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stardewcowboy2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I play this for years
I chose him every time
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stardewcowboy2 days ago
Was thinking about livestreaming today but I got too much stuff goin on today and I need to make up work hours. :'D
I'm thinking about doing it again next week if I'm not too busy, keep an eye out!
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stardewcowboy2 days ago
Yo sorry if this question takes a while to awnser, but if Cleo and Kiki were NPCs what do you think thief heart events will be like? If you don't want to awnser this that's fine, I'm just curious.
no problem! i actually need a break from my essay anyway i wrote 4 pages and it took me 5 hours/made me stressed, so this is a good way to decompress for me!
Tumblr media
kiki鈥檚 2 heart event - standard, boring 2 heart event... enter pelican town on a sunny day anywhere from 9am to 4pm. you see kiki on her way out of pierre鈥檚 and her grocery bag breaks. you have 4 options:
ask 鈥渁re you okay?鈥 and help her (+30 friendship). kiki is embarrassed someone saw her, but says聽鈥渢hank you so much for helping me! that was pretty funny, wasn鈥檛 it? i guess i bought too much鈥
鈥渋 didn鈥檛 see anything鈥 (no effect on friendship). kiki just laughs it off
ignore her/do nothing (no effect on friendship). kiki goes 鈥...鈥 before telling herself she鈥檚 so clumsy and running off
鈥渨ow, that was dumb of you.鈥 (-50 friendship) kiki, trying to remain deadpan, responds聽鈥測eah, you鈥檙e right鈥
kiki鈥檚 4 heart event - (similar to leah鈥檚 4 heart event) enter kiki鈥檚 house when she鈥檚 there. for some reason, she doesn鈥檛 notice you entered and you hear someone else talking unintelligibly on the landline, but she isn鈥檛 responding. after a while, she hangs up without saying anything, notices you, and jumps, asking 鈥渉ave you been here the whole time?鈥 you have 3 options:
lie and say 鈥渋 just got here鈥 (no effect on friendship). kiki sighs and says聽鈥渙h, okay. that鈥檚 good鈥
"who was that?鈥 (no effect on friendship). kiki goes聽鈥...鈥 and tells you it was just an annoying telemarketer. then she asks if she can help you with anything
"are you okay?鈥 (+20 friendship). kiki tells you she just got an unwanted call from someone she doesn鈥檛 want to talk to but doesn鈥檛 elaborate. she mentions being worried someone鈥檚 going to come over, then realizes you鈥檙e still there and laughs it off as a joke, trying to cover it up with a random fact about tulips
kiki鈥檚 6 heart event - (similar to haley鈥檚 6 heart event) enter the cindersap forest from 5pm to 9pm while it鈥檚 raining. kiki spots you (鈥!鈥) and asks for help, explaining her cat (ghost) ran away because she didn鈥檛 properly lock her door and the storm blew it open (this literally happened to me and my cat didn鈥檛 come home for 3 days LOL). she explains how important her cat is to her. you have 2 options:
"i鈥檒l help you find him!鈥 (+30 friendship)
鈥渏ust get another cat?鈥 (-30 friendship)
either way, you can walk around the cindersap forest and click on a bunch of shrubs. the cat will come out of one of them and you bring it back to her. kiki hugs you and says she felt too guilty to ask anyone else for help. she also points out because it was raining you should go back inside before you get sick, so she offers to walk you home聽
also: fun fact the farmer replaces sebastian in here because this was something i wrote for him, but it feels like a good 6 heart one imo
kiki鈥檚 8 heart event -聽done here!
