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Beyond Lucky
Tumblr media
A/N: I hope everyone enjoys I just thought of this quick little Will story !! Also please comment and like if you like it! It means alot when i see interactions on my story 
Working as a NICU nurse was your dream for as long as you could remember. You loved helping people and you loved babies so it was the perfect fit. 
You were so grateful for your job at Chicago Med. You made so many friends including a special red head. He annoyed the hell out of you at first but he grew on you. T
You had a tiny crush on Will he was always so nice to you and made you laugh. He treated you like just another guy. He would always ruff house with you and not to mention the fighting you two did. 
Being with Will was easy it was like you two had known each other your whole lives.
He was such a good doctor too seeing him with patients was the best thing. 
 You never told Will about your feelings because you didn’t want make things awkward between the two of you. Things were good the way they were and you didn’t want to ruin them. 
Will would always meet you for dinner. No matter how busy the day got he would come down to the NICU unit and meet you. The two of you would go up to the roof top to eat. Just sitting there looking at the chicago skyline it was a beautiful scene. 
You two never talked about work though it was a rule between the two of you. It just needed to be a break from all that. To quiet out the noise and just be there. Though sometimes it had it’s backfire. 
Will would talk about his current partner. How they were dating or hooking up and you would be lying if you said it didn’t hurt. Hearing the guy you were in love with talk about that but you couldn’t be mad he had a life to live. 
His current partner was a pharmacy rep who came into the hospital. He said that they hit it off right away and things were going good between them. That they were heating up fast as he put it. Ugh blah you thought to yourself. 
Was it mean to say you just blocked it out. Just started thinking about nothing really. Just looking out at the sky.
“Y/N are you even listening to me cause i swear it doesn’t feel like it” Will said snapping you out of your thoughts. 
“Huh what” you said missing what he said 
“See this is exactly it you don’t even listen to me” Will said 
“Yeah I do I was paying attention I just couldn’t hear that last part” you said trying to defend yourself. 
“Then what is the last thing I said” he asked 
“That you love me very much” You said laughing 
“That does not sound like me at all” Will said
You punched him in the arm and he was fell over clutching his arm in pain. You just sat there and laughed and rolled your eyes at him. 
“Such a dramatic person” you said laughing 
“Your the one who punches like a man” he said laughing 
“See that’s sexist” You said punching him again 
“Ouch careful I need that arm to work” He said taking his arm and trying to hold it down preventing you from lifting it. 
“No one will miss you anyways now let me go” you yelled 
“No way” He said reaching over and pulling you in closer to him and grabbing you and holding you closer to him. 
You tried to squeeze away but he kept his grip tight. You tried again pulling away but this time it knocked both of you over causing Will to fall on his back and you on top. You swear there was a moment there where he looked at you and leaned in. 
Then of course his pager went off and you quicky got up and he did the same. 
“I’ll see you later” he said running away to go back to work. 
You swore you thought he was leaning but maybe you were wrong. It was hard not wonder what would have happened if he didn’t get paged. 
You brushed it away and cleaned up the mess and headed back down to work.  You made it to the NICU and not much was going on down there. So you decided to just fill out charts and use the quiet time to your advantage. 
You were busy doing work when you looked up and saw Will standing there with a smile on his face.
“What do i owe this pleasure” you asked 
“Me and you tomorrow were both off let’s go out we can go to this new place downtown i heard about” he asked 
“Sure yeah I can’t wait” you said 
He hurried up and went back to the ER and you wondered what the hell that was about. 
Thankfully the rest of your shift went by fast. You spent your day off in bed sleeping and eating all day. Your body needed the rest.
 Will texted you to meet him around eight later that night. That was on your mind all day wondering about this date. You didn’t know why it was just another fun night between the two of you. 
It was around six and got up to take a shower and get ready. You looked at your closet and suddenly you had nothing to wear. You looked at your closet not knowing what to wear. Will didn’t even give you much details about the type of place either just an address. 
You decided to wear your fave mustard silk dress. It hugged your curves in all the right places. You had on your fave shoes with a leather jacket. You did your hair and make up real pretty. 
You looked in the mirror and you thought you looked hot af. You looked at the time and it was 7:45pm and you knew you were going to be late which was no surprise. 
You headed downtown to the restaurant. It was a friday night and the night life down there was buzzing. You pulled up to the restaurant and it was a nice place. It looked so pretty and the view was amazing. 
You pulled out your phone and texted WIll he said he was inside and the reservation was under his name. 
You walked into the restaurant and it was so nice inside like the kind people go in for dates not two friends going out for fun. You walked up to the hostess stand 
:”Hi um there’s a reservation under halstead he said he’s here already” you asked 
“Yeah come on right this way” the lady said and walked you back. 
Will was there and he was all dressed in a nice suit and hair looking nice. He looked up and smiled when he saw you.
You thanked the hostess and sat down. 
“What’s going on here this isn’t our usual scene?”  You asked, confused. 
“Look I know but I wanted to take my best friend out to a nice dinner is that a crime” he asked. 
“No I think it’s nice a good change” you said smiling at him. 
“I got you your favorite drink” Will said 
Just as he said that the waiter came over and dropped off the drink and you thanked him. 
Dinner was a lot of fun you and Will talked about everything and anything. At one point you both laughed so hard one of the employees came over and asked you to quiet down. 
After that you two decided it was time to head out. The two of you ended walking up and down the street. Laughing holding hands. Will stoped when he saw some water and it was a beautiful scene. 
He looked over at you and just looked at you for a minute and then put his hand on your face. He started leaning in and then kissed you. It was a slow kiss that put a million butterflies in your stomach. 
You kissed him back and then the kiss broke you both needing air. He placed his forehead on yours and just sat it there. 
“I thought you were seeing someone” you asked 
“We broke up I realized i was in love with someone else.” he said. 
He took took leaned up taking his forehead off of yours then he sat there and just looked at you. 
“Y/N I love you like I’m love with you and I want to be with you when I’m with you i think of this amazing future and this whole life for us and all I want is to walk into work with you holding hands and going home to you and talking about my day with you the good bad and the everything in between” he said 
You just sat there just soaking everything in. You felt a tear came down from your face. 
“Will I love you too I want everything with you” you said taking his hand and squeezing it. 
