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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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The first pride was a riot, more specifically a riot against police violence. Trans women like Miss Major and other people of colour paved the way for the celebration of pride today. You cannot celebrate your pride this month, or any month if you aren’t also supporting Black Lives Matter and the riots going on against police violence right now. Us white LGBTQ+ need to stand up for our black siblings and their rights, their struggles. We need to amplify their voices and show any support we can. (Edited to add links and make the image clearer)

Extensive BLM Google doc including places to donate to, education resources, etc

List of 75 things white people can do right now

Simple way to donate to the cause if you have no money to

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this should have been in the game but it wasn’t so i’m drawing it

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hey i love the new K.K Slider meme so I did one with my favorite album on this planet. 

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imagine seeing this post a year ago


when we have to be stuck in quarantine for another three months because people has to go protest for their right to die in mcdonalds

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while you were hitting the juul, going to college, having casual sex, driving your car, and eating takeout food, i died horribly under mysterious circumstances in a national park. and my body was never found again

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it sure is fun being private and closed off but just once or twice i would like to submit to the mortifying ordeal of being known without it being such a mortifying fucking ordeal

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sorry bro but according to my calculations you now have to kiss me on the lips. bro it’s in the math right here i checked it with a calculator and everything

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good mf morning, it’s okay to regress meaning it’s okay to return to this fucking hell site and ao3 all at once because the witcher has really just done it to you

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I wish I was a body of water being rained on. the only noise I would ever have to make is a soft gurgle and I would only move with the wind and fish. maybe I would evaporate and come crashing down on the other side of the world. that would be nice, I think

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a lone man begs for context in an unforgiving world 

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Things to bring back in books:

  • Chapter titles
  • Actually having a synopsis on the back instead of reviews no one will read

Some excellent additions from the notes:

  • Maps
  • Indexes of characters and places with pronunciations
  • Numbering books in a series on the spine
  • Tables of contents
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if i ever had a sworn enemy i would just kiss her in the rain after we fought… rip to every protagonist ever but i’m different

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the older i get the more i realize how unimportant it is to tell people my business

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who wants to PayPal me money for nothing in return serious inquires only

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I find I’m quite taken with the image of Link that we get in Breath of the Wild; i.e., that of someone who’s sensitive, compassionate, a bit easily startled, compelled to pet every dog he meets, yet at the same time the sort of person who will quite willingly paraglide off a mountainside - naked, screaming and possibly on fire - in order to get the drop on an enemy many times his size, rip its arm off, beat said enemy to death with said arm, then hang onto it just in case he runs into anything else that seems to be in need of a good arming.

Link is a complex man, is what I’m saying.

(And let’s not act like BotW’s Zelda would be in any way disturbed by all this. This is a woman whose first impulse upon catching a potentially psychoactive frog is to try to talk Link into eating it right then and there so that she can study its effects on him. She’d totally be an enabler.)

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so january is almost over huh? what’s next? february? give me a break

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