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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

space-baby-confetti-cake·8 days agoText

my rabbit brain is at like 75% capacity right now. do not want to go to sleep. just want to stare into the night from a cozy hiding place feeling vast wonder and intense love and deep fear, and then a confusing disappointment when the sun wakes up and no nocturnal stalkers have tried to find me.

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space-baby-confetti-cake·10 days agoText




i was with my mother’s family and they were talking to me about my religious studies major. my great aunt asked me what the definition of hell was, and i responded “well i suppose it depends on who you ask.” and nearly all the protestants in the group decided that hell was “the absence of god” which i suppose is a fair answer, albeit not a universal one. my cousin’s wife was playing with her 3-year-old daughter and she says “well mommy says that hell is a mcdonald’s playplace” asdfghjhgfd

this 3-year-old girl is so fucking hilarious. her mothers have signed her up for a toddler yoga class, and so she has adopted a very unique language. this child also has an imaginary friend named “mom” which is, in her mind, the boss of her two mothers. for example, my cousin’s wife explained to me how her daughter got mad at them one time. the little girl situated herself in the corner of her crib, pretended to type on a cell phone and said  “im writing an email to mom right now and telling her how bad you two are. namaste.”

the family’s Big Theory about “Mom” is that both my cousin and her wife are referred to as “Mommy” and “Mama.” The nickname “Mom” is not used in the house because it would just be confusing. However, when interacting with the world, people tell their daughter that they will “tell her mom” if she is doing something wrong. so this child automatically assumes there is this greater “Mom” figure that is responsible for distributing universal justice. 

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space-baby-confetti-cake·13 days agoAnswer

Could you edit another wizard with she/her pronouns please these are hilarious 😂


trifecta of myles pinkney pronoun wizards

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space-baby-confetti-cake·14 days agoText

was reading fairy tales last night. this guy was told to bring this lady’s horse back three days in a row and every day the horse yeeted itself into some bizarre place using noclip (the sky, the literal inside of a mountain, the bottom of a river) and the guy had to spawn in a thousand animals to bring it back. so at the end this lady is just like “you’ve done us a great service! here is your reward” with 3,000 eagles, fox, and fish just rampaging around her palace that she hasn’t even noticed. it was literally just a Skyrim playthrough gone wrong with console commands. 

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The legend is (from what I remember from school) that Alexander the Great’s sister was (became?) a mermaid. She would stop ships and boats and ask the captain/sailors about her brother, even years and decades after his death. If the captain told her Alexander had died, she’d sink the ship. So they had to lie and tell her that he still lives and reigns, and she’d let them go unharmed. This is one of my favourite stories.

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space-baby-confetti-cake·16 days agoPhoto





i couldn’t fit it in but a bonus level is: i hope trump doesn’t die just yet bc it could affect the election/i would like him to experience intense suffering first.

Can we actually get American Idiot to the top of the charts

the brits got Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead to the top of the charts when thatcher died & she wasn’t even in office so…



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space-baby-confetti-cake·20 days agoText


Traumacore/dreamcore are aesthetics that often take the form of distorting pictures of real places by giving them a threatening dreamlike aura, and will sometimes add text that says things like “it’s time to wake up now” “get me out of here” and “this isn’t real this isn’t real”.

Content like this may trigger dissociation for some systems, and in my experience, I have to filter those tags because looking at such imagery causes dissociative episodes. Please be weary of those tags and filter them if they are triggering to your system, and PLEASE don’t go out your way to harass traumacore/dreamcore blogs. They mean no malice.

thank you so much for this. 

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