sohendecepticon · 2 years ago
The fourth part of new (uninteresting) headcanons 🌚
1. Didn't you notice, that Sunset Shimmer and Sunburst could be somehow related (as a siblings or cousins perhaps)? Now imagine that the episode "Canterlot wedding" is presented with these characters 🌝
2. Ok, I’m used to believe that everything that goes under the official “My little Pony” brand name can somehow be included in canon (even prince Leon or princesses Sterling and Gold Lily😅), and "Twilight Sparkle and the crystal heart spell" is no exception. I really want to believe that not only a unicorn, but also a pegasus (like Cadence) or an earth pony can become an alikorn.
3. "If Luna can turn into Nightmare Moon, you can absolutely turn into me" – you know, all the time I was waiting for Celestia to turn into a "dark" version of herself, however, when the Daybreaker appeared, I was a little... disappointed with her design. Nightmare Star seems to me more chic and corresponding to the image of the "Queen of the Day" (there is also Solar Flare, but I like her design even less than the design of Daybreaker: it's just a recolor of Nightmare Moon! 🤣).
4-5. Just as Cadence was Twilight's nanny, so Flurry Heart could be the foalsitter of Luster – the daughter of Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst (I found out that the opinions of the two scriptwriters were divided, and Jim Miller claims that they are not connected, and Josh Haber - that they are her parents, and I'm more inclined to the version of the second screenwriter). Traced - ahah - some tradition: the magically gifted unicorn filly has a foalsitter from the rulers of the Crystal Empire. And when Flurry has a little sister (Skyla) Luster will most likely help her.
6. Based on the comics, after Luna's disappearance, Celestia and Starswirl traveled very actively through parallel worlds with the help of magic mirrors, so the world of people, I'm sure, was no exception for them.
7. *Still aggressively shipping Hope and Sombra. Don't judge me.*
8. I just so much in love with the idea of Starswirl and Clover the Clever being Stygian's parents. To me it's just perfectly fits in canon, and I don't know, what I must do with myself ;)
9. Seven alicorns in the future (counting Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Flurry, Twilight and Starlight) doesn't look too much, if you look at them as a separate pony race.
10. In the comic series, Radiant Hope and reformed Sombra went for pieces of the statue of Princess Amore to bring her back to life. I believe that behind the scenes of the canon it still happened ^^
Oh, I think it’s time for me to seriously think about writing on FimFiction.
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sohendecepticon · 2 years ago
I have no idea why I did it. But I did it anyway 😅
(and I just really want to apologize for my English)
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sohendecepticon · 2 years ago
Ahah, it's been a while since the last post, isn't it?)
Along with the manips, I got some AU's and headcanons about the next gen (and not only next gen):
1. Despite the fact that the creators refuted the relationship of Luster with Starlight and Sunburst, I still think that she is, if not their own daughter, then at least a foster child. After Starlight became the new princess of the night, Luster approached the royal family, and together with Flurry Hart they became good friends (like Twilight and Cadence).
2. I am of the opinion that Clover the Clever was a mare, not a stallion (as evidenced by her portrait, like in the episode "Friendship University"), and since she and Starswirl spent a lot of time together, I ship them 🌚 By the way! Stygian is so suspiciously like a Bearded ... (yes, I want to say that Clover and Starswirl could be his parents).
3. In fact, I have every reason to believe that Celestia may not like Radiant Hope, because... Meh, my theory, of course, will sound crazy (and because of Google Translator even illiterate), but I think that Starswirl was right about other worlds. Celestia initially shouldn't have gone through the mirror and have an affair with other Sombra, because this ultimately led to him becoming evil (and Sombra from "our" Equestria was expelled from time to time). Celestia is indirectly to blame for the fact that another Sombra became bad (and if she hadn't appeared there at all, he could theoretically converge with another Hope), but what do we see in IDW:FiM #34-36? Evil Sombra made Hope his empress, but when he became normal – a copy of the "other"– his opinion hasn't changed: he still chose Hope. In the comic, Hope said that she doesn't believe in fate, because she realized that her life consists of decisions and faith in Sombra, but to be honest, it seems to me that fate still exists: Celestia was simply not allowed to be with Sombra, even if their feelings would be mutual. If she returns through the mirror again, another universe will collapse, plus other Sombra is already evil, and this one from her world is now with Hope. To be honest, I've never been so sorry for Tia as now.
4. As a rule, Flash Sentry is shipped with Twilight because of EG, but not so much people shipp him with Sunset (like me 🌚). Besides... We heard that she used him for popularity, but that was Flash's words – not her; I wonder if she had real feelings for him.
5. I fell in love with Skyla from the moment I saw her in 2013-2014. I think that Shining and Cadence could have another daughter (most likely, she won't be alicorn and here's the reason why: https://youtu.be/pLFqrPp8jGw).
8. Yeah, Chrysalis. I prefer to consider that the kind of changelings that they acquired at the end of season 6 is not the one they originally had. I have a headcanon, according to which the changelings were once ponies (most likely crystal ones). There is a video about the fact that Chrysalis was a lost crystal princess (https://youtu.be/t2Mt-HuOWDY – oh excluding joint rule with Sombra), and if in the alternative universe she looked more or less similar to her "original", then in the form of an alicorn I imagine her something like Celestia.
Okay, that's it :)
This third part is more like... um... Fanfiction?
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sohendecepticon · 2 years ago
Aand the second part! ^^
(yeah, there's a plenty of Twilight x Stygian, but that's because I ship them very much 😅)
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sohendecepticon · 2 years ago
Ok, these are my first attempts to make a manip so please, don't judge strictly 😅
Part 1
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