He kissed you again and the same butterflies came rushing up . 
“It’s about damn time i mean look at me how could you make me wait this long” you said punching his arm 
“Ouch sorry your alright but come on your the lucky one” he said laughing 
“Ew no I could have done better you were just available” you said laughing 
He put you into a headlock and you tried to worm your way out yelling he was going to ruin your make up.
When he finally let you go you straighten yourself up
“Come on I look fine as hell in this dress and I’m not ready to go home there’s this bomb bar right across the street let’s go” you said 
“Sounds good” he said 
The two of you held hands and walked over to the bar. The rest of the night was a lot more laughing and fun. 
You were grateful for Will he always made things so much fun always made you feel good. It was so surreal to fall in love with your best friend.
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I watched good Sam and I love Sophia bush that’s why I watched it the show is just idk boring to me I really can’t get into it
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Please add read more link if you’re going to leave a whole fic in the tags
No hate but like why and how ? I hope I don’t sound mean that is not my intention but I’m just confused It usually says read all ??
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Who do I write for and what I need some serious ideas 👀👀👀👀
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I Should Have Told You
Tumblr media
OA X Plus Size Reader 
A/N: I never wrote Smut before so please bear with me if it’s bad ! I appreciate comments as always !! 
You Worked Inside the JOC with the FBI. You loved your job helping people. You meant your boyfriend OA there. He worked as an Agent
. You were a plus size person, you had hella curves and was proud of it. 
OA asked you out first. And have you seen him there was no way you were turning him down
. You two had been going strong for almost a year and everyone knew it. You never felt this way about anyone before. 
It was a normal and Pretty quiet day at work. We never got much of those anymore. So we all used it to our advantage
. Catching up on paperwork and updating systems. I think the whole time everyone was thinking the same thing only one more day and then the weekend. 
Around 5pm Isobel came out of her office and told everyone that you all could leave work. That there was no point in staying any longer. No one even questioned it they all just hurried up and packed out. 
You grabbed your stuff and walked back to where OA was at his desk. Him and Maggie were gathering their things. 
You walked over to him and smiled and his face lit up when he saw you.  He grabbed his bag and walked over to you. 
“Hey Y/N you ready to go before Isobel calls us back” He said 
“Hell Yeah let’s go before we Jinx” You said back. 
You both said goodbye to Maggie who said she was leaving in a minute she was finishing up her reports and then she was headed out. 
He grabbed your hand and gave it a squeeze. The two of you walked over to the elevators. You turned and looked at OA. 
“So I was thinking we’re finally off early we could go out get some dinner it’s been awhile since we had a date night.” you said to him. 
He looked down at you and smiled and kissed you lightly on the lips
“ I would love to let’s go home and get changed and cleaned up then I’m taking you out.” He said
“MM I would love that” you said pecking him on the lips again. 
The elevators doors opened up and you both walked in them talking about where you were going. 
You both headed down to the garage getting in OA’s car together he was the one who drove you there. 
The two of you headed back to your apartment. OA basically lived there all of his stuff was there and you even cleared out some closet and drawer space. 
The two you arrived at home and as soon as the door shut OA leaned down and kissed you hard letting his hands run over your ass. He gave it a hard squeeze and you moaned into his mouth. 
He pushed you towards the bedroom and you followed his lead. He finally broke the kiss and you two had to catch you breath. 
“ I thought we were getting ready to go out” You said smiling up at him. 
“Mm we are but first I need you baby you look so good in that dress today” He said 
He pushed you down on the bed and crawled on top you. He kissed you again and took his hand and pushed it down your shirt and squeezed your breast and it made you moan again. 
You reached up and unbuttoned his shirt and it fell down his arm. You took your hands and felt up and down his hands and damn he felt good he was so fit. 
He broke the kiss and traveled down your neck kissing it up and down. Then he got up and pulled you up with him and he reached down to the bottom of your dress taking it off of you leaving you in your bra and underwear. 
You reached down and took his belt and pants off. He took of his shirt that was laying down on his arms. He took of your bra and he then pushed you down on your back. 
He kissed your neck again traveling down to your breast and taking his hands and cupping them. He then traveled down to your underwear taking his teeth and pulling them down by his mouth. 
He kissed the inside of your clit and you moaned out loud arching your back. 
“Mm baby you taste so good” He said as he began licking and eating you out he would start off slow and then go harder and harder until you finally Moaned out loud and cumed. 
“Damn baby you are so good it felt so nice” you said to him 
He came back giving you a sweet kiss on your lips this time more delicate and soft. 
“Let me return the favor” You said to him. 
“No baby I wanna be in you, you feel so good” He said 
You could feel him getting harder in between your legs and you opened up to let him in. He just looked at you for a moment and whispered 
“Are you sure” he asked 
“I’m positive I want to” You said back pecking him on the lips. 
Taking your hands and holding on his hips as he slowly entered you. He sat there for a moment letting you adjust. 
Then he started rolling his hips slow at first and then getting harder and harder. 
You could hear him moan and it turned you on even more. 
“Baby you feel so good I need you” He moaned loud
“Keep going harder don’t stop” you moaned. 
“Just for you baby” He moaned 
He started picking up the pace going even faster and soon enough you felt that little coil in your stomach. 
You could tell that OA was reaching his point to because he started getting a little slopier. 
“It’s Okay Baby I’m ready too go ahead” You said. 
He lasted a few more sloppy thrust before you both finally reached your climax and came. 
He pulled out laying on top of you putting his head on your chest and you took your hands playing in his hair. 
“Damn I needed that” He said laughing. 
“I Know baby we need to be getting off earlier a lot more if I get to keep coming home to this.” you said 
“ You can get it like that no matter the time.” he said to you
It made you laugh and then you both just laid there in each other’s arm for a while
. A nice intimate moment between the two of you. The two of you just connecting with one another. 
After a little bit OA got up and sat on the edge of the bed for a moment before looking back at you. 
“Do you still wanna go out or I was thinking we could order in and lay in bed together and watch tv.” He asked 
You got up and pulled him back down to you and he laid on his back and you rolled over laying on his chest. 
“I’ll take that as a staying in.” He asked laughing 
You looked down at him with those big brown eyes and that contagious smile that he had that always made you and everyone else who saw it smile back. 
