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studyofastrology·10 hours agoAnswer

Hello I have a question, you say that the less aspects a planet has, the less influential is over your chart, but what if that planet is the atmakaraka of the chart as well? Does that make the planet more important then?

The fewer aspects a planet has the less the planet has going on with it. I am pretty sure this is how Walter Pullen’s calculator works on If a planet has more aspects, it’s connected to more things going on in your life (for instance, every planet is in a house, so all of the planets in a web influence each other.)

When it comes to Atmakaraka, we are talking Jaimini Astrology and your soul planet.  If I remember right, aspects have their own special rules in Jaimini Astrology.  Cardinal signs aspect fixed signs except for the one next to them.  Fixed signs aspect cardinal signs, except the sign next to them. Mutable signs only influence each other.  So when you look at your Atmakarka your only supposed to read it by the Jaimini aspect rules.  It does not effect how powerful the planet is, only how much diverse influences it has going on.

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studyofastrology·11 hours agoAnswer

What's the difference between an undeveloped sign and a developed sign and how do you develop it?

Underdeveloped and developed signs are not a thing.  Signs are just resources.  Most of the conflicts of signs you see are a result of planetary wars causing bad expression of planets.

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studyofastrology·15 hours agoAnswer

What does it mean if my sun is opposed to my ascendant sign? I’m a Sagittarius sun, Gemini rising

The Sun shines its light on the 7th house making you a person who focuses on interactions with the public, relationships, gaining through contracts and agreements. You’re driven to put yourself before the public and you might find yourself in an authoritative role towards them.  The 7th house can actually be linked with fame to others through your career (because the 7th house is 10th to the 10th house.)  

What we can see here is when you invest your time to becoming a professional or highly skilled it can create good results.  People receiver you well because your show confidence in interacting with them.  You may have good luck selling your services, especially if it’s contract work or some form of agreement that gets you a regular income.

Sun in 7 can also the spouse might be a leo ascendant, someone of royality or in high capacity.

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studyofastrology·17 hours agoAnswer

Hello! Can you tell us a bit about Saturn in Aquarius, 3rd House? How does saturn affect it? Thank you so much!!

Saturn actually does well in the 3rd house.  The reason is that the 3rd house is a cadent house, which is weak and requires a lot of effort to maximize its potential. Malefics like Saturn do well in the cadent houses, primarily because there is that force of focus to bring good results.

Specifically, when we talk about the 3rd house we are getting at the foundation of learning and how to observe the world around us. Saturn represents foundations and in the 3rd house brings a good foundation and sense of responsibility towards early educational learning.  What does this mean? We get a good start at being responsible and mastering the importance of being observant from a younger age than most. You become a master of learning, asking good provoking questions, and taking education seriously from a young age.

The 3rd house is also the house of self-promotion and Saturn does well here too. Saturn rules over pressure, so in this house, we have pressure to promote ourselves.  Not everyone does, Promoting yourself gives benefits of course because it helps get your name out there and increase your business potential. Consider also Saturn is associated with time and patience, so it can indicate not getting frustrated if efforts to promote yourself don’t produce instant results.

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studyofastrology·17 hours agoAnswer

Hello! Thank you for what you do!! Do you have any tips or advice in this upcoming saturn in aquarius years?

  • Saturn represents pressure and Aquarius represents logic and rational thinking.  Be prepared for a time when there is a lot of pressure imposed to do “the logic thing” while bypassing sentimental decisions.
  • Saturn represents lower class people and Aquarius represents humanitarian thinking. Expect more progress and help for these people. 
  • An offshoot of the above is prepared not to have as much financial flexibility if your higher class. Saturn is responsible and Aquarius is large groups of people and the distribution of resources among them.  One thing I would fathom is taxes are going to go up considerably to meet the demands of taking care of people.
  • Saturn is a limitation and I would think to be prepared to have some freedoms concerning free speech to be taken away or severally constricted.
  • Saturn represents famine (shortages) which I could foresee creating stagnation in innovation and new concepts.
  • Saturn represents order and Aquarius represents a revolution.  It’s altogether possible that may be is the mobilization of revolutionary groups to a larger degree.
  • Saturn represents containers and Aquarius represents progressive thinking, so perhaps we will see new ways of storing things, living situations, etc. Especially to work with space constraints as the population rises.
  • Saturn represents negativity and Aquarius is linked with being outspoken. So expect you will see a lot of opinions about really challenging things facing society. This can be where we see all of the issues swept under the rug (homelessness) no longer be brushed aside.
  • Saturn represents authority and Aquarius can be disinterested and detached.  This can bring a period where people have no interest in listening to leaders or dealing with people given power over them.
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studyofastrology·18 hours agoAnswer

Hi there , I just made my tropical chart as opposed to my vedic chart which I usually use , how here in the wheel i have venus in Aries In 7th house. In vedic , since each house has its own sign, my 7th house was in pisces so venus was also in 7th in pisces . Now I am virgo rising in both , but since tropical is better for personality readings , should I read for 'venus In Aries in 7th ' or 'venus in pisces in 7th'.?

