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Hi, I'm Hannah, a college student in the US. I'm a huge fan of Marvel and Star Wars! I usually write about Tony and Peter being a cute little father-son duo because I love them. I also have an AIO sideblog @sparkythehappygiraffe

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Hesitate, Athena, Enyo

Confirmed she meant hestia ❤️

Hestia: I would live in a city because I am very sick of driving everywhere! like yea the countryside™️ is romantic but then again I’m a sucker for those nyc romcoms so city it is.

Athena: my favorite piece of art ,,,, currently it is monet’s behind the rocks,,

It just make me feel some type of way.

Enyo: yes ❤️

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Tagged by: @toomuchtoolittle (thank you!!)

Rules: List your favourite characters from 10 different fandoms and then tag 10 people.

In no particular order,

1 - Steve Rogers (MCU)

2 - Winn Schott (Supergirl)

3 - Wyatt Logan (Timeless)

4 - Tony DiNozzo (NCIS, early seasons only)

5 - Jake Jensen (Losers)

6 - Steve Harrington (Stranger Things)

7 - Mark Watney (The Martian)

8 - Jack Kelly (Newsies)

9 - William Brandt (Mission Impossible)

10 - Shawn Spenstar (Psych, early seasons only)

This was a lot harder than it should have been…

Tagging: @cairistiona7, @jinxquickfoot, @sholiofic, @buckywiththegoodhair86, @elspirito23, @weirdostarkid, @chalkrevelations, @ninjagoat, @you-cant-just-import-answer, @trekkiehood, and anyone else who wants to play!

Thank you!

No specific order:

  1. Alexander Hamilton (Hamilton)
  2. Benjamin Tallmadge (Turn)
  3. Five (Umbrella Academy)
  4. Mycroft Homes (Sherlock)
  5. 10th Doctor (Doctor Who)
  6. Col. Hogan (Hogan’s Heroes)
  7. Eugene Fitzherbert (Tangled)
  8. Steve Rogers (Marvel)
  9. Jack Kelly (Newsies)
  10. Bernard Walton (Adventures in Odyssey)

Tags: @assassin-in-a-hoodie @tunameltsner @btv-grace @spacedoutwrites @tallboyben @teaturnedcold @wind-at-her-heels @csulliven @somedayonbroadway @tangledbea

Thanks for the tag!!

1. Leia Organa (Star Wars)

2. Tony Stark (MCU)

3. Clint Barton (Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye comics)

4. Percy Jackson (PJO)

5. Hopper (Stranger Things)

6. Sawyer Ford (Lost)

7. Regina Mills (Once Upon a Time)

8. Lucy Pevensie (Narnia)

9. Cress Darnell (The Lunar Chronicles

10. Jason Whittaker (AIO)

Ummm if you want to do this, boom, you’ve been tagged 😂

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Hi!!! If you get this, answer with three random facts about yourself and then send this to the last seven people in your notifications (Anon or not)! Let's get to know the person behind the blog! 😄

1. I’m a missionary kid

2. I’m an only child

3. I’m pursuing a degree in dance performance

(Thanks @btv-grace and also @green-sweatered-spinster for sending this to me 😂)

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Thanks for the tag!!

B-Big fun from Heathers

T-tightrope from the greatest showman

V-video killed the radio star by the buggles

G-guy I’d kind of be into from be more chill

R-revenge party from mean girls the musical

A-alexander Hamilton from Hamilton

C-candy store from Heathers

E-ex-wives from Six the musical

@grape-flavored-ruku @green-sweatered-spinster @spacedoutwrites @nobodytellsme-anything @ichoosefaithhopeandlove





Thanks @pinxku22 ! This was fun!

T - Ten Dual Commandments (Hamilton)

R - Requiem (DEH)

E - Ex-Wives (Six)

K - King of New Yoek (Newsies)

K - Kung Fu Fighting (idk I couldn’t find anlther K lol)

I - It’s Quiet Uptown (Hamilton)

E - Everything I Ever Thought I Knew (Tangled the Series S2, Destinies Collide)

H - Helpless (Hamilton)

O - One Last Time (Hamilton)

O - Once and For All (Newsies)

D - Dissapear (DEH)

@assassin-in-a-hoodie @wind-at-her-heals @tunameltsner @btv-grace


P - Play With Fire, Sam Tinnesz

I - Icarus, Bastille

N - Nightmare, Set It Off

X - X-men theme song ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

K - King, Lauren Aquilina

U - Unto revolution/ Hamilton Interlude, Lin-Manuel Miranda


Tag game

I was tagged by the amazingly talented @writerdream22, thank you ! 💚

Rules : Spell out your URL with song titles, then tag as many people as your URL to do the same.

R - Rag Doll, Aerosmith

U - Under Pressure, Queen and David Bowie

V - Valfreyjudrápa, SKÁLD

A - Absolution, Ghost

A - Alice’s Theme, Danny Elfman

K - Knights of Cydonia, Muse

K - King After King, Avatar

E - Elsa’s Song, The Amazing Devil

Tagging : @alexlikesflowers, @maxartifact, @edgy-fluffball, @myriadimagines, @drarryismyshit07, and everyone else who sees this and wants to do it 💚

Tagging @anxious—soul @doodlegirl1998 @skyfirewolf @trekkiehood @demonwithasideoffries and anyone who wants to join in ❤️

And anyone else. (I don’t want to tag 11ppls lol)

And whoever else wants to do it!!!!

Thanks for the tag!

S- Spacin Out (The Mowgli’s)

P- Painkiller (Ruel)

A- All the Feels (Fitz and the Tantrums)

C- Constellations (The Oh Hellos)

D- Dancin (Emily Bear)

O- Only (Imagine Dragons)

U- Uptown Girl (Billy Joel)

T- The Riddle of the Model (from Sing Street)

W- Waking Up (OneRepublic)

R- Rest (half alive)

I- I Can’t Wait for You to Get Here (MatKearney)

T- Think About Things (Dadi Freyr)

E- Electric Love (BORNS)

S- Starjumper (Bad Suns)

Tagging: @onlyonepotatochip @thespiderson @akasharpiegirl

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Let’s goooo

1. Favorite type to write?

Angst. All the angst. And everything I write inevitably spirals into something long.

