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spikemuth-post·8 days agoText

Staff Memeber: I just need you to pick your trainer number
Piers: Hehe, Sixty-
Leon: Glare intensifies
Piers:. one…

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Raihan and Leon show up at Piers house  and Piers refused to get out of bed 
Leon: Come on! You can’t spend the whole day in bed
Piers: I could if you go away
Raihan: You’re doing it wrong, Leon. Try this.
Raihan leans down to the bed, lifting the pillow over Piers’s head. He glances over at him briefly.
Raihan: Either you join us on our fun day we have planned… or we take Marnie instead-
Piers: I’m getting up, fine.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Marnie: I know you’re growing your hair out but you’re shedding all over the house
Piers glances up from fishing his hair out of his cereal bowl 
Piers: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Store clerk raises a brow ringing up 20 bottles of shampoo.
Piers: It takes a whole bottle to wash my hair
Store Clerk: Have you thought about cutting it-
Piers: If I thought about cutting it I wouldn’t be buying 20 bottles of shampoo, 

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spikemuth-post·9 days agoAnswer
When will the baby Toxels return? I need some baby Toxel fluff for I am small and emotional

I can write some baby Toxel Adventures, that sound fun

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spikemuth-post·10 days agoAnswer
I would love to join the Piers discord but I'm super shy and wouldn't know what to say other than I just love Piers >//~//

Even if you never talk, you should join just to see all the pics of Piers we collect. I understand if you don’t want to be active <3 

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spikemuth-post·10 days agoText

Yeah, I didn’t know if I should make a discord all about Piers. I mean, It would be nice to log in somewhere at 3 in the morning and shout: You know why I can’t sleep? Piers is hot!  I’m very motivated by the fact that a lot of you are my age and we all are crushing really hard on Piers.
I’m mostly just wondering out loud if this is a good idea before I do anything concrete.

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spikemuth-post·11 days agoText

Piers and Nicknames

  • He has a nickname for just about everyone
  • His sister has the most
  • He will never call her a nickname in mixed company and they’re usually reserved for when they’re alone
  • He’s partial to things that have part of her name in it like: Mag Mar, Mar-Tian, Marzipan
  • Sometimes just good old Baby Sister
  • He won’t do that in front of her friends or anything though
  • He doesn’t want to embarrass her, he knows she’s shy
  • For his S/O he likes to incorporate shit you like
  • You a rocker like him? Mixtape, songbird, lullaby
  • You have a sweet tooth? Pixie stick, gobstopper, cupcake
  • He will used normal ones like babe occasionally but only in public, in private he prefers to use what he considers to be the more intimate and personal names
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spikemuth-post·12 days agoText

Almost Caught Fooling Around with Piers (NSFW)

  • Piers let out a flirty chuckle as he pinned you to his couch
  • He was peppering your neck with kisses and making light suggestions about you doing something for him
  • You finally decided to indulge him
  • He leaned back on the couch, pulling his pants down a bit to show off his growing erection
  • He didn’t have to invite you
  • You gave the tip a playful lick and before you could do any more than that the living room light turned on.
  • You pulled away from Piers and he out himself away
  • He looked behind the couch to see Marnie had come into the living room and his heart just stopped
  • The couch was pretty tall, hopefully she didn’t see anything.
  • She didn’t seem to be scarred for life
  • She seemed sleepy
  • “Uh, didn’t know you were up, Mag Mar.”
  • “Oh, I just wanted some water. I didn’t mean to interrupt your movie.”
  • Oh that’s right, you put a movie on.
  • You and piers looked at the screen, having no idea what was going on
  • You had been making out since the movie started
  • Marnie got her water and immediately turned the lights back off and went back to bed
  • But it was safe to say neither of you were in the mood anymore
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spikemuth-post·14 days agoAnswer
I love that dead by daylight you wrote!! It had me giggling! For some reason instead of the in-game characters I just imagines leon dressed as Michael Myers chasing piers... They should have a YouTube channel

That would be fun. I recently started playing dead by daylight so I had to write something about friends having fun <3

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spikemuth-post·14 days agoText

