disasterpurplebois · 25 days ago
Pretty sure Imogen was blue longer than Bertrand was with the party
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amildlyspicybowlofnoodles · 10 months ago
dni if u support the enderdragon she is a cruel overlord to the endermen and she deserves nothing but death
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mentally-unstable-fangirl · 29 days ago
i love living a constant identity crisis. so fun
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sawdyr · 15 days ago
Love the fact that now that people are realizing Dracula has problematic elements we are back to doing the "Irish = English" thing with Stoker
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vet-and-wild · 11 months ago
Bad keepers be like: “Reptiles are stressed by too much space.”
Tumblr media
My poor hognose is terrified of life
Tumblr media
He’s never out
Tumblr media
I never see natural behaviors
Tumblr media
He doesn’t utilize all the space he has
Tumblr media
Clearly he can only thrive in a barren tub
Tumblr media
There’s no such thing as too much space, only too much exposure! Remember that these are wild animals; there are no walls in the wild. If a reptile in human care is stressed by a large enclosure, that’s a husbandry problem, not a space problem.
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snaxle · 2 months ago
DNI if you’re a stan of badboyhalo, tommyinnit, awesamdude, callahan, ponk, tubbo, punz, purpled, fundy, wilbur soot, schlatt, skeppy, eret, jack manifold, karl jacobs, technoblade, niki nihachu, quackity, hbomb, antfrost, connoreatspants, philza, captain puffy, ranboo, foolish gamers, eryn cyberonix streams, michael mchill, vikkstar, hannahxxrose, lazarbeam, slimecicle, boomerna, or tina kitten.
dream and george stans pls interact! sapnap stans can maybe
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bookofmirth · 2 months ago
Just thinking about the cognitive dissonance between
“People don’t like that Elain is traditionally feminine, that’s so misogynistic”
“Gwyn likes friendship bracelets and sleepovers, ew”
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evildilf2 · 3 months ago
wait are you calling quentin tarantino ftm
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madameish · 2 months ago
i hope the toilet water hits your arse. i hope you get your sleeves wet while washing your hands. i hope —
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likecarillonbells · 4 days ago
hey guys hahahahhahaha DON’T go follow @snowedinzine on twitter don’t do it it’s DEEEEfinitely not a cbeeduo domestic zine i’m running....applications are NOT opening soon...don’t dooooo it....
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matoitech · 18 days ago
its almost like... people are so quick to ignore galo and lio being the same age in canon and invent age gaps for them... bcuz of basic homophobic stereotypes about gay men or something... but no, surely it couldnt be...
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relaxxattack · 9 months ago
guys wilbur changed nationalities so he could secretly vote for trump you have to believe me guys i get all my facts from tumblr users on the internet
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two-calicos-in-a-trenchcoat · 5 months ago
Not me reading through this blog post on embrace-autism and realizing that alexithymia goes a lot deeper than I thought it did and
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
.....I wanna put a gif here with the face im making but I can't think of a specific gif and I dont know how to search for it cuz I cant identify the emotion its conveying. I am not joking.
Tumblr media
If I go to the doctor and tell them about all my pain and they can't find anything physically wrong with me I swear to god-
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housemadeleine · 4 months ago
Thinking about how Madeleine’s voice line when you upgrade him is “the fate of my Republic rests on these shoulders“. Bro breathe take a break PLS maybe you could put down your showman persona while you’re at it
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gentrychild · 6 months ago
Me: You know, I now wonder how many people have called All Might a 'DILF' post-like, interactions with Izuku due to thinking 'oh hey All Might spawned'
You will not make me believe that All Might wasn't already called a DILF because Izuku broke his bones on live television. This might have been a honorary title at the time but that didn't stop people from calling him that.
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heart-wit-strength · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Leaked footage of Catra from the upcoming Live Action She-ra
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snaxle · a month ago
um.. didnt you know? :// schlatt is a queerbaiter. he kissed austin show once and um, yea i didnt like that. dont get why anyone supports him. :////
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apathetic-coffee · a month ago
Tumblr media
thanks for the suggestion tumblr ill have to check them out
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evildilf2 · 5 months ago
Tumblrinas are all for psychosexual obsession in homosexual relationships until you declare that you’re a napolington truther 🙄
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t4tails · 3 months ago
why do people redesign this female characters ugly design to be more masc in this series full of extremely feminine girls. why do they do that. i just cant see a reason
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