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You know, camping is lovely - even though I don’t live in a state that’s so great for it
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Hey staff, I heard those white supremacist and terf blogs also hate on aot and Harry Potter. Yeah so can you delete those too??
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Some Republicans seem to be on the express train to Gilead.
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What happen to HIPPA
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I’m so angry and tired.
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A pro choice piece I made recently.
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[Image: a 1950s milkshake ad parody with a blue haired woman pulling a rope. Above the rope, it says "keep your laws," continuing underneath the rope "off my body!" There is a box of text near the bottom that says "protect safe abortions!]
Terfs do not interact.
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Why I've always been disturbed by how accepting so many gamers (especially Black gamers) are of cunts like PewDiePie given his history of racism.
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The Buffalo shooting occurred in a food desert. That was the main groceries store and it’ll be closed for quite some time. So here is one concrete thing we can do to help and that’s donating to the link below:
Buffalo Community Fridges
There’s a Twitter thread breaking it down
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this is immensely funny to me
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actually i’m so excited for the new pjo show……we get one of the smartest people in the world to be a black girl…………and then on the other spectrum we have a desi boy who chews tin cans
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It’s kind of fascinating to see the percentage of former #FreeBritney loons who are now Depp defenders since it confirms that they had absolutely no idea what they were talking about with the Britney crap other than wanting to feel part of a viral movement and conspiracy. It’s also especially fascinating to reconcile the social media pile-on of Amber with the past few years’ trend of revisionist documentaries, thinkpieces, podcasts, etc. litigating the legacies of controversial or troubled female public figures - like Britney, Janet, Diana, Anna Nicole, Monica, etc. How many of the people behind those documentaries or podcasts have actually spoken up about any of the crap Amber’s getting besides making vague and inoffensive observations about the spectacle of celebrity trials or the craziness of Internet fandom? It’s almost like it was all shallow, performative, and only done to squeeze a few more dollars out of women who’ve already been squeezed for all they’re worth
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the double standards are driving me insane.
amber heard is a manipulative cunt for looking sad and crying in court, but johnny depp is a legend for being contemptuous, laughing, making faces and refusing to answer questions directly
we must all have sympathy for the times depp beat her up in a drug or alcohol fuelled haze because he may not remember doing it, but amber heard is an unreliable snake because she has bpd and female hysteria (diagnosed by a "psychologist" who only spoke to her for 12 hours). unlike him, she deserves no sympathy for her alleged mental illness
johnny depp can call amber heard a cum-guzzler, 50 cent stripper, fantsize about burning and raping her corpse and its okay because he was just frustrated with her. but amber is soulless for recording him being abusive or admitting to hitting her
no one cares that the previous libel trial found him guilty of 12 out of 14 counts of domestic violence
no one cares that depp is the one who texted his assistant to shit outside their bedroom and blame it on the dogs
no one cares that heard was actually telling depp no one would believe she abused him because it is not a fair fight
no one cares that depp admitted to cutting his own finger off multiple times
no one cares that amber's ex girlfriend has said the arrest was a misunderstanding and has stood by her side since
no one cares that milani lied about when their palette came out despite no official claim that their palette was the product amber used to cover her bruises
no, amber is the abuser and devil incarnate and lying gold-digging whore. youtube, instagram, tiktok all unanimously agree. why did she stay? why did she fight back? why did she collect evidence?
this has set women back decades. this kind of victim-blaming rhetoric is a backlash of the metoo movement. i know the world hates women and victims. but the reminder is so painful. the way the world has turned to belittling amber despite the evidence breaks my heart. no female victim was ever given this much support and no male abuser has ever gotten this much vitriol. facts dont matter anymore because this abusive misogynist played a pirate you freaks liked as children. we are quite literally living in hell.
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Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp Fact Check: MASTERLIST (28/04/2022)
Heard has proven 12 out of 14 incidents of abuse by Depp “to the civil standard.