Playing Dead By Daylight

*Game Begins in Gideon Meat Plant*

Piers: Oh, Fuck this Level, Mate-
Raihan: You don’t like it?
Piers: No one should 
Gordie: What’s the killer again?
Piers: It’s Leon but I don’t know who he is 
Raihan: Already found a generator-
Piers: You’re going to get your ass killed, We’re all on this call.
Raihan: Leon, You didn’t hear that 
-Leon already spots Raihan and is just being quiet-
Raihan:…. Leon, Say something
-Bede spots Leon looking down on Raihan and promptly turns around and goes the other way-
Bede: Killer is Michael Myers
Piers: Oh good, he’s slow as fuck 
Leon: Raihan, where the hell is your camera pointed that you don’t see me?
Raihan: wa- OH DAMMIT!
-Piers and Gordie dying of laughter in the background, they finished off a generator. Leon leaves Raihan on the ground-
Leon: Too long, I should have killed you and moved on
Bede: That sounds just fantastic out of context-
Leon: In the spirit of Michael Myers I decided to stalk you a little-
Raihan: Piers, help me-
Gordie: Don’t, it’s a trap
Piers: I’m lost anyway. This building confuses the hell out of me 
Leon: Who did I just see run past the hook on the first floor
Bede: You didn’t see anything
Leon: I think it was Piers
Bede: Oh, then I don’t care-
Piers: No he was right the first time. You didn’t see shit.
Raihan: I. AM. DYING!
Gordie: And that’s your fault 
Piers: You slow me down anyway
-Leon comes back and picks Raihan up, putting him on a hook. Bede takes in a deep breath as Leon walks right past his hiding spot. Hearing that in the mic, Leon puts Raihan down and goes back for Bede-
Leon: I have my ways-
Gordie: You made that ‘ oh shit the killer is close to me than I thought noise’

-Through the mic Piers can faintly hear Melony telling her son to watch his language-

Bede: That’s not a thing
Piers: The moment you did it, I heard it
-Piers heals Raihan and runs off, Raihan hides in the closest cabinet. Leon passes by with Bede headed to the nearest hook-
Leon: Raihan, where’d you go?
Piers: Next time you get him, he’s yours 
Raihan: You need my toolbox. Admit it-
Piers: Gordie has one
-Gordie finishes another generator almost on cue-
Bede: Any time someone wants to GET ME OFF THIS FUCKING HOOK-
Gordie: Piers, you think we could clear this game with just the two of us?
Piers: Yes but be warned I’m not sticking my neck out for you 
Gordie: Fair enough
Bede: Should I just struggle? It seems like no one is coming this way 
Leon: Oh? They aren’t now?
Piers: Way to go Bede. Screwing me over even in death-
Bede: I’m not dead yet!
Gordie: Sweet, found a chest-
Piers: Nice
-Bede starts struggling and Raihan finishes off a generator-
Bede: Any time you want to help me, just let me know-
Piers: It’s on my to do list-
Gordie: Not mine-
Bede: This isn’t funny guys 
Gordie: I wouldn’t have even saved Raihan. I know how to outsmart Leon on my own
Piers: Good luck cracking 3 generators then

-Piers turns the corner and hears the heartbeat, he starts to run and unintentionally runs into Leon who takes him down-
Piers: Well, shit
Gordie: That’s the ‘I just got got’  sign
Piers: No, that the ‘Piers is lost in this fucking maze of a map’ sign
Raihan: Yeah, Piers sucks in indoor levels 

-Bede is finally killed on the hook and they can hear him throw his controller through the mic. Piers is being carried off by Leon-

Piers: rough day?
Bede: One of you could have saved me. Someone was right there

-Raihan and Gordie finish off a generator together, Piers is hooked. Leon immediate heads upstairs- Piers sits back in his chair and sips a soda

Raihan: Don’t worry Piers, just sit tight
Piers: Take your time, I’m not goin’ anywhere
Bede: Oh, You’ll save Piers!
Gordie: At least Piers has logged more than an hour on this game 
Piers: Bede, I’ve got some burn heal over here if you need it

-Gordie saves Piers and heals him right in front of the hook. Raihan is running from Leon who is laughing into the mic-

Gordie: Leon, man, you’re scaring me-
Piers: Raihan is injured
Leon: Just playin’ the game

-Bede starts spectating Piers as he finished a generator. Raihan is put on the hook and begins to struggle-

Gordie: Just one more!
Raihan: You’re going to save me right?
Piers: Of course.
Gordie: Yeah, how are we supposed to escape without a distraction?
Piers: Ugh, Gordie, you know me so well, mate.

