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28.10.19 || working during break

I really hate doing presentations, I get super nervous for some unknown reason. And because of that I start working on my presentations pretty early, I feel like I need to be prepared for everything, for every question or distraction. It’s so stressful. 📚

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Today I did something I never thought I’d do while in university.

I dropped a class.

Like, I literally had my appointment with my counselor and talked to him about it, i told him my concerns about how the workload of all my classes and working is affecting my mental health and I have been neglecting the other classes, rushing through the work, not learning the content as I’m supposed to, forgetting assignments

And he understood.

I’m confused because I’m in my 5th semester of college (altogether) and I thought I would always be okay with my classes and workload. But it feels good to know that I can work calmer

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This week has been kind of shitty. I forgot to do an assignment at the beginning of the week and my grade for that class is suffering. I’ve been having a lot of homework and this weekend I have a test.

I was aiming this semester to work hard during the weekdays so I can have fun during the weekend, but that can’t happen 😅 🙃

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Hello, my lovelies

So this is something that I never expected to be doing, but I’m at the point where I would really appreciate any kind of help. In a series of Covid related happenings, I ended up having to get a studio instead of sharing an apartment with a roommate for this year, meaning my rent is about $200 more per month than I initially expected for this year. My car is also at a point where I need get a few things fixed, but I can’t currently afford to actually replace parts, so I’m essentially driving on borrowed time. To top it all off, I’m having hard time finding a consistent job right now because of how unpredictable and all over the place my schedule is due to my major. 

I really wish I didn’t have to ask, but anything would help at this point. I’m so thankful to have a decent following on here, so even just $2 adds up quickly and it would mean the world to me. And if you can’t afford to donate, a reblog/signal boost would be very much appreciated. 

This community has meant the world to me for the past few years and I know how supportive everyone is, so I’m really going out on a limb right now and asking for help <3

Venmo: @ETonn99

Cash App: $ETonn99

PayPal: ETonn

I will also be selling some clothes and handmade bracelets on my Depop (etonn99), so keep an eye out there :)

Thank you so much, my lovelies. I hope you have a good day in the midst of all this chaos and uncertainty, please remember to take care of yourselves and love each other <3

- Emma (emmcstudies)

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So, I’ve been pulled over a few times in my life. Not many, but a few. And I’ve also been in a couple of cars that got pulled over. And let me tell you, if you were actually doing something wrong, the officer doesn’t make any small talk, just straight into “I clocked you doing 70 in a 55.” The only time I’ve ever gotten the “do you know why I pulled you over?” was the time when I wasn’t doing anything wrong, and I got let go even though he insisted to the end that I was doing 87 in a 70 (white privilege at work).

“Do you know why I pulled you over?” is a trap. It means there’s a good chance the officer doesn’t actually have a good reason to ticket you, and is trying to get you to waive your 5th Amendment rights and incriminate yourself. If you make a guess, that’s a confession of guilt.

But there’s another trap, that I’ve heard of but haven’t yet experienced. It’s “do you know how fast you were going?” With that one, they’re hoping you’ll say no, because then they can name whatever speed they want – you just said you didn’t know how fast you were going, if you deny the speed they name then you’re lying to them.

Oh, I’ve had that one. Go with “yes.” Don’t give them a number, just say “Yes.” Then they still have to offer a number and you can deny it without contradicting yourself. They could just ask you, at that point, but that’s suspiciously similar to saying they don’t know, and they tend to avoid doing that.

Reblog to save a life

if you scroll past this just because it doesn’t affect you personally, i see you.

I’ve been asked similar questions followed by “where are you coming from?” “Where are you going?” And then inevitably “do you have any narcotics?” Every. Single. Time. The same pattern. As the officer is shining their flashlight around the interior of my car. They’re looking for reasons. Don’t give them any.

No driver’s license but reblogging for those who need it

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- girls of color helping each other with complex protective hairstyles before class

- diverse study groups using ancient philosophies and myths to argue against modern systemic issues (ex. plutus)

- falling into research rabbit holes after learning about the whitewashing of ancient greece (the STATUES vex me)

- responding to racist comments with an eye roll and thoroughly researched and rehearsed responses 

- veering (slightly) off topic in essays to talk about racism and other issues close to their hearts, and getting a better grade because of it

- dealing with microaggressions from classmates and teachers- in a very da way- mysterious but direct (and lowkey pretentious)


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These are MAILBOXES being removed by flatbed trucks all around the country! This is happening RIGHT FUCKING NOW! Jesus Christ, do everything you can to get everyone you know to VOTE THIS CORRUPT, EVIL MOTHERFUCKING ADMINISTRATION OUT!! 

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  • The food

You will most likely get sick if you are not used to the food that the university cafeteria serves. Not in a “oh god I’m dying and throwing up everywhere” sick, but more in a subtle way: slight stomachache, maybe some constipation, gas, or diarrhea, it all depends of how your body reacts to it, how the food is being prepared, and what you are eating.

Talking about what you are eating. You will have the option to get a burger and fries for every meal, or pizza, or cake. Don’t do it. For your health’s sake, don’t. I know it sounds tempting, and I know fries for every meal is delicious (fry lover here!), but I am telling you from experience, you will regret eating the same greasy food so often and your body will show it for you. 

