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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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This person reblogs people’s donation posts to mock them and make wild accusations of them. lol. You might want to block them.

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guillermo del toro’s little brother

every time i see this post i forget the punchline. and it’s always so fucking good

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Fun fact: Jesus died a Capricorn and came back an Aries, ain’t that fun?

Anon? Hey, Anon? This is by far the funniest fucking ask I have ever received 

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i am a woman. i am a lesbian. i have a penis. i am dysphoric about my penis. even if i wasnt, i would be allowed to enjoy having sex with it! and my lesbian sexual partners would be allowed to enjoy it too.

being a lesbian is about loving women–even if those womens bodies have penises, or flat chests, or deep voices, or adams apples, or facial hair.

claiming that being a lesbian is about hating penises, or liking vaginas, or breasts, or anything other than loving women regardless of what their bodies are like, is disrespectful not just to trans lesbians everywhere, but to all lesbians whose bodies dont fit what society tells us women have to be, regardless of whats in their pants.

women are more than their vaginas. women are more than their bodies. women are a wonderful and diverse group of people with bodies that are as diverse as any other group. you cant ignore that, no matter what shitty ideas about womens bodies you subscribe to.

hey transmisogynists: this post does not say “you have to date us.” it says “you have to accept that we are lesbians.” not creeps, not men, not straight. that’s literally it.

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Spent the last four hours or so starting on a new project: mapping the locations of famous horror movies set in America. It’s a work in progress, y’all’ see more when I’m done.

this is like when the RAF tried to figure out where to armour their bombers by looking at the distribution of bullet holes; the empty area on the map is where nobody lived to tell the tale.

It follows population density pretty closely except that the desert Southwest is over represented. Is that because it’s close to Hollywood? Cheap to shoot in? High density of chupacabras?

That’s just where the spooky is. Everything else is just noise from large populations.

Since @argumate​ brought this back, here’s what the map looks like today:

I started adding any horror movie at all, not just well-known ones. Also, it’s global now!

@cominyern​ Subgenre! 

  • Red is killer/slasher/psychological
  • Blue is monster/creature
  • Yellow is ghost/spirit/demon
  • Green is alien
  • Black is zombies
  • Purple is vampires

It lets you look at some cool regional trends, like how ghosts are huge in New England while aliens and vampires have a cluster in the Southwest.

that the original had a lot of black in Pittsburgh is unsurprising, given where a certain George Romero came from, but it now has an interesting relative density and variety.

(i blame the Tom Savini practical effects school in Monessen, personally)

I wish this was an interactive map I want to find and watch my “local” horror movies!

Ask and you shall receive! Here’s a link to explore the map for your local horror movies!

Reblogging again because I find myself in utter awe that … I know of movies that aren’t on this list.  And not just Godzilla ones (there’s a lot and it’s hard to keep track of them all). 

I hope that this continues to update. 

Because this is a great little project!


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Suit and tie, sell or buy, laugh or cry
What’s a guy to do, when nothing’s standing still for you
So many angles, so many lines
So many ways to see the sunrise

warriors quarantine challenge day 10: favorite MAP

my favorite MAP changes every minute honestly but I keep coming back to everything moves, it always blows me away how well-made and cohesive it is especially with how fast it was made

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You start off with all the upgrades, fight Ganondorf as the tutorial, and then you have to go around returning the five/seven/eight/whatever sacred artifacts and seals to their proper temples. Instead of a fairy, you have a ghostly Ganondorf, making sarcastic, only occasionally helpful comments, haunting you.

You lose one weapon/tool per temple. Getting in is always easy – you just hookshot/bomb/swim your way in, have to fight the annoyed temple guardian long enough to put the artifact back, and then the hard part starts. Getting out. You end up recruiting allies and befriending the creatures of the temples to help you replace your lost tools, acquiring new skills to replace more straight-forward hack and slash.

Zelda works in parallel with you, restoring Hyrule, and new areas open up as she progresses. There are lots of side-quests about diplomacy and assisting with rebuilding, investigating the cause of this or that problem.

Until at last, you’re at the final temple. The one in your home village, where you first took up a sacred sword to fight a great evil. You place the last artifact, the sword, onto its pedestal, and light flares. You’re a child again, soft hands and unsteady limbs, and Ganondorf –  now a gangly gerudo teen with a wry, crooked smile – offers you a hand up.

“Come on,” Ganondorf says, “We’ll do it right this time.”

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Cat color chart!


This doesn’t contain eeeeevery single possible color mutation but it should cover the most common/interesting ones! 

I’m not saying everything on this chart is 100% anatomically/genetically correct, but I tried to simplify it as much as I could! 

Feel free to use this for your own designs!

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Here is a direct link to leave a comment on this unfair and discriminatory proposal.


As a disabled person aircraft carriers have:

-Thrown out my boarding pass while saying to my mother, “it’s okay she’s in a wheelchair of course someone will just give up their seat for her”

-had staff kneel down to me and talk to me in a baby voice and say, “oh sweetie you didn’t understand me I asked you if you could walk

-been through every thorough pat down known to man

-had my wheelchair banged up to the point I had to by new wheelchair tires

-had staff talk over me and about me as if I wasn’t there

- had staff complain about me while I was being moved in a transfer chair

-was brought to a flight of stairs up to a plane and staff was shocked that I couldn’t board that way

-was sent a bus to pick me up and bring me to the wheelchair accessible boarding spot. They had to send a second bus because the first one they called for was not wheelchair accessible

And NOW, the Department of Transportation is proposing laws for aircraft that would:

- FORCE me (and other SD teams) to get paperwork proven that my highly trained service dog is well behaved and isn’t gonna poo everywhere

-FORCE me (and others) to arrive and HOUR earlier than anyone else on the flight so my service dog can be WATCHED FOR AN HOUR before deciding if we’ll be allowed to board

This is being disguised as a way to control people taking advantage of ESAs and what it is trying to do and what it will do is IMPEDE disabled people. They want to refuse legitimately trained miniature service horses. They want to make ESAs not allowed in aircraft at all. And they want to discriminate against disabled folk even more than they already do. This is not okay.

There is about a month or two left for the public to comment on the DOTs proposal. Please comment and help out our disabled community especially those with animal helpers


PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR FEEDBACK AT THIS SITE: https://www.transportation.gov/briefing-room/us-department-transportation-seeks-comment-proposed-amendments-regulation-service

U.S. Department of Transportation Seeks Comment on Proposed Amendments to Regulation of Service Animals on Flights

Emotional support animals could be banned from planes under DOT rule

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Thanks I hate it: sarcastic disdain, you don’t enjoy this at all
that’s insufferable, I love it: prankster solidarity. A compliment for mischief.
You gotta try this dude, it sucks: solidarity through communal self-flagellation
It’s terrible, watch it immediately: Your classic so-bad-it’s-good media


the whole squad

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ultimately i think we all want someone who will tenderly wipe the blood off our face

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sometimes i watch youtube videos and halfway through i’m like you know what i don’t care and then i close it

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Oh, I get it. You mean like when someone drinks too much, or snorts cocaine, or bets the house on the ponies? Or like when someone smokes too many cigarettes? Or like when someone shops too much with credit cards? Or like when someone plays too many scratchy lotteries? Or like when someone eats too much chocolate cake? Or like when someone eats too much chocolate cake and then barfs it up?

Executive Producer: Dick Wolf.

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