2. Word count of longest fic?

Had to dig into docs for this one. Right now the draft of Shattered is sitting at 40k? And I’m not even at chapter seventeen 😅. (Ignore the fact that I haven’t touched it in weeks, I’ve been going crazy over Foglight and a novel I’ve been working on)

3. Favorite pairing to write about (romantic or platonic)?

Uuuuh…..why is it always my OCs Zoë and Varian? I’ve spent over two years writing these chaotic bffs/siblings and their dynamic still makes me gush and cry a lot (the found family vibes are strong).

4. When did I start writing fanfic?

The earliest I can remember was about three or four years ago. I never published that one. It was awful. Don’t ask. 😅

5. Favorite platform to use/upload?

Ao3. There is nothing better 🤷🏻‍♀️


Ooh, sure! Let’s do this!

1) Favorite type to write?

Definitely angst. Fluff is rare. Also mostly one shots but I’m working on a few long fics as well.

2) Word count of longest fic?

11040 so far for ‘last thoughts of a life by candlelight’ (although that’s gonna be beaten soon heh)

3) Favorite pairing to write about (romantic or platonic)?

I don’t write romance, but I’m writing a heck of a lot of Seven Kingdoms found family (Varian and Hugo specifically at the moment, but the friendships I stan).

4) When did I start writing fanfic?

Middle school is where I distinctly remember actually writing stuff down. I didn’t know what it was called, but it was fun and really helped me through a few things.

5) Favorite platform to use/upload?

Ao3 all the way 🤗



Shout-out to…. FAN FIC WRITERS!!! You guys give us awesome stories that the shows/books/movies didn’t.

1: What is your favorite type to write? (Eg, angst, fluff, comfort, One-Shots, Original AU, ECT..)

2: What is the word count of your longest fic? (And if you want you can tell us what it is)

3: What is your favorite romantic ship/pairing to write about? (And if you’re not comfortable, what’s your favorite platonic pairing?)

4: When did you first start making fanfic?

5: What’s your favorite platform to upload on/use?

Y'all are awesome, keep making great stories!!

Alright gonna tag five others: @newsies-of-corona @jade-kyo @tangled-lover-165 @aevsfires @justanotherhopelessfanartist

Ok tagging…. @allthestarsandi @chaotic-cate @meisharmony @pumpkinthewriter @whitecatindisguise and anyone else who wants to!

1: What is your favorite type to write? (Eg, angst, fluff, comfort, One-Shots, Original AU, ECT..) 

I like to write angst and fluff. I also like writing AU’s where I take characters out of their story and put them in someone elses. 

2: What is the word count of your longest fic? (And if you want you can tell us what it is)

My longest fic is a Thunderbirds AU and it is currently 4,664 words but it is not yet completed. 

3: What is your favorite romantic ship/pairing to write about? (And if you’re not comfortable, what’s your favorite platonic pairing?)

I don’t think I’m very good at writing romance but I like writing Agnarr and Iduna’s friendship. I love writing the Tracy brothers sibling relationships. 

4: When did you first start making fanfic?

I’ve been writing since I was little but I didn’t know there were sites you could post them to until 7th grade (2009) when a new friend introduced me to Then we proceeded to write the strangest collaboration and post it on said site. (It is a Code Geass and iCarly crossover) 

5: What’s your favorite platform to upload on/use? 

I only recently switched to AO3 but I like it a lot more than

Now I’m gonna tag some of my favorite fanfiction writers on here so we can get to know you.. @trekkiehood , @the-spaztic-fantastic , @fericita-s , @mycove , @somedayonbroadway ,

🥺 Thanks for the tag!

1. What is your favorite type to write? (Eg: angst, fluff, comfort, One-Shots, Original AU, ECT)

It honestly depends on the day, but everyone knows that I very much love angst and whump. Especially together.

2. What is the word count of your longest fic? (And if you want you can tell us what it is)

My longest fic is Working With What We Got with a word count of 102k+ words. And counting.

3. What is your favorite romantic ship/pairing to write about? (And if you’re not comfortable, what is your favorite platonic pairing?)

I like writing Sprace and Jatherine the most out of the romantic couples I write. I can’t really chose between them, but my overall favorite relationship to write is the brotherly relationship between Jack and Race.

4. When did you start making fanfic?

I started writing fanfics when I was thirteen. So about seven years ago. I’ve definitely grown since then.

5. What is your favorite platform to upload on/use?

I really like to use AO3.

Thank you!

@bexlynne @ragequitshy @racetrackhigg @dancerlittle006 😘

I was tagged by @somedayonbroadway

1: What is your favorite type to write? (Eg, angst, fluff, comfort, One-Shots, Original AU, ECT..)

I love writing one-shots - I would rather lay it out in one fic and deal with everything rather than drag it into multiple chapters. I also love writing fluff - there’s nothing better than two characters just being fluffy with each other. 

2: What is the word count of your longest fic? (And if you want you can tell us what it is)

Of the fics that are still posted, it’s 244,308 and it’s a High School Musical fic that I wrote back in college between 2006 and 2008. It’s still posted on but it’s absolutely garbage and if I still was in that fandom, I would completely re-write it.  

3: What is your favorite romantic ship/pairing to write about? (And if you’re not comfortable, what’s your favorite platonic pairing?)

In every fandom, I’ve always had a favorite pairing 

High School Musical - Troy/Gabriella
Jonas Brothers - Kevin/Joe and a normal girl who had absolutely nothing to do with the music industry
One Direction - it flipped between Niall and Louis and the girl was usually far removed from the music industry
Newsies - it flips between Jack/Katherine and Race/Spot - I love the way those two couples are so completely different from one another yet at the same time they’re similar 

4: When did you first start making fanfic?

I started reading fan fiction back in 1999 when NSYNC Fan Fiction was very popular. I posted my first fan fiction on Apr 8, 2006 - a High School Musical fic that helped me get away from the stresses in college. 

5: What’s your favorite platform to upload on/use?

I flip between a couple of different platforms -, JBFFA, 1DFF, Tumblr, AO3, Wattpad - I have fics on all of them and haven’t conslidated them into just one platform. I did this to get as many readers as possible and those were the platforms that were popular at the specific time I was writing.  But my penname is the same across all of them - dancerlittle. 

