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everytime people talk about how all germans are assholes, I think about the time when my water bottle exploded inside my bag without me noticing and everybody on the train would just stare at the puddle under me as all my papers got slowly ruined

fucking nobody said anything like “excuse me, but there’s 2 liters of sparkling water gushing out of your handbag”, and the worst part??!!? I, as a German™, would have done the EXACT same thing. fuck us

legends only

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21/9/2020 | We’re getting our WiFi upgraded bc we gotta wfh but it’s getting disconnected today and we don’t get the new one for 10 days…

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9.26.20 | day 27/100 of productivity | this is a very random set of photos yes but it’s a reflection of my life rn lol. ok first, we bought a cake for my brother’s birthday. second, my to do list is probably longer than it looks there. third, i went to campus today for a piano lesson and i decided to stop at our museum (i parked under it actually) to take a photo of the sculpture in front.

accomplishments today:

  • had my piano lessons
  • bought kimbap for lunch at h mart!
  • started spirited away (i am working my way through all the studio ghibli movies)
  • studied a bit for molecular bio- like finished a set of lecture notes
  • really worked on my bujo and set up my october monthly spreads
  • exercised to round out the day
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grad school aka reading about the Novum Organum on wiki bc i understand nothing about Baconian empiricism

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i dont know how many people know this but today (26th September) is the European Days of Language! According to its website, these are the goals of this day:

1. Alerting the public to the importance of language learning and diversifying the range of languages learnt in order to increase plurilingualism and intercultural understanding;
2. Promoting the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe, which must be preserved and fostered;
3. Encouraging lifelong language learning in and out of school, whether for study purposes, for professional needs, for purposes of mobility or for pleasure and exchanges.

As some of you may know, I study German and have a huge love of languages, and in my school we usually have some sort of celebration for the European Day of Languages, which is always great fun. Unfortunately, due to COVID, those plans have had to be cancelled, which was doubly disappointing for me because i am German Prefect in my school so i would have been organising it. So i’ve been trying to think of how i could commemorate this day.

Then i began to think of the studyblr community and all the incredible people i know on here. And i began to think - and truly realise - how many people on here are speaking in their second, third, or perhaps even fourth or fifth language. Yet, we never really appreciate that because English is just taken as a given. As a native English speaker, i find that embarrassing and saddening because that is not how it should be. It is so difficult to learn a language and the level that most studyblrs are speaking English is incredible so we should take time to recognise that and not just dismiss it as something everyone should be able to do. I learn German but i could never use it as my primary language online because i would be too scared of making mistakes and not understanding anything, so it is also incredibly brave to put yourself out there.

So i wanted to take this opportunity, on a day that is dedicated to the promotion of languages and linguistic and cultural diversity, to say thank you to some people who i am constantly amazed by. 

from pat (@coffeeandpies) and ana (@sosiaalitieteet) whose memeglish is better than mine and whose notes in their own languages (thai and finnish respectively) always make me smile when i see them on my dash because they are so incredible.

to yasemin (@study-van) who not only speaks perfect english but is also fluent in french and is studying medicine in france! seeing you respond to asks in turkish or in the tags is one of my favourite things because i have no idea what it means but i always try to figure it out (i never usually get that far XD)

and sabrina (@bulletnotestudies) who introduced me to slovene - a language that i had never heard or seen before - but found gorgeous! not to mention the beautiful saying ‘every village has its own voice’ because of the many dialects!

then there’s cat (@studyambitiouss) who wants to be an english teacher and whose love of english and reading makes me appreciate my own language more 

and meike (@athenastudying) who is doing an ma in english studies and reads so much that i always know that all it will take is a quick look over her instagram to find a book recommendation! 

also harriet (@stu-dna) whose notes are always a particular favourite of mine because they are usually in a mixture of german and English (denglish) and i like to challenge myself to see if i can understand them!

there are so many more and i wish i could go through everyone but this post would probably go be forever! i just want everyone to know that you are incredible for being so courageous and talented!

i would love if people would share what their native language is and share a few words so we can all appreciate the beautiful diversity in the studyblr community, which is too often ignored!

ahhh Sophie you are so sweet!!!

and I completely agree with you about the “English as a given” thing. part of the effort I had put in to learning German stemmed from the whole “everyone learns my language so I should learn theirs” ordeal. and I think that the studyblr community is amazingly diverse when it comes to languages, and I LOVE seeing people trying to learn a multitude of other languages just because they want to

and @ your being too afraid of using German primarily online, #same even though I’ve known it for like 10 years I’m still terrified to use it online. I am, however, certain that this community would be nothing but supportive should you decide to do a few posts in German :) wir können auch mal zusammen deutsch sprechen 😉

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The last days I’ve worked mostly on a transcription of oral interviews so that was super boring and definitely nothing to show off but now I’m back, starting to sort through my literature. This afternoon or tomorrow I’ll be able to start with the actual writing part of the paper!

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moved into my new house yesterday and made it as cozy as possible :o) i start uni in two weeks so i’m spending a lot of time scheduling then changing the schedule when the university decides to change my timetable. today i:

  • did some morning yoga
  • did one hour duolingo norwegian
  • reviewed my anki decks
  • finished scheduling all of semester 1. let’s hope it sticks
  • read chapter 20 of the mystery of nils
  • did an ntnu lesson
  • watched ep 1 of grenseland
  • read some of tCoMC
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studying for my midterm with yet another glass of dalgona coffee!

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not to feel positively about tumblr in 2020 but the tag function really is like. the thing they got right, huh? i love reading ppl’s little notes and organizational systems and i particularly like it when ppl speak to me directly in the tags to be like. raquel you complete asshole i love this thing you’ve done i’m crying and i hate you. i thrive on the quiet validation it fuels me

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4.2 anyone else feel like profs are adding more and more work to the curriculum now that we’re all basically taking online classes?

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spent the morning revising microeconomics exercises and politics notes

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september 21st, 2020 | breakfast in bed and, you guessed it, more french

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22/09/20: applied for another job which took up some of the weekend and all of Monday. I was able to focus on writing today, so there’s that

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My brother saved this document and everytime he gets angry at our neighbours for being loud he prints it to their wireless printer and you can hear the wife shout “Why the fuck would you print this AGAIN?!” to her son.

every time we serve chicken at work i think of this post

1.  If you were wondering, you can type the numbers in the works cited into google and they appear to be medical journal articles about using medical imaging to detect and diagnose a rare form of Gastritis.

2. Please enjoy the offical powerpoint presentation of this paper at an academic conference by the original author, complete with Q&A:


oh m god please watch the video it’s some of the most contagious laughter on the planet

When I saw this cross my dash tonight, I smiled and thought “yess, the chicken chicken chicken post, I get to reblog it again and inflict it on all of the people that have followed me since last time”, and then I scrolled down more and to my utter delight there was A VIDEO, needless to say my night has been made



The bell

The last question

The woman howling in laughter 90% of the time

It’s all beautiful

It’s all

So beautiful

I love that he was absolutely 100% prepared for a question in chickenese.

“I do not feel capable summarizing this article”


“any questions?”

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