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a twitter thread of how you can help. here are some petitions and donation links. if anyone has other helpful links and/or organisations, please feel free to add them! please use the platform you have and dont choose to stay silent on these issues. 

i tend to keep my political or controversial opinions to myself because i despise conflict and try to avoid making anyone uncomfortable, but i can’t possibly be silent anymore as i continue to watch events like this happen. i love the look of the dark academia aesthetic, but there are definitely issues with its original ideologies, so i don’t like to label my content as such.

i believe black lives matter—all lives matter (though that is currently not the focus), and if you disagree with that, then my blog is not the place for you. my platform is relatively small, but that doesn’t mean i can’t help get the word out; the same goes for you. every little bit helps!

tips for teens (and other minors like me):

  • do your research and stay properly informed—adults will respect your opinion more if you know what you’re talking about. read and/or watch MULTIPLE credible sources so you can see the full picture.

  • post about issues you care about on social media. it can be as simple as putting something on your instagram story (if you want something short and easy, @shirien.creates has some beautiful political artwork you can repost with credit to show your solidarity and spread awareness). reblogging is one of the best ways to get the word out on tumblr, and video essays for youtube are another idea to consider if you’re willing to put more time and effort into it.

  • be responsible and mature about what you post. some people are triggered by videos, so be mindful of that if you’re going to share them. i suggest tagging them appropriately (when you’re sharing them on a space like tumblr) and giving clear warnings (regardless of which site or app you use). please be thoughtful about your content and how you word things.

  • sign a petition if you are able. those under sixteen cannot participate in petitions like the one linked in the above twitter thread; however, any petitions on can be signed by those who are at least thirteen (i cannot speak for those of you outside of the usa). if you are unable to sign, encourage others who can!

  • donate if you want to show even more support. this isn’t an option for everyone, but if you are interested, there are plenty of gofundmes and other programs to look into (see that twitter thread for specifics).
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28. 05. 20.

(my spread from monday)

not gonna lie, i’ve already been slacking off on my independent studying (and i’m less than a week in!). like, i practice my spanish, work out, and that kind of stuff because i like doing those things, but the tasks i dread are kind of ignored.

other people have always been the main source of my motivation, and since i don’t have the pressure from teachers or deadlines with actual consequences anymore, i’ve relied on the pressure of crossing things off my to-do list in order to to look good for tumblr, you know? that pressure is definitely wearing off now that i’ve been on here for a while, and i’m not quite sure how to replace that without finding an accountability partner that i won’t let myself disappoint… i guess i’ll figure it out somehow (or not lol).

today’s focuses:

  • dentist visit
  • join classroom + rsvp google meet
  • set up gmail + read emails + organize folders
  • set up skyward
  • walk the dog
  • shower
  • spanish: weather and seasons
  • math: topic tbd
  • law: contract law unit
  • reading: ___ pages of anna karenina
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27. 05. 20.

look, i know the sun is finally out, it’s almost june, i’m all freckled (uh mostly burned, actually), and it’s been a humid 96 degrees lately, but i was really imagining a cool fall breeze yesterday when i made this spread lol.

today’s focuses:

  • go on a walk (rescued an injured robin nestling today!)
  • meet up with adv. class at b.j.’s
  • work out: ab day
  • practice spanish: question words
  • write wip
  • read anna karenina: ___ pages

quarantine count: 75 days

independent studying count: 3 days

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26. 05. 20.

m y   l a n g u a g e - l e a r n i n g   p r o c e s s !

the way i learned my first two languages was simple: immersion. i grew up in the u.s. with an american dad who spoke english 24/7 and a foreign mom who was still learning it and preferred her native language, german. as a result, i am now fluent in both without having to put any extra effort into it.

that’s why it kind of surprised me (though it shouldn’t have) when i never really learned much during my actual spanish class (other than the conjugation tables that were *rammed* down my throat). sure, i could memorize a dozen words or so for a couple periods, but if you asked me about them two weeks later, it would’ve been a different story. to truly learn anything, i had to study the vocab list on my own. over and over. that’s when i realized just how essential repetition is for language-learning.

for this summer, i made a lesson plan that looks pretty different from the ones my spanish teacher made. i didn’t assign a date or an activity to a topic—i just made a grid.

whenever studying spanish is on my agenda for the day, i’ll pull up this grid, pick a square i feel like learning about, and make a quizlet, a cheat sheet, or some other studying material. (i’m a solitary, visual, and logical learner, so making my own tools in my own words and in my own organization style are essential for my learning process). once i’ve done that, i’ll drag a white square over it to show i’ve worked on that topic.

