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I'm going to be posting all my favorite fanfics from the Spiderman: Homecoming universe! No Starker, tons of IronDad

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spideyrecs·3 hours agoAnswer

do you have any really good fics that aren't as widely known? alternately, is there anything of yours that you're disappointed by the kudos/notes and you want people to go show it some love?

My mit rhodeytony sick fic wouldn’t mind a bit more lovin’ I’m sure, if only for the moment where Tony decides to go up against an imaginary axe murderer with a plastic lightsaber cos that’s just the kinda guy he is.

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5 times it wasn’t a hug and the 1 time it was (ao3) - parkrstark
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: 5 times it wasn’t a hug and the one time it was.


The one where Tony has a habit of not-really-but-kinda-sorta hugging Peter and finally gets it right when it matters the most.

5 Times Peter Didn’t Say He Was Struggling…And The One Time He Did (ao3) - Bladam_Shevine
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: Peter had a knack for keeping things to himself, causing an unnecessary amount of stress for a graying Tony Stark.

5 Times Peter Pretended To Be Tougher Than He Was (ao3) - grilledcheesing
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: … and one time he couldn’t.

Or, Peter really, really wants to seem like he’s got his Shit On Lock, and tells enough white lies to drive Tony up a damn wall.

Accepting the Tides (ao3) - Emma_Anacortes
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: Tony had dragged Peter from the depths of despair after May’s death. It was normal that he’d grown to care a little about him, right?

Yeah, okay. He freaking loved the kid.

So naturally he would feel a little weird when Richard Parker randomly shows up in Peter’s life. Naturally he’d feel protective, nervous, and confused because where has Richard been all this time? And why does Tony feel sick every time he sees him around Peter?

All he knows is if Richard hurts his kid, Tony’s gonna give him hell.

Bed Unrest (ao3) - wolfypuppypiles
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: “Bed rest. Are you serious?”

Tony crossed his arms, watching Peter kick at his blankets, bandage around his ankle itching. “Yes. Peter, you bruised your kidneys, that’s not something to mess around with.”

But would he mess around with it anyway? Yes. Of course he would its Peter.

Casualty of war (ao3) - wolfypuppypiles
Rating: General

Summary: Peter got knocked down in Civil War, but when Tony went to check on the baby Avenger, he realized he was more badly hurt than first realized.

There wasn’t meant to be any casualties, but there always is in war.

Close Call (ao3) - Icylightning
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: Someone from Tony’s past knows how exactly to take revenge on him. Target : Peter Parker.

DNA (ao3) - edema_ruh

Summary: Peter temporarily loses his powers after ignoring Tony’s orders and stepping into a fight bigger than himself.
Now, Tony has to take care of an injured Peter who can’t use his enhanced metabolism to heal faster, all the while feeling guilty about having failed to protect the boy.

Doing Enough (ao3) - Footloose_Poets
Rating: General

Summary: Tony tries to come down off the panic of thinking his world’s fallen apart. Peter does his best to help.

Endless Ambition (ao3) - emraldmoon
Rating: General

Summary: Penny Parker gets injured in a disaster during patrol and is laid up with a cast. Tony helps her heal, and Harley keeps her company.

Grounded (ao3) - wolfypuppypiles
Rating: Mature

Summary: Peter is grounded (Following the events of my other fanfic ‘learning curve’) but when someone needs help he cant just ignore it, no matter how many people are telling him not to.

I dream but not of sheep (ao3) - Webtrinsic
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: Peter denied his need for sleep often, luckily Tony wasn’t having it. But Tony couldn’t blame the boy, he had nightmares and long nights too.

Peter’s Overprotective Family (ff.net) - Hellspawn1804 
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: Peter is bullied by Flash and his goons and even the teachers, because he said he has a Stark internship. But when the bullying becomes physical and things go too far, leaving Peter extremely injured, the Avengers pay a visit to Midtown.