One thing I initially read many years ago; if you share the same rising in both system then go with whole signs houses (where the sign occupies an entire house.) The reason is that clearly, we are looking at a heavy emphasis on the Virgo lifepath for sure. This includes Pisces in the 7th which can translate to showing compassion to public, unconditional love towards a partner, etc.

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studyofastrology·2 days agoAnswer

Oh that's interesting, because I tend to keep myself together only when I tend to overwork myself or keep myself busy. It's interesting his philosophy, because in a way it portrays my reality. Anyway, I live in a polluted area, and I'm far from being economically stable or rich, is just a family thing like capricorn or 10th house influence or virgo placements. Also we tend to have bad habits and neglect ourselves totally when depressed, and also have a fragile health and die earlier than the average person. I mean guys, if you read this don't panic, just saying some stuff I've noticed in my family.

Maybe pollution is the trick to staying young forever, lol. I live right by a highway with a major use railway beside it) and it’s really gross (lots of semis trucks and loud.)

Either way thanks for your input, ill write it down for future reference.

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studyofastrology·2 days agoAnswer

Oh about capricorn stellium, I have one myself too, and my mom and brother have a 10th house stellium with a strong Saturn dominance, we all look younger than our biological age, I mean I'm celebrating today my birthday 23yo but ppl mistake me irl for an 17/18 max 19yo. Last but not least my mercury is really weak, totally unaspected (?) in capricorn. Also I have a strong Saturn in vedic too. But but ppl say the more I grow old the more beautiful and youthful I look. So I guess Saturn really go backwards particularly with age. In both systems my Saturn is in Retrograde. Probably Saturn preserves your beauty or teach you to master and preserve it better, idk.

The idea you propose cuts the trend of every astrological book I ever read, but it’s not entirely impossible either.  My father, who has a Capricorn stellium in his D9 vedic chart, always has everyone mention how young he looks for his age. His famous life quote was “Work keeps me young, so I’m never going to retire.”

I really don’t invest too much into looking at how at appearance concerning Astrology; simply because there is so much controversy around it. Another reason is that appearance tends to be a way to offend a lot of people. Assigning specific traits to specific positions might be valid for one race of people; but completely invalid for another.

Something I contemplate is that Astrology is just energy interacting at the end of the day. Perhaps there is something to say about the lifestyle choices we make that affect appearance ultimately, and that can be dictated by the energy underneath at our root. For instance with Capricorn or Virgo, this energy might make someone work hard which keeps their body from slipping into lethargy/weight gain/etc. So ya there is some validity possibly here.

Besides genetics, It’s entirely possible that the conditions of the environments we live and work in say a lot about it too.  Nowadays people do less intense physical labor jobs away from dirty factory conditions for example. Another possibility I think of unfortunately is a financial privilege mindset.  

People with less money live in less desireable areas; places near highways, heavily traveled roads/polluted areas, near railroad tracks, by power transformer stations, etc.  While you hear a lot about how there is “no proof” some of these things impact people’s health, my instinct says otherwise. I saw cousins in my family grow up poor in a house near a high voltage power line. two of them had cancer in their early 20′s and looked worn out. The other left home earlier and fell out of contact.

The other part of the financially privileged mindset is that the bulk of people live in far better conditions than any time in human history.  So perhaps it’s having an effect on redefining the idea of how we see aging because the quality of life overall simply tends to be better..

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studyofastrology·2 days agoAnswer

Hi so after reading your ask do I checked my d9 and I wanted to ask how do you read d9?

Is the interpretation of houses and house lord's same as that in natal? For example- Would '4th lord in 7th in d9' mean the same when I google 4th lord in 7th for natal ?

It’s read just like the birth chart, but best thought of as the life your aspiring towards in maturity years (35+)

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studyofastrology·2 days agoAnswer

Hi do you know anything about the d9 charts?