Texts from Depp’s assistant shows his assistant saying Depp kicked Heard; “He was appalled. When I told him he kicked you, he cried…It was disgusting. And he knows it.”
Depp is on audio telling Amber Heard to cut him. He continues to tell her to cut him while wielding a knife, and she is heard begging him to put the knife down.
Texts from Depp to Paul Bettany joke about murdering Amber and raping her dead body.  (Video of it being read in court here)
Texts about him talking about smacking Amber Heard around.
Audio reveals Depp shouting and calling Heard a “fat ass” a “cunt” and Heard telling him to put his cigarettes out on someone else.
“‘Her lip was swollen and busted up a bit, and she also had these horrible cuts on her arms – like gashes … The she told me that the cuts on her arms were from the broken glass that was from him throwing bottles and smashing glasses all over the place.’” (Heard’s sister, Whitney). 
“Ms Pennington said that she could see gashes on Ms Heard’s arms from her wrists to her elbows. In cross-examination Ms Pennington said that one arm was cut worse than the other. Ms Heard told Ms Pennington that the soles of her feet were also cut. Ms Heard said that Mr Depp had thrown a bottle at her; there had been broken glass all over the ground which was how she had cut her feet.“
Johnny destroying Heard’s closet: “Good morning sir … So …. um Johnny destroyed Amber’s closet”.  (page 82)
“As Ms Lloyd said, ‘We had to restrain both of them.’” Depp supposedly instigated the violence, Heard retaliated. (page 81/82)
Diary entry by Heard talks about Depp strangling her and hitting her in the head: “Our fight was terrible. J [Mr Depp] finally at one point found himself with his shirt wrapped around my neck… He hit me several times. I don’t even know how I wound up with this huge rather annoying knot on the back of my head?” (page 84)
Depp refers to the fight on the train as getting “physical”: ‘..other than the fact that we had a fight on the train, which was physical…’ (page 83)
Text message from Heard to her publicist; “ I’m really bruised and might have a black eye or two tmrw – same with my nose. Nurse on the way to make sure I don’t have concussion.” There are also texts to her psychotherapist saying it’s an ‘emergency’ and a text to a friend in which she says “J beat me up pretty good”. (page 87)
Photos of Heard bruised “which the metadata shows were taken on the morning and afternoon of 16th December 2015”. (page 88)
Makeup artist recalls having to cover up bruising on Heard’s nose, eyes, and her lip injury with red lipstick. (page 89)
Although Depp claims Heard hit him at a party in 2016, the photos of injury Depp claims happened in 2016, where found to be from 2015: “This version of the picture has a date stamp of 23rd March 2015. It could not have been taken after the birthday party on 21st April 2016.” The photo instead was from a previous occasion in which Ms Heard already admitted that she punched Mr Depp. (page 99)
Despite police claims, photos of Heard injuries with meta data show she did sustain injuries by Depp: “There are the photographs. The metadata is not disputed and shows that one of the photographs of Ms Heard’s face was taken before the first pair of police officers arrived.” They also show damage to the apartment. (page 107)
Depp texted Bettany that he “pounded and displayed ugly colors to Amber on a recent journey”.
Heard has previously admitted to hitting Johnny and throwing things at him to defend herself in her original 7hr deposition. (2016)
“She admitted that in the course of this argument, she struck Mr Depp in order, she said, to protect Whitney.” (page 80)
In regards to the donations: “Amber has already been responsible for seven figures in donations to charitable causes and intends to continue to contribute and eventually fulfill her pledge. However, Amber has been delayed in that goal because Mr. Depp filed a lawsuit against her, and consequently, she has been forced to spend millions of dollars defending Mr. Depp’s false accusations against her.”   
“Please tell people it was a fair fight and see what the jury and judge think. Tell the world, Johnny. Tell them, Johnny Depp. I, Johnny Depp, …. man*, I’m-I’m a victim too of domestic violence and I, y’know, it’s a fair fight and see how many people believe or side with you”.