kiki鈥檚 10 heart event - (similar to emily and maru鈥檚) you get a letter in the mail from kiki that says something along the lines 鈥渃ome by the forest tonight!鈥 if you enter the cindersap forest from anytime between 7pm to 11pm ONLY during the summer you鈥檒l trigger the event. it turns out she wanted to look at constellations with you and borrowed maru鈥檚 telescope. kiki starts talking about how she was figuring out how to make up for you finding her cat but didn鈥檛 want to do anything boring. you only have 1 option:
"wait, is this a date?鈥 (no effect on friendship)
kiki gets MEGA embarrassed, explaining she thought it was obvious but isn鈥檛 going to be mad if you don鈥檛 like her. you now have 3 options:
"wait, i do like you!鈥澛(no effect on friendship). kiki goes,聽鈥渟eriously? you mean it? i鈥檓 so happy!鈥 and you resume the date. before the cutscene ends, she has you look at some stars and explains the story of altair & vega which originated in china (鈥渉ave you heard about the story of altair and vega? it鈥檚 about a cowherd and a weaver girl who fell in love but were separated by a river which is supposed to be the milky way. it鈥檚 sad, but once a year a bunch of magpies form a bridge and they reunite. romantic, right?鈥)
鈥渋鈥檓 sorry, i don鈥檛 like you鈥澛(no effect on friendship). kiki tells you she understands, explaining you鈥檙e just as good of a friend and will be fine
鈥渆w鈥 (-30 on friendship). kiki sighs and tells her she better return maru鈥檚 telescope
as for cleo i have no idea if cleo would be a marriageable npc... we鈥檒l see. let鈥檚 get to her heart events though (excluding her 10 heart event)
cleo鈥檚 2 heart event - enter cleo鈥檚 room whenever she鈥檚 in there. cleo asks why you didn鈥檛 knock out of annoyance, but gets over it to complain she smells like fish (because she鈥檚 a fisherwoman LOL). you have 2 options:
鈥渋f you hate the smell of fish so much, why are you a fisherman?鈥 (no effect on friendship). cleo explains she picks up fishing because that鈥檚 the 1 condition kiki has if she wants to stay with her free of rent. she complains about her cousin for trying to teach her some work ethic, then goes on to say she can鈥檛 wait til she and whatever sam鈥檚 band is called gets famous and she can stop fishing
鈥渘ot my problem鈥 (-30 friendship). cleo gets irritated and tells you聽鈥渓ook, i didn鈥檛 ask to be a fisherwoman, okay? i hate farming and mining doesn鈥檛 make that much money. why are you even in here?鈥
cleo鈥檚 4 heart event - enter pelican town any time during the day when it鈥檚 sunny. you overhear haley berating cleo with a magazine (even though they鈥檙e friends), who asks why she never mentioned she modeled. cleo gets annoyed and tells haley to back off because she doesn鈥檛 want to talk about it. you have 2 options:
do absolutely nothing (-30 friendship). haley finally walks off; cleo looks at you and goes,聽鈥渨hat are you looking at? don鈥檛 listen to stuff that isn鈥檛 any of your business鈥
tell haley to stop (+30 friendship). haley sighs and apologizes to cleo for being nosey and leaves. cleo awkwardly thanks you and says something offhand like聽鈥渋 guess you鈥檙e cool鈥 before running off
make up an excuse to pull cleo aside like聽鈥渃leo, i don鈥檛 get how to use my fishing rod, can you help?鈥 (+50 friendship). cleo thanks you for not making a huge scene and sighs. she explains haley figured out how used to be a model and wouldn鈥檛 stop asking why she quit. she also mentions she knows you probably want to know and claims it鈥檚 just聽鈥渟tupid personal garbage鈥 and聽鈥渢he modeling industry is shit鈥
cleo鈥檚 6 heart event - enter cleo鈥檚 room whenever she鈥檚 in there again. you find her mumbling to herself out of annoyance before she notices you and greets you. then, she explains she just figured out that everyone in her old band seems to be doing really well and she鈥檚 worried they鈥檙e going to get a gig for the band SHE started. you have 2 options:
ask聽鈥渨hat band?鈥 (no effect on friendship). cleo explains her mom wouldn鈥檛 let her go to a gig for the band to punish her, leaving them without a bassist. she says when she snuck out to go, the lead guitarist had immediately replaced her and decided to kick her out of the band, which is why cleo ran away out of humiliation. plus, she thinks their new music sounds like shit聽
鈥渨ho cares? you don鈥檛 need them!鈥 (+30 friendship). cleo goes silent before telling you you鈥檙e SO right and tells you that good-for-nothing guitarist that kicked her out wasn鈥檛 even that good of a guitarist!
