writing is one of my (inconsistent) hobbies so i’ll be posting the ideas and exerpts that my brain comes up with when i’m supposed to be doing work. Website: solacemusings.com. feel free to send requests/prompts/questions, have fun kiddos ;)

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solace-musings-prompts·2 months agoText



“I’m one vending-machine-disappointment away from a full blown tantrum.”

“Iris I swear to god. We’re going to be late for class!” the dark-haired girl said, crossing her arms over her chest.

The red haired girl smiled over her shoulder as she skipped down the hall towards the vending machine. “Come on Rose, it will only be a minute.”

Rose rolled her eyes and followed. As in love with Iris as she was, her girlfriend could sometimes be a bit much.

“I swear I’m one vending-machine-disappointment away from a full blown tantrum,” Iris exclaimed as she shoved money into the machine. The machine was known for acting up, meaning Iris was almost always on the verge of a pre-class tantrum.

“Well I’m one tardy away from expulsion!” Rose retorted as she caught up with Iris. “Come on, do you really need a snack right now?”

Iris looked as though Rose had personally offended her. “Excuse me, but I don’t think you understand how important my chocolate is to me.”

“And I don’t think you realize how important school is to me,” Rose shot back. “Please? If we leave now, I’ll buy you two chocolate bars after class.”

Iris pouted, considered the offer, and nodded. Rose grinned, kissed her on the cheek, grabbed her hand and ran off to class.

After school, Iris got not two, but three chocolate bars.

Aha yes!! Love it :))

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I’m just testing the waters here, but IF I were to finish this fantasy YA book I’m writing at some point in the future, and released it as an amazon e-book, would any of you be willing to pay like £2 to read it ahah?

Just in case. Love yall ;))))

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“How about casting a spell so I never get hit on the funny bone ever again?”

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