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welcome to my lil art blog! ☆ i love cats, coffee and bad shark movies ☆ follow me @starplasmaart on instagram ☆ My Store ☆

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star-plasma·4 months agoAnswer
Where do you get inspiration from? Also I love your work so much akjakajsna

i love the feeling of looking at an amazing sky but every time i try to capture it with a photo i can’t capture what i wanted so i started to paint them 

so in a way that’s my biggest inspiration if that makes sense! 

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star-plasma·5 months agoAnswer

Hello, is there any other social media you have?

Yes I also have an Instagram 🌟 it’s only a small community on there but i keep it fully updated with my work && post lil stories with my life or progress shots of my pieces ☺️ please feel free to follow me there it’d make my day.

Star ⭐️Plasma (@starplasmaart) • Instagram photos and videos

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star-plasma·5 months agoAnswer

im just wondering what tools you use? your art is so beautiful and atmospheric i love it

Thank you so much I use a wacom intuos pro tablet with photoshop and just mainly use a basic square brush 🌟

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star-plasma·5 months agoText

I woke up today and now there are 50 THOUSAND people following this lil art blog of mine and I am overwhelmed and I also really appreciate sharing my art with such a lovely community. I’ve not received any hate only kindness ❤️ thank you for letting me share my work with you!

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star-plasma·5 months agoText

@iekeby suggested painting a peaceful coral reef 🌟 I’ve not painted one before so I gave it a go 🐋

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star-plasma·5 months agoText

so the coronavirus sucks and I hope all those at risk are staying safe and those who aren’t are trying to isolate when possible (。•́︿•̀。)

I’m now WFH with my job but I also want to paint lots of relaxing and calming aesthetics for you all to enjoy in this hard time. I hope that the next series of images help you imagine calming places and feel free to comment an aesthetic you find very calming and I’ll maybe paint it (´。• ᵕ •。`)

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star-plasma·8 months agoPhoto

also I started this…thing? but it kinda went nowhere and I probably won’t do more to it (ノ・ェ・)ノ

normally I don’t share pieces I do when this happens, is it interesting to see them? 

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