The feeling just came over you in that moment you knew at least for you it was the right time to finally say it to him. 
“Hey OA I got to tell you something and it’s no pressure, okay you say how you feel but I just need to say it.” You said 
He leaned up sitting on his elbows and looked at you confused. 
“What’s wrong Y/N” He asked, worry all over his face. 
“I Love you like I’m in love with you and like I said no pressure to say it back or anything I won’t get hurt or upset.” You said to him 
He just sat there for a moment looking at you not saying anything back then he finally spoke up breaking the uncomfortable silence that took place. 
At this point he didn’t even need to say anything you got your answer you thought.
“Y/n I uh I care so much about you I do but I am uh just” he started rambling.
You cut him off trying to save the moment and to save yourself from getting hurt. 
“It’s okay like I said no pressure okay were good really I just wanted to get it off my chest I hope the night’s not ruined now” you said trying to hide the lump in your throat. 
“Yeah Of course baby um I can order us some chinese food for tonight” He said trying to not change the subject. 
“Yeah sounds good I have to go to the bathroom” you said 
He just looked at you with this look on his face that was hard to read it.
You put on your robe that was sitting on the floor beside the bed and putting it on and heading to the bathroom. 
You just sat there looking at yourself in the mirror and letting the tears slowly fall down from your face.
 It was hard not to be hurt. You put yourself out there and it didn’t work out. The tears kept falling from your face. 
You didn’t realize how long you were in there because you heard him calling your name. You took the washcloth that was sitting on your sink and wiping your face off. 
You opened up the door and walked out laying back down on the bed and OA looked over at you with this look on his face that was upset and worried. 
“Are you okay” He asked 
“Yeah Why I’m fine I was just going to the bathroom” you said 
He didn’t get a chance to say anything back because both of your phones started buzzing and of course it was work. 
Maggie called OA and Jubal was calling you. 
They wanted you guys to come in and there was a case. Part of you wasn’t mad because you felt like it was good to leave the house and out of this weird situation. 
The two of you got dressed not saying anything to each other. Even in the car ride down no one said anything to one another. 
When you reached the building you both had to push off what ever was going on and be professional and have clear heads. 
When you got up to the JOC Maggie was just getting off the elevator and you asked her what was wrong. 
“Maggie what’s going and where is everyone” you asked looking at the empty JOC 
“We need you to go undercover with us tonight the guy we been tracking about the drug case he’s going to be at this club tonight and we need you” Maggie said 
She said as you three entered the JOC Jubal and Isobel also there.
“No way in hell she’s not even an agent” OA said 
“We need her she’s going to plant some wires in the club for us she’ll be fine” Isobel said 
“I’m doing it I’ll be fine and I want to help” You said 
“Great you three head out were stay behind and monitor you guys” Jual said 
The three of you headed out. You all agreed to home and change super quick considering this club was nice and you all looked like you worked for the FBI. 
You put on this satin red dress that was kind of short and your ass and boobs looked great. 
You did your hair and Make up the way you always do outside of work these bright bold styles. OA wore his nice pants and damn he put on this shirt that looked good af. You grabbed your leather Jacket and headed for the door. 
You opened it up but OA shut it and looked at you in the eyes. He had a look of worry on his face. 
“Y/n Please think about this” He said 
“I am I’ll be fine I want to do this and we got to go meet Maggie at the club so let’s go” You said opening the door back up. 
Just like earlier the car ride was silent and you would be lying if you weren’t nervous. 
You had never been in the field before and this was scary the unknown. What if you got caught or what if something happened to OA or Maggie. 
“Were here “ OA said breaking you out of your thoughts 
You nodded and got out the car putting on your leather Jacket you brought to keep your stuff in.
OA walked over to you and smiled down at you. He reached down and Kissed you softly and you kissed him back he grabbed your hand and squeezed it softly. 
There was no words needed in that moment. The two of you walked over to Maggie and she smiled at you guys. 
“You all ready” She asked. 
“Yeah Let’s do it”  OA said 
You all walked into the club the music was loud and you and Maggie went over to some seats and a table. OA grabbed some shots to blend in. 
He came over and you all quickly swallowed them down. Maybe it was the liquid courage but you decided it was time to go plant those bugs. 
“I’m going to go to the back and plant these bugs it seems like it’s now or never” you said 
“Okay were go too were stay in that area close by so we can hear if anything happens” OA said 
You nodded and you went first to not look suspicious and then they followed behind. 
You made it to the back office no problem. There was no one in there thank goodness but when you looked around for a perfect place to plant the wire.
 You opened up the closet door and found a bomb big enough to take down Manhattan. 
You just stood there not knowing what to do next. Then you heard OA in your ear piece 
“Y/N Are you okay what’s going on in there” He asked panic in his voice.
“Everyone needs to get out now I think they know we were coming and there is a huge bomb” You said 
“I’m coming back Maggie’s clearing everyone out.” he said
“No No you have to leave” you yelled 
He didn’t say anything and then you heard the door bust open and OA looked at you with worry and fear in his eyes. He walked over to you and bent down and placed a hand on your back. 
“Hey Hey Look at me were going to be okay” OA said 
“What do we do now” you asked 
He got up and walked over to where the bomb was and looked at it
“Here’s what were going to do were going to back out really slow and make a run for it okay” He said 
You just nodded to afraid to speak. He lent his hand down and helped you up. 
The two you bolted out the room running to the nearest exit. You both were super close when you heard a loud boom that shook the whole building. 
It knocked you both off your feet. You hit your head hard on the floor knocking you unconsciousness. 
“Y/N Y/N are you okay baby talk to me” Is what you barely heard. The ringing in your ear was so loud. 
“Mmm “ was all you mumbled. You felt to heavy and tired to open up your eyes. 
“I Love you Y/N i really do i’m not just saying that because of what just happened but because it’s the truth I love you so much I never felt this way before and it scared me I should have said it back I just froze but please wake up” You heard OA say. 
After that it took everything in you to open up your eyes and he had smoke all over him torn shirt and a cut that was bleeding on his head. 
“Hey your going to be okay” he said leaning down to kiss you 
“I love you to” you said 
A few minutes later the paramedics came and whipped you away OA holding your hand. He climbed into the back of the ambulance with you. 
The IV started making you feel better.
“I can’t believe I had to almost die in order for you to say it back” you said joking. 