[*NOTE: Heard is using “man” as in “oh, man”, not in reference to Depp’s gender.]
“Full audio shows Heard talking about how their relationship is not “fair fight”, he scoffs and replies “it doesn’t matter” and “fair fight, my ass”, Heard responds “exactly” and that Depp is “bigger and stronger”. Heard goes on to talk about why she felt the need to call 911 after he threw the phone at her face and laid his hands on her.
Deuters (Depp’s friend) admitting that the story of Depp’s injury was a public relations disaster and saying: ‘Just make sure you say you aren’t sure how he hurt his hand. (page 75)
Depp’s texts to his doctor states he cut his own finger off. Another text is found of Depp again saying he cut his own finger off. Doctor’s notes show the injury is more suggestive of a crushing mechanism. In fact, Depp told three separate people that he cut his own finger off.
Depp heard on tape stating, “I’m talking about Australia. The day I chopped my finger off”.
“Nor did Mr Depp say that Ms Heard had been responsible for the injury to his finger in either of his two texts to sister Christi on 8th March 2015.” (page 78)
Heard did not defecate in Depp’s bed and the previous judge ruled it unlikely. The judge in the previous case ruled it likely it were the dogs, as there was evidence it “had an incomplete mastery of her bowels.”
“Ms. Heard gave evidence that Boo had in the past defecated on the bed and that she herself had cleaned it up rather than leave that task to Ms Vargas.” (page 100)
Furthermore, Depp is on text’s with his assistant’s suggesting to him to defecate and tell Amber it was the dogs as a prank
Texts from Depp’s daughter (Lily-Rose Depp) and Depp himself show that Amber helped him stay sober. Depp talking to his mother-in-law, Paige Heard about Amber helping him.
Texts from Heard and Lily-Rose Depp show the two had an amicable relationship. 
Texts show Depp’s constant use of alcohol and drugs, mentioning his “blackouts”. More texts here, and here. Texts show Depp referring to his addiction as the “Monster”, even to Elton John who was helping him with his sobriety. 
An audio shows Depp telling Heard he will never get clean or sober.  Amber can be heard crying. Another audio shows Heard crying and saying, “All the coke you’ve done today, and all the booze you’ve drunk today, has it helped us?”
As stated, the previous judge ruled Heard has proven 12 out of 14 incidents of abuse.
“For all of these reasons I accept that the Defendants have shown that the words they published were substantially true in the meanings I have held them to bear. The Claimant has not succeeded in his action for libel.” (2020)
Depp’s previous lawyer, Adam Waldman was accused of dishonesty, and was thrown off the case for leaking confidential information to the press and social media which was protected via court order. 
Depp’s team was accused of using bots to influence opinion of social media.  Bot Sentinel, a group that uses artificial intelligence to detect and track troll bots & suspect Twitter accounts, found the actress “had been a victim of an ongoing targeted harassment and smear campaign”. 
(Waldman is a long-time US lobbyist for Russian oligarchs.) 
Depp in texts talking about wanting to cause “global humiliation” for Heard.
Depp defending Roman Polanski: “Roman is not a predator. He’s 75 or 76 years old. He has got two beautiful kids, he has got a wife that he has been with for a long, long time. He is not out on the street.”
Depp is close friends with Marilyn Manson, who has his own abuse allegations against him, and who is also suing his victims for defamation. 
Depp was arrested in 1989 for assaulting a security guard after the police were called to end a loud party at his hotel room.
He was also arrested in New York City in 1994 after damaging a hotel room he was staying in with Kate Moss.
Depp brawling with the paparazzi. 
In 2018, Depp assaulting crew member on the set of City of Lies.
In 2018, two of Depp’s former bodyguards sued him for unpaid fees and unsafe working conditions. The suit was settled in 2019.
Depp was constantly late and drunk on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean. 