鈥渕aybe you were a bad bassist鈥 (-50 friendship). cleo gets defensive and tells she was a perfectly good bassist. then she sighs and says she wonders if she鈥檚 not as good as she thinks she is and should just stick to fishing, before telling you to get out
cleo鈥檚 8 heart event - (similar to sam鈥檚 8 heart event) cleo shows up to your door when you wake up and gives you a flyer for a battle of the bands in zuzu city. the next day, you go to the venue with cleo and she realizes she鈥檚 going up against her old band before freaking out. she tells you she doesn鈥檛 know what to do because she鈥檚 scared she鈥檒l mess up and prove them right. you have 3 options:
"you can do this!鈥 (+50 friendship). cleo tells you that鈥檚 cheesy but you鈥檙e right. she goes on to say 鈥渟crew all of them! i don鈥檛 care!鈥
鈥渨ho cares? show them what they鈥檙e missing!鈥 (+50 friendship). cleo gets pumped and agrees with you before saying,聽鈥渦gh, what was i thinking? i don鈥檛 care what any of them think鈥
"don鈥檛 be a baby鈥 (no effect on friendship). cleo goes聽鈥渦gh鈥 before begrudgingly admitting you鈥檙e right
either way, you get to hear them play like in sam鈥檚 8 heart event. it should correspond with whatever music genre you chose for him in his own events. sam鈥檚 band also wins and cleo makes fun of her old band. the lead guitarist gets annoyed and tries to fight with her over it. you have 2 options:
鈥済et him cleo!鈥 (no effect on friendship). cleo punches the lead guitarist off the screen the way pierre punches morris at the community center
鈥渋gnore him, he鈥檚 just a loser鈥 (no effect on friendship). cleo says she guesses taking the higher road is better and doesn鈥檛 wanna mess up her hands
regardless of what option you pick, at the end of the cutscene, cleo thanks your farmer for encouraging her not to giving up and how she couldn't have done it w/o your help
okay that鈥檚 it! i鈥檓 sorry for taking so long to write this, but i hope it was interesting and i promise really appreciate the ask <3 it was fun to write
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stardewcowboy3 days ago
Okay that was my stream! Hope y'all enjoyed my insane banter, if not I deeply apologize lol. I get stupid sometimes.
Thanks to those watching and others that dropped by to say hi! It was fun, if y'all ever want me to keep doing this, I'd love to do it again and chat with y'all!
Have some good quality previews.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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stardewcowboy3 days ago
heck it I'm doing a live stream
watch me be a goober and not now how to do twitch
gonna doodle comic or doodle whatever XD
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stardewcowboy4 days ago
Idk why or how but an ask I got from @the-sand-cookie disappeared, but their ask was 3, 10, 23 for the Stardew Ask Meme :鈥橠
3. Would they be any good at fishing?
Tumblr media
23. What would their favorite crop be?
Cal: He doesn鈥檛 really have a favorite but I鈥檓 gonna say corn 馃尳 because it鈥檚 really satisfying to pick them. 馃憣
Hale: Pumpkins! 馃巸
Jude: Peppers! 馃尪
Ere: Strawberries! 馃崜
10. What kind of secret cutscene room would be in their house (hi Haley, Caroline)?
Hehehehe time for fun stories~ more undercut cause it鈥檚 TOO LONG :鈥橠 (I'm probably gonna make a separate post for the art hhh)
I'm gonna make them as if they're NPCs in the game, just to make it a little easier and make a little sense lol.
Tumblr media
You walk by Callahan's farm late at night after your nightly stroll, lights are still on and you hear... cheering?
You decide to walk in... and you see a huge mess of flour, batter and apples everywhere.
Cal: "Huh? Ah! Amazing timing!! You're here to witness an amazing creation accomplished!!! .... well, it's actually just apple cobbler."
He pulls out his cobbler from the oven.
Cal: "You see, I'm not a fan of sweets and pastries, I always feel a little bad when people mail me them and I can't eat them. One pastry I do enjoy is cobbler! And so uh... I felt like giving people my own baking, to make up wasting their food they made for me.
.... I also never baked before so excuse the mess. But I think I've done it! I've made the perfect cobbler!!"
He turns and looks at you covered in the mess he made
Tumblr media
--> uuuhhhhh.... s-sure!!
> can I help you clean up first?
> No way, I don't trust your cooking. (no effect, he just brushes it off and says you're missing out)
You sit down and eat the cobbler with Cal, it's actually really tasty!
You walk downstairs in Hale's home.
You see a bar in repair, with tools and equipment laying everywhere.
Hale is hanging out on a stool jamming to herself and hears you come in, she looks at you.
Tumblr media
Hale: "Hey~ who says you can barge into my pad like this?"
--> oh, I'm sorry.
> your music sounds great!
> *leaves*
"Pfft, chill dude. My place is always open for you."
"Soooo, you like what you heard? Been trying to get the sound ambiance just right."
You look around the room, it's impressive how much work has been put into the place. It's clearly a passion project of hers.
"Swanky right?"
MC: *nods* ":3"
"But it could always be swankier, you know?"
She puts her guitar down and saunters over to you, you try not to stare at her walking but the smirk on her face can tell you noticed.
She leans on your shoulder and gestures extravagantly.