the next day, i’ll pick a different square and do the same thing. i’ll also pick one other topic to review (preferably one i haven’t done all too recently). for a topic i’ve reviewed, i’ll drag an additional square on top of the one that’s already there to show i’ve worked on it more than once. i’ll repeat those steps every study day for a total of two lessons per study day, where one lesson is between five and fifteen words (depending on my prior experience with those words).

since those white boxes are pretty transparent, it takes at least five of them to completely white-out the topic. once it’s whited-out, i should have a decent grasp on that vocabulary, considering i’ve reviewed it multiple times over the course of a couple months, which means i’ve had to retain the information in-between reps. (my topics are all ones i’ve already “learned” this year and would like to practice, but it should work for new words, too!)

it’s not the fastest way to learn a language, but for me, it’s better than memorizing a list of words for a few periods, never using them again after that two-week span, and inevitably forgetting them…

though my method won’t work for everyone, if you want a copy of this month’s spread to customize for yourself, feel free to message me! :) 

quarantine count: 74 days

independent studying count: day 2

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25. 05. 20.

i’m starting independent studying, guys! i’m hoping to stick with it until august, when i go back to school (assuming that’s possible).

the english department recently announced my class is exempt from the usually-required summer readings, but i still need to complete the remaining prep work the others assigned and catch up on all the content my teachers couldn’t cover this year because of remote learning… especially since i’m skipping to sophomore math *big yikes*.

i made a digital spread on canva to broadly outline my daily goals for productivity—let’s see how long i can keep this up…

today’s focuses:

  • work out
  • shower + get ready
  • (ott doesn’t start until june first)
  • meet up w/ adv. class in the park
  • spanish: make lesson plans
  • (i already took out the trash yesterday oops. way to screw up the schedule already lol…)
  • read: ___ pages of anna karenina

quarantine count: 73 days

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24. 05. 20.

here’s a picture of me playing shadow puppets with another book i’m not actually reading because i’ve committed the ultimate sin: i’m reading the pdf version of anna karenina instead of the hard copy.

bookblrs: take your chance, and kill me now. (just kidding—i have nothing against ebooks, and you can fight me on that one.)

i also don’t know if i should be depressed or excited that i still have 1193 pages left to read out of the 1423…

so far, it’s not my cup of tea, but i promised myself i’d see it through the end so i can watch the movie afterward. i don’t know why i made that condition, considering i wouldn’t feel guilty about just skipping to the keira knightley part, but maybe it has to do with the fact that i just want to be able to say i finished a book like that lol.

today’s focuses:

  • read
  • walk the dog
  • help with the tv
  • help make dinner
  • take lizzy to the vet (she ate another wrapper smh)
  • finish summer productivity schedule

quarantine count: 72 days

by the way, i plan on starting independent studying tomorrow! :)

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student-by-day·5 days agoChat
if this isn't the most amusing coming out story, idk what is...
my friend: *replying to my text abt how i'm actually going to shower now instead of replying to his texts*
me: notice how i'm still eating caramels and scrolling thru tumblr lol
him: caramels sound good
me: they r good
: not as good as the 23 twix i ate yesterday
: but almost
him: wtf 23 large ones
me: pffft no "fun size" lmao
him: see even small is fun hehe
me: ur only making me more ace
him: ace? like where u get 5 kills?
me: ha i WISH xD
: [ i promise he isn't a(n) *insert choice insult here* lol ]
also: i know we're supposed to b obsessed w/ cake, but chocolate is superior, okay? just putting it out there...
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23. 05. 20.

quite frankly, i’m running out of aesthetic things to take pictures of lol, so here are my favorite supplies (because why not?). i promise that once i start independent studying, i’ll have notes to post instead hehe. 

oh, and don’t mind my sweatpants peeking out there… i’m not about to retake that photograph.

today’s focuses:

  • yard work + clean up
  • shower + make myself presentable again
  • screw around on tumblr
  • finalize summer productivity schedule — starting next week :)
  • help cook dinner
  • write cards for p.m. + j.g.

on the back burner:

  • work on post ideas
  • i honestly don’t even know what there is to procrastinate on anymore—i might have to change my blog title and url…

quarantine count: 71 days

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22. 05. 20.

though the agenda doesn’t look the part, i haven’t had a free minute all day, and i couldn’t take a picture for today’s post… tomorrow maybe?

also: i think i’ll start my independent studying next week monday—i’ve had almost a week to “sleep in” (i keep telling myself 7 or 8 am is late enough for me), watch youtube, and all that, so i think i’ve had my dose of laziness lol…

today’s focuses:

  • tell mom my order
  • vacuum bedroom + bathroom
  • yard work (ugh)
  • shower + get ready
  • wrap gift
  • grad. get-together (while social distancing, ofc)

on the back burner:

  • finalize summer productivity schedule
  • continue brainstorming post ideas (i wanna do more than daily to-do lists)
  • actually start the book that’s been on my nightstand for a few weeks

quarantine count: 70 days

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I get so excited when people send me asks, like you could literally just send me one that says pancakes and I’d be so flattered that you took the time to send me that

honestly, yes—i can’t even deny it

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21. 05. 20.

a lot more happened today than expected, so that’s my excuse for posting bland (and late) content lol

today’s focuses:

  • eye appt.
  • sort out exchange details
  • buy gift for exchange
  • mtg. in the park w/ adv. class
  • sweep front
  • help w/ herbs (my mom likes making her own tea from stuff in our garden lol)
  • ft and text b.b.

on the back burner:

  • read a bit (need to get back on my game lol)

quarantine count: 69 days

germany countdown: 28 days 

who knows—our flights have been cancelled twice now, and to be honest, i don’t even know if living with my grandparents over the summer is such a good idea anymore, considering the circumstances… even if we quarantine ourselves away from them somewhere for like two weeks at first.

has anyone flown internationally lately? i’m a dual citizen and shouldn’t have any trouble getting in, but do you have any idea what the after-airport quarantine situation is? there aren’t a ton of details online that i could find, and since i know i have some german followers, i was wondering if any of you have any experience or insight to share?

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please don’t forget to drink water and get some sunlight because you’re basically a houseplant with complicated emotions.

i’m going to pretend like i wasn’t just majorly exposed… no wonder my leaves are wilting lol.

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20. 05. 20.

i’m just going to pretend i didn’t take a billion different pictures the day i washed my covers so i wouldn’t have to spend time shooting any more of them for the rest of the week lol…

quick check-in: since i’m done with school until august, i have to change things up a bit. i made a schedule of all the tasks i want to complete each week day, and i’ll have a picture of that up tomorrow so you can see what i’ll be up to over the summer. i’ll also spontaneously throw in some fun activities whenever i feel like it, of course. :)

the idea of work is exciting and not-so-exciting at the same time, so i think i’ll cut myself some slack for the first couple of weeks so i can actually enjoy my time off. i earned myself some lazy days! after a while though, i really want to get back into a productive routine. i don’t want to spend my twelve weeks of break just watching youtube! that wouldn’t be good for my mental or physical health lol…

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I dont know who needs to hear this but if you read all the Series of Unfortunate Events in elementary/grade/primary school you’re into Dark Academia now

that explains a lot, actually

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19. 05. 20.

today’s the day.

but it doesn’t feel over.

the videos and the plaques and the pins and the medals and the diploma—they don’t really change anything.

i won’t ever get the normal kind of closure: dress-shopping for graduation with my friends, going on those last field trips and outings with my class, finishing up my year of concerts and competitions, signing yearbooks, cleaning out my locker, prepping for the banquet, and all that.

it’s going to take me a long time to properly process that those things are just not going to happen. whenever it dawns on me and i start to realize it, i go right back to state of denial. right now, it’s an endless cycle of feeling nothing or feeling everything, and i don’t see an end to it.

and i’m not even a high school or college senior—i’m just leaving junior high. my school goes all out and treats it like a major milestone, but even then, i can’t even fathom how you guys feel. my heart goes out to every single one of you graduates. i know this isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less, does it?

kudos to you. kudos to all you students out there… ’20 or not. you made it through this year, and that’s an accomplishment of its own class. ;)

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a little late to the party (i have no valid excuse), but here we go:

this year’s goal…

- expand my horizon to more mature books (and read out of my comfort zone aka ya fiction lol)

- delve into more diverse topics, tropes, themes, cultures, & characters

- record titles + dates i read

what i’ve read so far…

the hate u give by angie thomas (january)

- a little princess by frances hodgson burnett (january)

- animal farm by george orwell (january)

- the call of the wild by jack london (required read: february)

- carve the mark by veronica roth (february + march)

- captive prince by c. s. pacat (march 8)

- prince’s gambit by c. s. pacat (march 9)

- kings rising by c. s. pacat (march 10)

- the testing by joelle charbonneau (march 11 - 12)

- cruel beauty by rosamund hodge (at some point between march 16 ‘n 20)

- independent study by joelle charbonneau (april 2)

- graduation day by joelle charbonneau (april 2)

- the outsiders by s. e. hinton (required read: april - may)

- three dark crowns by kendare blake (april 21)

- one dark throne by kendare blake (april 24 - 28)


- emma by jane austen

- skyward by brandon sanderson

- suffer the children by craig dilouie

- the last templar by raymond khoury

genres i hope to read this year…

- more mysteries, thrillers, and horror

- more classic literature

- more lgbtq+ content

update 18. 05. 20.

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