OA squeezed your hand harder and laughed 
“I’m going to tell you everyday every morning and every night how much I love you” he said 
“Promise” you asked 
“Hell Yeah just don’t die on me again” he said 
“I Promise” you said 
The two of you sat in silence. The rest of the way to the hospital. They took you off for scans and test. OA waited in the waiting room and Maggie, Jubal and Isobel all joined him. 
He couldn’t sit still to worried about you. Finally a doctor came out and told them you were sitting in a room. You had to stay overnight for observation.  But other that you were fine. 
They all sighed a breath of relief. They walked back to see you. 
You were laying in the bed and Maggie ran over and hugged you tight. 
“I’m fine everyone no need to worry about it” you said 
“Hell yea you are your pretty tough” Jubal said 
“This was fun I should go in the field more often” you said Joking 
“No chance in hell ever again” OA said 
And you had to agree with him on that one. Though you weren’t going to admit it. 
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Together No Matter What Part Two !! :)
Tumblr media
A/N: I Hope Everyone Enjoys this chapter it may seem a little slow but I’m just trying to set the story so it comes together I promise it heats up more after this I hope everyone Enjoys !! :) 
Together No Matter What Part Two 
Jay Halstead’s POV 
“Come on Guys we aren’t getting anywhere on this case were on a dead end and it looks like this son of a bitch is now on way moving up to New York.” Voight said to everyone. 
We were in the Bullpen it was a late night. Just another one in a long week of late nights.
 There was a serial killer on the loose.  He didn’t care about gender or race. That’s what made it so hard. 
There was no clear pattern we could use to catch this son a bitch. Everyone was working overtime to catch him but nothing.
 No how many fresh eyes we had on the case, we kept coming up to a dead end. 
The only small detail was they were all stabbed to death multiple times. That’s it We reached out to other departments around the states but nothing ever popped up. 
The only option we had now was to hand it off to the feds. It was the last thing that any of us wanted to do. 
This was our collar and we wanted it. To have the feds just take it was a hard punch. 
We didn’t have a choice at this point and everyone knew it.
 Even though Voight thought he could pitch it one more time we all looked at each other and at this point we just knew. We can’t keep risking lives for our ego. 
I decided to be on to speak up.
“Look Sarge  as much as any of us want to catch this son a bitch we need to hand this off the Feds they have more people and resources. We need to get this guy off the street so he stops killing people” I said to him. 
No one else said anything not even Voight he just sat there with this look on his face. He looked mad and upset.
 I mean I couldn’t blame him but Voight always took these kinds of things personal. 
Everyone just looked at each other then Hailey spoke up 
“He’s right sarge we don’t have a choice and I heard from my guy up in New York that he’s already killed two more people it looks like there linking him to the cases down here based on some small details they all share there random and were stabbed to death.” Hailey said. 
“Hmm Yeah I guess . But what about Y/N Jay she works for the Feds reach out to her and hand it off hopefully she’ll keep us in the loop” Voight said 
“Yeah Of course I’m sure she will” I said 
‘Now let’s get back to work we have other cases going on Chicago still needs us “ Voight said. 
I got up from my desk and stepped out to call Y/N and she didn’t answer so I left her a message to call me back it was important. 
As i was walking back to my desk I got a call from an unknown number but it had a caller ID saying they were from New York. So i quickly answered it hoping it would be Y/N. 
“Hello Y/N is that you.” I asked 
“Hello no my name is Isobel Castille I work for the FBI I am your sister’s boss.” The lady said
Natural I assumed the worse and my anxiety was about to go off but then she quickly followed up before I had a chance to ask what was going on. 
“Look Y/N is fine that’s not why I am calling I am calling about a case a serial killer in Chicago.”
“Yeah my unit is working on it we were just about to send the case over to you guys. But uh not to sound a certain way but why are you calling me and how did you get my number and no offense why didn’t my sister call me “ I asked curious about what was going on
“Look I know your confused let me explain myself. I am calling because I know that Y/N has a brother who works for Chicago PD and I got your number off her personal file I didn’t think you or her would mind. But Y/N is busy with something else at the moment that’s why she didn’t call you herself  and I wanted to reach out to you guys to see if you would be willing to come up work with us on the case if at all possible we need all hands on deck.” She said 
“Yeah of course who all do you want down we would love to help we want to get this sicko off the streets. I can pass it on to my sergeant.” I said to her . 
“I want the whole team down if you all can we need all the help and you guys know this man and we could use the insight. And I figured you all want to be here when we catch him let me know by the end of the hour we need to move fast with this.” she said 
“Yeah of course I will I’ll talk to him now and call back” I told her and then hung up the phone. 
I know Voight this could go either good or bad. He would be happy to stay on the case but mad because he the man hates the feds. So god only knows if he would want to work with them. 
He was in his office when I came back into the bull pen and everyone else was at their desk doing paperwork. 
I knocked on Voights door and then went in to talk to him. 
“Hey Jay what’s up” He asked 
“Hey I got a call from Y/n’s boss and she wants all of  us to come up to New York to work with the FBI on the case if you want” I told him. 
He sat there for a moment looking like he was deciding on what to do. 
“Yeah let’s do it let’s go to catch him call her back tell her were on the next flight out of here” he said. 
I nodded at him and went back out to call Isobel back and Voight followed to tell the team the news. 
I stepped out the room and picked up my phone and called her back and told her we were on the next flight down and she said she would wait for us to come before presenting the case to her team. 
I stepped back into the bullpen and everyone was sitting around talking the mood had lifted everyone was happy to be given a second chance on the case. I know I was we all wanted to able to see this through the end. 
I was also happy because that I meant I got to see Y/N. It had been a while sense i seen her. 
She always used to come back home and visit but with covid it’s been a while sense she came home. The holidays and everything weren’t the same without her. 
“Alright everyone go home pack and then were meet back to go to the airport together” Voight said. 
We all headed out on the way to my apartment I tried to call Y/N again but she didn’t answer. I tried not to be worried but this was unlike her not answer. She would always at least text me back to say something. 
I tried to push thought down and told myself she was fine because i literally just talked her to boss who said she was fine. 
I reached my apartment and packed some clothes it was hard not knowing how long we would be gone for. 
