check out that rack of his!
(i dreamed the snow was you, when there was snow)
stewyhosseinigf · 32 minutes ago
Tumblr media
like i can definitely do this. pull up 💅💯💯
i think i should be the eraserhead baby for halloween
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stewyhosseinigf · 56 minutes ago
Hi I’m Dallas I’m a broke college student and despite me like, continuously applying to jobs I have heard nothing or “no” back from all of them. I need to help my friends pay for gas, buy some food for our kitchen and get some winter clothes. I cannot dip into my savings as that most likely will be used for tuition next semester. Thank u <3
V*nmo: @/dallasteeth
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stewyhosseinigf · an hour ago
i think i should be the eraserhead baby for halloween
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stewyhosseinigf · 2 hours ago
Ok since I never disappoint my fans please enjoy the poem I wrote for the prompt "beginnings". All feedback is welcome!
In the beginning, there was light.
Then, there was the sun.
In the three days in between, light, having no source, was everywhere.
It flowed like honey (but honey didn't exist yet)
And its strands braided together (but braids didn't exist yet)
To form bridges (but bridges didn't exist yet)
That I walked on (but I didn't exist yet).
On New Year's day
I sat alone on my living room couch
Clinging onto the glass of champagne like it was a crucifix.
When the seventh firework of the New Year erupted loud enough to shatter glass
I gripped it so hard that it burst, the pearly gold of champagne and my blood flowing and meandering
Between the shards of glass embedded in my hand.
In the three minutes in between the shattering of the glass and me calling 999
I stared at the crucifix on the wall
(My grandmother gave it to me one Christmas)
(I always thought it a strange gift for the occasion)
(To give a token of one's death on the day of his birthday)
(But Jesus died before he was born)
(Was born with intimate knowledge of his death)
There was the ambulance.
The nurses were all yawning
They told me not to drink so much alone
They told me New Year's was one of the busiest times for them
They told me they knew someone would come to them with glass shards in their hands.
My grandmother died three days later
(It did not come as a surprise)
(Thyroid cancer)
Three days after that, she was buried in a cemetery she chose for herself.
That January morning, the sun was not there.
Just the black, jagged branches of trees penetrating the pencil grey sky.
I wore the same pencil grey skirt I wore at the funeral to visit my sister that day.
(I didn't have time to change)
(The cemetery and the hospital were on opposite sides of the town)
(My sister knew before that she would not be able to make it to the funeral)
She was tired, after hours of labour, clutching her newborn to her chest like it was a crucifix.
"I'll name her after grandma," she said.
"I don't want to talk about grandma," I said.
My sister asked me to show her a photo of the cemetery.
(My grandmother and I spent the last few months looking at each cemetery in town)
(She decided on the last one we saw)
(I thought it was the ugliest and I said so)
(She said that might be so, but she was too tired to see any more)
And my sister looked at the black branches
Flowing and meandering in the sky
And said "those must look lovely in the spring.
Like a grove. Like a garden.
The honey gold of sunlight on the bough's very first leafs and buds".
It was January. Winter had just started.
I had plans to mourn spectacularly and broodingly.
I wanted to wander around a graveyard at night, wailing loud enough to scare away the ghosts.
(But people have cried in graveyards before)
I wanted to get a paper cut while reading the Revelation to John and stain its pages with blood.
(But the Bible has been stained by so much blood already)
I wanted to write the most profound of poetry.
(But all the poetry worth reading has been written already).
But I fell asleep in the hospital chair next to my sister and niece.
And when I woke up, there was spring.
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stewyhosseinigf · 4 hours ago
In the same way that for EVERY year for the past five years, exceedingly ridiculous headlines keep popping up (but especially in 2016 and 2020, and now 2021) it gets really tiring when people keep chalking up actual tragedies to "when is 'current year' gonna end lol, what next lol, who had that on the bingo card lol" like don't you get tired? Of telling the same joke very week for five years?
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ever since sites like the new york times caught on to the private browsing trick to get around their bullshit paywall, i’ve been using the google translate trick instead. google translate isn’t restricted to text you paste; you can also paste in a url and it will generate a link to a translated version of the webpage you wanted. it’s this service you’ll be using
go to google translate and paste the url of the paywalled article you’re trying to read on the lefthand side (where you’d normally paste foreign text). set the “from” language (the one on the left side) to russian, arabic, japanese, etc. – any language that doesn’t use the latin alphabet. set the “to” language (the one on the right side) to english. it will generate a url on the right, and you can click it and enjoy
(the reason you want to pick a language that doesn’t use the latin alphabet is that false cognates are inevitable. if you don’t want to read an article that’s mostly intelligible but every instance of the word “after” is changed to “anus”, for example, you don’t want to go with german)
this DOES NOT work with every paywall! i just tested it on a number of sites, and it doesn’t work on wall street journal. but it does work on the new york times, the la times, the washington post, and the san diego union-tribune. i make no guarantees!
hope people find this helpful!
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stewyhosseinigf · 5 hours ago
🧿Trans Girl Survival Fund 🧿
Tumblr media
Heya everyone, my wife and I have some Bill's coming up in a few days totalling $250, on top of this weve been using a lot of gas for job interviews and community involvement and we still dont have a proper income SO If we could get help continuing to survive wed be very thankful!
Venmo: @Sarah-Ahava
Cashapp: $kosherdyke
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stewyhosseinigf · 5 hours ago
reblog and tell the person you are reblogging from if they are a tumblrina, a malewife / girlboss, or a funnyman
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you’ve just learned that the person you reblogged this from was convicted of being a serial killer. what are the things you say were early warning signs
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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stewyhosseinigf · 6 hours ago
at your wifes house rn😏 she hitting me with a broom
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fighting for my Fucking life trying to click the play button on 123movies
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stewyhosseinigf · 6 hours ago
oct 22
things r kinda tight especially now without a car, but we need some groceries and other basics so if anyones able to throw a few bucks my way thatd be much appreciated
v*nmo/c*sh*pp: aspectofnyx
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stewyhosseinigf · 7 hours ago
not going to lie what is spam 🤕
apparently its some kind of pork but idk abt that 🤨 everyone says its disgusting but thats bc they eat it straight from the can and ur supposed to fry it in a pan it tastes kinda like bacon and its soo good w white rice
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stewyhosseinigf · 7 hours ago
cameron im sorry but i have to agree with anon 🤨 spam was not made for god’s green earth it’s not natural or right 😷🤢
oh my god adelia no ...... not u ...... </3 its okay i can eat all the spam u dont want and we wont waste any food so its a win win situation
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stewyhosseinigf · 9 hours ago
Spam???? Why would you do that to yourself 🥺
Tumblr media
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