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“Hey… who wants to date me but as a friend…”


“LIKE! SUPER PLATONICALLY!! Yes! Date super platonically, hee hee, I’m just joking about all of that of course. I got you good too, hee hee, well… unless?” 

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did just have an existential fucking crisis and breakdown doe. cool! anyway im gonna kin all (mostly protagonists) fictional men right now. fuck u, there is NO way i can be stopped from kinning characters like david from schitt’s creek

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“You over there, you shouldn’t be here it’s not safe!!” Rushing over to the young woman, she’d look around her surroundings and when things were cleared Impa would continue on. “There’s been Yiga members spotted out here…” Not exactly out in the battlefields, and for this she thank the goddesses yet to be out in the fields in general was considered unwise these days. Yiga members tend to attack those affiliated with the royal family, this much Impa knew and yet she believed it was better safe than sorry to warn her of this. And though the possibility that the girl could very well be part of the Yiga clan did arise; her compassion and worry for the wellbeing of others overrides doubts. If a cloud of smoke were to come up at any given moment, she will not hesitate to bring out her blade. 

“You should head over to Lanayru Province… central Hyrule seems to be the hub for all sorts of dangerous things I’ve noticed.” 

@wolfvirago​ | starter call | closed. 

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