About a half hour later we were all back at the district and headed to the airport. It was late and we were all in for a long one. Finally after about a 2 hour wait we were off to NYC. We all decided to catch up on some sleep knowing it would be a while before we would get some again. 
After a couple long hours and travel we made it to the FBI field office. It just felt like a government building it was so huge and big. 
There were so many people there and honestly we forgot to ask where we would even be going. 
“Hey um Jay did that lady you talked to tell us where we would be going” Kevin asked 
“Um no she did not and I forgot to ask” I said 
“Well why don’t we just head over to that nice looking lady behind the desk and ask her” Adam said 
We all rolled our eyes at him and I walked over to her to ask so we weren’t just standing here looking dumb.
“Hey excuse me Miss my name is Jay Halstead I am a detective with the Chicago Police department and I am looking for Isobel Castille she’s expecting us” I said smiling down at her. 
She smiled back and Ruz was right she was very pretty. 
“Yeah sure of course detective she’s upstairs in the JOC but first you and your team over there need these passes.” she said handing me a some visitor passes 
“Keep those on the whole time your here it’s pretty strick around here and go up to the elevators over there and it’s the 24th floor. ” she said still smiling up at me.
“Yeah thanks I appreciate the help” I said smiling down at here and winking at her. Her face turned bright pink. I might just have to see what’s up with that before I leave, I thought to myself. 
I walked over to the group and handed out the badges she gave me. 
“So we have to wear these at all times and were headed up to the 24th floor.” I said 
We all headed that and then Ruz spoke up 
“So man what’s going on with you and that pretty girl over there I saw that” he said clearly annoyed because he clearly was checking her out first. 
“Nothing man I asked her directions and that’s it I talked to her for five seconds.” I said trying not to feed into it.
“What ever you say man” He said 
“So Jay are you excited to see Y/N” Kim asked clearly trying to change the subject. 
“Yeah man I am with covid and everything it’s been awhile since I seen her.” I said smiling at her and quietly thanking her for changing the subject. 
Next thing you know we were here and it was a crazy looking scene. Nothing like back at home. It was jam packed with people. Suit people and there was a guy with a goat T and ear piece in the front looking stressed. 
They were all just sitting there typing on their computers. We looked around not knowing what to do next.
A brown hair girl in a ponytail and then two other people only man and another girl came into the room. The walked over to the man with the goat t and they started talking to each other. 
Then around the corner and tall lady with short black hair walked over to the back where we were. 
“Hi I’m Isobel Castille I talked to Jay Halstead on the phone.” She said
“Yeah that’s me” I said reaching out to shake her hand which she did. 
“Nice to meet you thank you all for coming down.” she said 
She shook everyone’s hand and they all introduced themselves to her. She gestured for us to follow her to the front of the room. 
“Okay everyone listen up these are chicago detectives and there here to help us on this case we got a serial killer who’s killed more than 7 people in the chicago area and he is expected to now be in our home court there going to help us catch him please make them feel at home” she said loudly
The man with goat t came over to us and introduced himself to us. 
“Hello i’m Jubal Valentine Special Assistant Agent in Charge nice to meet you” He said 
The Brunette girl and the the other man and girl came over
Hi I’m Maggie Bell I’m an Agent nice to meet you” She said 
“Hi I’m Stewart Scola Agent nice seeing you” He said 
“Hi I’m Tiffany Wallace nice to meet you” she said
“Hi I’m Jay and this is Kim, Adam , Kevin Hayley, and our sergeant Voight” I said introducing everyone. 
“Now That we got our introductions out the way Maggie I have something to tell you I need you and Jubal to partner up today” She said 
Maggie and Jubal both looked at each other with this confused look on their face. 
“Yeah of course no problem but why “ Maggie asked 
“ I can’t explain it now but I just need you too work together for me” she said it seemed like shut down the conversation real quick. 
“Hey I’m sure it’s nothing but it will be cool to work with you” Jubal told Maggie fist bumping her. 
It reminded me of Antonio. He used to do that. She smiled up at him 
“Yeah , let’s do this,” she said. 
Isobel Started presenting the case and I started zoning out and started thinking about Y/N 
I Knew that Y/N worked in the JOC here she told me before but I still didn’t see her. I hoped she was Okay. It was weird not seeing her
. She would have come down to see me or say something. It just wasn’t making any sense. I at least wanted to see her. I wonder what she was doing that’s keeping her so busy.. .
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Shot In the Dark Part Five :) !!!
Tumblr media
“It’s Okay I won’t hurt you” was the voice that you heard. You looked up and saw him. At first you didn’t recognize who it was but now you do. 
It was one of your regulars from the clinic. He was always coming in with something. 
It always seemed like an excuse to see you. He never wanted to see one of the other doctors, just you. It ended up getting so bad that you had to ban him from getting back. 
He would wait outside for you and send you flowers. He even ended up finding out where you lived. 
He would send letters declaring his love for you at your home. You swear one time he even broke into your house. 
You had come home and thank god Jubal wasn’t there but some of your stuff was missing. 
The more personal stuff like your bra and panties. The whole house also just had this vibe like someone was there. 
You thought about telling your husband I mean he did work for the FBI he could help you but you didn’t want to get him involved.
 You thought it was something you could handle on your own. 
He didn’t even want you working at the clinic. He made it very clear to you that it was a bad area and he was worried about you working there.
 You always told him that there could be trouble no matter where you went. 
Now you were regretting your decision that you made. You should have told him what was going on.
 He could have helped and you probably wouldn’t be in the position that you are now. 
This whole thing still didn’t make any sense to you. I mean was the first set of guys working with this creep or was it two different people. How did he even know where you were ? 
You were snapped out of you million thoughts when he grabbed you out the chair
. He had a gun with him and pointed at you. Great you thought you were so sick of guns being pointed at you. 
“I’m not going to tie you up okay ? But if you run I will shoot you” he said 
“Okay Okay I won’t I promise” you said 
“ I don’t want to hurt you okay I never would I love you but if you run then we will be separated and I don’t want that.” he said to you 
“I know and I don’t want that either okay why do you think I never told my husband about you”  You told him trying to connect with him 
He just nodded and whispered yeah under his breath. He looked like he was agreeing with you. 
The two of you walked out the building the bright lights were blinding you in the face.
