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hey y’all i’m on the verge of being homeless for the second time in my life if i can’t pay my tuition!!! please help me and send at least something to my venmo and spread this around. anything helps me at this point. my venmo is kyliexreneex
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encanto headcanons pt 2
-since it’s canon that bruno was at mirabels gift ceremony, he also comforted her when it didn’t work
-anytime pepa was pregnant dolores would fall asleep listening to baby’s heartbeat
-isabela likes dark and bitter coffee but luisa and dolores LOVE sweet coffee
-isabela and dolores LOVE to gossip
-if you made her laugh hard enough, dolores would slap you on the arm
-camilo pierced his ears(and cried)
-agustín is left handed
-camilo is really close with julieta(he’s still closer to his mamí but let me elaborate)and goes to her about his emotions so he doesn’t worry his mamí too much
-he also enjoys helping tía julieta in the kitchen and never sees it as a punishment(,:
-all of the warm colors children are natural dancers
-camilos favorite piece ever written is All The Worlds a Stage by Shakespeare
-also camilo is EXTREMELY dramatic
-bruno was the troublemaker child
-whenever mirabel sees any of her family in town she reminds them to drink water
-félix dyed his hair blue one time but we don’t talk abt that
-abuela secretly loved it but it sort of tainted the family’s image so she never said it aloud
-dolores used to practice makeup on camilo
-mirabel is starting to do the same with antonio
-speaking of antonio he loves the guitar and wants to learn when he gets older
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i love the way isabela says “ ‘hug it…out’? luisa..can’t life an empanada. mariano’s nose..looks like a smashed papaya. HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?!?!?”
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i love that camilo was designed for the “jerk cousin” stereotype but then they gave sunshine an animated form
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this isn’t anything fandom related but i just need to rant in a 💞safe space where no one knows me💞
so i was hanging out with my eldest sister yesterday and i was telling her abt christmas and i said “i was just kinda sitting there watching the kids unwrap their gifts, you know cause i see christmas as mainly for them like i don’t really care about getting anything or not” and my sister says “oh yeah cause mom and dad are already paying for your school-“
at which point i cut her off cause no they aren’t?? so i said “no they aren’t..? i’ve been paying my tuition by myself. anything that’s been paid for was because of me, they haven’t helped me at all.”
and she goes “are you serious? nothing?” and i’m like ??YEAH?!?!!?!,
and i thought she said that because it was just like an assumption
she proceeds to tell me that when another older sister of mine was in university, they paid for ALL OF IT.
every penny. she didn’t have to worry about a thing.
IVE BEEN STRUGGLING FOR MONTHS. NO HELP. JACK SHIT FROM THEM. only to find out they did it all for my sister. not me! they haven’t helped me! but they’ll do it all for her.
don’t come at me for “being jealous”. yeah, this is something i’m allowed to be jealous of. they’ve never helped me with SHIT but they’ll do ANYTHING for her. i’ve been struggling to make ends meet for MONTHS but she didn’t have to worry about it when she was in school!
so just fuck me i guess
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i love the idea that like
camilo and dolores: *chilling and hanging out*
dolores: *perks up with sudden interest*
camilo:🤨what did u hear
dolores: nothing😁
then eventually spills when she gets all the details
dolores bursts into camilos room if she hears a new detail in regards to whatever it is that she heard before
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i love encanto cause like…the characters look like actual…People…like realistic proportions and stuff like that. it makes me happy. (:
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people who don’t understand the difference with antagonists and villains just LOVE opening their mouths about abuela
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encanto headcanons
- the flower agustin wears is one of the first flowers isabela grew
- félix and pepa were childhood friends
- dolores frequently visited bruno
- while isabela thinks agustin plays favorites, he could never choose between any of his girls- he loves them all the same but only sheds a little more light on mirabel because she was the only 3rd gen without a Gift
- mirabel is antonio’s best friend(:
- mirabel and camilo were best friends before he got his Gift but he would still do anything for her
- luisa LOVES boy bands and if this were modern day she’d prefer big time rush over one direction but also love one direction
- dolores has a soundproof room
- she also hides in her closet when it all becomes too much
- julieta and bruno were the closest out of the triplets, which is why pepa is always so cross about him but julieta always spoke of him softly and with caution
- luisa paints her nails constantly but it always chips immediately because of all the hard work she does
- camilo can’t sit still so he’s always tapping his fingers on a table or wiggling his toes
- when pepa is trying to calm herself down, not only does she say “clear skies”, but she also thinks of her husband and children(:
- camilo cried when dolores and mariano got married):
- luisa is closer to agustin than she is to anyone else
- antonio scolded his animals who put together bruno’s vision of mirabel after isabelas engagement disaster
- bruno cried every year on his birthday after he left
- but dolores always sang to him because she could hear him(:
- casita made isabela a greenhouse for all of her plants(:
- isabela got julieta a book of herbs that are safe to cook with and in return julieta got isabela a book of uncommon plants for her to learn about(:
- post-movie abuela tries to individually repair her relationships with everyone in the house(: she sets aside certain times in different days for her to hang out and *really* get to know her grandchildren, children, and son-in-laws
- post-movie brings everyone closer than they were before
- basically the madrigals just love each other more than the stars in the sky(:
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encanto gave me hope that one day my family could be repaired too.
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honestly(: it made me so happy when i saw mirabel gesturing/pointing to antonio’s gift with her lips bc it’s also very common within native americans(me btw!!!) and seeing someone else do it whos from a completely different background just…idk made me happy(: like someone with a totally different life from me shares something with me that i didn’t know up until that moment idk(: just made me happy and giddy
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he is just a..a Sweet Little Boy!(:
Tumblr media
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my life has gotten better since dolores madrigal
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in that part of All of You when camilo drops the shovel do y’all think it’s cause he’s lowkey unfamiliar with his body or because he’s clumsy
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“7 foot frame” then it’s just some guy
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idk how to submit stories to watcher but yolo lmao😎😎😎
@wearewatcher so i’m a daycare teacher and love my job endlessly but i get so SICK AND FUCKING TIRED of seeing ghosts all over my classrooms(for context they move me around from classroom to classroom depending on who needs help). LIKE IM JUST TRYING TO TEACH MY KIDS BUT HERE COMES JIMMY FROM THE FUCKING 1950’s i hate it here(for the record aka shane my daycare was a hospital before it was a school)
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if the madrigal family can’t find mirabel they talk to abuelo pedro’s photo(REAL)
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