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Just wanted to pop in and say that I still love Harry Styles with every single cell of my body.
Tumblr media
This love is forever babeeeeyyyy
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the argument being made is that harry’s marketing focuses on him being perceived as lgbt because unlike the other out celebs his key fanbase from the start depended on that (starting with larry), you yourself say he’d lose you if he said he’s straight. so he doesn’t correct anyone and he doesn’t outright say it. but it doesn’t make you less valid. you’re right he doesn’t have to. but it will give more power to his fans over homophobes if he did. think wenthworth miller and prison break dudebros
The argument is wrong because it puts way too much stock onto Larries. I know they’re loud but they’re literally nothing compared to Harry’s general fandom. Also, as I said, Louis literally said he’s straight and has never shown any alliance to the LGBT community and his entire fanbase is literally Larries.
Larries were not then and are not now “his key fanbase” if you think that way, you probably are a Larrie, and I’m sorry but you’re completely irrelevant for Harry’s numbers. Just compare Harry and Louis’s numbers. When I said he’d lose fans if he said he’s straight now, I mean Harries, not Larries. I know you love to believe his fanbase is “het” but you’re completely wrong.
And he would lose them now, because he has said and done things that would be weird for a straight man. Back in 2017 the fandom at large did not see Harry as LGBT and wouldn’t have cared if he had said he was straight.
This isn’t about “correcting” or “outright saying it” I’m not going to keep explaining something that already has an encyclopaedia of explanations. Refer to that as to why things are the way they are. Circles we’re going in circles.
Imagine caring about us having “more power against homophobes” above Harry’s personal wellbeing and comfort. How selfish are you?
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harry was like "here's a song about realizing who you are and accepting that and embracing it, but do you know who you are? happy national coming out day!" and yall still call him a hetero
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
harry looking at his nails? an endearing phenomenon
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Harry Styles’ ‘Dream with Me’ Gives Meditation App Calm a Boost in Installs and In-App Spending
App downloads increased 94% globally the week the story went live, with worldwide revenue doubling week after. 
When meditation app Calm announced singer Harry Styles would be narrating one of the service’s “sleep stories” — audio recordings designed to lull listeners to sleep — the singer’s fans were anything but calm.
Tumblr media
Data from Sensor Tower Inc., shared exclusively with Morning Consult, shows that during the week of July 5 — when Styles’ story was announced and went live — the Calm app was downloaded from the App Store and Google Play store 967,000 times globally, a 94 percent week-over-week increase, and downloaded 356,000 times in the United States, climbing 81 percent week-over-week.
Spending in the app also increased for the week of July 12: Global spending totaled $2.17 million, a 48 percent increase week-over-week, while U.S. spending was up 52 percent to $1.14 million.
[…] When “Dream with Me” went live July 8, the Calm app crashed, with some users experiencing outages when trying to access the recording. Styles’ name was also the top keyword in user reviews during the week of July 5, per Sensor Tower. Styles is an investor in Calm.
Celebrity partnerships are a common marketing tactic for Calm. They have previously released stories narrated by the actors Matthew McConaughey, Nick Offerman and Danai Gurira and the singer Kelly Rowland, among others. But none of those collaborations have generated the amount of interest or revenue that Styles’ has. For example, U.S. installs were down 32 percent week over week when McConaughey’s story premiered and 13 percent lower when Rowland’s debuted.
Calm declined to comment for this story.
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Love your long posts, you always come with the facts. But wow you have to much patience when dealing with those people. I’ve honestly given up entertaining them. They think a man who’s said is straight and has a child is being forced to do so while denying and ignoring everything harry has said and done. At this point they’re being purposely obtuse and nothing will convince them otherwise bc the reality of harry and louis’ lives are completely different from what they want.
It’s the fact that they deny that Harry’s fanbase, for the most part, is completely at peace with his LGBT status and accepts it as a fact that’s annoying. He isn’t closeted. His decision to not invite more speculation from the media into his sexuality has nothing to do with marketing or hiding or not being honest, but they can’t accept it because if they do, it says something about their beliefs.
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what about bobby berk from queer eye, who is friends with harry, saying that he is straight?
Bobby isn’t friends with Harry. Did you not read how they met?
Let’s explain the events.
Harry follows Kiko on Instagram (very likely because he watched Norwegian Wood, the movie about his favourite book, and she was the female lead).
Kiko follows Harry back (likely because he’s Harry Styles)
The Sun says they’re secretly dating because Harry went to Japan and followed her (riveting information).
Kiko denies it.
Harry messages her privately like “since they’re already saying we’re dating we might as well be friends” (which I would consider his very awkward apology, god bless)
They talk for a while (and this is where I have to say they may have been flirting because someone once accused me of being a tinhat for not explicitly saying this was a possibility... people are very easily triggered). One day she tells him she’s hanging out with the Queer Eye guys and going to karaoke. Asks him if he wants to come along
Harry goes along. Meets Bobby and Karamo alongside a ton of other random people
Someone says something about Grindr, Harry likely makes a joke saying he doesn’t know what it is (regardless of his sexuality, he would have to live inside an airtight tupperware not to know what it is, especially with who he’s friends with)
They don’t understand his joke, god bless this always happens to him, so they assume he’s straight (because they think he doesn’t know what Grindr is and because they likely don’t really pay attention to his every interview and his unreleased songs because they’re grown men pushing forty)
Harry doesn’t correct them because he’s surrounded by a bunch of random people and he doesn’t feel the need to explain his sexuality to people he’ll likely never meet again, and who could likely give exclusive goss to the press about something he clearly doesn’t want to make the focus of his career
The end
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Hey @mandyslytherpuff I’m not gonna reblog that long ass post again and this is the last time I’ll engage with this biphobic, intrusive, homophobic rhetoric.
Your words will be in italics and between quotes “” and I’ll reply point by point. This is super long and my final thoughts on the subject. I’m only typing them out because 1. I love to hear myself speak. 2. I’m just tired of this rhetoric you and your pals keep pedalling. You won’t stop because you don’t actually care about any of this. You’re just collecting random things to throw at Harry because you’re bothered by him (his success, his refusal to engage with his former band and bandmates, the fact that he has what you want for the dude you support, etc). But I much rather have all of this out there to counter the very harmful discourse you’re spewing. And after this, I really need to close this subject, because the fact that in the year 2020 you guys keep focusing so much on Harry’s sexuality is actually getting sort of creepy.
