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stray-but-okay·2 hours agoText

Anyways yall should watch EXO’s MAMA cuz that’s good for the soul ✊

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stray-but-okay·2 hours agoAnswer

I only like mama for the performances but like that was a few years ago, not that I DONT like that group maybe performing(with exception they keep inviting jyp to perform please stop we’ve suffered enough) but it doesn’t feel as fun as years past especially with it being so rigged like where’s the fun? The pageantry? The exciting collabs?

Yeah I stopped watched after the whole exo thing happened and then everyone stopped going so I’m not gonna watch a 500 hour show just for like one artist LOL. Mama has always been rigged but it’s gotten *gasp* even more so XD Definetly not like how it use to be tho, I miss the awesome collabs as well 😔

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stray-but-okay·18 hours agoText

It’s so weird cuz like, when we think about the struggles we go through it’s like, man it gets really hard often in life. But then you see someone else and it’s like…. Gee they have it harder I shouldn’t even be upset about this. No!!! That’s not how it works!!! Everyone has their own battles that they have to fight and just because yours are different, does not mean they aren’t important. We must understand that every problem has a weight on who we are, what we think, how we feel. The amount of pain, the length of pain, the distance of pain is all relative and cannot be compared. No two people handle a situation the same, so you can’t put moments together and try to dismiss your struggles. Take your pain, understand that you have been impacted, understand that it’s something important, and understand that you are free to be upset about it because it has hurt you. And then with that, we try our best to recover.

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stray-but-okay·21 hours agoText


goodnight to chanyeol’s 10+ bitches, the sm pr team, exhausted exo-ls, people who love drama, people that are excited for the kai solo, irene, and kyungsoo solo stans

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stray-but-okay·a day agoText

Oh so random but I tried that ghost pepper donut at dunkin and it’s actually really good, I recommend XD

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