Currently, I’m really loving Tumblr and AO3 to post my fics to - they’re pretty easy to utilize and the readers tend to be in those two spots. 

I tag @suddenly-im-respecsable, @imperfectapollo, @thefangirlingbarista @marisa-writes, @beautifulletdownfics, @ktrsss1fics

Oooo thanks!

1: What is your favorite type to write? (Eg, angst, fluff, comfort, One-Shots, Original AU, ECT..)

Angst all the way! It’s always fun to hurt characters.

2: What is the word count of your longest fic? (And if you want you can tell us what it is)

Hmmm…Probably ‘Voices In The Dark’ which is a collection of oneshots from South Park back when I was still in the fandom. It’s 5,561 words!

3: What is your favorite romantic ship/pairing to write about? (And if you’re not comfortable, what’s your favorite platonic pairing?)

Hmm. Now that’s a tricky one. I really like Sprace though that should be obvious lmao. I also enjoy Ralbert, Spralbert and Spralmer! Along with Javid and Newsbians so it’s really hard to choose! I might just have to go with Sprace!

4: When did you first start making fanfic?

Maybe about 2017?

5: What’s your favorite platform to upload on/use?

Probably AO3 though Tumblr is a close second!

@morrisdelanctea @its-romeo-binches @sure-is-exciting @ lonely-thursday 

1: What is your favorite type to write?

Angsty bastard alert

2: What is the word count of your longest fic? (And if you want you can tell us what it is)

I think Lines at 22,396 words

3: What is your favorite romantic ship/pairing to write about? (And if you’re not comfortable, what’s your favorite platonic pairing?)

I love to write Sprace, but my favorite is Sputtons. It’s a ship me and my best friend share and it’s honestly one of my favorite things.

4: When did you first start making fanfic?

I… I started writing when I was 12, but my first fanfic is from 2017. Argentum’s Redemption.

5: What’s your favorite platform to upload on/use?

Archive of our Own!!

@cutesiewoojin @for-the-star-reporter @bexlynne @elmer-s-s0cks @piratewitch

thanks for the tag!!

1: What is your favorite type to write?

angst, I suppose, but I do love writing au’s

2: What is the word count of your longest fic? (And if you want you can tell us what it is)

I think it’s ‘Of druids and dragonhearts’ the first part of a series written for a friend at 26166 words, although another part of that series might become even longer if I would ever finish it, seeing as it’s well over 20k already too

3: What is your favorite romantic ship/pairing to write about? (And if you’re not comfortable, what’s your favorite platonic pairing?)

That honestly varies from moment to moment, but I do love the suffering I can inflict on Jotrack

4: When did you first start making fanfic?

Actually writing it down might’ve been 2015? 

5: What’s your favorite platform to upload on/use?

I usually use Wattpad to write, but posting I prefer tumblr

@starfate @littlegirlgoesgaming @trekkiehood @assassin-in-a-hoodie @superpaperclip

1. What’s your favourite type to write?

Angst/Whump. I also like to deal with the less pretty side of mental health.

I prefer one-shots but write long fics too.

2. What’s the word count of your longest fic? (And if you want you can tell us what it is.)

DKoT is currently the highest (and currently unfished) at 37,728 words.

One More Year is close behind (and at currently updating status) at 36,536 words.

3. What’s your favourite romantic ship/paring to write about? (And if your not comfortable, what’s your favorite platonic paring?)

Fave ship is New Dream. It’s the only one I consistently enjoy writing for. (I’ve done some Romanogers but it’s more of a background ship.)

Fave platonic is probably Jack & Race.

4. When did you start making Fics?

Does anybody remember the Nick message boards? Because there was this really odd terribly put together fanfiction thing and I wrote a little there. The first fic I actually wrote and finished was for Adventure in Odyssey. It still sits on a drive, unseen by the world. Nick/AiO was 2013-2016.

I really started started writing fics (on in 2017/18. First one was for Bonanza.

5. Favourite platform

Definitely Ao3. kind of annoys me. I use it but don’t love it.

Wattpad is good, I just got kind of overwhelmed (and they went from wanting to help writers to only caring about money).

I use all three (and Tumblr) but Ao3 is definitely my preferred.


@wind-at-her-heals @ladyfawkes @assassin-in-a-hoodie @sparkythehappygiraffe @kingreywrites

Thanks for the tag!! (I’m @sparkythehappygiraffe but I’m posting on my main)

1: What is your favorite type to write?

Definitely angst and whump. I usually write one-shots because I get too distracted to work on a longer story lol

2: What is the word count of your longest fic?

5,575 words, I haven’t touched it in quite a while, but the outline is finished and nice and long soooo at least that’s something (like I said I get too distracted to finish a long fic)

3. What’s your favourite romantic ship/paring to write about? (And if you’re not comfortable, what’s your favorite platonic paring?)

I enjoy writing Cresswell (The Lunar Chronicles), platonically I definitely write the most Irondad

4. When did you start making Fics?

The first “fic” I wrote was about an oc I made for Once Upon a Time when I was like 13 (it has not seen the light of day thank goodness lollll). The first fic I posted was on ffn for a little book series called The Unwanteds when I was 15. (Also there’s that AIO graphic novel I made when I was 6, but we don’t talk about that)

5. Favourite platform

AO3, but I only use it for my Marvel stuff, I post everything else on FFN (I don’t really know why, but that’s just what I decided to do 😂

Tagging: Whoever wants to do this!

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Tag 8 people you want to get to know better!

Thanks for tagging me @just-the-daydreamer! 💕

Favorite color: Purple

Last song I listened to: “So Will I” by Ben Platt

Favorite musicians: Um Ben Platt I guess? ABBA, The Beatles, Kenny Loggins. But I usually listen to musicals and movie soundtracks: Hamilton, The Prince of Egypt, and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, to name a few faves

Last movie I watched: The Jungle Book (2016)

Last TV show I watched: The Umbrella Academy

Favorite OC’s: I don’t have any

Sweet, spicy, or savory: Savory

Bubbly water, tea, or coffee: Oooh, none? But if pushed, coffee I guess

Tagging: @an-odd-idea @imalivebecauseirondad @snarky–starky @vintervittrannerd @singingninja4 @probablyprocrastinatingrightnow @emmaelsa0000 @teammightypen and anyone who wants to participate 😄

Thanks for tagging me @jelly-pies!

