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anonymously (or not) tell me what you think my reputation is👉👈

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Uwaaaaaaaaa!! I love U!!! 💕💕💕💕

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I feel as if I haven’t said this in much too long: I love you. Each and every one of you. Whether you’ve been here since day one or you just followed. I treasure you and I pray for you all the time. I’m feeling extra soft today! 🤍

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omg thank u sweet anon 🥺 i wish i was as good at flirting as he is but unfortunately i am not so i will have to settle for being a good bro 🥰

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HOLY SHIT! I just found out that my best friends is probably going to get a really big role in a movie! Two different movies are trying to get her to play a big role in them, and there are lawyers involved in figuring out which one she’ll be in. It’s fucking awesome! My best friend is probably going to be a movie star!!!!!!!!!

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5sos questions tag ! i was tagged by the lovely and darling @allsassnoclass and @clumsyclifford to participate ! thank u, my loves and also shout out to whoever started this :) (oh wait brb left my tea in the kitchen one sec)

if you could only listen to ONE of their albums for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

ok so real talk it’s meet you there live but i know that’s not what this question means so let’s go with youngblood

which member do you relate to the most?

probably calum? i feel like we’ve got similar energies

top three favorite songs from SGFG?

oh BOY. ok. this varies a lot but as of my most recent listen about a week ago i’m gonna say safety pin, san francisco, and os/co

whose birthday is closest to yours

(yeah i had to pull up a calendar to do this BUT) luke!

what song ALWAYS hypes you up no matter what?

ok so intro –> babylon (live) OR end up here

which 5SOS doggo would you adopt?

absolutely 100% duke. a fluffy old lil boy who looks cuddly as hell. i have never in my life wanted to pet a dog more than duke.

what’s the first 5SOS song that comes to your mind when you think of the color light blue?

gut reaction was why won’t you love me. idk why but there ya go.

what is your favorite song that’s NOT on one of their albums?

does ‘when you walk away’ count? i never got the target edition so i’ve decided this can count, yep.

tagging @haikucal, @escapesos, and @calumcest <3

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That makes me so happy !!! 🥺🥺🥺 You seem super sweet and nice too and I’d love to be friends if you wanted to !!! ❤  I’m …. I’m TERRIBLE with tumblr messages kljdsfjkl I never get notifs and my brain doesn’t like processing the lil white square on desktop LKSDJF but if literally any of my followers wants to friend me on discord I’d be very very happy to 🥰🥰🥰 I’m shy with new people but all of you on here are so cool and sweet that I wanna try my best !! :D

I hope you have a wonderful day too!!!!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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Thank you all so much for 100+ followers!! I know I don’t post a lot of original content, so I’m happily surprised and very grateful that this many people have followed me so far. I will probably continue to post minimal content regarding my own stories, partly to protect my self-esteem and partly for privacy reasons (my main goal in life is to publish my work, and sharing a bunch of my work online would defeat the purpose of that). I am also not participating in tag games right now, but I will still do my best to keep up with ask games!

Thank you again to every person who follows me and supports me, I appreciate you all so much 💙

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Heres a little snippet of my next fic to tide you over

She lifts the child standing in the aisle and heads down the row. When she gets to his aisle she does a double take, the has the most chiseled jawline she has ever seen

Reminder that this was written for @t100fic-for-blm excited to share this one with you. And tagging @stealing-jasons-job because

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When your whole dash is reblogs of the Bughead Fanfiction Awards nominations and your only thought is: yes, let me reblog this too!

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happy birthday king😫🌸✨💕🌸✨

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Kitap satırlarında kaybolacak kadar çok…

Kaybettim kendimi…

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11: favorite character from a book?

I forgot his name because its been so long but there’s this comic called “Bloom” (not the fairy girls) and its about these gay boys and I love the little skinny one because he’s so clingy and its adorable. his family are bakers and they want him to be a baker but hes doesn’t want to and he wants to make music I think (i might be wrong on that) but hes so bby and I love him :3

15: decade before 2020?

I like the 2010s simply because everything was so simple and the music wasn’t all about… uhm… dirty..stuff

but I like medieval fantasy eras too and the 1980s because of the colors they wore!!

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not at all, my love! thank you for popping in and being so sweet!! have a wonderful day! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)💓💘💖

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