His fanbase has largely just accepted who he is and we don’t need to keep having discourse about it. In fact, we do not. We don’t discuss this. We don’t make this sort of posts if it’s not to counter your insults, which if you think about it, is all sorts of ridiculous, considering you’re not a fan of Harry’s, so you shouldn’t even care...
Anyway, under the cut (I hope it works for mobile):
“My point still stands. You even agree with it yourself.
‘Is he perceived as straight by large parts of the general audience? Yes. Does that benefit him? Also yes.’
We agree.”
No, we do not. Because you cut off what I said, which continued with: ‘You know who else has this privilege?’ after which I cited several openly bisexual mainstream celebs. All of which said in no uncertain terms a variation of the words ‘I am part of the LGBT community’ (thus, the magical sentence you keep demanding from Harry). This is important because it directly challenges your assertion that if Harry said those magical words you keep asking him to say, he would lose an audience or his career would be affected. It most likely wouldn’t at all, in terms of commercial success. People who don’t know he’s LGBT now, wouldn’t know it if he said ‘I am LGBT’ tomorrow. You overestimate the attention the general public pays to celebrity interviews. Harry’s music is extremely popular. It plays on the radio constantly all over the world. He’s on most major Spotify playlists and has 42 million monthly listeners all over the world. 90% of that audience is not reading any interviews.
Billie Joe Armstrong came out in 1995 and Green Day ruled the entire late 90s and early 2000s regardless. Most of those people do not know Billie is bisexual, because he’s married to a woman and sings about sex and love with women. Except, he also sings about his sexuality, but people brush it off. He literally calls himself ‘f*ggot’ in American Idiot, arguably their biggest hit. I can ASSURE YOU most people don’t know that’s what he’s talking about.
He also has a song about coming out at seventeen called ‘Coming Clean.’ This song is from BEFORE he formally came out. It was in Green Day’s 1994 album ‘Dookie’ which sold over 20 million copies worldwide, yet most of those people have no clue.
Is Billie Joe Armstrong perceived as straight by large parts of the general audience? Yes. WAY MORE THAN HARRY STYLES (despite the fact that Billie actually said the magic words ‘I’m bisexual’). Does that benefit him? Also yes
You see how this completely invalidates your entire argument?
Would Harry saying in layman terms that he’s qu*er be big news? Yes, because every time he breathes is big news, every time he even tangentially addresses his sexuality he makes international headlines, and the world is still stuck in the mindset that you need to formally come out, which is outdated and harmful because it perpetuates heteronormativity.
But A VAST MAJORITY of the people who would read those headlines and actually assimilate what they say or even pay attention at all already know he’s LGBT. Perhaps they would go from being pretty sure he is to being, ‘Oh, so he actually is.' Harry’s relationship with the community is entrenched at this point. This is what I’m arguing that you don’t seem to understand. Anyone who would have a legitimate problem with him not being straight, that could potentially read and pay attention to a headline about it, is already steering clear from him because they already know. 
And the small overlap venn diagram of homophobes who pay attention to what he says and would potentially buy his music, are already not buying it.
Tumblr media
(That is a joke btw)
Basically, it’s not like Harry saying the magic set of words you expect him to say would be news for nearly anyone who would read them. It wouldn’t affect his business at all, just like it didn’t affect Lil Nas X because people who cared about it already knew since it was everywhere on twitter. There’s a very, very small minority of homophobes who support Harry right now and refuse to accept his status as part of the community (and another small portion of the fanbase who are triggered by the possibility of this being tinhatting because of the Larrie thing, but they wouldn’t drop him). That small amount of people would have virtually no impact in his career. In fact, they’d likely be replaced by qu*er people (a lot of them gatekeepers, though).
“Where we disagree is that I believe it is a conscious choice that he has made to be able to be perceived as straight by people who want to think that of him.”
It’s not that we disagree, per se. It’s that you’re wrong. If Harry wanted to be perceived as straight, he wouldn’t write and perform a song about hooking up with men. He wouldn’t answer to questions about him labelling his sexuality (just like he refused to answer to a lot of other questions over the course of his career). He would’ve asked Rob Sheffield to edit out the part where Kid said he should date ‘women, or men, or whatever.’ There are a lot of things that he could do if he wanted to be perceived as straight. None of which he is doing.
“You say Harry is not ‘responsible for people not paying attention to what he has said’ but Harry hasn’t actually said anything that is definite and clear and unable to be dismissed.”
Yes, he has. ‘Medicine.’ His purposeful refusal to list ‘straight’ as his privilege when saying he’s a ‘white male’ in a paragraph talking about LGBT fans. Every single time he said he didn’t label his sexuality. Those are definite statements. You’re just too narrow minded.
The magic set of words you expect him to say =/= the only way to say something definite.
“He lives in a state of plausible deniability. And that is a marketing strategy. If someone asks him ‘Are you LGBT?’ he could, in all honesty, say ‘I never said I was.’”
This is both wrong and naive.
Wrong because the answer to ,‘Are you LGBT' is yes or no. If he replied to this yes or no question with, ‘I never said I was’ he would get DRAGGED TO THE PITS OF HELL (not necessarily by his fans, though I know a large part of his fanbase would join). And this is why it’s naive. This isn’t an option for him anymore. This WOULD cost him fans. If Harry ‘came out as straight’ he would lose a large chunk of his dedicated fanbase at this point. He would still likely be successful, because there’s no stopping the juggernaut. But you need a core dedicated fanbase in order to have a long lasting career in the music industry. This is the difference between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. It was the difference between Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande. It’s why the aforementioned Lil Nas X will likely not have great numbers for his next project initially (he hasn’t built a large fanbase yet), but Shawn Mendes will. The general public is fickle, and you need a core dedicated fanbase to have longevity. And a large part of his long dedicated fanbase has grown up with him and discovered their sexuality with him, and take his self expression in terms of his own sexuality as a big part of their standom.