For about a week in college I started to not care about myself (e.g. neglected skin care, ate crappy food, did not exercise, was barely doing my school work), and it was starting to show. I gained about five pounds in just those days (more about it later), my skin was greasy and I was getting pimples like crazy, I was having stomachaches everyday, and I felt as if I was getting lazier as days went by. I decided to change my eating habits. I chose fruit and salads instead of a burger and fries/pizza. And it helped me get my life together a little bit. I felt healthier and my skin cleared up.

  • Freshman 15 

Yes. You will gain weight. It is normal, and you should not freak out.

There will be lots of food available to you and no one to stop your from eating what ever you want. You will have more than too many snacks sometimes, or a second dinner because you decided to go eat again with your friends. It’s okay. Try to stay active so the weight changes are not extreme; go for a walk, or go out running, hit the gym often, practice your sport, etc. Just keep moving.

If you think you might be dealing with an eating disorder, contact your clinic and they will put you in touch with psychological help available on campus. Remember, nothing wrong in admitting that you are having problems, help is always there.

  • Condoms and Sexuality

When it comes to sexuality, I am open to discuss the subject as if we were simply talking about groceries, you can just ask my friends. I consider that I’m a very sex positive person, because it should not be a taboo subject (unless it is making someone uncomfortable). We need more sex education available (luckily, Planned Parenthood had some workshops at my school, and being who I am, I dragged my friends with me to one), many people do not know how to even put on a condom, or what sex might lead to (pregnancies and STIs/STDs).

Anyway, I’ll keep it simple: carry your own condoms even if you yourself are not sexually active (check that they are not expired, ripped, and keep them in a safe place); if you decide to be sexually active, in any way (one night stands or something more stable), get tested (there are many resources on campus, if you do not want to use them, look for the nearest clinic and get it done there); if you think that sex is just not your thing (i.e. asexuality, saving yourself for marriage, etc.) that is perfectly fine and you should not let anyone shame you for your decision or pressure you into having sex.

  • Snacks and Water

Carry snacks with you at all times, especially if you are planning on being out most of the day. You will get hungry, and therefore grumpy or weak. Also, carry a reusable water bottle so you can keep yourself hydrated.

It can be fruit, bars, trail mix, anything that can be considered a snack. Now if you want to carry a lunch with you, I am not stopping you.

  • Peer Pressure

This is not something that happens only in HS. It happens everywhere, and if you feel like you are being pressured into doing something (alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex, anything) stand your ground and be firm with your decision. I don’t care if you think you might lose friends or look like a weakling, if you do not want to do something, NO ONE should force you to do it. In the case that you are feeling uncomfortable in any given situation where peer pressure is taking place, get out of there; forget about “looking good for your friends” or “being cool with them”.

  • Extra Chargers

Carry your chargers with you at all times. Your laptop charger and also your phone’s, you might not know what might come up that will force you to be out working for long periods of time ahem, group projects that require you to meet until late at night or that take almost six hours.

  • Laundry

For goodness’ sake, DO YOUR LAUNDRY once a week. (I usually do it on Thursdays because i have noticed is the day with the least people. Try not to do it on Sundays, everyone does it on Sundays)

Story time because, why not?

I once went about three weeks without doing laundry. It started with me just being lazy and saying that I would do it in a few days, then next thing I know it’s midterm season and those days turned into weeks. By the time I decided to do my laundry, I already had both of my laundry bags completely full (I had to take my spare laundry bag from my storage thing lol). The trips to the laundromat were easy, except for having to carry those heavy laundry bags. Once I got there I had to wait for washing machines to be empty…. 

What I am trying to say is: don’t put yourself in the position that I was in. Be responsible and do your laundry often. I’m also saying this because dirty laundry might get smelly such as gym clothes, and you don’t want to stink up your dorm.

  • Exercise

Try to stay active. I know we all think that walking from class to class is enough physical activity, but no. Go for a walk, try to go for a run, ride your bike around, go to the gym, and try to do these things at least 3 times a week. If you do not stay active, you will store extra fat, your joints will hurt, you’re prone to suffer stress more. If you struggle with doing physical activity, get together with a friend or a groups of friends and simply go for a walk; it takes away the stress and you are moving at the same time. 

Just stay active.

  • Majors

No shame in changing your major. So you thought you were going to college to study something but along the way you realize that you prefer something else, good, change it. Don’t stay doing something that makes you unhappy only because you started with it. Changing your mind is part of any process, and in college it will happen a lot of times.

  • Time management

Get your shit together. I’m saying it like that because that is how I realized that I needed to manage my time better. 

Get a planner, some apps to help you manage your time, study in time lapses and take good breaks, have a plan for the day, prioritize your school work over social events or parties or whatever it is that has been taking your time and distracting you from doing your work, get some to-do lists and cross items out as you complete them, have a goal for each day (”today I want to finish this essay and proofread it”). 

Finish what needs to get done first so you can go and do any other things that you want. Create a balance.

  • Money Management

We’re broke college students I’m just stating the facts here.

