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For the first question, I think it wouldn’t be a surprise for Gradient to know that Lux trains with her parents to learn how to use her powers, so he wouldn’t take it as something very important at first. Until one day, maybe while he was traveling between Aus, he finds out that after training with her parents Lux also trains on her own in a random quiet/empty unfinished Au (or something similar). He made her company most of the time since then, specially because Lux asked him for help. He created training dummies with his tablet for her, so when she’s fighting them, he sits under a near tree to try to draw or watch her graceful fighting movements *:・゚✧.

After some time he begins to worry for her health because he thinks she’s working herself out, and more time later, he finally realizes the true purpose of her devotion to her training: to show the world that she’s capable ; that she has no weakness, unlike when she was younger and cried when got bullied :( . She always looks so confident that no one would suspect that she often doubts of herself and thinks she’s not good enough (childhood traumas maybe?), and her lack of confidence often makes her kinda angry, so she releases all this thoughts and feelings in her fight practices.

Gradient wants to help her with this issue, but hasn’t realized how yet.

For the second question, I think that when she was younger she did, she liked to show people what she has learned to seem interesting, try to make friends and/or show that she isn’t weak, but that changes when she grows up. She isn’t the “showing off” type, so she doesn’t feel like showing everyone what she has learned and prefers just to mention that she trains with her parents and sometimes specifies some movements they thought her in that day’s training if asked.

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Happy new year to everyone!!!

Maybe I’m late for some, maybe not for others, but nothing stops me from giving my best wishes to all of you. Thank you a lot for your support during this year and for making me always keep a smile on my face. I hope you’re all enjoying with your dearest ones and have your souls filled of happiness and love. Give it your all to make this 2021 better than last year!!!!


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Creo que Tumblr junto a wattpad serán las únicas aplicaciones donde muestre distinta variedad de dibujos, ya sea de mis ocs, dibujos quizás de mi misma, sonic y otras franquicias que amo

Porque ya en Twitter e Instagram no me siento cómoda haciendo eso, no se, como que siento que estoy obligada a mostrar más Sonic que otras cosas :(

Aunque suelo mostrar entre Sonic y parappa jsjjs

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