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Reblogging this because look, gang, if you don't make a point of showing off the stuff you're proud of no one's gonna see it. Also it's adorable and I like having it on my metaphorical internet fridge.
Tumblr media
Bruno and Antonio for @sir-bertrandbell.
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I love everything about this. ❤❤❤
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is a Text piece from a fanfiction from @suzukiblu :D this is such a lovely FF where Bruno have to Look for presents for his hermanas, together with Mirabel. I had this scene in mind :) You can read the FF here on AO3
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Also if you want, I'd love for some headcanons on Pepa's kids! How do they view each other, how do their interactions look like? Etc etc
god I love Pepa's children, Pepa's children are my FAVES.
Dolores cannot keep a secret to save her goshdang life, ESPECIALLY not from the family. She sometimes attempts to mitigate this by telling Camilo things, but Camilo is actually also terrible at keeping secrets and yeah, yeahhh, there are No Secrets In Encanto. If Dolores doesn't say something about it, her fifteen year-old little brother with the evil grin is gonna, oh NO.
Camilo actually knows a lot of town secrets even without Dolores's assistance, mind, because he so frequently looks like someone else that people just tell him stuff or say things around him. Antonio immediately starts learning town secrets as well, because every animal in the place wants to tell him everything they know. Basically, these children are the local gossip circle, they know all your dirty laundry and they WILL talk to each other about it.
I feel like Dolores and Camilo don't always get along as well because they're a tiiiiny bit closer in age, but they were both older and more mature when Antonio was born and both ADORE him like he is the most precious little cinnamon roll that they could possibly have. Who's their fave sibling? Antonio, obviously, how is that even a question? Antonio does not have a favorite sibling, because he is not ridiculous like these two, but Mirabel is definitely his favorite cousin.
When Dolores gets overwhelmed/overstimulated, the boys distract or silence whatever's setting her off; when Camilo can't QUITE keep his face on right, Dolores and Antonio help him focus; when Antonio can't handle a thing because he is still five and very smol, Dolores and Camilo DESCEND LIKE AVENGING ANGELS AND DESTROY THE PROBLEM. Again: Antonio is their fave sibling, and they both are like "naturally" about the other one sharing this opinion.
The three of them are all very good at not upsetting Pepa more than a light rain might imply, so bad news usually goes straight to Felix. Lightning-causing things are a Dad Problem. Lightning-causing things are DEFINITELY a Dad Problem.
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I absolutely LOVE your Encanto headcanons, they all fit my understanding of the characters, they're my canon now. If I may request some, do you have any about Mariano? Specifically how he went from liking Isabela to liking Dolores in just one song lol
Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying them! :3
My headcanon about Mariano going from liking Isabela to liking Dolores in just one song (heck, just one VERSE) is that he did not actually really like Isabela. Buuuuut she was beautiful and perfect and part of the most powerful family in town, and his family was probably even more eager for him to marry Isabela than the Madrigals were for Isabela to marry him, so he was WILLING to like her, and OPEN to liking her, but they never actually personally bonded or spent much, if any, alone time together.
Therefore! When Dolores comes up to him and says she likes him, and says she actually KNOWS things about him, Mariano is extremely flattered and swept off his feet to be receiving actual attention from a romantic prospect. He says himself that he has "so much love inside", which I interpret to mean he really wants someone to spend said love on, so he's very happy to jump at any opportunity to do so. Dolores, for obvious reasons, is much more open to that than Isabela ever was.
Basically I think a large part of the reason they'd initially work together is that Dolores bothered to learn things about Mariano and Mariano would really appreciate a) having someone to actively romance and b) that someone would actually be interested in more about him than the fact that he's a handsome dude from a good family. Eventually they'd move past that, but to me that'd probably be the initial attraction.
I've said this elsewhere but Mariano ABSOLUTELY talks to Dolores when they're on opposite sides of town, he absolutely does that. It does not even occur to him that anyone would think that was weird and he in fact does it all the time. Dolores is irrationally flustered by being reminded that he's thinking about her when she's not around and everyone very quickly learns not to interrupt when she's listening to him.