He has long lost his plausible deniability, and if you disagree you’re either extremely blind to the energy of his fanbase, or being purposefully obtuse in order to come for him. I’m not talking about myself here, but even I would genuinely second-guess how I feel about him if it came to this (which I’m positive won’t happen). And I’ve been a fan since 2014. But if you genuinely participate in the day-to-day of this fandom and you think people wouldn’t feel some kind of way if he revealed he actually was straight all along, then I have to seriously question your judgement.
And more to the point, he shed this plausible deniability bit by bit over the years. If he had said he was straight in 2017 when he was asked if he labelled his sexuality, he would’ve likely lost no fans, because the only ones who would’ve been affronted by it would’ve been Larries, and they’re still supporting Louis even though he said he was straight in 2014. It’s that interview and the things that came after that would be problematic (follow up interviews, ‘Lights Up,’ specifically the music video, ‘Medicine,’ some throwaway things he said). This is, obviously, excluding his support for the community and his personal aesthetic, which have nothing to do with his sexuality.
“Until he either makes a definite statement that he is part of the LGBT community, or is publically (SIC) linked to a man in a romantic relationship, or actually records and releases a song using male pronouns people who want to believe he is straight can.
And as you pointed out, that benefits him.”
1. Once again, he has made definite statements. He just hasn’t said the magical words. 2. He has only confirmed one relationship in ten years and he only confirmed it because her voice was in his album and he was directly asked, so it’s unlikely this will happen no matter the gender of his next partner(s). Only a very small portion of his fanbase would assume he’s dating a man simply for hanging out with him (see: Xander and Camille - despite the fact that I don’t think Harry and Xander dated, I can recognise that until Harry called Camille his ex, both relationships had basically the same trajectory.) 3. He has recorded and released a song using male pronouns - ‘them’ in ‘Medicine’ refers to 'the BOYS and the girls.’ Medicine is as straightforward as it gets, but a certain fringe of fans prefer to believe he’s actually talking about cocaine and heroine despite the fact that it makes no logical sense with the rest of the song and he has basically denied doing hard drugs already. So male pronouns on another song would have no impact in those people.
People who want to believe he is straight, at this point, will most likely continue to believe he’s straight even if he says ‘I’m LGBT.’ They’ll simply say he felt forced to say that because us (his LGBT fans) are so pushy and so insistent and 'let the man be straight.’ Which is basically what they’re saying now. And trust me, they are. Just like despite the fact that Harry himself has very loudly talked about femininity/masculinity and how comfortable he feels in certain clothes, and how he’s part of choosing every outfit, they continue to say that Harry Lambert forces him to dress feminine... You note that there’s a small minority that pushes against these things as if it was Harry’s responsibility or a marketing strategy or proof for your biphobic statements, but it’s just not.
These people are literally tinhatting Harry being secretly straight and oppressed and pushed by his LGBT fans and his gay stylist. This isn’t the argument you think it is. Go check Cougars For Harry and KissyLover13 on Twitter. A few of those people would maybe leave the fandom if he directly said anything, but most of them would just continue with their conspiracies. He wouldn’t be affected commercially. And, once again, the GP at large either already suspects it/assumes it/knows it, or doesn’t and wouldn’t care. Refer to what I already said.
“It is marketing.”
I can assure you Harry’s team is not marketing to the small fringe of stans that want to keep the fantasy afloat and wouldn’t like it if he liked dick. It would be a waste of resources.
“You pointed also out ‘There is literally no benefit to being perceived as qu*er in today’s musical landscape.’
I disagree with that, but I do think that because of homophobia qu*er artists have a reduced audience. And so that leads me again to the conclusion that Harry is making a conscious choice to be perceived as straight by large parts of his fandom so that he doesn’t lose his large audience.
And, that is a marketing strategy.”
You’re making a word salad here. I’m saying that there’s no benefit to being perceived as qu*er, as in, you may get a small percentage of fans simply because of being a qu*er artist, but it’s not enough to make you a mainstream artist (and I point you to Janelle Monáe, Years & Years, Troye Sivan, King Princess, Tegan and Sara, etc). The very very few LGBT mainstream artists are not mainstream because they’re LGBT and would be as big as they are now if they were straight. Literally no difference (Halsey, Lady Gaga, refer to the list I made before). Once again, a vast majority of people listening most likely thinks they’re straight. The one current exception would probably be Sam Smith, who I do think the general public knows is gay, but they had several big hits before they came out (Lay Me Down, Money On My Mind). And the song with which they broke America was also released before they came out (Stay With Me, April 2014, coming out in May). Sam isn’t mainstream because they’re qu*er.
I also disagree that qu*er artists suffer from a reduced audience as a general statement. I think it depends.
A gay/bisexual man who’s just starting? Yes, he’d likely be affected by it, since it would be harder to market them to a core audience at the beginning. He would probably suffer of pigeonholing only specifically into the qu*er market. Because you can’t make him an object of desire to women if he’s gay and bisexual men are largely viewed as closeted gays who just don’t want to fully come out (biphobia is so cool, right?) I think this could potentially be evolving but as of now, I would have to generally agree. It’s just harder to expose qu*er men to mainstream because their appeal to garner a large core audience would have to be girls that are attracted to him (Shawn, Justin, BTS, etc) or straight men who admire him (Post Malone, Drake, The Weeknd, though Abel appeals to both groups). Qu*er audiences just do not make mainstream artists. There aren’t enough numbers.
This same thing applies to lesbians who are just starting, since you want to be able to give men the fantasy of reaching her, and also, of girls to identify with her (and most girls are attracted to men, even if they’re not exclusively attracted to them).
I would have to very much disagree with this statement when it comes to bisexual women (and keep in mind I am one). Bisexual women still fit the fantasy for men (I would say, perhaps even more so). There’s also discourse to be had as how wlw attraction isn’t seen as serious or threatening in a way mlm attraction does, but that’s a matter for another day. Girls can relate to them (all girls except maybe lesbians, which isn’t a large core demographic). So, bisexual women are marketable and would likely not be affected even if they came out (which is why so many of them have come out, thankfully).
