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MAY I BRAG FOR A MOMENT?? two of my advisees just won these super competitive college-wide awards for the thesis projects i’m advising them on (one won the highest award and one got the second-tier award). i wrote the nomination letters for both and worked with them on their proposals. SUCH NICE NEWS TO RECEIVE AT A ROUGH POINT IN THE SEMESTER!!!!

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=> 16.10. 11:57

Pohyb na ucte EUR SK2165000000000094991203

suma: -2,10

disp.zost.: 70,72

vlast.zdroje: 70,72

PKE3550 nakup POS


Attn; buď pošlite serióznych právnikov čo budú mať so mnou aspoň osobný kontakt - na iné občianstvo než slovenské! 5r ani seriózny lekári, ani rodina, ani kamaráti ani NIC?! Penzión Belín , Tatranská Lomnica. Či som na orgány alebo na tunelovanie alebo na adopciu ?! Nemám sa komu zdôveriť, tak si píšem 23r pametnicky!!! Tak sa chvalte že mám trpieť kvôli vysokému vzdelaniu !!!

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thinking about how if it works in the dream it works in real life, thinking about ronan dreaming up an adam, ronan using the lotion on adam’s hands in the dream, in dreams ronan put adam’s fingers to his mouth

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So I haven’t posted anything in FOREVER, but I promise I’m not dead! Here is a practice video of the start of minuet 1 from Bach’s 1st cello suite (G major). I’m super excited to finally start working on one of the pieces from the cello suites! I’ve been listening to them my whole life, so hopefully I’ll be able to do it justice. Feel free to make suggestions for how I can improve it!

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