Peter Parker’s Best Birthday Ever (ao3) - MelissaBosquez
Rating: General

Summary: Peter Parker was orphaned at the age of 11 when his family was killed an a car accident. Luckily he wasn’t alone for long when billionaire and literal superhero, Tony Stark, swoops in one day and agrees to become a foster parent. However, Peter can’t help but think even as the years go by that he always has one foot out the door, waiting for the day that Tony will decide he doesn’t want to be a parent anymore…he just didn’t think it would happen on his 16th birthday.

Pineapple Pizza and how it Saved Peter’s Life (ao3) - Ficbunny
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: Peter’s being bullied. That’s definitely a problem that Tony will be confronting someone about, but is there more going on?

Publicity Parent (ao3) - Bowtiez
Rating: General

Summary: Tony’s losing his credit with the public. Pepper’s got a plan to fix it.

Enter Peter Parker, eight-year-old orphan from Queens, New York.

Tony has no idea how children work, so why is he so drawn to little Peter Parker?

Remembrance (ao3) - edibna
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: After their first major fight, everything goes wrong for Tony and Peter.

Peter wakes up one morning with no memory of any of the last few months since his Aunt May passed away from cancer.

Tony is just trying to figure out what the soul stone did to his kid, and why Peter doesn’t seem to trust him anymore. With their relationship already strained, can they deal with sudden, magical memory loss from a stone that doesn’t seem to exist in the Universe?

They may have come far, but it was all erased in the blink of an eye.

The World Is Wide (But I Feel So Small) (ao3) - Buckets_Of_Stars
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: When Peter is abruptly taken from Tony by a mysterious criminal, the teen has to fight tooth and nail to make it out of the man’s clutches, testing him every step of the way as he tries desperately to get back to his Dad.

Tony just wants to find his child and make the bastard responsible pay for his actions.

By any means necessary.

Too smart for his own good (ao3) - sarcasmismyweapon
Rating: Mature

Summary: Tony and Steve get a call from Peter’s school saying they need to come and pick the boy up, upon arriving there they find out that their foster son is not only suspended from school for fighting but that the fight was about something a little close to home. Tony naturally takes it upon himself to rectify the situation in the only way he knows how suing people.

turn back the clock (and I’ll try again in the morning) (ao3) - madasthesea
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: Peter gets stuck in a time loop. In it, he lives through some of his worst nightmares, only to wake up that morning and have no one remember. He needs Tony to help him get through.

And if that isn’t bad enough, his identity is revealed over and over, every day.

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Hey everyone! I’ve finally come up with a November challenge specially dedicated to platonic love! And the good thing is - any content creator may use it, so it doesn’t need be necessarily just an art challenge :) 

Feel free to post content with any characters you wish using a hashtag #platovember, but the main rule is - the content should be platonic ONLY. This challenge has been made up in order to create more amazing works dedicated to wholesome friendships, brother or sisterhoods, found families and all the other kinds of relationships which DON’T include romantic or sexual attraction. 

Hope you’ll have fun with this challenge, guys!!

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you know that picture in your head of what good writing looks like? smash it with a bat and go write that ‘self-indulgent’ au you’ve been thinking about all week. ♥

sincerely, a fellow perfectionism-plagued fanfic writer. 

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Just wanted to leave this here…

I’m new to tumblr, but I’m here for all the great Spideytorch content, oh man ;)

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*slithers into your inbox* Hi. Can you write a fic where Peter's really clumsy and awkward around MJ and it takes Tony really long to figure out that he likes MJ and gives Peter relationship advice to which Peter feels really awkward about? Feel free to disregard or deny. Oh also, your works are awesome and congrats on 1k. *slithers back out*

It’s Rhodey who mentions it to him. He and Tony are sitting on the patio at the compound, enjoying the nice summer night while drinking some yellow smoothies (when Tony announced he will go completely sober, Rhodey immediately stopped consuming any alcohol when Tony is around, and Tony is so much more grateful for his support than he could ever put into words). “What kind of advice did you give Peter?”

“That he should avoid the sharp end of the knife.”