 The sun actually felt nice on your skin. Being able to breathe fresh air again. You honestly thought there was no way that you were coming out of that building alive. 
Now you just had to survive this crazy psycho. You thought maybe you had a better chance with him
. He did say he didn’t want to hurt you and you weren’t even tied up so maybe you had a chance. 
He took you out to his car and sat you in the passenger seat and he got ran over to the driver’s seat.
 He started driving away from the scene and you plotted the million ways that you could get away. 
“Where are we going” you asked him 
“ someone far away from here where we would both be happy where no one can find us” he said 
“Maybe we should go someone where it means something to the both of us where it all began” you tried talking to him. 
He just looked at you and he really considered it. You thought maybe there would either be cops or a hell of a chance for you to run if he took you to the clinic. 
You tried to convince him really hard to but you were also scared of pushing him to hard and loosing some kind of bonding that the two of you had.  You were also scared that if he took you far away you may never be found again. 
“Look baby I really want to but I don’t think it’s safe for us to go back into the city we need to go somewhere quiet so we won’t be seen.” he said 
You didn’t even say anything just nodded and sat there while the car pulled away. It was a way to risky move to say anything. 
The thought about getting out the moving car and jumping out crossed your mind
 But he held a gun on you the whole time and the fact that he pulled onto a busy highway it wasn’t a good situation. 
You let the tears fall from your eyes. You thought about Jubal and seeing him again. 
What would be the first thing you would say to him. Probably about how much you love him. How you finally want to be able to start a family. 
It’s something you two always talked about but with work it just never planned out.
 Now if you had the chance you would tell him that you would take time off stay home and be a mom. You wouldn’t keep anything from him ever again. 
As he drove away not knowing where you were going. The sunlight felt good in your face. But while he was driving away you felt this pain in your stomach. 
You realized you hadn’t eaten all day. The noise got louder and longer and he even looked over at you. 
“Poor thing I didn’t even think about food you must be so hungry and omg your blood sugar must be getting way to low.” he said 
“Yeah Man I’m so hungry can we stop for food.” you asked desperate for anything. 
“Of course I think there some fast food places or a gas station” He said 
This is it you thought this could be your chance of escape. Maybe you could run away as fast as you could. Take what ever energy you had left and go for it. 
He pulled into a local Mcdonald’s and you thought it was a perfect place to run. It was a little busy there was some cars around. Or Maybe even the workers inside could help. 
He pulled into the drive thu lane and there was a little bit of a wait. So you looked around the car to see if there was anything that could help for your escape. 
That’s when you saw it. A pen is laying on the floor and rather than cause a big scene and risk other people’s lives you thought of something a little safer. 
“Hey I have to use the bathroom do you trust me to go” You asked nicely turning to look at hm placing a hand on his arm. 
He looked at you in the eyes and you smiled up at him. Trying to hide the disgust and fear in your eyes. 
“Yeah of course sweetheart I trust you what do you want to eat I’ll get you something But please don’t try anything stupid I don’t want to hurt you or others” he said clicking the gun on you 
“ I won’t I wouldn’t do that to you okay and Surprise me I like anything” You said 
You got out the car and walked into the bathroom. You kept your head up straight looking around hoping the cameras would catch you. Thanks to Jubal you knew better than to look down. 
You walked up the counter peaking out the side window to make sure he couldn’t see you. He was to pulled up on any window to see where you were. 
“Excuse me I need a piece of paper to right something down it’s very important” you asked looking around to make sure he couldn’t see you. 
“Sure okay no problem are you okay”? she asked the young girl look genuinely worried about you. 
“I’m fine but please hurry” you said. The longer it took the more panic there was. He was getting close to pulling up and seeing you. 
She came back a second later with a piece of the paper they keep on the trays and told you that you could write on the back. 
You thanked her than ran off the bathroom.  You put the paper on the sink and wrote on the back of it super fast
“Please help me my name is Y/N and I was kidnapped this is not a joke please help me call my husband Jubal Valentine at the FBI again this is not a joke please help” You wrote on the paper in all caps. 
You took the paper and walked out the bathroom. He was out front waiting for you in a parking space. 
There was a worker now on the floor you walked over to them and handed them the paper.  
Then you went to walk and out mouthed to them “Please help” and they  looked at you and you had to leave and went to the car. 
You opened up the door and got in. You looked over at him and smiled. He had this look on his face and you hoped he didn’t see you hand them that paper. 
“Sorry Baby I wanted to freshen up for you and look a little better that’s why I took so long” You said 
“I was getting worried about baby you took so long” He said looking at you 
“I know I’m sorry I didn’t meant to worry you” You said placing a hand on his arm. 
“What did you get to eat” You asked trying to change the conversation.
 “I went with chicken nuggets can’t go wrong with that” he said 
“Yum I agree” You said reaching in the bag and getting the food you needed to eat you could feel it. 
He started driving away and Mcdonald’s never tasted so good.  The whole time you thought was please don’t take my note as a joke please god get me some help and fast... 
Please give me another chance to see my husband..... 
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We need Sophia Bush and Missy Peregrym to place sisters In a tv show or movie that casting would be so lit 🔥
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stefanmikaleson1864 · 12 days ago
I loved the first part of you jay halstead and oa zidan story. Can not wait for more.
Thank you so so much 🥺🥺 it truly means A lot to me so see some support on my stories !! I’ll be updating soon you made my day 💖💖
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my toxic writer trait: sometimes i compare my works to other people because it doesn’t get as much love as others and while it pushes me to do better it also makes me sad.
this is why reblogs and comments are so important because they help motivate us into writing more.
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I’m So Sorry
Tumblr media
Cyrus Lupo X Reader :) !!!
I’m So Sorry 
You and Cyrus had been dating for a couple of years. You worked as a paramedic and would sometimes run into him on calls.
 You fell so had for the brown eyes curly hair man. He was quiet  but once you got to know him he really opened up to you. 
You were the one who asked him out. The two of you running into each after shift at a local coffee shop. 
He agreed and the rest is history. The two of you were in that place in your relationship where he was moved in and you were just waiting for him to pop the question. 
You two were such a good couple wanting the same things in life. Both focused on your careers but also wanting to start a family together to build a life with one another.
 It made it easier on you both because you knew what it was like to work long shifts and hours. 
