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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

starryvibed·3 days agoText

Say hi to Bob 👋

20/10- Bob’s a rescue who had a nasty fall at the start of lockdown ( A cat??! Falling??! 🤷) and now is paraplegic. But he’s such a good boy even when I’m squeezing his bladder and guts out( He needs someone to help him go pee pee and poop because he can’t do it himself ❗) and giving him oral meds( which he needs to relax his bladder walls and to prevent any infection from urine being stored in there) Spent the last week petsitting this guy and I never knew cats could be this patient ❤️
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starryvibed·6 days agoText

16/10- Relaxing day. Started off pleasantly sunny 👒 I love riding outside in the morning sun. Ending the night with a cozy new book 📙 on the sofa 🛋️. Ready for a productive weekend!

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starryvibed·16 days agoPhoto


Nimbus may have started out as a crinkled tissue, but I think she grew up into quite the supermodel!

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starryvibed·16 days agoText

10/4- Bright sunny day for a successful SPAY surgery 👨‍⚕️✂️

Got my 4 year old female black labrador 🐶neutered on a Sunday morning. She was drowsy from the anesthesia (+ Because of the longgg duration of action of Diazepam which was used as a preanesthetic) the entire 🚘 ride home from the vet(and the following day too) as it can be seen in the 📷 but she was back on her feet a day later. 💪

It was a sleepy 💤 and breezy day.

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starryvibed·24 days agoText









Guys do centaurs have to eat both horse food and human food?

Centaur, eating out of a burlap sack of hay like it’s potato chips: So do you guys wanna get Chipotle later?

Centaur: *kneeling on the ground, ripping up bits of grass and eating it*

Nearby horse: *neighs*

Centaur: Well it’s easy for you to bend over, isn’t it?

Horse: *snorts*

Centaur: *through a mouthful of grass* Well goody goody for you, but some of us have two spines.

Human: Hey does somebody want the rest of my burger?

Centaur: Oh I’ll have it. I am starving.

Human: Didn’t you just eat like an entire barrel of hay?

Centaur: *snatches the burger* That was for the horse stomach not the human one. Don’t be racist, Carl.


That spine comment made me reevaluate my life

Two spines, two ribcages, and six limbs baby! And a tail! Four shoulders!

Hmmmmm. Don’t like that

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starryvibed·25 days agoText

9/28- Let’s talk RABIES! ⚠️

As a vet student, this is a ‘yearly’ thing and deserves a mention 🐾

On, the occasion of World rabies day(28 sept) went around the city vaccinating💉 stray cats🐈and dogs 🐕 which is extremely important to prevent animal to human transmission( as we know it’s a fatal disease!) and also to not let these poor babies suffer in case they do contract the deadly virus 🤢( No cure!!)

Worked from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm with an NGO, tiring but satisfying. Get your pets vaccinated guys! 👈

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starryvibed·a month agoText

9/24- Done with theory classes for the week. 💻 It was a productive morning, had a hearty breakfast 🍚 ( didn’t need coffee 🤯). The sun’s out after 3 days of non stop rain☔. Weekend plans- reading a small orthopedic book for canines that I’ve been putting off forever.

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starryvibed·a month agoText



me when feeling suspiciously relaxed: what responsibility have i forgotten

this post broke down my front door and beat me to death with my own coffee table. 

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starryvibed·a month agoText



- pick up one thing off the floor

- write down any non-focused thoughts for later

- clean your keyboard

- clean your laptop screen

- do a ragdoll stretch

- braid your hair

- put away anything on your desk you don’t need

- doodle three flowers

- review to-do list

- six jumping jacks

Follow @productive-tips for more tips and content like this posted daily! Handpicked and curated with love :)

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starryvibed·a month agoVideo



He got mad as helllll

Turns out getting pissed off at inanimate objects refusing to work properly is a feeling that extends into the animal kingdom

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starryvibed·a month agoVideo





Magical encounter while free falling.

Can you imagine being that bird? You see a big falling dot off in the distance, so you go to investigate. And it’s a human. Just, like, hanging out, in the middle of the sky. Plumbing toward earth at terminal velocity.

“Huh, that’s weird” you think to yourself.

You land on them. They seem nonplussed by their predicament.

But you’re a busy bird, you’ve got places to be. So you just fly off. Good luck, crazy human. Hope you make it.

“Oh, hey, I guess they can fly. I did not know that.”

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starryvibed·a month agoText

9/18- Morning dose of caffeine with a new found will to attend classes for the day! + Reading up on the half yearly issue of one of my fav subjects. It’s been quite pleasant, sunshine🔆 and rain 🌧️ it’s like the weather is having mixed emotions.

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