But none of this applies to someone like Harry, considering Harry dragged up a large audience from his 1D days, where he was marketed as straight. The fact that he slowly but surely shifted that image is a testament to good PR, not marketing.
They’re not ‘targeting all sides’ which is what you keep repeating. It just so happens that, like with bisexual women, Harry does appeal all sides. Because he doesn’t have to overcome the stigma bisexual men usually have to overcome of being secretly just gay (and I’m not calling Harry bi - it’s just the point I’m trying to make). Because Harry’s attraction to women is obvious, documented, and precedes him. I don’t think anyone other than conspiracy theorists doubts he likes pussy... (and I would argue even a good chunk of tinhats are ready to admit he does). Being perceived as someone who’s attracted to multiple genders doesn’t affect him because it doesn’t negate that he’s attracted to women, like it would with an artist who’s just starting out (essentially, he beat one of the many biphobic stereotypes). Harry benefits from his attraction to women in that he can continue to be an object of desire and fantasy to them, but that isn’t a marketing strategy? That’s his life! He actually is attracted to women. He can’t help it.
The good PR was that he now can reflect more of who he actually is, which I don’t think has anything to do with marketing because, as I already explained (and thoroughly backed up with examples) it doesn’t affect his success, at least not in the way of getting millions of fans because he likes boys too. If it affects his success at all, is that he comes across as someone who’s very genuine, just having a good time and being himself, and that appeals to people (and I know this is a point of conflict with conspiracy theorists who refuse to admit how open he is nowadays and how the general public perceives this, even if they aren’t paying close attention, because it just comes across in his music). His team managed to find a way for Harry to freely express himself without having to explain himself. That isn’t marketing. He’s a person before he’s an artist.
“My original post about Harry was simply me musing out loud about how fascinating I find it that people can look at this man and believe so many different things about him.”
This is true for literally any artist. Because human nature is to project, and artists are the people we project onto the most. This has nothing to do with Harry himself. Louis Tomlinson’s fanbase projects an image of him that’s completely contrarian to literally everything he says about himself, simply because they want to believe differently. It just so happens that most of his fans are conspiracy theorists that have a cult-like mentality and have to all collectively believe the same, but the only difference is that. His fanbase 100% projects and believes things about him. They just come to an agreement on what to project and believe.
"And so far, everyone’s responses have just confirmed that.
You believe passionately that Harry is part of the LGBT community.
Others believe passionately that he is straight.”
This has very strong ‘expert scientists debate climate change on CNN’ energy. Did you see the clip of Last Week Tonight where John Oliver explains that if you want to accurately purport a debate between scientists about if climate change is real or not, you’d have to put one scientist on the side that’s against it and three thousand on the side that says it’s real? This is the same. You got a handful of anons saying he’s straight (likely all from the same one or two people) and are comparing it with the hundreds that are telling you we know he’s LGBT with our blogs and names and identities. This is at best misguided, and at worst, purposefully misleading.
That there’s a small amount of individuals in a fandom of hundreds of thousands (dedicated, I mean, not fans at large because we’d ne going onto the millions then) who have a fringe belief, is not the proof you think it is. In fact, if anything, it proves the opposite.
“You are able to look at the body of evidence, his avoidance of labels, his performance of a song, his flying flags, etc. and say ‘Clearly I am right’ and dismiss anyone who disagrees.”
Stuff like this is where you show your hand. I don’t think Harry waving LGBT flags is evidence of his sexuality. That’s absurd. His support to the community is completely independent on his sexuality. He’s not black and he waves BLM flags. In fact, I don’t look at his sexuality as something that needs evidence. I simply believe his words. I believe that if he says that he doesn’t label his sexuality, that means he doesn’t label it. And straight is a label. So he’s not straight. I believe that if he writes (not performs, writes) a song (that, may I add he said is from personal experience and part of his personal stories) about hooking up with men, then that means something about himself. Because he said he writes from personal experience. I believe Kid Harpoon when he says Harry should date ‘women or men or whatever’... I just take the things he says at face value. I didn’t do it for a long time and I was wrong for it. Now I do. If he and his friends are saying this, then I believe him? I don’t need to look for alternate explanations to his songs or what his friends say. This is the fundamental problem with your discourse. You’re treating his sexuality as something that’s up for debate and for analysing. And I just don’t think that’s the case. I think that whatever he says goes, and he has said plenty.
“Others are able to look at the body of evidence, the fact that he has only ever publically (SIC) dated females, his albums that only have feminine pronouns, his song about female oral sex etc. and see his qu*er signaling as allyship and say ‘Clearly I am right’ and dismiss anyone who disagrees.”
But none of this would prove that he’s straight, Caroline. How can you be bisexual and say that him dating women and singing about women means he’s straight? I just cannot comprehend how you type this down and not realise that it makes no fucking sense. Bisexuality is not to be performed. You fall for who you fall and you love who you love. Some bisexual women have only ever dated women but they’re not lesbians they’re still bi. If a bisexual woman only sings about women is she any less bi? No!
And furthermore, the ‘others’ you mention here, are, once again, a fringe of people who have an agenda to believe this of him. They are HOMOPHOBES. The main instigator of this agenda is that KissyLover13 person and she's literally a Trump supporter who also hates black people.
Harry’s core fanbase (not audience - that’s a different thing) either accepts he’s LGBT or doesn’t care either way and doesn’t think about it. You’re equating a super small percentage of people that don’t move the needle in terms of his career with... the rest of us (hundreds of thousands).
“All of this is strategic. Harry is a public figure. He sells an image of himself. Part of the image he is selling deliberately appears to a straight audience.”
I agree with this, it just so happens that it has nothing to do with his sexuality. Because his sexuality naturally and automatically includes women and that’s something he can’t help about himself. They’re exploiting something that’s natural to him, like his height, his green eyes, his dimples and his smile. Like his charm, his voice, his ability to act and model. Of course they’re purposefully pushing his attractiveness to straight women (and bisexual/unlabelled women, hi). Because why the hell wouldn’t they? He’s got it. Use it. But this doesn’t negate anything else about himself.
I don’t understand how this is something that has to be explained to you.
