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Men like to believe theyd be great in apocalypse scenarios but they dont even know how to sew

Some male friends of mine were once talking about how useful they’d be in an apocalypse, and I pointed out that as a weaver and sewer and maker of stuff, I’d be pretty damn useful and they tried to tell me they could just loot clothes from WalMart and they’d be fine. As if WalMart has endless supplies without weekly deliveries.

So just last night a friend of mine was talking about who he’d round up in the event of a zombie apocalypse and how I’m his go-to farmer on account of I know how to keep an entire homestead up and running and we’re talking about what kind of resources I’d need to keep a colony of about 50-ish people alive and i bring up what all goes into processing wool for clothing and such and he just kind of stops me like ‘wait, wait, we don’t need to do all of that because we can scavenge for clothes we don’t need to be able to make them’ and i’m just like, ‘dude, that works in the short-term maybe but if this community is going to be sustainable you’ve gotta have people whose job it is to make clothes and blankets and shit’

also cloth rots pretty quickly when left exposed to the elements and after the first few years or so anything we manage to scavenge isn’t going to be wearable anymore and anywho we’ve got to teach the kids everything or they’re not gonna know what to do some decades down the line when everything’s too rusted or rotted out to be of any practical use anymore, etc etc, and he’s reckoning that things like woodworking and smithing and ranching are more important than say, cleaning or cooking or dairying and meanwhile i’m just smh may all the gods have mercy on this poor fool

He also balked when i brought up how to run a laundry and what all was needed to make everyday shit like soap and toothpaste - like dude, you think this is going to be all about hunting and scavenging and being neato manly-man drifters like in the walking dead let me teach you a thing about keeping a village alive and healthy for more than a week man most of it is shit you keep thinking is non-essential on account of it being “women’s work” or “simple chores” that’re actually pretty labor-intensive and take time, training, knowledge, and practice to do successfully, let alone well, and are 100% absolutely necessary work in order for you to have any reasonably good quality of life after the world ends

I’m reminded of this post I read a while back about some guy who thought his underwear lasted years because his wife would periodically replace his boxers and socks with identical boxers and socks when they started to look old and he just … never noticed.

People who have been comfortable all their lives have no idea how important socks are.

Ask a soldier, prisoner, or someone who’s been homeless about socks.

I love socks

I’d add animal husbandry and handling to the list of things I’ve seen so many men instantly NOPE out and where farm/horse girls will rule the world.

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Some random AU (in spaaaaace???) with Bounty Hunters Michael and Alfredo tasked with hunting down Thieves/stupid assholes Gavin and Trevor???


Imagine Michael and Alfredo working together? Either complete bastards in their own horribly trolly way? OR. Alfredo being the complete bastard with Michael playing the straight man and whoever tries to hire them confused as to which one is more insane.

(One would think it clearly has to be utter madman Alfredo??? But then why the hell would someone as ~level headed and professional as Michael ever work with him???)

Also, also.

For added Drama/Plot(???) Gavin and Trevor are on the run and labeled as Thieves because of Conspiracy stemming from government agency they worked for/big company and Shady Dealings and looking to expose them and just y’know.

Shenanigans as they run for their damn lives try to expose baddies and then these fricking Bounty Hunters show up and it’s like.

Roadrunner vs Wile E. Coyote, only the AH version???

Others show up in various roles (fellow Bounty Hunters, bar owners (look, idk why but in my head Jack is always some bar owner type or roadside diner place kind of person), Very Tired cops/feds somewhere.

Also, potential for ~romance in which Circumstances/ham-fisted Plot Reasons force them to Work Together to survive some greater enemy during Shenanigans?

Unsure what pairings/ships because so much love for all the pairings/ships here? But whatever happens Michael and Trevor’s dawning horror of Gavin and Alfredo discovering kindred spirits in one another because dear God. :O!!1!

Those two assholes giggling like morons as they terrify friend and foe alike and Michael developing permanent headache because jfc,  why is his life like this??? Trevor ~resisting for like, a whole second before ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  because if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them, right???

Michael just like you didn’t even try, you asshole!!1! >:(((((((((((((((((((((((((

Also, also.

