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just a few “middle” names for remus. 

  • remus ‘ i’m sweet like chocolate ’ lupin
  • remus ‘ no i’m not bitter i’m just enjoying bitter chocolate stfu ’ lupin
  • remus ‘ smart chocolate fiend that has more than one stash of chocolate ’ lupin 
  • remus ‘ haha i hate myself ’ lupin 
  • remus ‘ also homework fiend ’ lupin
  • remus ‘ syke i still see myself as a monster ’ lupin
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                                                                         ( @leosfm)

          the details of his and leo’s ARRANGEMENT were maybe not as hammered out as they should have been, but they’ve managed this long on their shared intuition, and caz sees no reason to change it. and right now ?? that douche with the backwards snapback is definitely annoying her. he knows leo can handle herself more than anyone, but he’s feeling a bit bored and maybe had been looking for her anyway. so he comes up behind her, arms wrapping around her slim frame and chin dropping onto her shoulder. she still feels WARM, sunkissed though it’s long slunk below the horizon.      “ hey BABE —- ”      his lips are close to her ear, words loud enough to carry over the music and be clearly be overheard. they’re directed at her, of course, but his eyes are trained on snapback dude.     “ —- this guy BOTHERING you ??

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🙌thank you!

79: “You could never ruin anything.”

note: takes place somewhere in the second half of spyfall part 1. for the purposes of this fic, the events of the episode have been scrambled slightly out of order.

O and the Doctor watched the impenetrable Australian night in companionable silence, a foot and a half apart.

“Do you think they’ll come back?”

“No,” said the Doctor, more certainty in her voice than she really felt. Her mind was still racing from the events of that night: the glowing creature. Its mocking laughter. We should be asking, who’s the spymaster?

(She had stopped herself, only barely, from demanding the the glowing creatures take her far, far away. Other dimensions. The Doctor had made her peace with her past; she couldn’t very well turn around and interrupt that now.)

(If there had been a possibility of seeing her again, it was gone now. But the Doctor was used to that reality. She had lived it for years and years and years.)

O lay back, his head resting on his patio. “I missed you, Doctor.”

“I know.”

He traced the lines of the wood beneath him. The Doctor could see his vest crinkle as his belly rose and fell with every fragile breath, every push of air in and out of his human lungs. “I’m afraid…”

“I am too,” said the Doctor. She told herself it was just for O’s minimal comfort.

“No. Doctor. I’m afraid it was my fault.”

The Doctor leaned back to lie there with him, staring at the wooden ceiling of the porch, unable to see the stars. “It wasn’t,” she promised, holding out her hand in the air between them.

He took it and laced his fingers in hers, his skin surprisingly soft. “What if it was? What if they followed me? What if I did something wrong?”

The Doctor squeezed his hand. “Deep breath in.”


“Deep breath out.”

She heard O gasp a breath in, and breathe out.

“More slowly.”

In. Out.


“You’re perfect, Doctor,” said O to the porch ceiling, to the night.

“I’m not. Trust me, I’m not.”

“You are.”

“There was a moment there.” The Doctor thought about the the glowing creatures. “I thought about… I had a friend. She’s… somewhere else, now.”

“Another dimension,” breathed O.


He practically glowed in the darkness at her compliment. “Thank you, Doctor.”

“It would have been irresponsible. Selfish.”

“You love her.”

“I don’t know.” The Doctor swallowed. “It was a long time ago. Feelings change. I changed.”

“You’re still wonderful.”

“It doesn’t matter. It’s too late now.”

O turned over, letting go of her hand and staring into her eyes. His own eyes were impossibly deep, multilayered. The host of a million secrets. She had a friend with eyes like his once. “I’m sorry you lost her.”

“Me, too.”

O kissed her for the second time in her life. “I know I’m not whoever she was. But I’m here.”

“You are here,” said the Doctor.

“I’ll be here,” O promised. “As long as you need. I’ll be right here.”

The Australian stars that the Doctor could not see twinkled above. If they had a hidden warning, a hidden message, the Doctor did not notice, for better or for worse.


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(allosexual) demiromantic throam ryan gives me life,,, like we know he experiences sexual attraction, but the idea of him wanting love so badly but not being able to give it in return until he has this (perceived?) deep emotional connection with one specific person,,,,, like we know he likes keltie, but idk maybe some of its amatonormativity that’s like ‘well, i could love her and be happy with her’ (paraphrased, but im p sure thats in the book), key word could, but the way he feels for brendon completely overshadows it bc thats the way he experiences romantic attraction, it’s just never happened before

idk just an idea but ryan always gave me arospec vibes

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(tumblr voice) there are more than two genders HOWEVER if youre picking the third gender then there are only two genders within that gender: girl lite and “Basically Just A Man”

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