"It's my mini club! Almost ready to party!"
Relaxing her arms she faces you again, her face uncharacteristically somber for a moment.
"I was kinda missing home so I wanted to bring a little of it here."
Her eyes suddenly light up, with a devilish smirk on her face.
"Pluuuuus, I need a place where I can thrash as loud as I want without a certain mayor coming down on me."
"But yeah, Robin's been helping me rework my attic to make this happen. Honestly, I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without her."
She pauses for a moment before she returns her attention on you with a topic she's interested in. She looks excited!
"Oh! You play the harp right? You should come jam some time!"
Leaning into you she whispers seductively.
"I can even be persuaded to do some private sessions with you~"
MC: "!!!"
Hale: *chuckles* anyway, keep this place between you and me for now, don't want Lewis to go down our throats!
She winks as she returns to her normal lean.
You come over to see what Jude is up to and she's running around everywhere.
Jude: "Oh hey! Uh, kinda busy!!"
> okay *leaves*
--> need some help?
She stops and thinks for a moment. She looks at you with a embarrassed look on her face.
Jude: "uhhhhh... yeah I kinda do, haha. Emily requested an emerald and I'm having a really hard time finding it. I collect things just in case if I need it later, but now... I have too much stuff... still don't mind being my extra eyes?"
MC: *nods* ":3"
You and Jude spend a few hours looking through all of her chests.
Tumblr media
A few hours pass and you finally found the emerald!
You gesture at Jude to get her attention.
Jude: "GASP finally! Thank you, thank you!! I think I still have enough time today to give it to her!"
"It means a lot that you helped me out today for something so simple, here, have this to make up for it!"
She gives you a a bottle of wine.
"You can sell that for a good price!"
Jude gives you a big smile and runs off.
You walk in Ere's house and see him... drawing a summoning circle?? What??
Ere: "Wha-? Eyyyy! Wanna see me resurrect my grandpa?"
MC: "??!!"
"Okay, listen, I know what you're thinking, this is disrespectful to the dead and it's super crazy to do and blah blah blah. But hear me out!!"
--> I'm listening
Ere: "Papadaddy and I were super close when he was around. He always encouraged my hobbies and interests with spells or witchery and he told me, word for word, that I should try summoning him back when he passed on. And today I wanna try it out!!"
*ah, so the crazy-ness runs in the family*
Ere: "So you wanna see some magic happen?"
--> Okay, why not *sits down*
> *leaves*
Ere: "Alrighty, here we go~!"
Tumblr media
Ere sits down, chants odd words under his breath. The room gets darker and the candles glow brighter around Ere's body. You start to feel chills, your body feels tight, you feel some sort of energy getting closer and closer and then--
Tumblr media
Ere: "..... guess he's not feeling it today...."
"oh well, thanks for indulging me today anyway! It was fun."
".... maybe I need to make a sacrifice next time"
MC: "??!!"
Ere: "I'm kidding!!"
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stardewcowboy4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
buncha friendship memes I鈥檝e been meaning to do for a while
They all belong to @snailmilkbiscuit (Sarah) @lilium-valley (Lily and Ronnie) @stardewcowboy (Hale and Callahan) and @harvestdew (Kiki and Cleo)
Plus a friendship meme thing for Tasha sorry for long post sjhdhdjfnnf
Tumblr media
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stardewcowboy5 days ago
Okay, okay this is the last one I'm sending. What inspired you to make these oc's?
Heeeyyy thank you for all your messages!!
And dude
Thank you so much for asking this, I鈥檝e always wanted to talk about it!! 馃槀
I鈥檓 gonna put all this undercut cause it鈥檚 a LOT of rambling. 馃ぃ
Tumblr media
Starting off with Callahan, the first farmer here lol
It pretty much started when I started watching the cartoon, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pureheart with my boyfriend. We absolutely LOVED Mao Mao as a character and seeing a protagonist be a butt rock, feral, edgelord with bad social skills.
While watching it, I had an epiphany, I wanna make a character like that too! Plus, I have a soft spot for edgelords in general. (my first favorite being Shadow the Hedgehog don't judge me LOL) I was even surprised I never made one to begin with, and thus I started concepting him with Mao Mao and Shadow in mind. I also just wanted a tiefling for a future DnD game who was also a stick in the mud.
