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Here’s a portrait of Andromeda, my DnD character, that I made during today’s campaign. Me and my bestie made a revolution ;)

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hi, friendly reminder if you’re a terf/radfem/gender critical and/or anti-lgbtqa+/homophobic/transphobic then please don’t follow, like, or reblog my content. I don’t want you touching my stuff please and thank you.

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I’m very excited about it. For a starters, I’m opening up five slots, so If you’re interested im a commissiom, dm me and we’ll discuss stuff.

If you want to support me but can’t afford a commission, please, I am begging you, REBLOG THIS, SHARE WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU KNOW.

Friendly reminder that commissions are open! Please reblog to spread the word

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*goes to bed for five years*

Look, guys, I know this might sound hella greedy but when ya see art you like, you always reblog it. If ya gonna like it, reblog it (even after your post limit, reblog it when it’s done). Likes aren’t gonna do shit because not everyone is gonna go through your likes and notice a piece of artwork. Artists won’t get noticed if their art is just liked up and never actually shared amongst followers.

Always reblog artwork you like

Please, if you like it, reblog it. No one sees your likes. When you get a note that someone liked an art piece you almost think, man they liked it, but not enough to let other people see it.

This goes for writing too! If you like it please reblog it ❤

I don’t wanna make people feel bad or anything for not reblogging my art because it’s wonderful if you liked it enough to even click the like button. However reblogs are actually preferred here. Not manditory, but certainly appreciated a lot.

R E B L O G  I T

it means a lot to content creators

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“Here I am in the future with my friends family”

Thank you Steven Universe. I will never be the same again.

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starlightandust-marejai·12 days agoAnswer
17. Has Stephen Universe inspired any creative ideas of yours?


ASLO THE SCENERIES!!!!! ARE SO PRETTY!!!!! sometimes when I dont know what to do for backgrounds, I’ll look at all the beautiful sceneries in the show, and they really help inspire me!

I also have a lot of ideas for drawings based on songs I like?!

Steven Universe was a life saver for my creativity. Like, back when I was super addicted to Undertale, I started getting bolder and trying to draw and color different things and different styles, and in a way it made me a better artist! And the same thing haopened now with SU. I started trying new things again!!!

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1. What episode of Steven Universe got you hooked on the show?

2. Are you the type to watch episodes as they air, or do you just get your fill of Steven Universe online?

3. What’s your favorite quote out of the entire show? (it can be a funny joke or some inspirational shit, doesn’t matter)

4. In what ways has Steven Universe inspired you?

5. Has Steven Universe actually taught you lessons?

6. Favorite character design and why?

7. Has the show ever gotten an intense emotional reaction out of you? (ex - crying, fear, anger)

8. Do you associate any songs with any characters in Steven Universe?

9. Gush about your all-time favorite episode real quick. Just go on a long, rambling tangent about how much you love it. Do it. We’re listening.

10. Gush about your all-time favorite SU character real quick. Just go on a long, rambling tangent about how much you love them. Do it. We’re listening.

11. What fusions do you want to see in the show, and who would you like them to be voiced by?

12. Which episode do you think has the best aesthetics?

13. List any headcanons you have about any characters.

14. Favorite arc out of the show? Why?

15. Have you ever made any jokes based on the show? Which ones were the funniest?

16. Most misleading episode summary of all time?

17. Has Steven Universe inspired any creative ideas of yours?

18. If you are a fanartist, which SU character is the easiest for you to draw?

19. If you are a fanartist, which SU character is the hardest for you to draw?

20. If you are a fanfic writer, which SU character is the easiest for you to write?

21. If you are a fanfic writer, which SU character is the hardest for you to write?

22. Have ever practiced voice acting using SU characters? If so, which character can you do the most successful impression of?

23. Have you ever sang along to SU songs? Which one is the easiest for you to sing along to?

24. Have you ever imagined any of the human characters as gems?

25. Are you big on AUs? Have you created any yourself?

feel free to send any along!

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Tagged by @icefyrre its 4am and I was just crying about suf ending, so I had nothing better to do. Here it goes:

name: Mariana

nickname: mari, ma, marejai

zodiac sign: sagitarius

height: 1,56m (5'2")

languages: portuguese, english and super limited spanish

nationality: brazilian

favorite season: fall! It’s the only time of the year when it’s not insanely hot, or cold (which, since most of the year is insanely hot, is TOO cold)

favorite flower: its a flower called ipe! It blooms on trees during a week per year at most, and it comer in very different colors.

favorite scent: a cake similar to a brownie my mom bakes sometimes.

favorite color: blue

favorite animal: DUDE I WANNA BE A BIOLOGIST YOU CANT JUST ASK ME TO PICK ONE (wolves, big cats in general, crows, foxes)

favorite fictional character: Newt Scamander! He has the life a dream of having: he travels the world alone researching and rescuing endangered creatures. He is also a lil bit awkward, but his few friends love him just like that, and he is very kind. Newt made me want to be a better person.

coffee, tea or hot chocolate: hot chocolate

average hours of sleep: on quarentine more than 10h


number of blankets you sleep in: 1

dream trip: places with lots of wildlife, like the rainforest, yellowstone national park, the savannah, you get it

blog established: 2015????? I guess?????

followers: 1893 wow

random fact: I love drawing dragons and stars. Even better if they are both in the same drawing.

Bonus fact: commissions are open and im also selling prints. If youre interested please dm

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Welp even if the likelihood of official SU comics in the near future has plunged to around zero, I can say for certain that I will still be around in this fandom for months to come. I cling to hyperfixations for a long time, and SU is one that is near and dear to my heart in so, so many ways. I’m not done exploring this world and these characters yet. I have so many more stories to tell. Those that stick around with me, I can’t wait to see what we create.

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Hi I just want to register here that brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro is a fucking murderer. He is willing to let people die for the sake of the economy. We need help

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Quarentine diary, day 9: I drew a flat chested female presenting non-binary alien holding a non-binary pride flag to deal with dysphoria while waiting for my binder to arrive.

Sapphire is my comfort character okay

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