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so I got into grad school today with my shitty 2.8 gpa and the moral of the story is reblog those good luck posts for the love of god

okay so i just got my dream job??? a week after applying to it?? and now i’m thinking….maybe this is the good luck post

…..not even six hours later i got an offer of a well paying full time long-term job with free room and board in queens in nyc, allowing me independence and a way to escape an abusive situation and an unhealthy environment

likes charge reblogs cast, folks, this is the good luck post

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soooo i'm thinking about maybe reading/watching eyeshield 21. could you maybe lend some insight as to what could make it appeal to the reader/watcher? like, what would make me enjoy it? also, do you recommend the manga or the anime? i know this was a lot, sorry. but thanks!

oh god, don’t watch the anime LOL it doesn’t adapt the manga well at all.

read the manga. it’s drawn by the same guy who’s currently redrawing the One Punch Man series, Yusuke Murata. the art is fantastic.

as for the story, it’s sounds like a run of the mill series, but that’s where the normalcy ends. the Quarterback of the American Football Club (aka Hiruma Youichi) uses things like blackmail, kidnapping, and shooting people with one of his (many) guns in order to get people to join or do things for him, and that’s just the beginning.


Hiruma kidnapping Monta.

please note, Hiruma’s name means “Devil in Plain Sight.”

the series is crazy fun and it’s got a TON of energy, heart, and action. the characters are all unique and fantastic- as mentioned, the quarterback carries a mini artillery around with him at all times, and he has enough blackmail on people that he owns his own island. (it never comes up, but it’s canon). 



then there’s Sena, the main character, who’s incredibly cowardly at first and only good at running–which is GREAT for becoming the new running back of the team, which is why Hiruma wants him on the team. and then the catcher is Monta, a short guy who looks more like a monkey than a highschool student, and the only thing he’s good at is catching.

Each team they face has their own theme, some examples being the Deimon Devilbats (main characters), Oujo White Nights, Seibu Wild Gunman, Taiyo Sphinx, Kyoshin Poseidon, Bando Spiders, etc. and when a team has a theme, it goes ALL OUT. with attacks, outfits, and the school even designed to fit into it. 

and each character is completely unique with their own weird quirks and talents and backstories. and all the main characters get their own moment to shine with their own development and growth, even a lot of the characters from opposing teams. in fact, sometimes you can’t help but root for the opposing teams.

trust me when I say that you don’t have to understand football at ALL in order to enjoy the series. It takes you through babysteps so you understand the basic rules and such, and then it goes completely off the rails. 

i’ve never cared about football before reading this manga, and even after i can’t say i have much of an interest. but the series ALWAYS gets me pumped up about it whenever i read it. it’s a series that gets me invested in a sport i don’t even care about.


the series is just fantastic and crazy and full of a lot of fun and heart and emotion. the art is BEAUTIFUL and the characters are all so enjoyable to watch. it’s seriously a great series.

and also, Hiruma is hilariously, insanely chaotic. 

(he’s actually super smart too, but he uses stuff like mind games and crazy plays in order to intimidate his opponents and to catch them off guard. and it’s beautiful.)



please read Eyeshield 21. it’s fantastic. i promise you won’t regret it

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From the top left corner:

  1. Peppino Impastato, anti-mafia journalist and activist: today is the anniversary of his death. He was 30 when his body was found, practically in pieces, on a local railway. He was blown up by a charge of TNT.
  2. Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino: two anti-mafia judges. They were murdered a few months apart. Both of their cars were blown up, killing other people in the process.
  3. Don Pino Puglisi: he was an antimafia priest who was shot the day of his 56th birthday. 
  4. Giuseppe di Matteo: in an attempt to silence his mobster father, 13-year-old Matteo was kidnapped, killed, and his body dissolved in acid.
  5. Nicola Campolongo: he was 3 when he was killed and set afire with his grandfather and his partner. 
  6. Annalisa Durante: she was 14 when Salvatore Giuliano, perhaps one of the most famous mobsters in Italy, used her body to shield himself from a bullet.
  7. Maria Concetta Cacciola: after collaborating with the police and being repeatedly victim of acts of violence from her family, she decided to committed suicide. She was 31 when she drank muriatic acid.
  8. Gelsomina Verde: she was raped, tortured and killed when she was 22. Her body was set afire.
  9. Lea Garofalo: she had collaborated with police. She was killed when she was 35 and her body burnt for three days. 

These are just nine people out of the hundreds that have been threatened, tortured, killed by the mafia. Men, women, children. Next time you want to write or read a mafia AU, think of them. Their death isn’t a goddamn fanfic trope. 

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i just predicted and then immediately fulfilled the prophesy of running into a shiny pokémon in this one single random encounter. i am unto a god

unto a god

The other day I saw a murkrow pop up on Pokemon Go and I was like ‘I’ve caught a bajillion Murkrow but there’s always the chance this one is shiny even if it probably isnt’ AND IT WAS.

this post is now a shiny charm. likes charge reblogs cast

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See this is why that post “you don’t want to be rich you want to live comfortably” doesn’t do it for me.

I DO want to be rich so when someone says “Oh shit my phone died I’m screwed…” I want to be able to say “Shit, here’s a prepaid visa code or something like that go get a new one.”

I don’t want to be rich, I want everyone to live comfortably.

Everyone has a right to decency and self-sufficiency. I don’t want to be anyone else’s savior. I don’t want to be the one who makes the call for whether or not someone else can afford their groceries because a big-ticket item was damaged. I don’t want that power over anyone else. I want everyone to be able to look at their needs and be able to attend to all of them, comfortably, as much as is within my ability to assure that.

Literally this is Communism and it’s good™

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