Favorite color: Black

Last song I listened to: “Let Go” by BTS

Favorite musicians: BTS they’re pretty much all I listen to at this point along with BLACKPINK

Last movie I watched: Ant-Man and the Wasp

Last TV show I watched: The Amazing World of Gumball

Favorite OC’s: I don’t have any

Sweet, spicy, or savory: Savory

Bubbly water, tea, or coffee: I guess coffee though I don’t really drink any of these

Tagging: @jen27ny, @hold-our-destiny, @uniquenightmarecollector, @negativefouriq, @faylor, @dredfulhapiness, @redhoodpercy and anyone else who wants to do it! (Feel free to ignore this if you want!)

Thank you for the tag @imalivebecauseirondad

Fave color: I’m so bad w favorites uh…. wine, also yellow, pastel pink, forest green

Last song I listened to: Shake the Streets by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists (yes I’m still talking about World ain’t ready)

Favorite musicians: sidney gish, phoebe bridgers, Taylor Swift, Bleachers, the lumineers, fall out boy, Hozier, Mitski, Sara Bareilles, Bastille, lord Huron

Last movie I watched: the atrocious “live action” lady and the tramp

Last TV show I watched: What We Do in the Shadows

Favorite OCs: I don’t have any, sorry!

Sweet, spicy, or savory? Savory

Bubbly water, tea, or coffee? Bubbly water and coffee

Okay I KNOW I’m gonna miss people so if ur my mutual and you see this just ASSUME you’ve been tagged @wh0doyouthinkyouareiam @official-impravidus @han-man @iron-loyalty @superherotiger @blondsak @sarah-sandwich

Thanks for tagging me @dredfulhapiness!!

Fave color: Pale pink

Last song I listened to: Back to You by Johnnyswim

Favorite musicians: Johnnyswim, The Head and the Heart, Wild Rivers, The Oh Hellos, Angele, Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles, Maggie Rogers, Bruno Major, Eloise, The National Parks, The Brook and the Bluff

Last movie I watched: The most recent Jumanji movie

Last TV show I watched: Oh uhhh Chuck I think? I can’t remember

Favorite OCs: I don’t have any :(

Sweet, spicy, or savory? Sweet

Bubbly water, tea, or coffee? Mmmmm coffee

I’ll tag: @sparksaam @clover-roseee @cuddlybuchanan @joyful-soul-collector @iron-loyalty and anyone else who sees this and wants to! (Feel free to ignore if you want aldkjsk)

Thanks for the tags @peer-parker, @imissyoutoo, @dredfulhapiness and @wh0doyouthinkyouareiam! <3

Favorite color: Blue

Last song I listened to: “As You Need” by Alex Aiono

Favorite musicians: Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Dean Lewis, Calum Scott, Coldplay

Last movie I watched: Captain Marvel (2019)

Last TV show I watched: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Favorite OCs: I don’t really have any?

Sweet, spicy, or savory: spicy!!

Bubbly water, tea, or coffee: probably coffee (though I do sometimes enjoy tea, too!)

Tagging: @vintervittrannerd @canonismybitch @baloobird @joyful-soul-collector @fallenstar07 @keep-a-bucket-full-of-stars @ferretshark if you guys would like to do this :)

Thanks for the tag @iron-loyalty!!! 

Favorite color: Purple

Last song I listened to: That Would Be Enough from Hamilton

Favorite musicians: Imagine Dragons, Panic! at the Disco, BTS, Stray Kids, EXO, just to name a few

Last movie I watched: Ratatouille

Last TV show I watched: DuckTales

Favorite OCs: Tracy! She’s Ned’s mom in my fics and I love her <3

Sweet, spicy, or savory: SPICY

Bubbly water, tea, or coffee: COFFEE

tagging: @dexteritymisdirectionsuggestion @stuck-in-a-fictional-universe @fallenstar07 @onlyonepotatochip (don’t have to tho!!)

Thank you for the tag @baloobird 💕

Favourite Colour: yellow

Last song I listened to: The Room Where It Happens from Hamilton

Favourite musicians: Taylor Swift, George Ezra, Queen, Panic! At The Disco, AC/DC, …most musical scores

Last movie I watched: that I finished? I can’t remember 😂 but I watched Iron Man 2 halfway through

Last TV show I watched: The OC

Favourite OCs: well darn I don’t have any :((… But my favourite character from the OC is Summer 😂

Sweet, spicy or savoury: sweet no spicy agggh sweet

Bubbly water, tea or coffee: coffee but only when its cold or in desserts

Tagging: @certified-dingus @eliminatetheimpossible @jelly-pies @spacedoutwrites @gum-my-bears @celestial–queen @theconjugationofyeet @booksaremorefun

Thanks for the tag 🥰

Favorite color: Blue

Last song I listened to: Out of My League by Fitz and the Tantrums

Favorite musicians: half alive, OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons, Panic! at the Disco, Hall & Oates, Huey Lewis and the News, Queen, Prince, soooo many more 😂

Last movie I watched: The Net

Last TV Show I watched: Man in the High Castle

Favorite OCs: I have one named Damarion who I’m particularly fond of, he’s from a story I’ll probably never finish tho 😂

Sweet, spicy or savory: Sweet

Bubbly water, tea, or coffee: Coffee 100%

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First of all I was going to send all the same ones to you but I thought I was limited to one 😂

But yeah, message meeeee 💕💕💕

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Hey dude! Have a good day 💗

Thank you so much, you’re so sweet 💕

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Hi ummm so this isn’t exactly my usual care free content, but it’s very important to me so I just wanna talk about it for a minute

Did you know that while Pornhub claims to support and donate to the BLM movement, they promote videos with titles like “N***** slave pleases white master” “exploited teens” “black slaves” and so so so much worse?

Pornhub does nothing to verify consent or legal age on any video posted to their site. The company and the abusers, rapists, and traffickers who post on the site make millions of dollars off of their videos every year.

Pornhub promotes racism, rape, sexual assault, child sex trafficking, anti-semitism, and gross gender inequality.