Here's his first concept! (a little bit of Gargoyles inspo for his design)
Tumblr media
(I also wanted to make a character with salt and pepper hair because UNF THAT'S PEEK HAIR)
While I was making him, peeps with significant others, when you make a character you really like, do you implement your SO into your character by accident? Cause that def happened lol, my boyfriend is also a gothic dude who loves weaponry, who isn't that old but has a mind of a boomer (something we joke about a lot) and I just slapped that on Cal too. XD
When I made him, I was super attached to him and wanted to explore his character in a game. Unfortunately I didn't have any DnD games to play him in, so he was just, there, doing nothing. It was a bummer. I wanted to do something with him.
So I randomly decided to make a new game file on SDV with Cal because I thought it was funny that it would like Mao Mao being in Pure Heart Valley. Edgy scary guy in a city full of wholesome people. And thus this blog happened. XD
TL;DR Cal Creation Math
Tumblr media
Next is our girl, Hale~
Out of all the characters here, she's actually one of the oldest I have! She also kind of shaped me as an artist and making characters!
It was around my first couple years in college, my feelings for my art was in a slump. I barely had fun doodling because I never knew what to doodle.
I was a neutral fan of RWBY, one day I watched an episode with Neon Katt appearing. Man, I was HOOKED on her, she was cute, she was an asshole, and such a diva, that really attracted me XD her theme song was also so enamoring to me, that it made me want to make a character exactly like that.
Hale was also HEAVILY inspired by music I would listen to. I was listening to a lot of old Ke$ha songs and Halestorm, which shaped her personality even more, into a bold, bratty, rocker chick~
Hell, she was even named after Halestorm!
Hale Stern
here's her first concept!
Tumblr media
(Hale, clean your face)
I also really loved demons so... I made her into a demon lol
and so, I doodled her a LOT, and boy did she help me get out of my funk. You could say she was my muse. <3 She was a great form of expression!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TL;DR Hale Creation Math
Tumblr media
Next is Ere~ (they're gonna be shorter this time LOL)
There really isn't much with Ere honestly, I made him when I was suddenly invited into a DnD game centered around Greek mythology.
I've always liked the idea of something/someone really cute being into scary and dark things. I also really wanted to play as a satyr. And bam, there was Ere's concept.
As I was building his personality, I wanted to be chill and not think too deep in this game, because most of the players I didn't really know and it wasn't really a serious game. So I was just shamelessly being myself but add more sass and ass. Which thankfully people were alright with. XD
I was also watching the show Epithet Erased with a friend of mine, when same friend was helping me make his sheet, I was trying to describe what his personality was like. She said, "so basically Ramsey from Epithet but a twink" which is... actually the perfect description of him LOL so when I played, if I was stumped on an action, I would think, "what would Ramsey do in this situation."
And the more I played and drew him, the more attached I got to him, I don't have enough pretty boys and he's just a blessing to have <3
TL;DR Ere Creation Math
Tumblr media
Last but not least, Jude!
I'm... so sorry. But there wasn't really much thought with Jude X'D
But she still has a spot in my heart, she was my character in Fallout New Vegas! I wanted to make a cute blue haired tomboy in this post apocalyptic world.
Here she is!
Tumblr media
Look at her go
Here's the first drawing of her!
Tumblr media
And I had a blast with her as a concept at the time, I wanted to draw little skits with her adventures (but never got around to it, weeps, this was also around the time of my art funk).
she ended up being my go to gameplay character, I also put her in pokemon playthoughs, and Stardew Valley! She was my first file on the switch!
And yeah! That was my character talk, hope you enjoyed X'D
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stardewcowboy5 days ago
That鈥檚 him that鈥檚 my husband.
Oooohh (Only if you鈥檙e still doing this) 5C with Elliott? :D
ok that鈥檚 the last one for real
Tumblr media
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stardewcowboy6 days ago
*goes feral for this pic again*
Good collab very good 馃憦
Tumblr media
*listens to Abba as i color this Very Quickly*
Lily belongs to @lilium-valley Hale belongs to @stardewcowboy Lulu belongs to me! Wren belongs to @mag-piii Peaches belongs to @azuneekun Linework by @harvestdew
this was super fun to color & i hope yall enjoy!!
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stardewcowboy6 days ago
6 and 10!
aaaaa!!! thank u!!!! <3
6: What cooking item would they have the recipe for?
Tumblr media
Eoin is.... a notoriously bad cook tbh. The one time he made pepper poppers it took him several tries, most of a day and several miserable tastings (he hates/can鈥檛 take spicy food). He鈥檚 tried, and eventually he gets okay at it.