“He maintains plausible deniability about himself as part of his marketing.”
We’ve been over this. He does not.
“Can I ask you a question? Why are you satisfied with that?”
I’m not, because he doesn’t. But while we’re at it, I wanna add, because I’ve read other parts of your blog.
You think he’s bi and are still hamming on this. Why do you care? Aside from the fact that you’re not even a fan of his and you shouldn’t be wasting so much time talking about him... like, why do you care if a qu*er person exploits straight audiences? Because that’s what you’re accusing him of.
I disagree, fundamentally. Just read this entire essay. But I wouldn’t be mad if a bisexual man decided to fool straight people into supporting him.
This would be me:
Tumblr media
Who the fuck cares? Imagine being this bothered.
“I personally would rather see an artist be 100% honest and proud of who they are, even if it costs them some popularity, than to see an artist hide behind ambiguity to appeal to the masses.”
Harry is being 100% honest and proud of who he is. He’s simply not telling me his personal business and making the focus of his career where the fuck he puts his dick (which is what would happen if he said the magical words you want him to say).
It wouldn’t cost him any popularity, but it would reframe his career. There’s already too big of a focus on it. If he said anything, it would either be a big deal for a while and annoy him and then fly under the radar (like it happened to most current mainstream LGBT artists), so literally pointless.
Or, if you had your wish accomplished, it would become a big enough of a deal to be the main thing people talk about when they discuss him. Which is what happens to Sam Smith. Or what happened to Elton John (go to Family Feud and put ‘name one fact about Elton John’ guaranteed that ‘he’s gay’ would be at the very top). It also happened to Freddie Mercury and George Michael, and literally all the big qu*er artists that are notorious for being LGBT.
If Harry doesn’t want his sexuality to be the focus of his career, considering so many people already dismiss his music and he has to deal with a boyband stigma, then why the fuck would I want him to say those magical words and set himself on fire? That’s so fucking selfish. If your quest for representation in mainstream is to have an artist sacrifice his individuality then you don’t want what’s best for qu*er people. End of.
I firmly believe if he said your magical words, it would be headlines for a while and dominate the news, but that it’d only reach people who pay attention to celeb news, and those people are already aware of how things are with him. So it would have no impact on his success. But then it would become a nuisance for him. It would open up to more questions and more intrusiveness. It would be front and centre in his interviews, it would make speculation grow for all his male friendships (which he already has to deal with with his female friendships). It would invite gross narratives and speech.
I think representation is great, and if at any point in his career Harry decides that having general public recognition as an LGBT artist outweighs the negatives that come with it, then he’ll say those magical words, but if he doesn’t feel comfortable laying down that part of himself, then that’s still perfectly valid? He can be open and be honest and have that relationship with his qu*er audience who gets him without inviting to more speculation, when he’s already spent his formative years being the subject of it.
There’s literally no angle of this discourse of yours that isn’t tinged with biphobia, homophobia, or gross entitlement.
I’m not gonna reply to your last paragraph because it’s literally something I explained several times throughout this long ass text.
Just... stop... discussing his sexuality? I feel icky even typing a lot of this down because it’s none of my business. I don’t understand how you’re not uncomfortable opening up this discourse, labelling him, criticising him for his personal decisions, accusing him (unfoundedly) of these things... It doesn’t affect you. You’re not his fan. His fans are not only okay with how he presents himself, but support him 100% and defend him through thick and thin.
We see ourselves in him. We feel represented. We understand him. We feel connected to him. That’s all that matters.
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How is Harry responsible for you being biphobic?
You say bullshit like this and expect bisexual people to not be angry. Your tone deafness is out of this world:
Tumblr media
The fact that you won’t back down from your biphobic rhetoric is truly worth analysing by a competent psychologist.
Tumblr media
A few examples of what I woke up to this morning.
Harry truly does inspire the best in his fans doesn't he?
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What do you think about what it's said that Harry was bullied in One Direction by his bandmates? They say that because in WWAT the boys never included Harry whenever they talked or joked.
I don’t think he was bullied. I think they just didn’t have that much in common.
I think that even now you can tell the only one he has stuff in common with is Niall, and unsurprisingly they’re still friends, at least somewhat.
I think he never had anything in common with Liam. It always seemed like they were speaking different languages. I can’t picture them having a deep conversation. To be fair I can’t imagine Liam having a deep conversation with anyone and I think Liam’s friendship with all the guys is surface level and one-sided.
With Zayn, I don’t know. I don’t think they’re similar, but I don’t think they’re different in an incompatible way. But Zayn was going through stuff in the band that made it harder for him to relate to Harry, I guess? Like, Zayn detested every single part of the job that Harry loved, so in a way, it has to be really difficult to relate like that? I can imagine it hard for Zayn to open up about his struggles when he probably perceived Harry as this perfect popstar.
I think we also have to keep in mind that these were five teenage/early twenties boys and it’s not really that common to open up for them. I can see why Zayn would find more solace in Louis, since Louis also struggled with a lot of parts of being in the band (particularly his confidence).
With Louis, I think they had a lot of things in common on the surface (divorced and remarried parents, somewhat similar upbringings, having been in bands, playing sports in school, being somewhat popular among their friends), so they could relate at the beginning, but as they grew up, they basically became completely incompatible. I can’t think of a single point of contact for their personalities. They’re opposites in a way that they do not attract. I can’t even imagine them having a polite conversation.
I do think there were jokes galore, the typical teenage ones. I don’t think the others considered it bullying, but I do have a feeling that Harry... didn’t really enjoy them? He seems very gentle and idk. There’s plenty of times where it looked like he was the butt of a joke he didn’t agree on.
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Thank you for taking the time to pull together such an incredibly well thought out and considered response to someone so appallingly biphobic and vapid. It's so upsetting reading posts like that about Harry's sexuality and I've never read such a brilliant response before. I imagine this took some time and energy to write and I just wanted to say I really appreciate you doing it.
Thank you ♥️
It’s invalidating to me. It’s upsetting in general. I don’t know. At the end of the day it’s nothing but a handful of stans being disrespectful but not pushing against the idea feels like conceding.