“No, the other one.”

“That not all criminals appreciate funny puns.”


“That he should always check the smoothies DUM-E makes him, no matter if the last five have been motor oil-free.”

“Not that one.”

“That he should take a look over his shoulder when he’s changing lanes because of the blind spot.”


“That nightmares are absolutely nothing to be ashamed about and that he can always call me if it’s too much.”

Rhodey rolls his eyes. “C’mon, you know what I’m talking about.”

“No, I honestly don’t, platypus,” Tony says. He could continue the list of what kind of advice he gave Peter, of course, but he has a feeling that those wouldn’t be the right ones either.

“I’m talking about MJ.”

“What about her?”

His friend’s mouth is already open, but he stops, blinking at Tony twice. “You didn’t notice?”

“Didn’t notice what?”

Instead of answering – at this point, Tony is half-convinced that Rhodey is only doing this to annoy him – Rhodey looks into the distance, shrugging once. “Well, I guess that makes sense. You were already at MIT at his age.”

“Not that I don’t love having long conversations with you, honey bear, but can you please enlighten me? What’s with Peter and MJ?”

“Peter has a crush on her.”

“What?” Tony all but yells, grateful that he didn’t had any smoothie in his mouth or he would’ve choked on it. “No! Why would you say that?”

“Did you seriously not notice anything about Peter whenever he’s around MJ?”

Instead of starting to yell again, Tony actually pauses and thinks about it for a second. For the last couple of months, Tony had bonded with both Ned and MJ – not entirely by choice. It started when Tony spontaneously decided to pick up Peter from school and invite him to an early dinner. However, the kid already made plans with MJ and Ned, so (even though Tony wasn’t too happy about it back then) he invited them along, too. More incidents like that happened. Eventually, Tony let them use his in-home movie theatre to watch their movies and quizzed them for an upcoming test.

Before he was fully aware it was happening, he more or less adopted those two teenagers as well. Not like he adopted Peter (not legally, of course, it’s more of an unspoken thing – and everyone who matters is aware of it), but more like these are my kid’s best friends and they’re good kids so I will clearly catch a bullet for them and buy them as much food as they want.

Even though Peter can invent better things than most of Tony’s colleagues, Ned is better at programming than him (Tony is absolutely not surprised when he found out that it had been Ned who hacked the Spider-Man suit). Tony tries his best to come up with challenges for him and introduces him to a few of his employees in the programming department. He also lends Ned one of his cars when his dad’s car breaks down just days before his driving test.

It was a bit more difficult to bond with MJ, but as soon as they found something in common they could talk about (their awe for Pepper Potts, and Tony is unbelievably happy that he found someone who can gush just as much as he about his soon-to-be wife), their relationship really took off. He helps her find good questions for their AcaDeca practice, introduces her to Pepper, and pulls an all-nighter researching good schools when she said she can’t decide.

They also have a group chat where they complain about Peter being a reckless (and on a darker note: where Tony keeps them updated when something happens to their favorite spider boy).

Tony invited all three of them to spend some time at the compound during their summer break, knowing that no teenager would ever say no to a pool like theirs and the gaming room. But now that Rhodey mentioned Peter being weird around MJ, Tony thinks back – and comes to the conclusion that his friend is right. Peter did start to ramble a bit more whenever MJ surprised him with a question, suddenly becoming unfocused to the point he would let things fall despite his stickiness and his spider sense.

He thought Peter might be overworked or something, but all of these things have one thing in common: MJ.

“Oh, shit,” Tony breathes, the realization falling from his eyes like scales. “Peter likes MJ.”

Rhodey snorts. “Aren’t you supposed to be a genius? Or close to Peter?”

“I have to give him some advice,” he says, completely ignoring the comment, his brain jumping to the I have to help Peter however I can default setting.

“Tones, I really don’t know if you’re the best one to give him some advice.”

“Nonsense! Why would you say that?”

