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a daily thought:

I don’t believe people when they say they don’t like history. I just think it means they hate the way they’ve been taught. But I can accept not being obsessed with it…yet……..

at the same time….history is…..everything. I could of course expand on that but don’t really want to except to say that my entire life revolves around it (everyone’s does!!! but mine just has that added layer of acknowledging that and actively seeking it out and enjoying it!) and I literally just can’t comprehend any other way nor how people with other interests don’t also see how history effects/the history of those interests!!!

anyway history is everything, always, everywhere in all things in all ways at all times how can I make it clearer

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i didnt :( please send it again, i would love to hear it!! and that goes for anyone who thinks i havent received their request(s) !!

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[The Palace has been fogged up by Void Mist, though the Archives remained untouched. The whole family is hiding there, in fear that their new Queen has been inflicted by the Curse]

[The mist would continue to thicken, and slowly drained Amber’s powers from time to time. And this gave a certain someone an opportunity to puppet the Queen. Since it’s too misty, Clarity wouldn’t be able to see her now, despite being close to the Queen]

[Unfortunately for all of them, she has fallen victim to the Puppeteer…]

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FWT Anon!! Yes, I hath summoned you. Your prompts are always so good ughh I don’t even know which ones I wanna do. Who knows, might fuck around and end up doing all of them (or at least the first and last bc sfhhdsfh i love the political au with my whole freaking heart don’t get me WRONG i’m just scared i’m stepping over some boundary by continuing to write a lot abt it tho ik the peeps who enjoy the au are clearly starved for content fshhdh but i will always love it and it will always be your brand on my blog <33)

Tysm as always!! You’re like, the first named anon that’s consistently or at least has a small streak of interacting so I appreciate you lots!! To answer your question (or inquiry) I quite like romance, ngl, and I main dream team and sbi (but mostly dream team) so if you ever wanna send any more prompts, those are good! But what you’ve been sending is also fine so far!!

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