Geoff is Somewhere being Very, Very, Very Tired no matter where he ends up being in this AU.

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Lads ot3 this time of year, Michael is in such a good position to get cuddles. Because coming up to halloween everything is going to be getting dark and cold and there’ll be spooky videos and pictures and scary movies on and he’s sharing a bed with Gavin (who openly doesn’t like being scared and WILL cuddle for protection) and Jeremy (who does his best to keep it together but also doesn’t like scary things and is a natural cuddler). Basically Michael will never want for attention in october

This is so soft oh my god

I read this when I first woke up and I about melted, truly I am a puddle of goo masquerading as a human

I keep thinking about that one Jackbox video they did, when Matt and Trevor both said October was their favorite month or something, and Michael got so upset about it

And he holds that opinion for years until it dawns on him that October is hands down the Month of Cuddles, which changes his outlook real quick. As soon as the first chill hits the air he’s decked out in sweaters and jackets (because they will absolutely be stolen by the other two, and he lives for that) and blankets start mysteriously popping up around the penthouse, always ready for impromptu cuddling.

I really have nothing more to add because this ask is perfect as is, I love every bit of it

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are we valid for feeling uneasy that there are more likes than reblogs or it's not supposed to be deep? i feel bothered that instagram like-and-consume-and-you're-done culture is everywhere now

yes we are valid! so many amazing content creators have left because of this… and we who are still here are living off from scraps. the reblog/like ratio used to be 70% reblogs 30% likes in general…. now it’s the complete opposite. i wasn’t here when all this started, i had left tumblr. i’ve been here since 2012, the golden years. i don’t understand what happened with old users… this isn’t limited to new “tik tok” people. likes in this site are useless. if you like something, reblog it! i’m not saying reblog anything… reblog things you like. like before


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Whoa, I didn’t realize that it was so deliberate, I honestly thought it was unconscious

Scary, scary.

Gonna add on to this:
From the other side of the bar, I see this crap all the time. Seriously. I work at a high-density bar, and let me tell you, I have anywhere from 10-20 guys every night come up and tell me to, “serve her a stronger drink, I’m trying to get lucky tonight, know what I mean?” usually accompanied with a wink and a gesture at a girl who, in my experience, is going to go from mildly buzzed to definitively hammered if I keep serving her. Now, I like to think I’m a responsible bartender, so I usually tell guys like that to piss off, and, if I can, try to tell the girl’s more sober friends that they need to keep an eye on her.
But everyone- just so you know, most of the time, when someone you don’t know is buying you a drink, they’re NOT doing it out of a sense of cordiality, they’re buying you a drink for the sole purpose of making you let your guard down. So:

Tips for getting drinks-

1. ALWAYS GO TO THE BAR TO GET YOUR OWN DRINK, DO NOT LET STRANGERS CARRY YOUR DRINKS. This is an opportune time for dropping something into your cocktail, and you’re none the wiser.

2.IF YOU ORDER SOMETHING NON-ALCOHOLIC, I promise you, the bartender doesn’t give two shits that you’re not drinking cocktails with your friends, and often, totally understands that you don’t want to let your guard down around strangers. Usually, you can just tell the bartender that you’d like something light, and that’s a big clue to us that you’re uncomfortable with whomever you’re standing next to. Again, we see this all the time.

3. If you’re in a position to where you feel uncomfortable not ordering alcohol:

Here’s a list of light liquors, and mixers that won’t get you drunk, and will still look like an actual cocktail:

X-rated + sprite = easy to drink, sweet, and 12% alcoholic content. Not strong at all, usually runs $6-$8, depending on your state.

Amaretto + sour= sweet, not strong, 26%.

Peach Schnapps+ ginger ale= tastes like mellow butterscotch, 24%.

Melon liquor (Midori, in most bars) + soda water = not overly sweet, 21%

Coffee liquor (Kahlua) +soda = not super sweet, 20%.

Hope this helps someone out!

Backing this up from years of bar tending.

Adding to this:

When I was a fresh bartender, I had a couple sitting in the corner, already drinking when I started my shift. They seemed like they knew each other really well considering how much they had their hands on one another. But I still came by and asked if they were okay. The man just waved me off while the woman said, “I need some water.”