“Because you’re Tony Stark. Your dating experience is very different from anyone’s else. On top of that, you skipped the entire embarrassing and awkward dating in High School phase. Maybe you should just… wait until he asks you something.”

Tony, of course, doesn’t listen to Rhodey.

So, the next day after making sure that both Ned and MJ are still asleep, Tony knocks against Peter’s door, stepping inside once he gets the boy’s permission. “Morning, Mr. Stark!” Peter greets him, way too cheerful for a teenager at this hour of the morning.

Tony smiles. “Morning. Slept well?”

“Of course. It’s literally impossible to sleep uncomfortable on this mattress,” Peter jokes, patting the bed he’s still sitting on.

Tony decides to rip off the band-aid. “So, you like MJ.”

Peter’s face loses it’s color so fast, it’s a bit concerning. “Wh-Wh-What?! N-No! Absolutely not! That’s- How did you come up with something so ridiculous?”

“Please, I’ve known for weeks.” (That’s a lie, obviously, but Peter doesn’t need to know.) Peter looks like he wants to say something, but Tony shakes his head. “It’s fine, Peter. Don’t panic. I’m not here to make fun of you.”

“It kinda feels like you are.”

“Rude.” Because the kid is still very much looking like a deer caught in headlights, Tony sits down next to him. “Hey. MJ is great, and I actually think you would make a cute couple.”

“We’re not a couple.”

“I know, you actually have to ask her out for that. But don’t worry, I’m here to give you some tips.”

“Oh god,” Peter mumbles, hiding his bright red face in his hands. “Please don’t.”

“So, the most important thing is to be honest and to always be yourself. And then-”

“Can we please not do this? Like… I would rather get stabbed.”

“I’m starting to think you don’t want to hear my advice.”

“No offense, but I heard a lot of stories from Miss Potts and Colonel Rhodes. I don’t think any of them will work with MJ. Or on, like, anyone.”

Tony grimaces. “Wow. Looks like everyone decides to stab me in the back. But one thing I have a lot of experience with is, well… how do I say that… to be intimate.”

“Nope!” Peter shouts, jumping off his bed, shaking his head, and getting at least three feet away from Tony. “Absolutely not. We’re not having this conversation. At all!”

“C’mon, this is important. And you have to know-”

“I already know! We talked about it at school and I already had one very embarrassing conversation with May and there’s the internet! I don’t need to talk with you about it, too!”

“Peter-” Peter shakes his head before jumping forward, grabbing Tony’s arm and pulling him up. Then, to the man’s surprise (and probably a true testimony of how much Peter doesn’t want to talk about it), the kid picks him up, arms wrapped around his middle, and carries him to the door like Tony weights nothing at all. “I just want you to know that if you should ever have any questions-”

“I’ll google them!” Peter answers, setting Tony down and slamming the door in his face. Finally, Tony doesn’t have to hide his smile anymore.

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me, on my way to tumblr for the 100000th time today to see if any of my favourite writers have posted when i know i should be doing my work :

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spideyrecs·7 days agoAnswer

This is probably minor, but I hate it when an author posts a new chapter and apologizes bc it's "filler." Everytime I've ever seen something called filler by the author, it's been either setting up characterization, preparing for Major Plot Event, or recovering from Major Plot Event. Just because a chapter isn't plot heavy doesn't mean it's filler or could be cut out and you don't have to apologize for it. They are usually vital and the story wouldn't make sense without the "filler" chapter.

Just because a chapter isn’t plot heavy doesn’t mean it’s filler

you’re right and you should say it

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Sunlight  by @ardenskyedarcy221b


“Stop pouting and ignoring me. You’re giving me a complex.”

“I am— I’m not pouting,” he sputters, avoiding his father’s gaze.

“Oooh, but you are ignoring me.”


Or the one where Peter struggles reintegrating in his own life after his dad lived five years without him.

A classic in the whole Peter feels misplaced after the snap genre, with a biodad twist that makes it extra angstier as he deals with feeling replaced by Morgan. Add the 4th of July, and some mini golf, and you have a great, beautifully written fic.   