-As Piers gets to him, Raihan gives up and is killed on the hook. Piers is caught off guard and Leon gets him from behind-

Piers: Raihan! What the hell!? I was RIGHT THERE!
Gordie: Dick move, Raihan 
Bede: Good luck escaping now
Gordie: Like I’m going to just let Piers die-

-Gordie rounds the corner only to run right into Leon. Gordie is knocked down and Bede starts laughing. Piers begins keeps struggling and cursing under his breath. Gordie begins to wiggle out of the grip-

Piers: If I die here I will never forgive you
Leon: He might escape me, I can’t find a hook-
Bede: What do you mean you can’t find one!?
Leon: This map disorients me too, I’ve just been getting lucky 
Piers: This is horseshit man, Absolute Horseshit

-Gordie escapes Leons grip running off as Michael Myers is on his heels. He jumps down to the first floor to get Piers-

Piers: Don’t unhook me in front of the killer!?
Leon: I legitimately almost started singing ‘1 2 freddy’s coming for you’
Bede: But… You’re Michael
Piers: That flew over your head so bad I mistook it for a Corviknigtht. 
Piers: I think we’re going to lose
Gordie: I haven’t been hooked
Piers: Next one kills me, We aren’t making it
Raihan: This is what happens when you let Leon play-

Piers: This is what happens when RAIHAN GIVES UP

Gordie: Yeah Raihan, what the fuck? We could have saved you- MOM!?

-Gordie suddenly disconnects and Bede starts laughing. Piers runs up the stairs, aware that Leon is on his heels. Melony can be heard over the mic saying she warned Gordie about cursing under her roof-

Bede: And then there was one

Piers: Leon, let’s be reasonable here-

Leon: Nope

-Leon strikes Piers down and Piers just puts his face in his hands-


Melony: Don’t you talk to me like that!

Raihan: Oh look at that. Looks to me like you didn’t make it-

-Piers is put on the hook and immediately taken. He’s just cursing into the mic and saying he’ll never play with Raihan again-

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spikemuth-post·15 days agoText

I’ve been trying to write more but my sickness is just getting worse

I’m sorry for the slow down of content. I doing the best I can

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spikemuth-post·17 days agoAnswer
Hey there! Could I get some really detailed kissing headcanons for Piers please? Like how he likes to kiss, what he does with his hands and so on ^-^ please ignore if this makes you uncomfortable!

More Piers Kissing Headcanons

  • When Piers kisses his S/o it’s always meaningful
  • For a more casual kiss he likes their hands to be intertwined and for something more romantic he likes to cup their face in his hands
  • He prefers to take it slows, almost painfully, trying to keep the closeness between the both of them
  • He’ll pull them onto his lap If he’s able, not wasting an opportunity to keep things romantic
  • If he has to break away for any reason a string of praises will leave his lips
  • He wants them to feel loved through this entire encounter
  • He’s an insanely good kisser but gets really embarrassed when it’s pointed out
  • It makes him feel a bit like a bad guy because he’s more experienced with certain things
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spikemuth-post·18 days agoAnswer
Audition anon again! I got into the musical! So! That's good! You're epic!

YAY! Congrats! I knew you could do it 


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spikemuth-post·18 days agoAnswer
You know what we need more of? Piers having good friends. Any fun hcs for Piers being old childhood friends with Leon and Raihan and continuing to be friends as adults? I need more platonic stuff between those three.

Piers & Childhood Friends

  • Piers didn’t intend to make friends when he entered the gym challenge
  • Raihan just kind of latched onto him
  • And subsequently Leon
  • If you told him that this friendship would persist throughout the years he’d tell you to fuck off
  • Yet not a week goes by where he and the boys don’t meet up
  • As kids, Raihan had to drag the young man everywhere
  • Piers was a sleepy kid with little ambition that mostly kept to himself
  • Raihan forced him out of his shell
  • Piers both hated and appreciated that
  • The extremely high energy boys were too much for him sometimes
  • But he stuck around in the background, amused by them
  • When they were 12, Raihan and the guys snuck into a movie they were too young to see
  • Piers just plain old snuck in and Leon and Raihan attempted the two kids in a trench coat routine
  • They failed and Piers almost went to see the movie by himself but he snuck them in through the fire door
  • They watched the horror movie together, all 3 of them terrified but they were undeniably closer after that debacle
  • Their teens were a wild time
  • Raihan and Piers were out there looking for anyone to take to bed and Leon was holding them back and telling them to wait for ‘the right one’
  • Leon successfully cock blocked them all the time
  • Leading Piers and Raihan to team up and lock him in a closet while they crashed a party
  • Raihan would start to visit spikemuth, helping Marnie train for the day she would enter the gym challenge
  • Leon wanted to but always got lost in the way, but Piers still appreciates the sentiment
  • Present day, Leon calls Piers every morning to make sure he gets out of bed at a decent time
  • Sometimes Piers doesn’t answer and Leon calls Raihan and tells him to go wake him up since he’s usually closer to Spikemuth
  • Raihan has a spare key to Piers’ flat yet STILL breaks in through his bedroom window
  • After the 152nd time, Piers doesn’t even care anymore and put a doormat under his bedroom window
  • They meet up once a week, usually to go see a movie
  • They spend the whole time talking to each other about how terrible the movie is
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spikemuth-post·19 days agoAnswer
I was just read Piers vs S/O’s pokemon and when he’s like “well, fuck u then” i just imagine him saying it to a super sassy zigzagoon

That’s my favorite part to be honest

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spikemuth-post·19 days agoAnswer
Piers pining over his crush please? I need sappy puppy love piers!!