The wedding flowers will be mostly extravagant displays of cacti, the sky that day will be nothing but rainbows, and the nursery is already READY for those five babies, Casita is PREPARED. Multiples run in the family, okay, now CHOP CHOP KIDS THE HOUSE IS GETTING EMPTY NEST SYNDROME.
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If you’re still open for Encanto headcanons, what about the star Himbo Mariano? Or the fact that the mountains weren’t shown closing up when the magic returned.
Well, someone else in my inbox asked me about Star Himbo Mariano so let's do the mountains!
I think the mountains not closing up again when the magic re-activated was probably meant to be symbolic of Alma and the family letting go of certain fears about loss, but of course it could also just be sequel bait, for obvious reasons. Symbolic sequel bait, let's say, lol.
I'd assume the mountains opening up would be EXTREMELY interesting to people outside them, but since we don't immediately see the town get overrun with strangers I'm also assuming that there aren't really any super-close settlements/cities/etc near them. Plus I kind of assume the mountains were previously literally impassable because Magic, so most people didn't even try coming through after the split. They're like, "ah, yes, the inexplicable mountains from fifty years ago are acting weird, I DEFINITELY want to get in on that, no I do NOT thank you very much". So their first visitors from the outside world are gonna be some daring-ass idiots and/or weirdos, probably.
Alternate possibility: nobody comes and visits, but some of the townspeople go and see what's out there. I'm not sure anyone WOULD, after basically living in utopia for fifty years and also having been chased to said utopia by horrible looters/murderers, but there's always somebody with more curiosity than sense out there so who knows, really.
I do think the mountains are still at least a little bit magic, so I would NOT want to be someone with dubious intentions trying to come through them. Like, I can't imagine that ending well for them.
And I don't know if this is actually a headcanon that I have or not, but I do wonder if the gifts/magic might not work outside the mountains. Or at least, not work without an Alma or Mirabel on hand.
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Your “Alma is low key grooming Maribel to be the next head of the family” thing has eaten my brain stem, thanks. Alma’s gift? I have this assumption that it was less dramatic than her children’s and had more to do with either luck or being persuasive. Since right after Casita magics their* way into being, she was largely in charge of a refugee camp that happened to live in a magic building. Useful, in some ways. But not of stone is bread made. 1/2
So. either luck (yes, we miss ordered our flour - we’ve got twice as much as we need, at half the price!) or persuasive (well, you drive a hard bargain, widow Madrigal …) and all very explainable. The magic house is a one off and clearly plays favorites. The stairs turning into a slide is fun when you're a kid at a party. Less so when the healthy young man who was making too strong of a case for a young widow to consider him (and his leadership skills) gets the floor moved out from under him.
I do kind of wonder if Alma has magic of her own or not, since iirc it's only through interactions with her involved that anything magic ever gets started. She's with everybody when they open their doors, she and Mirabel fighting is what breaks the miracle, and obviously she was in the river with Pedro in the beginning.
The only occasion I can think of magic POSSIBLY originating without Alma's direct involvement is when Mirabel wakes up the house at the end, sooo, I mean, if you're gonna groom ANYONE to be the next head of the family, there's the obvious choice right there.
Actually, come to think of it I don't remember if Alma was the one who gave Mirabel the doorknob, so even THAT might've been an interaction involving her. It's totally possible the gifts and Casita only exist because of an innate magic in Alma, not a miracle gifted from somewhere else, and the reason Mirabel doesn't seem to have magic of her own is that she's set to inherit Alma's.
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I dunno if you're much into manga these days, but there's a new multi-media series called GABULI. It's got some wonderfully fun and troubled kids, and a lot of themes of identity, bonds, and breaking free of an invasive, ultra-controlling society. There's not much out yet, but it's very good!
I don't really consume much media, tbh (thus how obsessed I tend to get with the media I do consume), but I appreciate the rec, thank you!