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Peter: Mr. Jameson you have to take them down.  I didn’t mean to send *those* photos!

Johnny: Dude! Everyone thinks you’re gay for Spider-Man now!

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of phone calls & panic attacks by The_German_Grim_Reaper for LoneswaggingRanger

We’ll Take What Comes by ironxprince (emraldmoon) for Vintervittran

Because of him by hold_our_destiny for bubbablue

A Bad (Good?) Day by An_Odd_Idea for baloobird

I’m Forever Yours (Faithfully) by bubbablue for DancingInTheSliverGlow

Don’t Worry Darling (I’m Right Here) by Skeeter_110 for joyful_soul_collector

True as sarcasm by Vintervittran for TalkShippingtoMe

You could die (and I need you alive) by sdottkrames for peterjackson

Friendly Neighborhood Exchange by spooderboyandtincan for Malya

We will see each other through it all by sdottkrames for An_Odd_Idea

The closest thing we have by hold_our_destiny for sdottkrames

A Makeshift Ice Rink by GracefulPanda12 for Skeeter_110

Unwell by Slothbeans for jelly_pies

Don’t Leave Me Alone With Me by peterjackson for paperowl

Tony Didn’t Ask For This (But He’s Not Complaining) by Pookiethefrickinbunn for Vero_nica

this is where you zip it, alright? by AliceCasch for GeekintheCorner

I’m Sorry, Draw My…What? by LBIGreyhound13 for spooderboyandtincan

to define a way of being by galactic_cam for Slothbeans

Ain’t No Rest for the Struggling Teenager by Vero_nica for sapphirestark

Places and Embraces (that you thought you left behind) by jelly_pies for jaybaybay

I Wanna Be Somebody by happybeans for Clover_Rose

Intern-Man by Averin for BookObsessed3000

Peter Parker by canonismybitch for flightoftheseraph

Bulletproof by canonismybitch for hold_our_destiny

Just a small flesh wound (‘tis but a scratch) by Peer_Parker for The_German_Grim_Reaper

even if I got the thumbs down by sandyk for gothbats

I’ll Look After You by doctornineandthreequarters for imalivebecauseirondad

Does it matter? by LoneswaggingRanger for pixiethefirecat7

Dad Membership by baloobird for canonismybitch

So understanding and so kind (You’re everything to me) by wonkystank for opal_earrings

thanksgiving trials by sapphirestark for kingdomfaraway

See You (Not Too) Soon by cold_nights_summer_days for GracefulPanda12

I’ve Got You by imgoingtocrash for Peer_Parker

When did the sky turn black (and when will the light come back?) by paperowl for ironxprince (emraldmoon)

Identity [REDACTED] by TheDisneyOutsider for sandyk

Five Time Faculty Members Had to Call Peter’s Emergency Contact + 1 Time He Shows Up Anyway by kingdomfaraway for TheDisneyOutsider

my pants are not on fire, thank you byGeekintheCorner for Averin

Out Came the Sun by flightoftheseraph for imgoingtocrash

Assistant, Scholar, Son by DancingInTheSliverGlow for AliceCasch

I’ve never known a kid like you to stay down for long by joyful_soul_collector for Pookiethefrickinbunn

Connected (yet to be separate) by LittleMissAgrafina for LBIGreyhound13

No Matter If I Fall from the Sky by opal_earrings for LittleMissAgrafina

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if we want the rewards of people reading our fic we must submit to the mortifying ordeal of actually writing the damn thing

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Coffee break

Meeting sketch

#pascalcampion #spiderman

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The Time Traveler’s Mentor
Chapter Eight (Out Now)


Peter Parker inherited a rare trait from his father, he can uncontrollably drift, back and forth, through time. Hand-in-hand, with his double life, as New York’s Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, his life is one chaotic event on top of another.

Everything changes, when his mentor, Tony Stark, discovers the truth about his time-traveling abilities.  

Chapter Summary

Tony discovers Parker’s true intentions.

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