They need to be shut down and held accountable for endorsing these vile behaviors and for profiting off of the modern day slave industry.

Sign the petition to shut down Pornhub at

Petition · Shut Down Pornhub and Hold Its Executives Accountable for Aiding Trafficking

Spread the word, this video by Exoduscry on Instagram is a great source of information to share

Login • Instagram

Let’s do something good with 2020 and end Pornhub

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Ooo fun! Thx @trekkiehood !

1) had to think about this one a lot, but I decided on Lilo. I just love “chaotic little girl” characters lmao. They remind me of myself as a kid. If I had to choose one of the princesses though, I’d choose Mulan, I think.

2) Milo Thatch 🥰. And Roger Radcliffe (you seeing the theme here? I like eccentrics with big glasses and/or vests,,).

3) ok I’m going w/ a very broad definition of Disney pet here but I love Mittens from Bolt.

4) YZMA !!! Tied w/ Scar and Hades.


1) Belle

2) Flynn Rider

3) Does Max count?

4) Most of them but the first one that came to mind is “Love is an Open Door”

5) Probably Malificent I also love Scar


1.) Rapunzel! Even as a kid I loved the Rapunzel fairytale, so it was pretty much gonna be inevitable

2.) Eugene Fitzherbert, because how could it not

3.) Probably Pascal. I also really love Flounder but he’s not so much a pet as he is an animal sidekick. (But I guess so is Pascal…honestly I don’t know where the line is crossed)

4.) Pretty much all of them lol

5.) I’d say it’s a toss up between Maleficent and Dr. Facilier. They both have a flair for the dramatic and they are queens in their own right


1: Mulan

2: Flynn Rider (this dude just makes the world funnier)

3: Abu -Aladin

4: How Far I’ll Go -Moana

5: Ursula (she’s funny and not too bad for a villian. She could’ve given Ariel goat legs or bone thin legs, but she didn’t. I gotta respect that)


Welcome to the Online gameshow; 5 questions, 5 friends!! Each week, we post a list of 5 questions, and you answer them and tag 5 friends!! This week our theme is: …… DISNEY MOVIES!!!!

1; who is you favorite princess or lead female?

2; who is your favorite prince/ lead male?

3; who is your favorite Disney Pet?

4; what is one song you can’t listen to without belting it out?

5; who is your favorite villian?

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Thanks for the tag!

1. Belle (but I also really love Mulan)

2. Flynn Rider

3. Does Remy from Ratatouille count? 

4. I Just Can’t Wait to be King from Lion King (I have no idea why 😂😂😂)

5. Jafar or Hades

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Hurt/Comfort is such an interesting thing. It’s basically an entire genre of fanfiction. I’d argue it satisfies a very basic, vital need–the same way that horror satisfies the basic need to be scared in a safe, controllable space. 

And yet it doesn’t really have an equivalent outside of fan culture. "Tearjerkers” can sometimes come close, they’re probably the closest thing to a mainstream hurt/comfort genre that there is. But those types of books and movies don’t usually focus on the “comfort” aspect in the same way, and don’t make use of tension and release.

I think every good hurt/comfort fic makes use of tension and release just as horror does, whether the writer is consciously aware of it or not. Though of course the tension and release in h/c comes from different sources than in horror. Instead of anticipating something frightening, you anticipate the intimacy and/or validation that comes from the “comfort” part you know is eventually coming. That’s what provides release of the tension built up during the “hurt” scenes.

I could write a goddamned essay about this it’s so fascinating. 

This is a great definition/analysis of it! I’ve been interested in this too. It’s always been my favorite fanfiction genre. It’s to the point where reading just angst is not enough, there is something left unfulfilled if the character does not have the ‘tension and release’ and just remains under whatever stressor at the end. I think part of the reason I like it so much, is often in mainstream media characters DO NOT have that ‘healing moment’, shall we say. Too often, there may be a sad/traumatic/stressful event and the character is shown to just pick themselves up from it and move on like nothing happened. Which is not realistic as we all know, so I think the hurt/comfort genre in fanfiction is a kind of a response to that. The “filling in the blanks” of when a character needs a moment of healing or validation to continue onward, because that in a sense is more relatable then the “super hero” character who can move through it like nothing damaged them. 

imo h/c is also built on the trust between two or more people. that when one of them falls there WILL be someone to validate their pain, soothe their wounds (physical or emotional), and not only pick them back up but remain with them even when they’re back on they’re feet. it’s not hurt/recovery; it’s not the super-human, masochist bullshit mentioned above. 

h/c builds a world in which we (as readers and in part as the parts of characters we identify with) are given permission to fall apart. h/c is the freedom to show pain because you know that there are people who will notice you being hurt – and will do their best to not only comfort you, but will also validate your reasons for being hurt, take your side completely, and help you get to the place you need to be to recover. 


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Original post by @violetshovel  I was tagged by @westanonetincanman 

(I decided to make my own post because the other one was getting quite long)

Have you ever:

Snuck out? nope

Cried yourself to sleep? lol yup (after seeing endgame)

Been arrested? no

Felt lonely? occasionally

Been depressed? yes

What’s your:

Birthday? December 25th 

Biggest fear? failing

Dream car? a yellow vw bug, but like the old kind with the trunk in the front

Dream house? something with a nice view

Do you:

Like someone? yes

Love someone? only platonically at the moment

Have tattoos? not yet

Have piercings? just my ears

Party? not really


Artist? half alive or OneRepublic

Movie? how do I pick just one?? probably Empire Strikes Back

Song? depends on my mood, right now it’s Basement by Fitz and the Tantrums

Netflix series? Stranger Things

Book? A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Color? any shade of blue

Animal? dog

This or That:

Tumblr or Facebook? Tumblr

Tumblr or Instagram? both

Facebook or Instagram? Instagram

Coke or Pepsi? I don’t drink either of them…

Tea or coffee? coffee! it is my fuel

Tacos or pizza? pizza!

Winter or summer? summer

Would you ever:

Get married? yes

Have kids? yes, I really want to adopt

Swim with sharks? maybe in a cage idk

Eat a rotten food? I mean I have on accident, does that count?

Marry a foreigner? yes

Thanks for tagging me!