You both also knew how the job can take a lot out of you at times.
 Everyone was always telling you to leave it behind you when you clocked out but sometimes it was easier said than done. 
The two of you could always lay it all out on the table and talk things through with one another. 
But things lately have been different between the two of you
. Cyrus had become distant with you and things just haven’t been the same. He was working late nights a lot more than usual and even leaving early in the morning. 
When he was home he would barely talk to you. Always saying he was tired or it was a long day. He wouldn’t even look or touch you anymore. The two of you hadn’t even had sex in months. 
Cyrus would say he was tired or things like “Not tonight” or “I’m in not in the mood.” 
 If we're being honest it hurt your feelings. You thought he didn’t want you anymore that he didn’t care anymore. 
You tried to see what was up with him because you felt like it was something more than just working late. 
So today you got off work early and you texted him to see what he was doing.  He told you earlier that tonight he should be home for dinner. 
He never replied to your text but you thought maybe he was just busy
. So around dinner time you drove over to the precinct to see him. You saw his partner Benard walking out but he wasn’t there. 
You went over to see where he might have been 
“Hey Kevin sorry to be bothering you but I’m wondering if you know where Cy is. He told me he was getting off early but I haven’t heard from him.” you asked 
Kevin just looked at you with a surprise look on his face that he quickly tried to cover up. 
“Hey Y/N yeah he told me he was on his way home so maybe you just missed him.” he said to you. 
“Yeah right I’ll check back at home thanks “ you said and walked away. 
Maybe he was home and you just missed him. You drove back to the shared apartment and there wasn’t anyone home.
 No sign on him at all you tried to be worried or hurt maybe he was on his way home soon. 
So you sat and waited and no one showed up. The hours went by fast and slow at the same time.
 You were crushed as why he would lie to you. In the pit of your stomach you knew it was something going on that was not good. 
You laid on the couch just letting the tears fall down your face. You ended up crying yourself to sleep. 
You were woken up by someone coming in the front door. It was dark until you turned the light on by the lamp. 
Cyrus was coming in he looked a mess his tie was barely on his shirt wrinkled and his hair was every where. 
He looked at you with this look of confusion with a mix of oh shit i think i just got caught. 
“Hey Y/N sorry to wake you up baby I thought you were sleeping.” He said 
“Where the hell were you I waited up all night for you. And don’t lie to me I know you weren’t at work.” you said 
He just looked at you with this sad look on his face. He came in closer in the apartment shutting the door and sitting on the couch.
 He smelled of beer and alcohol. You knew it wasn;t good for him he had problems with it in the past. 
A few minutes of science had passed and then he spoke up. 
“I’m so sorry Y/n i really am I fucked up and I don’t know how to fix it.” he said there was sadness in his  voice you never heard before. 
“Cy talk to me what happened “ you asked him.
“I had a pretty rough case with kids you know how that is for me and I didn’t even realize I was headed to a bar I just walked there and then next thing you know I was there drinking a lot and um I went home with someone else.” he said lowering his head.
You sat there shocked you couldn’t believe that he was drinking again and the fact he cheated on you.
 I mean you had your suspicions  but to hear it was true it hurt even more. 
“What I mean why and when how long has this been going on for” you asked 
“Not long I swear okay it happened the one time i was drunk and wasn’t thinking clearly and when i realized i fucked up i kept going back to the bar because i felt so bad about what I did. Y/N if I was sober and thinking clearly I would have never” he said 
“ I need some time okay why didn’t you come to me and talk to me about it?” Instead of drinking and cheating I mean you barely touch me anymore you barely look at me I thought you didn’t want  me anymore” you said truthfully 
“I never meant for you to feel like that I’ve been so wrapped with guilt I didn’t know how to handle it I love you and never wanted to hurt you I swear to god.” Cyrus said grabbing your hand and looking at you. 
The tears just kept falling from your eyes a lump in your throat you never had been so hurt before. 
You loved him so much but now it seems as things were just different you couldn’t look at him the same. 
You looked at him and you just saw him with another women and it just kept replaying in your head over and over. 
“I’ll get you help with the drinking I promise but for right now I don’t know about us okay I need time it just hurts right now.” you said 
You could see him nod his head and you could see the tears falling from his face. He just looked down at his hands not moving.
“Y/N what ever you need I’m here with you no matter what you want to do I love you so much. I want this to work I can’t loose you. Your the best thing that ever happened to me.  I can’t believe I fucked this up I never wanted to but your worth fighting for and I will always fight for you no matter how long or hard it takes” Cyrus said 
“ I love you Cy I don’t know but I want to try I just need space right now you need to work on you and we need to work on us I just need a moment to get past it because I know your heart I know you and I never loved anyone the way I love you.” You said 
Isn’t life crazy you thought one moment could ruin everything you had been building up just came crashing down. 
You loved him you did and you knew it was a mistake but you didn’t know if you could move past it. 
One Mistake could ruin everything. This amazing life you had for yourself seemed like it was just gone how could it happen so fast. 
You wondered if you would ever look at him the same again. If these feelings would ever go away.
 That this moment would just be a moment. That this was just a bump in your journey. 
You had to try though because you couldn’t let this be it. You couldn’t be done with him you had to fight with everything because he was worth it.
This relationship was worth it. Cyrus was worth it.
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I Don’t Want To Move on Part Six ! :)
Tumblr media
A/N: This is from Maggie’s POV ! I Hope everyone enjoys ! :)
Maggie Headed back to OA’s apartment to see if there was anything she could find. 
This whole thing was just a huge mess and didn’t make any sense. I mean like she said before the two of you didn’t even talk outside of work. 
Why would he lie about that? 
 Why was he lying to Mona as well. The only reason she could think about is maybe Y/N was helping him to catch the guy OA was after? Maybe he didn’t want Mona to get involved to keep her safe.
Right now that was the most thing that made sense so that’s  the working theory we should be working under right now. Maggie thought to herself. 
The ride to the apartment went by quick.Maggie was so deep in her thoughts that it just flew by. 
When she got there it was such a somber feeling. She was really worried about the both of them.
 The clock was ticking and she knew that if any more time went by the chances of getting them both back safe was dwindling. 
Maggie still didn’t like the thought of breaking in his apartment and going through his personal stuff but she had no other choice.
