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sylvrndoodlesa month agoText

btw! I noticed that I seem to have a ghost message in my inbox, it shows up on my inbox count but I can’t see it :( if you sent me a message in the past I’m sorry for not responding; please send it again!

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sylvrndoodlesa month agoAnswer

May I ask what programs/brushes you use in your art and request a speed paint video? Your art is mesmerizing and it inspired me to start drawing again, but I dont really have anywhere to start. If not that's totally chill, just know that you own my uwus okaythankyouforyourtimeloveyoubye

I use procreate a lot nowadays! I used to use krita mostly, but now that I’m working from home I don’t really want to touch my computer lol

I make most of the brushes I use, and I’ve been thinking of uploading them (the procreate brushes at least) somewhere so people can grab them if they like! I might try to find a place to host them this weekend :D

Also I have a youtube account where I post speedpaints, you can find it here:

I don’t really have time for anything with a voiceover or anything, but I hope these are useful anyways!

I hope you enjoy drawing, I feel great knowing that my art has inspired someone to draw like so many artists have inspired me 馃槶


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sylvrndoodlesa month agoAnswer

Hhh???? Your art is???????? Freaking???? Wow?????????????? There are no words?? I see u post and my day is immediately improved 100x like hhenjdjejdkwkdkee wow? Amazing. I'm not super good with words (obviously) so 🖤❣🤍❤🧡💛💝💞❣💕❣💞💔❤❣❤💙❣❤💙❤💟🧡💞💚💜💕💝💕💖💛❣❤❣❤💜🖤💜❤🤎💛💜💕💝💕💝💕💕💝❣💜🤍💜❤❣🧡💟💓❣💞❣💞💝💕💝💌💝💝💕❣💓❣❤❣❤💜❤💜🧡💜💞💙💟💞❣💛❤💝💗💖💛💝💖💕💖💌💝❤❣❤❣🧡💜❤💟❤❣💓💚💛💜❤💜💗🤎💓❤❤❣💛💘💞💘💓💌❤💘💌❤❣💗❣❣💛❤💙❤💝💗❣🤍💜🤍🖤❣💝❤❣💛💝💕💝❤💜🤍🤎❤💙💞❣💞💝💓💟❣💕

omg thank you so much!!! Your hearts have reached me and I am dead of kindness 馃挊

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sylvrndoodlesa month agoPhoto



An Iterin traversing the Pathways with her mulkwyrm. The Pathways are pockets and veins of immense magical power, and, as a result of all this magic in one place, space gets warped in strange ways. With an experienced guide, they are a very useful way to travel large distances quickly. Without one, one step could simply be one step in one direction, a step across the world, or a step further into the never ending labyrinth of the Pathways.

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sylvrndoodles2 months agoAnswer

I’ve been really into magic/far stuff for awhile and let me tell you— your art is amazing and your ideas are just show-stopping!! You’ve thought if so many cool concepts that I’d love to see explored!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us! ❤️❤️❤️

Oh gosh, thank you so much! Today is my birthday and this is the sweetest gift ever 馃挅馃挄

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sylvrndoodles3 months agoText


This reminds me of Persephone from Lore Olympus.


flower crown

Awesome artwork, what do you use??

Thank you! I can’t quite remember, but I think I used a combo of krita and procreate for this piece!

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