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Tumblr media
If her gay fans don’t believe what Lady Gaga herself has said about her sexuality because they haven’t seen her date a woman then they’re biphobic. I don’t know what point you think you were making with this but it’s way off. You don’t know who she has dated and even if she hasn’t dated a woman so far, that doesn’t mean she’s not bi. When will it reach your pea sized brains that bisexual people don’t have to perform their sexuality for you.
Harry being open to the idea of being with a man means he’s not straight and is part of the LGBT community. I don’t know why you’re twisting yourself into knots this badly or what point you’re trying to prove but you’re failing. Him having been with a man or not is irrelevant. I never claimed to know. And I don’t care, and I frankly would rather not have this conversation at all because it feels intrusive, but when people are out there being biphobic homophobic and insulting him, this feels like the lesser of two evils. So here I am.
Medicine being unreleased is irrelevant. He sang it on tour SIXTY times. It’s not unreleased like we heard it because it got leaked. We even have the writing credits for it, and he even said when he wrote it, for what album. It was in the whiteboard of possible songs for HS1 in a picture of the album’s booklet (and we know Anna was also considered, as it was Ed Sheeran’s favourite one):
Tumblr media
The lyrics of the song are not ambiguous either.
What’s ambiguous of “the boys and the girls are in, I mess around with them, and I’m okay with it”? They’re pretty fucking straightforward and you have to ignore huge chunks of the song to even find alternate interpretations (I know several homophobic fans try to, god bless them). And we know the lyrics are correct because they were literally printed in Rolling Stone Magazine:
Tumblr media
And defined as “pansexual”. This article was written by someone Harry calls a friend. There is no way of reaching around this. Why do you try so hard to dismiss things that are just how they are? It’s so much harder than accepting reality.
I didn’t say Harry doesn’t joke about his sexuality. I hope he does because it’s really funny and feels really good. I joke about my sexuality all the time. Saying I’m gonna turn fully gay or fully straight or that unfortunately I’m bi. Idk who told you guys your sexuality has to be serious and sad, but no ♥️
I said that when Harry expressed attraction towards men he wasn’t joking. He didn’t look like he was joking. He didn’t indicate that he was joking. Go back and search for it. There’s plenty of footage to choose from.
You’re bringing up him joking about James Corden with genuine attraction and it’s... he used to joke like that with women as well. People just spoiled the fun by making horrible rumours about it, so he stopped (he used to joke about interviewers and stuff). He wasn’t expressing genuine attraction towards those women because it was clearly played up just like with James. It’s hard for me to believe that people are genuinely this clueless to social cues.
I guess since Nick joked about being attracted to James then every other time he expressed attraction to men he was also joking. Omg we have to tell Nick that he’s not actually gay. I wonder how his boyfriend is gonna take it 💔
Please go outside. The things you’re saying make no sense in the real world. Nobody talks or behaves this way. And while you’re at it, take a look at yourself before calling anyone else’s stanning “unhealthy.”
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You posted an opinion on his sexuality. You can disguise it as an opinion on his marketing, but it’s of his sexuality. At most, it’s of his personal decision on how to address his private life. He’s not marketed as straight, or gay, or anything in between. In fact, he answered a question in an interview where he LITERALLY said this, that he didn’t do anything to portray himself as any sexuality. This was one of his most high profile interviews with one of the biggest media outlets he talked to this era. The fact that you literally ignore this to pedal a narrative is very telling. 
You’re called a tinhat and delusional because you choose to engage a side of the fandom that’s tinhatting and being delusional. Who pedals incredible theories of sabotaging and evil Jewish overlords. People just took a look at your blog. It’s as simple as that.
You’re receiving vitriolic replies because you’re posting vitriolic, homophobic and biphobic content. You can’t be disgusting and expect people not to react. This victimisation is so blatant and absurd. People defending Harry from your homophobia has made you angry at Harry himself? Boo hoo.
He makes no definite statements?
Harry HAS made definite statements. You choose to ignore them or dismiss them, and that’s absolutely, 100% your own fault. When Harry writes a song about his experience hooking up with men and how he’s “okay with it” and how he “figured out he kinda likes it” that is a definite statement. The fact that so many people are so scared to take that as the definite statement it is, is a testament to how hard it is for LGBT individuals to literally live their lives everyday without having to explain themselves.
Harry has been openly talking about finding men attractive his whole career. He never shied away from it, he never played it off as a joke. People assume (d?) it was a joke because same sex attraction makes them uncomfortable. That’s not Harry’s fault. That’s on them. If Harry had at least once said “no homo” or “I’m JOKING” or “but remember I actually only like girls” if he had once said or implied he was straight, if he had once said or implied he wasn’t LGBT, then we could argue that his same-sex attraction expressions were intended to be taken as jokes. But he never did that. So why would we think those are jokes? There are so many instances of this over the years, and so many of them very recently... People take his expressions of attraction to women as face value, but to men as jokes, and that’s not his responsibility.
One of his best friends, who is described as Harry’s confidant, who wrote most of his newest album with him, who’s known him for nearly a decade, who trusts Harry to babysit his kids, literally included men in the potential group of people Harry would date. Just casually. In a Rolling Stone magazine profile. An article that would get the oversight by Harry’s team before hitting publish. Arguably the most high profile article written about him since the last Rolling Stone article back in 2017.
Tumblr media
He took a quote that explicitly JUST mentioned women, and PURPOSEFULLY added “or men, or whatever”... What part of that is ambiguous?
Here in lies the issue, you (and many others) take everything as straight until proven otherwise, and the line you draw until something becomes blatantly qu*er is far too high. Then, of course, unless Harry tattooes an LGBT label on his forehead, nothing is definite, everything is ambiguous. That is a YOU problem.
What he has decided to not do is define the edges of his sexuality explicitly in interviews. That’s it. That’s the only boundary that he’s set, and that’s what has you so heated. What you don’t understand is that Harry sets this boundary for everything. The first time Harry said the word “ex girlfriend” about a relationship he had post celebrity, was in November 2019, after nine and a half years of career. And he had no way out of it aside from literally lying, since she was credited in the liner notes and her voice was in the album.