I’ll tag @starktowr @thespiderson @akasharpiegirl @pepper-stark @a-humble-waffle

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This is my @irondadficexchange fic for the lovely @iamirondad 🎉🎉🎉

The prompt I chose to use was Peter gets hurt on patrol. The title of this fic comes from the song January White by Sleeping at Last. 

Hope you enjoy!

Post-endgame, Tony saved the world and survived. Life is finally getting back to normal. Peter goes out on patrol and everything is fine, until it’s not.

Read on AO3

“Dang.” Peter muttered.

Everything had been going fine, great actually.

It was a few months after everyone returned from their five year disappearance and things were finally getting settled down. Thanks to Doctor Strange, Tony was starting to get back on his feet after wielding the gauntlet. It hadn’t been easy, but he was determined to get back to normal, or as close as he could get. Peter and May had a new apartment in Queens, school would start soon, and Spider-Man was finally patrolling again.

But now, it was only Peter’s third afternoon back on the streets and there was already a knife in his thigh.

Admittedly, he had been a little distracted (maybe things hadn’t been quite as great as Peter wanted to believe). Putting the suit back on had been harder than he expected it to be. The first few times he tried, he hadn’t been able to put it on at all. Anxiety and fear plagued him. The feeling of crumbling into nothingness, darkness slowly but inevitably consuming him, invaded his thoughts like a dense, unwanted cloud. In his dreams, he watched Tony die over and over and over. The man hadn’t even died in real life, but Peter’s subconscious had decided to play out the worst case scenario repeatedly.

The feeling that the people of New York needed him only heightened his anxiety. All he wanted was to get out there and help people, but he couldn’t, he wasn’t strong enough. The feeling of utter incompetence was paralyzing, shaking him to his core. If he couldn’t be Spider-Man, who was he?

It had taken time, especially time with Tony, for Peter to feel like he was ready to go out again. The nightmares were finally receding, the anxieties lessening. His first two patrols had been mostly uneventful and he had felt great afterward, but for some reason it was different this time.

A guy had stolen some lady’s purse and run off with it. Peter was hot on his heels, hoping he could get the purse back to its rightful owner, and maybe web up the thief while he was at it, but while he was running, Peter’s heart rate had sped up more than usual. His senses tingled, something felt wrong, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He ignored the feeling as he caught up to the purse snatcher, but that turned out to be a big mistake.

The man turned as Peter grabbed his shoulder, immediately plunging the knife Peter hadn’t noticed into his thigh.

As Peter stumbled back, the man continued running, turning down an alley and out of sight.

“Dang,” Peter muttered, looking down at his right leg. The suit was already turning a darker shade of red. He shot a web up the nearest building and swung himself onto the roof.

He wanted to go after the attacker, but his vision was starting to get blurry, his head starting to spin. The stab wound wasn’t that bad, right? He plopped down unceremoniously on the ground, careful not to disturb the knife that was still in his leg. The pain and the fuzziness reminded him of Thanos and the stones and the gauntlet and that stupid planet and watching the people around him turn to dus-

“Incoming call from Tony Stark,” Karen said, interrupting Peter’s spiraling thoughts.

“Dang,” Peter said again, face scrunching up as a wave of dizziness rolled through him. “Decline the call.”

“I’m afraid he’s bypassing my control,” Karen said. Before she could say anything else, the call went through.

“Peter?” Tony’s worried voice rang in his ears. “Are you okay, kid?”

Peter opened his mouth to answer, but he felt like he couldn’t breathe in enough air, so he gasped instead.

“Peter?” Tony’s voice was growing louder and more concerned. “Can you answer me? What’s going on?”

Peter gasped again, finally getting enough air. “I’m fine,” he said, his voice rising about an octave higher than usual. “Just a little accident, everything’s fine.”

“I got a notification from your suit that said it was punctured by a knife,” Tony said, sounding completely unconvinced of Peter’s answer.

“Yeah…” Peter started. “But I’ll be fine, I’m sure it’ll heal up real quick.”

“Absolutely not,” Tony said sternly, “get to the tower now.”

Peter’s breathing was still irregular and labored, “I would,” he said between gasps, “but I think I’m having a panic attack or something.” He paused, “I- I think I’m just gonna lay here for a little while.”

“I’m sending a suit,” Tony said, his voice still agitated.

“Oh, you really don’t have to,” Peter said, “I’ll be fine in a minute.”

“Shut up Parker, the suit’s already on its way.”

Peter pulled his mask off so he could breathe more easily. His chest still felt unusually tight, his throat constricted. What was wrong with him? This wasn’t exactly the first time something had gone awry while he was on patrol. He’d been shot, stabbed, knocked out, pretty much every trick in the book, but he could usually walk it off. This was different. There was a sense of dread and panic lurking somewhere inside of him. He felt as though, at any moment, he would crumble again, floating away, just dust in the wind.

At that mental image, he gasped again, tears were starting to gather in his eyes. He heard something approaching, but he was still laying on the roof, pinned down by his own intrusive thoughts.

“Hey, Pete,” he heard Iron Man’s voice, the outline of the suit coming into view. “I’m going to get you back to the tower, okay?”

Peter didn’t respond, everything was blurring around him again.

“Peter!” Iron Man’s voice sounded upset, almost like he was dying again.

The pain that blossomed from Peter’s leg was suddenly amplified. I’m dying. Was all he could think. Tony’s right there, but I’m dying. It was all too familiar. He can’t save me. No one can save me. In his mind, he could imagine the tips of his fingers starting to disintegrate. Please, not again.

He didn’t realize it, but he was sobbing now.

Iron Man gently picked him up and held him close, careful to avoid jostling his leg. He was saying something to Peter, talking quietly to him, but Peter couldn’t seem to understand what he was saying.

“I don’t wanna go, Mr. Stark,” he gasped.

The suit stopped talking at that, and after a moment they took off from the roof, not flying too fast, but getting Peter back to the tower, back to Tony, as quickly as possible.

When they landed on top of the recently re-acquired Stark Tower, Tony was waiting, Helen Cho by his side.

Tony hurried over to Peter, who was still being held by the suit.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Tony said quickly, cupping Peter’s face in his hands. “You’re going to be okay bud, everything’s going to be just fine, I’ve got you.”

Peter took a shuddering breath, tears still streaking down his face. He let out an involuntary cry, unable to calm himself down.

