private schools? Do you have urban schools as well as rural schools? Safeties and reaches? I know its tempting to just visit the ones you think you’re gonna like but be sure to add some variety so you can get a feel for all sorts of colleges. Then after you visit, you can make your decision on whether you want to go public/private, urban/rural, etc. 
  • Pick out Dates: Look at your own schedule and figure when you want to visit. Do you want to visit multiple schools in one trip? If so you’re going to need enough time to travel to and from so summertime would be ideal. Do you want to visit one school at a time throughout the year? If so you shouldn’t need more than a weekend to do so. Check the university’s website to find timing and make sure you register for whatever session that you will be attending for!
  • Create folders: If you’re only visiting a few schools you might not want to bother doing this but when I visited colleges, I went on a roadtrip and visited 6 so I needed a way to organize myself. What I ended up doing was creating a folder for each school I would visit so that while I was on campus, I could put all the flyers and papers they handed out into one neat little place. Below you can see my folders for Columbia, Princeton, NYU, Hopkins, WASHU, and UPenn. 
  • Information sheets: Along with the folders, I made this little visit sheet and put a copy in each folder. This ended up being extremely useful as I could tell what information I already had and what information I still needed to find out. It was an excellent way to make sure I found our everything I needed to know about each school. If you would like me to email this to you, just send me a message and I’d be happy to do so!

Questions: Before you leave for your visits, sit down and write down all the questions you have about the school no matter how small. Being on campus is the best time to get these questions answered by admissions officers or even students.


  • Admissions Session: This is usually the first part of your visit and the best time for you to fill out your info sheet with basic information on the school. This is also the time to ask any questions you may have regarding the admissions process for that specific school
  • Campus Visit: Immediately following your admissions session will be a campus tour usually led by a current student. While touring the campus, pay attention to your surroundings and see how you like it. Can you picture yourself here for the next four years? At the end of the tour, ask your tour guide any questions you have regarding life on campus and classes. If  possible, get their contact information! It never hurts to have a friend on campus. 
  • Explore: Typically after campus tour, most people will leave, however, if you have the time I highly encourage you to stay and spend some time in the area. Whether its having lunch in the city or strolling through the neighborhood, try to see if you would enjoy the area enough to live there for your college years. 
  • Flyers: If you see any pamphlets and flyers on campus, grab them and add to your folder! I know it may seem ridiculous to stock up on those papers but you never know when you (or a friend) might need that information. 
  • Make Friends: No seriously, make some friends on the campus! Whether its a professor or a student just find someone who can help you find out more about the school and figure out if its right for you even after you go home. I have made it point to know someone at every single one of my schools and it has proven to be invaluable.


After your visit is over and you’ve returned home, it’s time for you to make some decisions. You should have a good idea of whether or not you are still genuinely interested in the schools you visited so start by going through your list and removing any that you’ve lost interest in after the campus visit. Start doing more research and narrow down your list to the schools you want to apply to.

Hope that was helpful! I will post my outline sheet as soon as I get ahold of it (its on my old laptop ;/)

-Ramya // futurecristinayang

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how to start studying after school

  1. clean up your desk: it’s hard to concentrate when there’s a pile of rubbish on your desk. the chance of you fiddling with things is also higher! you’ll get more done by cleaning your desk! if you’re looking for an easy way to organise your desk, check out these handy organisers!
  2. get your books: get out all the books you need to study that particular subject. if it’s geography, an atlas might be handy.
  3. get a notebook: if you’re in uni or college it’s a good idea to re-write all your notes for your classes that day. make them look clean and tidy. if you’re in secondary school and you’re studying for a test, summarize everything you have learned. in any case, it’s best to have a few notebooks on your desk too. here’s a 4 pack of spiral notebooks for $7.04!
  4. grab some pens: seems self explanatory! i recommend you having an ordinary pen, a highlighter and a pencil on hand. (a.k.a. the basics!) here are some super cute gel pens!
  5. turn off your phone: by turning off your phone, you will get less distracted by social media. sure, people won’t be able to reach you but you’ll get some peace and quiet. obviously leave it on if you’re expecting an important call!
  6. look for a study playlist: if you easily get distracted by your laptop too, skip this step. i personally find it harder to get distracted by my laptop than my phone, so i leave it on and look for some music to study to. here’s a masterpost of some good playlists to listen to!
  7. get a glass of water: you really need your h2o, everyone. grab a large glass or fill up a water bottle. some super cute ones: i ii iii
  8. get a healthy snack: if you’re like me and you love snacking on things while your studying, the best thing to do is to grab something healthy. cut up some apples and sprinkle some cinnamon on them (try it. it’s amazing.), grab some hummus and some celery or carrots or cucumber to dip in it, fill a little bowl with nuts, treat yourself to a square of dark chocolate! if you’re studying during dinner time or lunch time, make yourself a nourishment bowl to nibble on. for more study snack ideas, go to pinterest and snoop around the study snack tag for a while. try out my favourite smoothie bowl too!
  9. take a deep breath: i know from personal experience that sometimes the workload can be really scary and freak you out. the most important thing to do is to take a deep breath and to tell yourself you can get through all your work. you can do anything if you try hard enough!
  10. get cracking: now that you’ve done steps 1-9, you can actually start studying! good luck!
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