Piers Pining!

  • Oh why did you have to be so perfect
  • You walked around Galar with this aura about you, it drove Piers wild
  • Anytime you were near he could t help but stare, sometimes sigh
  • You and him were so close so why did you seem so Unobtainable?
  • Everytime you did anything together, go get food or what tv, the rocker wanted to drop little hints
  • He didn’t have the guts
  • You probably weren’t thinking about him that way anyway
  • His existence probably didn’t effect you in anyway
  • But for him…
  • Every thing you did he was in awe of
  • He spent the last five minutes just staring at a picture you took together before a flick to the back of his head for his attention
  • “Piers, ask y/n out already.” Marnie complained “it’s creepy when you just sit and stare at that picture.”
  • “Was I staring again?”
  • “It’s been an hour.” She said bluntly. She was fiddling in her phone with something and suddenly handed it to Piers
  • Her brother was confused until he heard you answer
  • His face exploded with every light shade of pink And Marnie just smirked
  • He stuttered together some sentence about a wrong number and hung up
  • Shy boy wasn’t ready to face his fears yet
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spikemuth-post·19 days agoText

Big apologies for uploading so iffy as if late

I’m a bit sick.

I’ll try to upload more

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spikemuth-post·21 days agoAnswer
Mmmmmm piers and his s/o going out on an adventure and finding a corviknight (his s/os favorite pokemon)

Piers & S/o find a Corviknight!

  • It was a beautiful day just like any other adventurey day
  • Spirits were uncrushably high and Piers was taking his Obstagoon for a walk with you
  • The Obstagoon sniffed around before ducking into the y’all grass and pretty much disappearing
  • Piers groaned, grabbing your hand and pretty much forcing you to join him in searching for his Pokémon
  • 2 meters into the tall grass, there was a rustling
  • You eyes the spot curiously but Piers didn’t seemed to care
  • That is until a full grown Corviknight rose from the grass like some kind of ducking magician, staring down at you both
  • “How was that thing hiding in the grass!?”
  • “It’s beautiful.”
  • Piers looked to you, seeing you were entirely mesmerized by the bird
  • Most normal people would get the hell out of there but you were marveling at the majesty of the creature
  • Piers didn’t want to die just because you were a bird person so he Decided to battle this thing if it would get it away
  • It kinda worked?
  • You wereobviously upset he was hurting the Corviknight
  • So he caught it and gave it to you
  • At least if you have it, it won’t be a problem anymore
  • Nnnnope
  • Your new Corviknight loves you!
  • And hates your boyfriend

P.s. Obstagoon is fine. He just kinda wandered off, ate some berries and fell asleep by a tree

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spikemuth-post·22 days agoAnswer
Piers with a S/O who loves horror movies but also gets super clingy and scared and can’t sleep after them, please? -scared anon currently watching horror movies.

Piers x Scardy Cat Horror Movie Lover 

  • He was thrilled to hear that you liked horror movies and was prepared to have a marathon at your house 
  • Cuddling and horror movies are the best 
  • However, it didn’t take him long to find out that cuddling wasn’t exactly the best term
  • for you, it was more like comforting
  • you were jumping at EVERYTHING 
  • He was just leaning back on the couch with you in his lap, rubbing your back any time there was a jumpscare or build of tension.
  • It was confusing to him but he got on board quickly
  • it must be so painful to love horror but be so jumpy 
  • His initial idea was to completely drown you in horror movies to kind of normalize the experience… which didn’t work
  • the only thing that came out of that was you called him in the middle of the night practically in tears
  • no biggie, he’ll come over and sleep with you to keep you ‘safe’
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spikemuth-post·22 days agoAnswer
I HC Piers’ voice to be Alex Turner’s voice cause it is so pretty 😍

It is pretty. 
Everyone is right!

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spikemuth-post·22 days agoAnswer
What are you headcannons on piers voice and music? I kind of get Payale Royale vibes but that's just me

I honestly don’t know about voice. I am so bad with voices. Musically I get a vibe from him somewhere between Crush 40 and There for Tomorrow. Edgy but sometimes optimistic in his music’s messages. In my heart though, I want him to rock out like Poison and Guns & Roses. To be honest, I think that’s entirely open and we as a fandom should just be like: Piers can sing anything, end of story. That way no one is wrong!

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