Try to have a spending plan, or a budget, and  stick to it. Save some money from the money you get (when I get $10, I save $3). And I know I am always advocating to the whole Treat-Yo-Self thing, but don’t abuse it. Treat yourself but think, ‘do I really need this? how many times will I actually use it? can I get it for cheaper?’ Think before you buy, so you won’t end up just wasting money that you WILL need later.

You can get a piggy bank if that is what works for you, but just try to not waste money on useless things. Remember that money does not grow on trees, and it is something that is earned with hard work, so value it.

Also, don’t go out every day or try to spend money the way your friends spend money. Allow yourself to say “I cannot afford that right now”, no shame on that. Don’t feel bad for having to turn down plans because you have more important spending to do. It’s okay, really, your friends will understand. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of my points, message me and I will gladly talk to you. And let’s remember that as Studyblrs, we are here to help each other and build each other up.

If you still have questions about something and I did not include it in a post, let me know and I can write about it.

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Trump regime is using the power of the state to chill dissenting voices. In addition, it is perpetuating a culture that doesn’t just condone, but requires, lying to the American people.

Here’s a link to the video so you guys can watch it.

Since a lot of folks like to bleat about freedom of speech, this is what it looks like when that right is actually impinged upon.

They didn’t take him away because they didn’t have a warrant for his arrest or anything, they were just literally there to intimidate him in the middle of an interview I’m sure they knew was happening.

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As I was finishing up my Economics assignment, I started to reminisce about my year at UC Merced. I miss it, although I do not miss its lack of organization or care for students.

I missed the sense of community that I found there. I felt like I belonged in that place. I actually remember walking towards my class across campus on my first day of Freshman year, and seeing people walking, sitting, riding their bikes or scooters, wearing merch of things I loved or dressed how I always wanted to dress but was never brave enough to do it. I wanted to be friends with those people, to have them around. That’s when I realized, “I belong here”.

I felt accepted there by the community of people that I surrounded myself with. 

Now that I am in a new place, a different school, I get the feeling of being an outsider again, like I felt when I was in high school. 

This morning, as I was working on my assignment, I realized that if I miss that sense of community that I so much loved I still love it so much, I can build that community in the new place that I am in. I can surround myself with great people, building a positive student community full of support, great vibes, and other stuff that I want, rather than simply joining one. And I know it will be good, I can feel it.

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4/100 Days of Productivity

  • read the first chapter in my american government textbook
  • bought some art supplies (and paid far too much money for them)
  • used oil paints for the first time ever!
  • took notes on my laptop during class, which I never usually do

not a super exciting day bc I haven’t felt too well, but I think tomorrow will be better :)

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Here’s how you verify you’re registered to vote:

Here’s how you register if you’re not:

Here’s how you find your fucking polling place:

If you have time, register for an absentee ballot in your state. That way you don’t even have to go to a polling place, you just have to fill it out and mail it in on time. 

Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z outnumber Boomers. More of us are Liberals who care about each other and social safety nets. More of us give a fuck about the future because we have to live in it

Flip the Senate. Fucking Vote. It’s so goddamn important. 



The 2020 election is also coming up and a number of these senators are coming up for re-election. 








Democrats: alright we finally did it, Trumps been impeached. Time for a trial in the-

Republicans: lol yeah about that trial. It’s not gonna be fair or anything, we’ve already made up our minds and there’s gonna be like, 0 witnesses

Democrats: oh? Ok then. If that’s the case then I guess we’ll just hold on to these *pockets articles of impeachment*


Can someone explain what this means?

Our president has been charged with misconduct through the only proccess that is outlined in our constitution (impeachment). The next step in the process is that the president goes on trial. Republicans in the senate, where the trial will take place, have already said they have made up their minds and will vote based on bias. They have stated that it will be a quick trial with no witnesses and a guaranteed vote on acquittal. The democrats, who control the charges, have said that they will not release the charges to the senate until fair rules have been established. Republicans seem shocked by this turn of events

In case you’re wondering why this would make the republicans upset, the need this to go to trial or Trump will be on record as having been impeached and not acquitted.



2020 is crucial.


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EVERYBODY knows (or should) that you DO. NOT. STOP. in Vidor, Texas. 

It’s best to just run out of gas elsewhere. Whatever you do, black folks, DO NOT STOP IN VIDOR, TEXAS. 

There’s a good chance you’ll get lynched or just come up missing - and I’m not joking.

also do NOT stop in Harrison, Arkansas!!!! (relatively close to OK and MI) a nazi town with a BIG KKK organization.

Reblog To Save Life

Okay but like reblog to LITERALLY SAVE SOMEONE’S LIFE

Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please puHLEAAASSEEEEEEE BE SAFE

They are called sundown towns and there are a LOT of them in the US.

This website has a clickable map where you can see suspected and confirmed sundown towns by state, as well as information about whether these attitudes are historical or current.

Sundown Towns by James W. Loewen

Reblog for the link

reblog for the link


If you are white, don’t stop in any of those towns either; spend your money elsewhere.

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doing physics lab online is not the move but this whipped coffee 100% is 🤩

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