Yes. I tend to feel they activate at such a time in life when your stable and able to pursue a higher calling. They Say Jupiter is Karaka of the 9th chart because it rules over higher purpose (in this case in 2nd half of life.)  So Jupiters placement in d9 chart can really signify a higher calling possibly.

I can even relate it to my chart now that I look at it. I have Jupiter in the 7th house in D9. I never took to a role of teaching to the public (which you can consider an informative astrology blog and tutorship to people who want.) Yet its what I always gravitate to and gives me that sense of meaning after i Turned 35.

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studyofastrology·2 days agoText


how many of my placements are going to say “famous after death” 
p l e a se

“Jupiter and Moon here will have the same effect as if in the AL, they will make a person famous even after they die.”

also i’m reading it from if anyone is interested.

If you find you get a lot of these placements in chart interpretations (like I do) perhaps your imagination entertains the idea of faking your own death….

Perhaps then we can see if they are really right…

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studyofastrology·2 days agoAnswer

Can our birthchart show our dislike or hatred toward a specific sign? If yes, what do we need to look at?

Good question. You know what I am not really sure if we are pre-destined to dislike a sign’s energy. I think a majority of “hate” people fling around is just frustration with experiences of being alive, things not turning out how we expect them, or relationships that go south so it’s easy to “pin it on a sun sign.”.

Signs that are responsible for creating squares, blockages, and frustrations to your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant can be automatic red flags for people to dislike.  Overall people tend to dislike Saturn’s sign. because of its nature of delays and pressures. Chiron’s sign can be one to dislike because we struggle so much in that area and are sensitive to failure and shortcomings associated with it. The 4th. 7th and 8th sign aspects of Mars can spur a lot of hate too. Mars easily gets frustration associated when blocked from moving forward, which can translate as anger through us.

I can’t help but feel most of the hate we feel from our perspective it is just circumstantial though. Since technically the horoscope is a connection of 12 signs interconnected, it seems strange to believe the universe would want anyone hating a sign by destiny.  I think at most, the objectives associated with the sign can be conflicting with your own chart. That is where most of the friction occurs. When your own planets in your chart feel blocked from having their happiness level fulfill, it’s easy to hate.  After all it’s easier to hate than understand.

Overall though I think people are more likely to hate how planets interact together.  Planets are the actual energy of the universe in motion.  When planets disagree I feel it causes the tendency towards hatred or frustration. Planets being in a sign is part of that equation, but the signs are only resources the planets use at the end of the day. so if a planet in a certain sign rubs you the wrong way, anger towards it is not far behind.

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studyofastrology·3 days agoAnswer

Does that mean Sesquiquandrate are the reasons for some events in my life? I’m really confused on this one. Do these aspects not have a lot of information on them?

No they don’t. All I was ever able to find was a passage from Robert Hand talking about how Astrologers who gloss them over are missing a lot of information. This and some articles here and there speculate they are attached to accidents or events outside ourselves.  I don’t know about that.

I guess some things will always be elitism and privilege as part of the practice.  If your lucky enough to find someone to teach these things, you’re in very good company for standing above others.

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studyofastrology·3 days agoAnswer

Hi!! Do you consider North/South node and asteroids in a yod information? Thanks.

The Nodes I would because they still represent a part of our conscious nature. Whether we admit to it or not we consciously are critical and want to shun matters of the south node, while the other part of our conscious self wants to drive and obtain things through the North Node.  They are a major part of the “self.” Asteroids are not; only being so when they tend to conjunct the Sun, Moon or Asc by 1 degree.

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studyofastrology·3 days agoAnswer

Can I ask about certain aspects? Ex: I have a few that are semisextile, inconjunct, semisquare, and sesquiquadrate:

I have my ascendent (cancer) that’s semisextile my northnode (Gemini)

My sun (Aquarius) inconjunct with Imum Coeli (Virgo)

My Jupiter (Leo) that’s in retrograde is sesquiquandrate with my Venus (Sagittarius)

I honestly have a lot of these aspects but I don’t really understand what they are and what it means. Sorry for the misspelling

I am not a fan of the minor aspects.  I know for instance that is a semisextile is just a fancy sex term for inconjunct (which many people use for planets next to and 6 spaces apart from each other.)  An inconjunction just translates out to planets that are in each other’s blind spots. It doesn’t mean they don’t work together, as a matter of fact the semi-sextile/inconjunct does have power.  

