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anyway i don’t have a good pride month url so :(

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i do not want to see a single sanders sides blog with that one picrew icon telling me that i only get to celebrate being bi on the 3rd of june & nb on the twenty-somethingth STFU

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what did i lose three followers for what was the reason am i just annoying or did i rb smth i shouldn’t have lmao

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i find it so funny when ppl make posts about being blocked by random ppl they’ve never interacted with like lol i just block whoever i dont like bro no reason! i didn’t like that post even if everyone else did? bye! you keep showing up in my recommendations & we have no interests in common? whoo king no use getting all worked up abt it i just block for fun lmao

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why can’t we go back to coding…. i don’t wanna work w excel it fucking sucks give me neat rows if code not 2895 different functions which never do what they’re supposed to…………

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every day i discover something new about this site…. if you long press on a notification in ya notes u can mute notifs on that post……. i’m… if you hold down on the explore page button it brings up the search bar straight up…. poggers

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noooooo my wifi is fucking crashing >:/

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my irl rly put nishinoya as her insta icon. thats bravery i will never achieve, seeing as my mother follows me

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dear god. i am so awkward to talk to

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i’m gonna annoy lauren for a little tiny bit :)

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