 She walked up the stairs and she knew where he kept his spare key. Under the door mat so stereotypical you would think as a FBI agent he would know better. 
She opened up the door and turned on the lights. The place was clean, no surprise there.  Maggie walked around looking through the mail any letters left out. There was nothing there not one thing that seemed out of place. 
Maggie walked down the hall to the bedroom and looked around there. In the drawers next to the bed. 
 There was something in there that caught her eye and took her by surprise. It was a picture of Y/N and OA together dressed up together with  each other. 
They were pretty close and cozy. You could tell something was going on. It was a polaroid with two  months ago date on the bottom with a heart. 
Maggie knew that OA and Mona had been seeing each other at that time. They were going strong at that time. 
Mona and OA had been dating a year at that point. Maggie couldn’t believe it she didn’t think he would ever cheat on her. 
Y/N was a good person she wouldn’t go behind someone’s back like that I mean everyone in the office knew Mona and OA were a thing. So it wasn’t a secret so why would they do this. 
This has to be the reason why OA was at her apartment late at night and why he was lying to Mona about staying late.
 They were seeing each other on the side. I mean there was nothing else to take away from this. 
Maggie kept looking trying to see if there was something else she could find. Maybe something to lead them to where they were. 
She went over the whole apartment, nothing else was there. It was a dead end. 
There was a noise down the hall he could hear someone  there. Maggie reached her gun and slowly walked down the hall. She turned the corner of the wall and pointed the gun and shouted 
“Stop right there and don’t move” Maggie shouted. 
To Maggie’s surprise Mona turned around and put her hands up in the air and just froze. Maggie took a deep breathe and put the gun down. 
“Hey Mona it’s okay i’m sorry you scared me I didn’t know who it was.” Maggie said 
Mona turned around and looked at her, letting her breath go. 
“It’s okay I was here looking for Omar. Have you seen him ? He hasn’t been talking to me all last night and all day today. Which is unusual. He always sends me something letting me know he’s okay.” Mona said 
Maggie sat there thinking about what he would say next.  She had to tell her OA was missing but the other part wasn't her place. 
“OA never showed up to work today we are looking for clues to see if there is anything that could tell us about his disappearance.” Maggie said 
“Omg I always feared something like this would happen” Mona said. 
She sat down on the couch and her face went pale. Maggie sat down next to her and put a comforting back on her back. 
“I know that this hard and we are doing everything we can in order to find him. Is there anything you can tell me did OA tell you anything at all about work or a case maybe? “ Maggie asked
“Just that he said he has this case that’s been making him work late. Also he’s been acting weird these past couple days like there’s been something else on his mind.” Mona said 
“Yeah it’s been rough these past couple of days we have been working on a rough case.” Maggie said 
“We are doing everything we can to find him and you know how we operate we are all over this trust me.: Maggie said 
“I do I know I appreciate it thank you.” Mona said 
“ I have to go back to the JOC and keep working but we will keep you updated as soon as we know anything.” Maggie said. 
Both of them got up and hugged each other and Maggie headed out. Her next move was to go back to Y/N’s apartment. 
Maybe if she did a deeper search if there was anything at all they missed the first time.
 Knowing what she knows now she could maybe find something different with fresh eyes.  Maggie kept going back and forth in her head to tell the team or not to. 
Was it important to the case or was it personal information. Could this whole thing been something else and a misunderstanding. There was no way of knowing when the two people involved aren’t there to defend themselves. 
Maggie arrived at Y/N’s apartment there was police tape and a huge mess from ERT was left behind.
 She headed right back in the bedroom just like before. She looked through the drawers nothing there.
 She went over to the dresser and looked in there and what she found surprised the hell out of her. 
Four pregnancy test all positive. This just went from bad to worse Y/N was pregnant. It made it even more harder than before. This was so much worse. 
She searched even harder now maybe there was something else that they missed. 
She searched the bedroom even more closely this time. There was a box inside the draw and Maggie opened up the box and there was a bunch of polaroid pictures. 
It was all Y/N and OA and they were close. They were smiling at each other all dressed up sometimes they were dressed down in PJ’s in the bed with food all around them. 
Maggie put together that they were seeing each other which filled the big question was it OA’s baby ? 
She looked even more and it was a journal. Maggie opened up the Journal and she had no choice but to read it.
 The situation was either put it away or hope it leads to something to save their lives. 
It detailed about how they would spend some time together and hang out after work. Nothing ever happened until about a 3 months ago. When they slept together for the first time. Y/N wrote about how OA was the father and he basically blew her off. 
That was what OA was off about why he was acting weird. He was going to be a dad. That’s most likely why he was over Y/N’s apartment.  
So the only theory that was worth working was OA was being followed that’s why all this went down at Y/N’s apartments. 
Maggie knew at this point she had to let everyone in the team now. This was important to this case.
 It was time to loop everyone in so there was nothing that would come behind and bite them in the ass. 
Maggie pulled out her phone to call Jubal and suddenly her phone lit up and It was Jubal calling her she answered the phone. 
“Jubal hey listen I need to talk to you about something.” She said 
“What ever it is tell me when you get here but for now we got an update we had a witness come forward and they said they have a sighting of Y/N out Northwood Park we need you to get out there now” Jubal said 
“I’m on it” Maggie said. 
She drove to the park in a hurry hoping this was the big break they needed. Please god she thought let this be something…. 
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stefanmikaleson1864 · 14 days ago
Hi how are you, I'd like to send a request but Tumblr is being weird and not letting me see your masterlist. Can you tell me some characters you write for please?
I don’t know why tumblr is being so weird ! No one can see a lot of my content but I write for 9-1-1 , 9-1-1 lone star , law and order and of them , any of the Chicago shows , The FBI’s , New Amsterdam , Walker ! Any of the characters or actors them selves !
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stefanmikaleson1864 · 14 days ago
I don’t know if it’s me or Tumblr but I’m just not getting the same interactions I was before. It makes it hard to keep writing because idk it doesn’t feel like anyone cares about it anymore .. I mean ima keep updating my current stories I’m just rambling
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stefanmikaleson1864 · 15 days ago
genuinely from the bottom of my heart i wish every single one of you peace love joy and happiness for not only 2022 but for the rest of your lives.
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stefanmikaleson1864 · 15 days ago
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