He has here and there talked about Taylor Swift, he has called Kendall Jenner “a long time friend” even though we know something romantic happened with both of them. He dodged questions about both of them countless times, even though he has likely written songs about both of them (and there’s nothing subtle about his songs about Taylor). But of course, you’d likely call that “ambiguous” as well, and “a marketing strategy” (I guess Niall employs the same marketing strategy, since he resorts to also saying without saying about his personal life. As do many, many artists).
Harry is someone who has been accosted about his personal life, specifically sex and romantic life, since he was sixteen years old. Horrible things were written about him. There were articles about him lining women up outside of his hotel room at a rate of eight per night. There were article spreads about how he was fucking Lou Teasdale when she separated from Tom Atkin, using Harry’s close relationship with Lou’s toddler daughter Lux as proof and posting pictures of him whispering in her ear in a loud environment to suggest things. He was falsely accused of breaking up a marriage at seventeen. He was falsely accused of cheating on several partners despite the fact that there was never proof of it (and he remains on good terms with all his exes). Every female friend of his was accused of dating him. Even some people he’s never MET.
The fact that you think that with this sort of scrutiny, in literally his formative years, he’s supposed to just keep giving and giving and giving details about something that’s literally none of our business is all sorts of fucked up. It’s disgusting. I can’t believe the GALL because most people saying this sort of bullshit would at least do it anonymously.
His sexuality has been the focus of attention of gossip by media and fans since he was SIXTEEN. Do you understand how fucked up that is? This is the time where you’re discovering yourself and he not only had to do it with his life in front of the world, but with a HUGE magnifying glass on that specific part of his life. And in the context of a boyband, where marketability to teen girls is key. In a time where being LGBT was still frowned upon (and to this day it can be career suicide). You say you try to be generous with him but you absolutely do not because you are not taking any of this into account.
There are SO many things you’re not taking into account. The fact that it’s VERY very likely that the edges of his sexuality are something that he hasn’t even defined yet, considering this:
Tumblr media
(The fact that the gay writer of this article admits that Harry is part of the community with ‘planted a stake somewhere left of centre on sexuality’s rainbow spectrum’ but still expects him to label himself at some point should show you exactly how exhausting this whole thing is)
But you still expect him to discuss this openly with millions of people. It’s flabbergasting, seriously.
So what if he hasn’t uttered the specific words “I am a part of the LGBT community”? Since when is that a requirement? Aren’t we all advocating for a reality in which we can live our lives without having to explicitly come out of the closet in as many words?
Do you accuse him of being ambiguous when he refers to Robin being diagnosed with cancer as “receiving bad news about a family member”? Or when he talks about Matt Irwin’s suicide as “when you lose a friend”? Of course not, because you only have this incredibly fucked up perception of what should be made public when it comes to sexuality.
And furthermore, if I meet a coworker and he tells me that he thinks the guy that brings our mail is cute, talks about having hooked up with men in the past, and one of our colleagues that’s known him for years says “you should date a woman, man, or whatever” about him, I wouldn’t need for this coworker to tell me he’s part of the community. Because I am not an idiot and I understand context clues. I don’t need the forecast to tell me it’s gonna rain if I go outside and it’s raining.
Definite statements aren’t just saying specific sets of words. You can make definite statements with your actions and implications if you don’t feel comfortable opening up a discussion about a subject you don’t want to talk about. How is this so hard to understand?
He isn’t refusing to say he’s part of the community. He’s refusing to making that his focus of conversation because it’s irrelevant to his music and career. Because it’s none of anyone’s business, just like the reason for him and Camille breaking up is none of our business, or how he specifically defined his relationship with Kendall is none of our business. He writes about his own life and experiences and we can draw conclusions from it (because, once again, context clues), but that doesn’t mean we should expect him to address those things in interviews. He has literally said that a lot of what he talks about in songs he would never discuss publicly.
He doesn’t defend the LGBT community?
Harry was one of the only mainstream celebrities to be openly supportive of us back when it wasn’t marketing friendly and didn’t win you cookie points. He was the ONLY 1D member to call out Westboro Baptist Church when they picketed the show and told every single LGBT fan attending that we were scum and god hated us and we were gonna rot in hell.
There were FIVE people in that band. As far as we know, Harry was the only LGBT one (three out the four remaining ones have explicitly said they’re straight), and yet, the only one to take a stance both on social media and on stage was Harry. There are so many instances of this over the years. His support has been relentless, EXPLICIT, open, definite. He even used his first solo award speech to give a shoutout to the equal marriage bill in Australia. He went to Pride, he donated money to LGBT charities. You’re out of your fucking MIND for calling his support “symbolic” and “not enough.”
People feel confident enough to come out of the closet because of him. People feel confident enough to discover themselves because of him. People feel confident enough to BE themselves because of him. He provides a safe space for fans in his concerts and in his presence, something he has EXPLICITLY stated was his goal. How DARE YOU say he harms the community?
I saw your posts after this, you say that Harry is marketed as straight and that he benefits from it. Nope. He is not marketed as straight and this assertion is nothing more than biphobia. His expression of attraction to women does not and should never negate him being part of the LGBT community. This is reductive, bigoted, disgusting. As a bisexual woman (one that found herself thanks to Harry, at that), I find this so incredibly offensive.
Is he perceived as straight by large parts of the general audience? Yes. Does that benefit him? Also yes. You know who else has this privilege and benefits from it? Billie Joe Armstrong, Lady Gaga, Fergie, Demi Lovato, Rita Ora. All bisexual celebrities who LITERALLY CAME OUT AS BI (in the specific way you’re demanding Harry to come out) but the general public doesn’t know and consumes their music anyway (some of which perhaps wouldn’t if they knew). Since they sing about opposite sex attraction... Halsey, who’s super vocal about being bi and loving women and literally sings songs about it, benefits from it because the general public has no idea. I can assure you 90% of the people listening to Without Me or Closer had no clue she’s bi. Are they any less valid? Are they hurting the community? One of Demi’s biggest songs was about hooking up with a woman and most of the people that consumed it just assumed she was being quirky (like I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry), when in reality she was literally talking about herself. Is she any less valid? Your points hold no relevance because they’re ignoring the context of real life to nitpick at what Harry does because you have a personal vendetta against him.