The man laughed it off and told me, “She doesn’t need any water. She’s fine.”

She was not fine. Clearly. I decided I was going to cut the two off anyway and bring them some water. As I was filling up the glasses, I heard the woman say, “Stop. I said no. I don’t feel good.”

Her tone and attitude changed instantly. She kept pushing his hand away when he reached for her face, turned her head away when he tried to kiss her. Loudly told him, “Stop. I’m done for tonight.”

So I made sure to refill her water the moment she finished it, and I stayed within earshot of them the whole night. And every time I did, the man got mad at me, told me to leave them alone. Their friends were there, surrounding them and told me that those two always fought when they were drunk and apologized, so I relaxed a little. But the last time I refilled her drink, I heard a loud crash.

She fell out of her stool and hit her head on the floor. And he calmly drank his drink. Their friends didn’t even blink. I jumped over the bar to tend to her and he just said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take her home. She always ends up like this. She drinks too much.”

But it didn’t sound right.

Then the woman began convulsing.

I yelled for the other bartender to call 911 and when I did, the guy suddenly disappeared. I tried asking thr friends questions about him and they just blew it off as the woman being a black our drunk. And one of them said, “We’ll get her home. Don’t worry.”

But when thr EMTs showed up with the police, they all disappeared too.

A few days later the woman came with an attorney. She asked me and the other bartender who worked before me some questions. Turns out, she didn’t know any of those people. They weren’t her friends or her boyfriend. They had met that night, when the guy asked her if he could buy her a drink. At the hospital, they found traces of Rohypnol in her system.

The guy had Roofied her. And his friends were in on it.

The security camera footage showed he had put something in her drink when she left for the bathroom before my shift.

So seriously, it happens. You have to be careful with your drinks! Always watch it, don’t let anyone handle it, and take it with you wherever you go–even the bathroom. Or if you’re a regular at that bar, ask the bartender to put it behind the bar. We’ll do it.

Rb for that last add, don’t ever worry about being polite! Protect urself!


Never EVER trust men

Take it one further, never, ever, trust strangers. Look, I’ve flown wing man with many a friend, gay, straight, and any other stripe of the rainbow. I’m your drink watcher, I’m the sober driver, I’m getting everyone home. Unless we’ve agreed, in advance, that you aren’t coming home with me…and even then you get a status check before you split. I’ve seen women play just as dirty as men. It’s great to have drinks bought for you, but you owe them nothing. Remember, you didn’t ask that person to buy you a drink, they just did. If you don’t have a watcher, and the bar can’t cover, either finish the drink before the bathroom, take it in with you, or simply never finish it. You didn’t buy it, you aren’t out anything! 

Non-alcoholic drinks that look like booze:

Seltzer water or club soda with a wedge of lime or lemon

Ginger ale or Sprite with a splash of grenadine (aka Shirley Temple)

Spicy V-8 or tomato juice

Coke and grenadine (aka Roy Rogers)

Iced tea and lemonade (aka an Arnold Palmer)


Sparkling cider or grape juice

You can also ask for virgin mojitos, daiquiris, or pretty much any fancy cocktail - bartenders have plenty of simple syrups and juices they can combine for something spectacular without a drop of alcohol.  

Reblogging for this last list especially because guys, don’t assume how much alcohol you can handle if you don’t know

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I rewatched all the videos of the super bunny man and well,I can’t help,it’s still funny jsksjsk

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character i like: *wipes blood from their mouth and nose while smirking and saying something witty to their opponent like the bastard they are*


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I am so glad you asked! Voting is really fucking important to retain some minor control in a country with a fucked up constitution that protects white men and money and shits on everything else. The system is set up so that it is more difficult for anyone who’s not a white man to vote, so I’m not surprised you feel that way.

Black men couldn’t vote until 1869, which is disgusting, but on top of that, they were met with “artificial hurdles like poll taxes, literacy tests, and other measures” to further prevent them from voting even when it was legal. The Voting Rights act did not come until 19-fucking-65 to repeal Jim Crow laws. Black Americans in the South could not vote in democratic elections until AROUND 1960. So like, when your grandparents were adults. Maybe your parents were even born then. Read more about the absolutely disgusting voter suppression Black Americans faced here. Until the 60s.