Planets next to each other by sign support the objectives of each other and do work together. While theoretically, the planets may be “blind to each other” they do have roles that are influential to one another.  This happens basically because every house in the horoscope is a continuation of building on the themes. Thus Semi-sextile planets build on each other because the planets are in houses next to one another.

How this works in practical function?

Say you have Planets A and B in sextile 30 degrees apart over two signs.  In this situation, Planet b is “2nd” to the planet and can be responsible for the “gains of” planets a’s manifesting efforts.  With the reverse scenario, Planet A is 12th from planet B, making it the foundation of support that helps planet B manifest its results.  So they work together and have a purpose.

The “6th placement” inconjunction which resides between the opposition and trine (150 degrees) is more of a problem.  Number 6 in astrology is associated with conflict and stress. I kind of fore-see these planets always in a bit of conflict due to being so far apart. They don’t share the same element, mode, or gender, so working together towards anything is a complete headache, mostly because the resources, style of working, and type of action the planets in signs that are inconjunct want to take is so different.

sesquiquadrate ….Ya I read around a lot of sources and many have discussed how it can trigger external events more so than effecting internally. Thus if this is true you would see results like accidents be triggered by the lord of the year when active in the sesquiquandrate.

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studyofastrology·3 days agoText

Hey, Please if u can help me understand these two yods I have. I read somewhere they are kinda dangerous kinda not but mean one’s life destined to a thing. Please if u could give me an opinion I would reallyyy appreciate it. Thank you so much 🥺


Want the truth of why a yod works?  I’ll give a very simple secret I concluded. They work because of the distribution od signs and houses. When you have a YOD you have one planet/chart point in a cardinal sign, one in a fixed sign and the last one in a mutable sign.

Why is this good?  Because it shows an even distribution of mode energy. This helps you take ideas, work with them, adjust and see them to a purposeful conclusion.

For instance in your first yoid you take the ideas you are devoted to (4th house) with  the values that bring you a sense of comfort (moon in 2nd house) and conclude them with your drive to be educated.  All of these combined complete the modal balance. You have an idea of who you are inside, what your values are how they can work together to create a meaningful purpose in your life.

The 2nd yod could translate to your desire to help others havegood working relationships can lead to you becoming educated to do so; which in terms helps you be happy by charging for your service (like as ar relationship therapist) and increasing your financial well being.

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studyofastrology·3 days agoAnswer

Hi!! I have a Cardinal T-square with Mars-Jupiter-Saturn. What do you think it means?? Thank you!!

You can be very strong in your initial push to get the ball rolling with ideas, but have some slowdown when it comes to keep things going or adjusting to things that don’t fit your original vision.

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studyofastrology·3 days agoAnswer

Hello! What is the significance of a T square in a natal chart? I have two

The proper definition is in a T square the planet that forms the square between the opposing planets creates conflict. 

My alternative understanding is you end up having three planets in the same mode (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable) of energy. The t square piles up the dominance in the chart toward a certain mode of energy, which creates conflict. 

A T Square is way more potent when it happens between the inner planets (disclosing Uranus, Neptune, and pluto.) When you consider a T square between the original 7 planets, that constitutes 57% of your modal energy invested in one area.  This naturally leads to a huge imbalance in how motivated you are to start things (cardinal) your ability to stay the course (fixed) or make adjustments and adapt to carry things to a conclusion (mutable.)

For the reason aforementioned, I surmise it explained why t squares create so much frustration. There is that high potential in lacking for well rounded energy that carries us through on ideas, tasks, motivations, goals, etc.

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studyofastrology·3 days agoAnswer

Hello there, and sorry for disturbing you, but I have a bit of a strange (maybe?) question. I understand that Libra is opposite to Aries, and Taurus is opposite to Scorpio, and that's why Mars is in detriment in Libra and Taurus. However, I don't understand why Mars should be so uncomfortable in those signs. In astrology and in the Mythology, Mars and Venus are partners, so why shouldn't Mars find some comfort in signs ruled by his partner? Why should those placements be considered so bad?

All of the oppositions in Astrology have signs which are ruled by enemies planets except for one; Cancer/ Capricorn. The Moon has no enemies.

Aries/Libra and Taurus/Scorpio are Venus/Mars which are enemies.

Mars is a planet of singular forward drive and taking what it wants without hesitation of thought. Libra is bad for Mars because Libra is compromising, accommodating, and observant; all traits that Mars wants nothing of.

With Taurus, it’s a bit more simple.  Mars is driven forward, impatient, and wants now.  Taurus is slow, patient, steady, and driven by comfort. So once again, not agreeable.

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