If he or any of these other LGBT celebs benefit from heteronormativity then good for them lmao. Do you want them to be mad that homophobes are streaming their music without knowing their true identities? They’re not responsible for people not paying attention to what they have said (and this 100% includes Harry).
And to this point, I can assure you that your run of the mill homophobe wouldn’t stream Harry’s music if they knew the things he has said and done, regardless of if he says the magic set of words you expect him to say. Unless it’s people who have been fans of him for years or purposefully dismiss him (generally because they want to fuck him), homophobes don’t have the high threshold you have for what’s qu*er and what isn’t. If they would abstain from listening to his music for being LGBT, they would do so with or without the magic set of words confirmation, which is why this point of yours is a load of BS.
There is literally no benefit to being perceived as qu*er in today’s musical landscape. Look at the top of the charts and point to me the LGBT members or even the ambiguous ones. There are virtually none, with the aforementioned Halsey being one of the only ones (and not because she’s bi). Sam Smith comes to mind but only occasionally and not because they’re qu*er. Lil Nas X came out post Old Town Road success (and because he was being outed by fans)... who else? Literally. Go back in history, name me one artist that made a career on the back of being qu*er or “ambiguous” about it. I’ll grab a chair and a snack while I wait because there are none.
He’s not reaping any benefits from it! Zero! NO ONE is streaming Watermelon Sugar or buying Fine Line because Harry likes boys. He gets attention for his aesthetic and style, but those aren’t the reasons people buy his music and even then, that has nothing to do with his sexuality. Plenty of straight people are androgynous (look at Bad Bunny).
You also point out that people within this fandom call the perception of him being part of the community “tinhatting” and sure enough, they do, but that’s a THEM problem. Those people are either extremely homophobic and in denial or triggered by the whole Larrie conspiracy theory because no one in their right mind that has followed Harry closely would call the perception of him as a member of the LGBT community “a conspiracy theory.”
A conspiracy theory is to believe that he’s not. To believe that he’s writing qu*er songs, telling his friends to say he dates men, wearing BLATANTLY qu*er coded clothing, purposefully avoiding to state he has “straight” privilege, repeating over and over he doesn’t label his sexuality, and that he’s been doing this sort of thing for over half a decade, but that he’s somehow not part of the community.
You pointing out that homophobes and gatekeepers exist does not strengthen your point. It’s a fact we're all aware of. It changes nothing about Harry himself. You’re blaming Harry, a member of the LGBT community, for the homophobia he himself faces. This is all sorts of fucked up.
Homophobes closing their eyes and plugging their ears shouting he’s straight to not admit the truth because it hurts them is not the solid argument you think it is. I would say 99% of his dedicated fandom acknowledges he’s LGBT at this point and I don’t think I’m exaggerating.
Calling multiple gender attraction “ambiguous” is biphobia. Calling Harry setting boundaries on what he will and won’t answer about his personal life (shamefully dodging questions” is disgusting (particularly the “shamefully” part literally what the fuck?).
I hope you’re not getting threats of any kind or out of line insults, but if people are defending Harry (and his LGBT fans) from your homophobia and biphobia GOOD. Maybe listen to us and get off your undeserved high horse.
I try to be generous in my opinion of Harry. I really do.
But yikes is it hard.
I am a nothing and nobody blog who mostly just reblogs pictures of Louis without comment because I think he is very attractive, and I reblog discussions from a few blogs who I think are articulate and have interesting ideas and perspectives about One Direction.
I posted my own opinion about Harry's marketing (not his sexuality - his marketing) and the amount of rude and vitriolic anons I have received in the last two days telling me very aggressively that I am wrong, I am deluded, I am a "tinhat" has been quite astonishing. This huge horrible backlash against me. An actual nobody.
And all it has done is made me desperately sad and quite angry at Harry.
His choice to engage with queer culture without making a definitive statement about whether he is just an ally or actually part of the community is a bad choice. It is causing hurt to members of a community who need vocal support, not just symbolic support. Because apparently people can very easily dismiss the symbolic.
I try to be generous to Harry. Really I do. Is it fair that he has to make a definitive statement? Of course not. People should be able to just be whoever they are without announcing it to the world. They really should. But that is not the world we live in. We live in a homophobic world. And like it or not Harry is in a unique position of power. His actions matter. He has become a queer icon because he has engaged with queer culture symbolically in a way that cannot be denied.
His choice to be ambiguous is a bad choice.
It's good for him because it means he engages all sides of the fandom and everyone streams his music, and spends their money on him.
But it's bad for his fans. Particularly his LGBT fans. Because his ambiguity means that LGBT people who identify with him are dismissed as crazy conspiracy theorists at best and called abusive names and far more at worst. And if someone who is struggling with their sexuality and identity looks up to Harry they will see someone who proudly waves a flag, but shamefully dodges questions. Who proudly wears queer coded clothes, but will not make any statement. Who engages with queer culture and reaps all the benefit from it, but will not defend the LGBT community.
I'm mad at Harry in a way that I am not mad at Louis, because while the speculation still surrounds Louis, he doesn't actively encourage it. Harry actively and visibly engages queer culture in a way that Louis doesn't.
It works as a marketing strategy.
But at what cost to some of his most vulnerable fans?
And at what cost to his own integrity?
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Fr Ikr. Man seriously looks good and getting hotter by the time
I actually dislike most facial hair generally. Moustaches always looked stupid to me. When my friend told me he was spotted with one I was like “oh no...” and then she sent me the pic and... yeah. I was not expecting him to look that good. I think out of all the looks he’s gone for, facial hair wise, I generally prefer clean shaven or a five-o-clock shadow, but I am not mad at the moustache at all and I truly want to see a bit more of it. At least I hope it becomes an option he can whip out once in a while, you know?
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Did u like Harry's new look?
He looks gorgeous, and I'm convinced there's nothing he can't pull off. I really hope the moustache isn't just for a shoot and he keeps it for a while. I love the hair as well. And the fit. He's just breathtaking.
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do you still plan to continue your single harry fanfic?
Yes, I posted a new chapter yesterday and I’m writing right now.
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