White women earned the right to vote in 1920, but unsurprisingly, they were really racist too.

Asian-Americans could not vote until 1943. Mabel Ping-Hua Lee is someone you probably didn’t hear about in history class, but she fought really hard for Chinese Americans’ right to vote. 

Native Americans couldn’t vote in every state until 1962. 

Latinx people faced voter suppression as well and legislation to correct it was not put in place until 1974.

All of that to be said - I understand why you say voting doesn’t matter, and it’s because the voter suppression that existed for hundreds of years is still working. They’ve convinced you that none of it matters so you’re sitting it out, which lets them win. If not for any other reason, why not vote to say fuck you to those that actively pushed for white supremacy, violence, and sexism to continue? Why not do it symbolically, even if you think your vote doesn’t matter?

More than a dozen elections have been decided by one single vote. A GOP cop lost an election by one vote. Fuck the GOP, and fuck cops. Your vote could mean the difference between a cop being in power.

One election that was decided by a single vote created a Republican majority in the Virginia House of Delegates because “one of the ballots was “defaced” because the names of two candidates were crossed out with the notation “Do not desire to vote for these two”. They did this even though the person who cast this vote (which was known because it was a signed absentee ballot) testified that he intended to vote for Moss. Throwing out the ballot created a tied vote.[10]

Finally, I’m going to copy and paste this entire article about why it’s important to vote in local elections. 

1. Local government manages a lot of different things — and their decisions will directly affect your life.

There is no level of government that is more directly responsible for serving your community than your local elected officials. Local government can affect almost every aspect of your daily life. Here’s just a few of the things they’re responsible for:

  • Local school quality
  • Deciding sanctuary jurisdiction status
  • Policing and public safety (and holding police accountable)
  • Rent costs and affordable housing
  • Public transit
  • Alcohol and marijuana ordinances
  • City colleges and job training programs

… the list goes on and on, all the way down to your recycling options and collection.

To sum it up: your local government has a lot of money and influence to decide what your community’s priorities are and how it will be run.

2. State and local governments lead the way when the federal government isn’t.

For many of us, the 2016 election was a rough one. Like, really rough. More than any other voting bloc, our chosen candidates ultimately didn’t win. But there’s still a way to harness your passions and make a real difference, and that’s by getting involved in municipal elections.

Did you know that many landmark federal policies first originated at the local level? It’s true — local politics have a long history of shaping change in our country from the ground up. Policies such as women’s suffrage, minimum wage, environmental protection, and marriage equality all began at the local and state level.

By voting in local elections and holding your officials accountable, you can help create the change you want to see in our country. If nothing is moving forward at the federal level (or your federal representatives aren’t making progress in areas that you care about), it’s the responsibility of local governments to take action.

3. Your vote will make a difference.

Typically, just 1 in 5 voters participate in off-year local elections — meaning your vote at the local level can have an even bigger impact. For example, on just one election day in Ohio, 7 local issues were decided by just 1 vote.

Plus, if you do participate (and help your friends and family get to the polls, too), your elected officials will likely be more responsive to your needs and interests because you’re a voter. And if they aren’t, the next election is a a great way to fix that…



I am begging you to fucking vote. On November 3rd, early, and in all your local elections to come.

what the fuck is voting going to do, shes on the supreme court for life you idiots

Again, make sure you never miss an election and are signed up for Rock the Vote’s Election Reminders. No matter where you live in the US, we’ll give you the information you need to participate in your local, state, and federal races. Also, make sure to check out our list of 2017 election dates to find out what’s happening in your area and across the country.

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Well, this looks Deeply Cursed™

I have a feeling that your worries aren’t all the faeries would take away

well, it’s not wrong. once the fairies take you you stop worrying about what you used to worry about. granted, you start worrying about the fact that you’ve just been turned into a deer and are being chased by the wild hunt, but you know. not technically a lie.

honestly at this point just fucking do it. 

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only national anthem you’ll catch me standing up for


Birds are really good at pattern recognition!!! That’s why you can teach them cool stuff like this. They can also learn enough pattern recognition to recognize some written words. Yep that’s right. Birds can kind of sort of learn how to read.

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