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natalie, 25. this harry styles thing wasn't supposed to happen. yet here we are.

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i do not get why people idolize 19yo harry like yeah he was hot and chaotic but current day harry is THIS

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grantgust: Swipe through these in my story. This is something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently and having conversations with friends, family and people on social media about. It’s embarrassing for me personally to admit as a 30 year old adult, but being anti racist wasn’t something I had thought much about. I really thought knowing I wasn’t racist was enough. I knew what was in my heart and I thought carrying that with me would be enough. I’ve always been more comfortable mostly keeping to myself. I’m what you could call an introvert and a homebody. Ironically enough, being in the spotlight or putting myself out there can really make me uncomfortable. I’ve never thought of myself as an activist and I honestly still don’t. I’ve never felt smart enough I guess. I’ve never felt like I truly have something to contribute. But I’ve realized and am realizing that it’s my whiteness that allowed me to think just knowing I wasn’t racist was enough. I was naive. What I’m learning now is that’s not enough. I need to be more actively anti racist. My black friends and black Americans I don’t know are depending on me and other people with skin like mine to use our voices right now. And they always have been. I was just naive enough to think that that wasn’t my fight. That I was “doing my part” by not being racist. I’m going to continue to use my platform and just my every day life and encounters to be a better ally for people that didn’t have the head start in life that I did. I’m sorry it took me so long to get here. I’m here now. I know I still don’t have all the tools needed or all the knowledge to be the best possible ally. But I know now me being uncomfortable is just going to be a part of the equation and I’m willing to have those conversations and to do my best to help.

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Something we tend to forget is that recovering from a mental illness is a full time job. You are constantly working internally and externally to fight off this thing and try to distinguish yourself from the skewed thoughts. So if you start to feel guilty for “being lazy”, or not feeling like you’re accomplishing anything,  please remember that you are.Every single minute of the day that you’re working at recovery, you are in the midst of doing one of the greatest possible things you can do for yourself.

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if you aren’t financially able to donate, please consider watching this entire vlog (and all the ad’s) because they’re donating all the adsense money to the Floyd families gofundme. these are the first youtubers ive seen do something like this and i am so happy i support them 💕 please share if able

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Here is a compilation of places to donate (IF you can, simply reblogging and sharing this can help) and petition to sign. I found these websites and organizations on twitter.



  • Willie Simmons has spent 38 years in prison for a $9 robbery. He had two prior convictions similar to robbery that he served time for. He was prosecuted under the Alabama Habitual Offender law and was given a life sentence for his third strike - stealing 9 (NINE) dollars. Sign his petition. 
  • Breonna Taylor was killed by police who were conducting an UNANNOUNCED drug raid, where they gave no request to enter. They bashed her door and entered, shooting her EIGHT times. They were in the WRONG HOUSE. 
  • George Floyd was killed by a police officer who knelt on his neck and suffocated him to death, after George pleaded with the officer and told him he couldn’t breathe. The officer had pulled him from where he sat in his car on an alleged FORGERY. You can also text “FLOYD” to 55156
  • ARREST THE OFFICERS WHO KILLED GEORGE FLOYD: The main police officer who murdered George is being kept in PROTECTIVE CUSTODY. You probably have heard he was arrested, but this is NOT TRUE. He was placed under PROTECTIVE custody because of the riots and “threats” on his life. 

If you know of ANY other organizations or petitions, PLEASE ADD TO THIS LIST. The fight for justice doesn’t end here, it will never end. Especially when the president of the United States calls white supremacists good people and protesters of a mans death THUGS. USE YOUR VOICE. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE. FUCK COPS. FUCK “BLUE LIVES”. ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER!

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ask yourself if your behavior is contributing to the cause. inciting arguments because you think others aren’t doing enough isn’t a contribution, it’s minimizing others’ engagement if they think their efforts, however minimal, don’t mean anything

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