Funnily enough though, he鈥檚 actually pretty good at baking! It鈥檚 a little more methodical, less fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants than cooking. The man makes a decadent peach cobbler during the summer though, and it鈥檚 the only thing he can consistently make without issue. If you were good enough friends with him, he鈥檇 give you the recipe, as well as let you in on exactly what makes it so damn good...
Tumblr media
10: What kind of secret cutscene room would be in their house?
Eoin鈥檚 鈥渟ecret鈥 cutscene would definitely be in his greenhouse. Like Caroline, you have to be friends on a certain level before you can go in, and you鈥檇 only be able to go in when he鈥檚 home. There鈥檚 a couple out of season crops, an ancient fruit plant or two, and...
Weed. The man is growing weed.
It鈥檚 not by any estimate a lot, but he offers you some so long as you don鈥檛 tell Lewis.
[Ask Meme]
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stardewcowboy6 days ago
Oh my godddd thank you!!! I- *kisses this art*
Tumblr media
women of stardew valley. you know what i'm gonna say
lulu belongs to @looz-y hale belongs to @stardewcowboy lily belongs to @lilium-valley peaches belongs to @azuneekun wren belongs to @mag-piii
i love ur guys' farmers so much i finally drew them! i also gave the csp file to loo who graciously offered to color it so keep an eye out for that ^^
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stardewcowboy7 days ago
Tumblr media
Haley (rikuo version) 鏃┿亸瀹屽叏鏃ユ湰瑾炲寲銇椼仸娆层仐銇勩仾銇
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stardewcowboy7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Marrying Harvey is a trip. I love him.聽
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stardewcowboy7 days ago
this is so random but i keep thinking abt how cleo, hale, and looz-y's jezebel would be an absolutely explosive combination of anarchy and trouble 馃槶馃槶
Thank you for giving me a good excuse to draw fanart >w>
U rite tho. The town isn鈥檛 ready for this bad boss chick energy.
Adding @sofiaruelle 鈥榮 girl, Leche in because she hits that same vibe :3c
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ya we bad you can鈥檛 sit with us
@looz-y @harvestdew 馃挅
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stardewcowboy7 days ago
28, 26, & 21!! >:3c for stardew ask meme
21. Would they ever play a group farm or only solo?
I think Hale would play a group farm. She has pals from her home town that she would like to hang out with together~
Everyone else is fine flying solo
26. 鉁 answered 鉁
28. Would they be any good at Jumino Kart or Journey of the Prarie King?
Jude and Hale would have fun playing Prarie King.
Hale isn鈥檛 much a gamer but she gets a rush when the game gets harder. Jude is the biggest gamer especially with Abigail indulging that habit. 馃槅
Ere hasn鈥檛 played the games yet, but they鈥檇 probably get a kick from Jumino Kart 馃憣
Them being good at these games is debatable.
Cal had no interest in video games until he reached Abi鈥檚 2 heart event, she got him sucked into playing Prarie King that day with her. Now that he has the skeleton锟 key, he鈥檚 gonna play the crap out of Jumino Kart.
Tumblr media
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stardewcowboy8 days ago
I just found this and please listen to it
I was honestly scared to see what it was but it turned out to be a blessing.
This actually slaps 馃槅 please watch it, Shane lovers.
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stardewcowboy8 days ago
13, 18, and 26 if you have the time for the oc ask meme :o
13. Were they stuck in the maze at Spirit鈥檚 Eve?
Tumblr media
Cal being an over achiever, he takes the puzzle as another challenge and wouldn鈥檛 let himself get stuck, he ends up figuring it out in the end.
After trying, Hale would get bored and be the punk that hops over the hedges.
Ere cheats (like I did, oops)
Poor Jude would get stuck tho :鈥橠
18. Would they collect slimes?
Cal and Jude would for crafting. Cal thinks nothing of it, but Jude isn鈥檛 a fan so she stores it for later when she does need it.
Hale tosses them, sees no point in them.
Ere says, 鈥渆w, why would you want that.鈥
26. What would their favorite movie and snack at the movies be?锟硷考锟
Tumblr media
Cal and Hale looooove scary films (Cal also loves some action) it鈥檚 a bonus that Alex and Shane also love this movie so it鈥檚 perfect for date night. For snacks, movies are the perfect time for junk food so Hale loves to splurge on burgers and fries. Cal just likes his salty snacks with some Jasmine tea.馃憣
Ere would like a mystery movie flick with a nice salad and soda~
Jude would enjoy the comedy and strange flicks like 鈥淲umbus鈥 and 鈥淭he Brave Little Sapling鈥 and have a sweet treat to feel like a kid again~
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