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@pomrania replied to your text post: Have you ever read The Monsters Know What They're Doing? That might help, or at the very least trip some ideas.
Oh yeah, I've seen that before, it does look helpful but I don't usually read it. For . . . no good reason, honestly, I really should check it out properly one of these days.
Fortunately I figured out my guards issue for today, so I think I'm prepared for the session now. Uh, as long as my players don't go FULL murderhobo on me, which is admittedly a possibility, haha.
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Working on a DnD adventure right now and MAN it is hard to figure out how to best inconvenience a party full of extremely unpredictable level eight players, haha. Or maybe I'm just bad at predicting people?
I do have one truly majestic thing that will definitely inconvenience them no matter what but I'm not sure how to introduce her yet sooooo . . .
Hm. Are there stat blocks for, like, elite guards? I need to go google that 'cuz the standard ones are NOT gonna do me much good right now.
. . . welp, looks like homebrew or reskins it might have to be. I try to avoid that when possible but standard city guards are nooooot gonna cut it for a proper throwdown. This is a party full of extremely effective murderers and they would absolutely DESTROY them, haha.
Also it's no fun if I don't maim the party at least a LITTLE. 😈
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@sailor-lady replied to your text post: Sit back with warm beverage of your choice ane take a breath
Honestly genuine relaxation is not ALWAYS my strongest suit but I did lay down for a bit, haha. But writing usually helps me chill anyway, as long as it's not being too difficult.
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I have . . . SO much to do today, but votes for what to write in my brief period of downtime??
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current projects’ current progress:
???? (????/????)
Encanto daemons (500/????)
de-aged Witcher (2/?)
Geraskier kiss (0/1000)
undecided headcanons (0/5)
“read the inscription” coda (1700/2000)
more “you make a really good girl” (100/5000)
even more “you make a really good girl” (0/10000)
Jedi Finn AU (3300/10000)
ODYDLB den mother Tony (700/10000)
Geraskefer soulmates (7100/????)
Viktor and the dragon (400/????)
omega!Darcy (50/2000)
clay kids (17/?)
original serial (7/?)
There's a fic in my head that wants to get out, but I cannot FIND it.
There's a lot of fic in my head that wants to get out right now, admittedly, so that's prooobably not helping. SO many things on this list are demanding attention that my brain is refusing to just pick one and go with it.
(In my defense, most of said things also require rereading previous installments of not insignificant length, and in some cases EXTREMELY significant length, but such is life.)
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Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Encanto (2021) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Mariano Guzmán/Dolores Madrigal, Camilo Madrigal & Dolores Madrigal Characters: Dolores Madrigal, Camilo Madrigal Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Soulmates, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, Pre-Canon, Pining, Miscommunication, Misunderstandings, Secret Crush, Siblings, Sibling Bonding, Family, Pre-Relationship, Slice of Life, Dolores Madrigal Needs a Hug, Good Sibling Camilo Madrigal, Dolores Madrigal-centric Summary:
Dolores knows most people’s soulmarks, because she knows most people’s secrets.
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Sometimes writing is hard and currently the hard thing is that I have literally no idea what I wanna write today. 🤷‍♀️
So, uh. Votes? Suggestions? Opinions?
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Awake for no reason and I wanna write something buuuuut I have no idea what I wanna write. 🤷‍♀️
. . . any suggestions/votes?
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🌹 (something atla 👉👈)
He’s burning hot, almost shockingly so, but she supposes he could be a firebender.
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Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Encanto (2021) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Camilo Madrigal & Mirabel Madrigal Characters: Camilo Madrigal, Mirabel Madrigal Additional Tags: Canon Era, Missing Scene, Depowered, Lost Magic, Self-Esteem Issues, Identity Issues, Family, Family Feels, Cousins, Fluff and Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Camilo Madrigal Needs a Hug, Camilo Madrigal Gets a Hug Summary:
Camilo wakes up feeling like he doesn’t fit in his skin, but there’s nothing he can do about it.
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