Tony’s thumb gently wiped at Peter’s cheek. He ran a hand through the boy’s sweaty hair. “We’re going to take good care of you, Pete, your leg will be all better in no time. We have to get you down to the med bay now.”

Tony held onto Peter’s hand as they headed to the elevator, the Iron Man suit still carrying the boy.

Helen injected Peter with pain meds first, a dose strong enough for him to pass out within a few minutes. Under Tony’s watchful eye, she removed the blade from Peter’s thigh, cleaning and stitching up the wound before she left the meds and Peter’s advanced healing to take care of the rest.

Tony stayed in the room while Peter slept, going through the footage from Peter’s suit, trying to figure out what went wrong.

Peter’s frightened cries stabbed at his heart, reminding him too of the worst day of everyone’s lives. “ I don’t wanna go, Mr. Stark” echoed around in his mind.

After a couple of hours, Peter started awake, a frenzied look in his eyes.

Tony was by his side in a heartbeat. “You’re safe, Pete,” he said. “Everything’s okay.”

Peter looked around the room frantically until his eyes settled on Tony. He relaxed, laying back down on the bed with a relieved sigh.

“How do you feel?” Tony asked carefully.

“I’m really tired,” Peter said, rubbing at his eyes.

Tony nodded, “the meds really wiped you out.” After a moment, he ventured further, “what happened out there?”

Peter’s brow furrowed, “I don’t know,” he sat up gingerly. “I started out doing my usual thing. I helped a cat that was stuck in a tree, I stopped someone from breaking into a car, you know, what I always do. But then I went after this purse-snatcher and something felt wrong, but I didn’t know what, and then I wasn’t really paying attention, and then the guy stabbed me and ran away.”

Tony leaned forward in his seat, “did you figure out what was wrong?”

Peter shook his head. “I guess I was sensing the knife, but that didn’t really seem like the problem. It was the first time my senses were warning me that I was in danger like that since… well since I died.”

Tony swallowed hard. “That’s why you had a panic attack.”

“Yeah,” Peter said sheepishly. “I’ve felt it in my dreams plenty of times, but this felt so much like I was going to disappear again that it freaked me out.”

“That would freak me out too,” Tony said. “It did freak me out.”

“I don’t know what to do,” Peter said, sounding discouraged. “I thought I was ready to be Spider-Man again, but at the first sign of trouble I flipped out.”

“It’s totally normal to feel that way,” Tony reassured him. “It can take a long time to recover from something traumatic like that.”

“I know,” Peter sighed, “but I’ve been sitting around long enough. I just want to get out there and do something, start helping people again. I don’t want the past to stop from doing stuff now.”

Tony nodded, “I know how you feel. After Loki and his little army invaded New York, I felt like I was never going to be normal again. Any thought of aliens or wormholes or almost dying would set me off like nothing else. I didn’t feel safe anymore and I let fear control me for a really long time.”

“What did you do?” Peter asked. “How did you feel safe again?”

Tony paused. “I guess I learned to live one day at a time,” he finally said. “I realized that I was taking the present for granted. The past is something that already happened and you just have to look to the future, let it pull you in, away from your past, away from all of the crappy stuff and into something new and exciting and beautiful.”

“Or you could just discover time travel and go back and fix it,” Peter suggested mischievously.

Tony reached out and messed with Peter’s hair. “Only for you, kid. Overly sentimental speeches aside, I just want you to know that it’s okay if you’re not ready to go out as Spider-Man yet. That doesn’t mean you aren’t Spider-Man anymore or anything like that, it just means that you need to take a little extra time to recover.”

Peter nodded. “I think I’ll take another week or two off, see how it goes from there.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Tony said. “We have to fix your suit now anyway.”

Peter laughed, “that’s true.”

“I just finished some upgrades on the Iron Spider,” Tony added. Once we get you in that, you won’t have to worry about silly little knives anymore.”

Peter smiled, “thanks, Tony.”

“For what?” Tony asked, looking mildly confused.

Peter shrugged, “for looking out for me. It’s really nice to know you’ll always have my back.”

Tony couldn’t help but grin. “Of course, kid.” He pulled Peter into a tight hug. “Always.”

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During Far From Home, Peter calls Happy for help in the Netherlands, but Happy isn’t the one who shows up. Peter finds out that Tony didn’t die when he snapped after all. Or maybe that’s just what Beck wants him to think.

Read on AO3

Peter stumbled out of the police station. His ears were buzzing with Dutch he definitely couldn’t understand. He didn’t even know where he was. He just hoped Beck wouldn’t find him.

He struggled into the football jersey those guys had given him, trying not to let his guard down as he did it.

Everything hurt. He really knew what people meant when they said it felt like they got hit by a truck. A train was probably worse, right?

His head throbbed. The sunlight felt completely blinding. The noise of people in the street, deafening.

He crossed over to a farmer who seemed nice. “Excuse me, sir? Can I borrow your phone?”


Peter heard the quinjet approaching before he saw it. It made him jump at first, it could have been Beck for all he knew.

He limped out to the tulip field the jet landed in, praying that it was actually Happy inside. When the ramp came down, someone who was most definitely not Happy walked down it. Peter froze halfway through the field.

It was Tony. Or, it looked like Tony. Peter felt like he was going to cry. He didn’t have the energy to face Beck again, not yet. He started walking again, frustration building inside of him. Why did Beck have to torture him like this? Hadn’t he already done enough?

As he slowly walked closer, he saw Tony looking at him with concern. “Peter, what happened?”

Peter only grew more frustrated, “I know it’s you, Beck, you can’t trick me like this.”

Now Beck looked confused. He was nailing Tony’s expressions so perfectly, it was throwing Peter off. His spidey senses weren’t tingling, but they never would around Tony.

“Just drop the illusion,” Peter yelled, “stop messing with my head!”

“Kid, I’m not Beck, it’s really me,” Tony said, pleading with him.

“Tony’s dead!” Peter yelled, partially to remind himself. “I saw him die.”

“Pete, I didn’t die,” Tony said, his tone sounding a little more desperate. “What can I do to make you believe it’s me?”

Peter paused.

“Tell me something only you would know,” he finally said.