Depp will also supposedly receive his full salary for the third Fantastic Beasts movie, despite filming only one scene for it and being asked to leave the project.
Texts show that Depp told Heard she was not to take roles, stating “No goddamn meetings. No movies”. 
Depp admits to getting, “irrational”, “crazy”, and “jealous” when Heard is filming.
Charges against Heard for bringing her dogs to Australia were dropped; it was a supposed mix-up with her staff being dismissed who were to do the paperwork. Heard apologised, and admitted to her wrongdoing, pleading guilty.  
Heard sought a restraining order from Depp in 2016. She also sought an order requiring Depp to attend 52 weeks of anger management courses. (page 19)
Depp started dating Winona Ryder when she was a minor, and 17 years old to his 25 [edit:] 26 years.  (Depp is 23 years older than Heard.)
Depp called his ex-wife a “French extortionist ex-cunt” and a “withering whore”. 
Heard was granted a restraining order against Depp. 
Depp was the one to originally ask Amber to settle outside of court, and the couple issued a statement that, “Neither party has made false accusations for financial gain.”
Heard’s previous girlfriend has come to Heard’s defence, saying that Heard never abused her and that the police officers who claimed it had misogynistic and homophobic attitudes once they realised Heard and her were partners.
Ellen Barkin, Depp’s ex, testified Depp threw a wine bottle at her during an argument between Depp and his assistant. (page 43)
Depp has used abusive language towards Heard for her sexuality and her past relationship with women, calling her a “lesbian camp counsellor”. He was also jealous of Amber’s female ex, Tasya van Ree, calling her “Van Pee”, he also “tried to set fire to another of Ms van Ree’s paintings”.
In fact, Depp’s homophobia and jealousy didn’t stop there, he then attacked Heard’s friend, iO Tillet Wright, by misgendering him and mocking his transition, calling him a “dike bitch” and “wanting to be a man now”.
Depp also makes unfavourable comments about Heard’s relationship with Elon Musk: “But she sucked Mollusk’s [I assume a reference to Elon Musk] crooked dick”. (page 126)
He also accused her of having an affair with Billy Bob Thornton, writing about it in graffiti. (page 76)
The trial is a not a criminal trial, but a defamation trial. Depp is suggesting Heard ruined his reputation in her article about domestic violence, despite not naming him in it. In fact, Depp was requested to leave the project after he lost his libel case.
Depp is suing Heard for $50 million, over 7x the amount they originally settled together. Heard originally attempted to get the suit moved to California and dismissed, and only filed a counterclaim when it was refused.
Virginia has less strict anti-SLAPP laws and as a result has drawn questionable legal cases in recent years. SLAPP lawsuits are also known as intimidation lawsuits and often used to censor, intimidate and silence critics by burdening victims with the cost of legal defence until they abandon their criticism.
Depp fans are heavily affecting the way social media is reacting to the trial, by indulging in edits on social media, fabrications of events, pseudoscience.
Heard has had to hire more security. Some Depp fans have attempted to chase vehicles with Heard and her team inside as they return home from the courthouse. 
One of Depp’s witnesses (Gina Deuters) was dismissed from the stand after admitting to watching the trial online.
Depp fans were barred from the court for violent threats against Heard. Most attendees are Depp-fans and have had to have been told, “Order in the court or I will have you removed”.
The suit is not to determine whether Heard was violent, or whether their relationship was mutually toxic, but as to whether Heard lied in her op-ed, and there is plenty of evidence of Depp physically harming Heard multiple times; regardless of Heard’s retaliation, he has been proven to be a domestic abuser.
[DISCLAIMER: This post is purely in relevance to the Heard vs. Depp case, to fact-check claims made by Depp, his team, as well as opinions on social media. They are not meant to be a remission on Heard’s part of any potential wrongdoing.]
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Depp fans when you bring up the fact he’s already been found guilty of being a wife beater
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