Tony looked thoughtful, “When we first met, when I brought you to Germany, you tried to get out of it by telling me you had homework.”

Peter stared at him, starting to wonder if it really could be Tony.

He shook his head, “it can’t be Tony, I know it can’t.” His resolve was cracking, “You died,” he said, “I saw you die. I went to your funeral.” Saying it out loud felt like a stab to the chest. It couldn’t be him, it couldn’t.

Tony took a step forward, but Peter took a step back, still unwilling to believe it really could be Iron Man himself, back in the flesh. The man looked so hurt by Peter’s doubt, that he almost regretted stepping back, but he just couldn’t risk it being Beck, no matter how badly he wanted Tony back. It was like a dream and a nightmare wrapped up in one. All he wanted was for Tony to still be alive, but the tease, seeing him but being unable to trust that he was really there, was torture.

“Kid…” Tony started. “It was Strange,” he finally said. “When he took me off the battlefield, he brought me to the Sanctum. I don’t know exactly what he did, but it worked, I’m here.”

Peter felt tears stinging in his eyes. He hated it, hated that he was this gullible, that he was starting to really think it was Tony, but it seemed so much like him.

“Why did we have a funeral if you weren’t dead? Doctor Strange was there. Why wouldn’t he tell us that you were alive?”

Tony shrugged, “he still didn’t know if I was going to make it. He hadn’t even told anyone what he was doing yet, he just let you all think I was dead.”

Peter still couldn’t comprehend what was happening. His head was swimming, he had to have a concussion. “Who knows you’re alive?”

“Pepper, Morgan, Happy, Rhodey, now you. That’s it.”

“I still don’t know if I can trust you,” Peter said softly. He felt like he was being torn apart. He so badly wanted it—needed it to be Tony, but he felt like he couldn’t even trust himself anymore. “I don’t know what to do.”

Tony looked hesitant. “I can show you something… something that Beck has no way of knowing about.”

Peter’s eyebrows scrunched together, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Tony looked uncomfortable, an expression Peter never thought he would see on the man. “When Strange saved my life, he fixed me up pretty good, but he couldn’t fix everything.” Tony pushed the right sleeve of his sweatshirt up to reveal an arm made of titanium, not flesh. “I haven’t quite figured out this whole prosthetic thing out yet, but—”

Before Tony could finish, Peter was hurling himself at him. He crashed into him with a wild embrace, so relieved and excited, it surprised them both.

Peter wasn’t exactly sure why that last detail was what made him realize that this was really Tony, but he was sure now, without a shadow of a doubt.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for so long,” Tony said, pressing a kiss to the top of Peter’s head. “I’ve missed you so much. It’s been killing me to know that you’ve still been out there thinking I was dead this whole time, but it wasn’t safe to let you know I was alive. I didn’t want to put you in any more danger.”

They pulled apart for a moment. Tony surveyed Peter’s face, taking in just how beat up it was. “Geez, kid, let’s get you cleaned up a little.”

With that, they entered the quinjet.

Peter was crying freely now. All of the pent up emotions from his fight with Beck breaking loose. Everything hurt, but Tony was back. Tony was back.It felt like he was dreaming. He had longed for this since the moment Tony died, but it had seemed impossible. As impossible as being reunited with Ben or his parents.

Peter sat on one of the jet’s upholstered seats as Tony pulled out a med kit.

“Kid, what happened to you?” Tony asked.

Peter sniffed, wiping at his nose with the back of his hand. “I… I was fighting Mysterio and… he was manipulating me. I couldn’t tell what was real. Nothing made sense. I saw your grave and Michelle dying and then I fell in front of a train-”

“A real train?” Tony interrupted.

“Yeah…” Peter replied, unsure what else he should say.

“You got hit by a train?!” Tony’s outrage was palpable. “That son of a bitch is going down.” He looked back down at Peter. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there to help you. I’m not really supposed to be here now if we’re being honest, but when have I ever done what I was supposed to do?” he smiled wryly.

Peter laughed a little. “I’m just so happy you’re alive,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve really processed it yet.”

Tony helped ease Peter out of the football jersey. “Friday, run a full body scan on Peter.”

After a moment, Friday confirmed, “Full diagnostic complete. Major injuries include a concussion, broken right fibula, cracked and broken ribs, and a deep gash along the left side of the thoracic spine.”

Tony winced at the list, “geez, kid.” He gently pulled up the back of Peter’s black t-shirt to inspect his back. “I’m going to have to stitch this one up,” he said.

Peter just nodded silently. The adrenaline from discovering that Tony was alive was quickly fading and the pain was beginning to pulse throughout his entire body.

As Tony prepared the needle and thread, Peter sighed. “I screwed up so bad, Mr. Stark. I gave Edith to Beck and now he’s going to kill all of my friends.” He groaned, resting his elbows on his knees and letting his head drop into his hands. “I really failed you.”

Tony paused. “Peter…” he started. “You could never fail me, you know that, right?”

Peter didn’t respond.

Tony abandoned the med kit and sat down in the seat across from him. “Look at me kid,” he said quietly.

Peter raised his head up, eyes red and puffy, face sticky with blood and dark with bruises.

It took effort for Tony not to jump up right then and head off to kill Beck with his bare hands. Peter looked so hurt, inside and out, that it made Tony’s anger simmer. He swallowed it back, focusing on his kid. “I really don’t care how badly you screw up, Peter. You’ll always have me to back you up. No matter what. There’s nothing you could do to make me love you any less.”

Peter just stared at him, looking a little shocked.

“I know I never talked like this before… before everything with Thanos, but spending almost six years without you just made me realize that I have to tell you what I’m thinking or you’re never going to hear it.”

A hiccup escaped Peter’s lips as he tried to keep from crying more. “I’ve been so lost without you,” he said.

Tony leaned forward to hug him again, silently expressing his apology.

When he sat up again, he looked Peter in the eyes. “Now we’re going to fix you up, and you’re going to make a plan.”

“Me?” Peter asked.

“Yes, you. As much as I want to finish this fight for you, I can’t, but I know you can do it yourself.”

Peter started to protest.

“Nope,” Tony said, holding a finger up. “You got this Spider-Man, I trust you.”

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i love the phrase “you’re not wrong” because nowhere does it imply that you’re right either

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