#:) please read the book it’s so good
kreftropod · 3 months ago
Absolutely loving the fact that, despite Dracula being adapted to death and back by media over the last century, a lot of people don't actually know the original story. As in, here we are, in 2022, tagging spoilers for a 125 year old novel that most people thought they knew from it's countless adaptations but turned out to not know at all. It's great. I love it. Thanks for sharing your first-time reactions to this comedy of an old book.
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mitzoco · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Li Shimin, Wu Zetian, and Gao Yizhi from Iron Widow! The Iron Triangle is way too strong!! @xiranjayzhao
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aq2003 · 19 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i haven't seen anyone post the excerpt onto tumblr yet so here it is (src)
(image description under the cut)
[image 1 id: a photo taken of one of the pages from the padawan novel (transcribed below):
"Oh, I know!" Obi-Wan smiled at the warning, touched that Casul didn't want Obi-Wan getting his hopes up. "I can't form attachments like that, anyway." Couldn't he, though, if he didn't go back? Was that something he would even want? It had always been so forbidden, even thinking about it was like holding his hand right next to a lightsaber blade. He knew some of his friends had dabbled in physical relationships—suspected Siri would have been open to it, had he ever wanted to—but it had always seemed like an obstacle, not a temptation.
"And besides," Obi-Wan said, rushing to change the subject for himself more than anyone, "I would never want to be in a relationship with a leader. Too close to politicians or royalty. I'm sure if I ever fell in love, it would be with someone calm. Peaceful. Easy to get along with."
"So you want someone who doesn't challenge you."
Obi-Wan laughed, then shrugged. "I don't know what I want, if we're being honest."
Casul mirrored his shrug. "Not many choices around here. I don't think love is in my future, either, and I'm fine with that. As long as I have the Power to keep my family safe, that's enough for me. Though I will admit I've been curious about kissing and why Audj and Zae-Brii enjoy it so much. So if you're ever curious, too, let me know."
/end id]
[image 2 id: another photo taken of one of the pages from the padawan novel, continuing the passage (transcribed below)
Obi-Wan blushed. "I will. Let you know, I mean. Not that I will do that, right now, with you. Or anyone." Would he ever get to a point where kissing someone felt like anything less than a betrayal of himself and the Jedi? And if he did get to that point, who would he want to kiss? The Lenahrans were confident and charismatic, which attractive. But he couldn't imagine just...kissing any of them.
Maybe he didn't want to be with any of them but rather to be more like each of them.
Or maybe he wanted to kiss all of them. Not Mem, though, because he had a feeling that would upset her very much.
He wasn't going to kiss any of them, regardless. Everything on Lenahra seemed simple and felt impossibly complicated, and that would doubtless make it all worse.
/end id]
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expelliarmus · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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caladir · 4 months ago
so fucking sick of popular creators still mentioning harry potter like it's nothing, and thinking that tacking on a quick "obviously jk rowling sucks, but - " like no. that's not enough. why are we STILL just letting it slide when people talk about how much they're still invested in the franchise and how they plan on continuing to consume its installments after everything. you cannot separate rowling from her creation. her bigotry is baked into it. how many times does it have to be said???
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obsob · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
#mine#original#dbskbfd yes this is inspired by that ask i got#i havent done much this week....or perhaps i have....brain is.. tired#also hand hurts i lifted smth heavy today and now ow ow my body is falling apart#oh to have a pain level at 0#i tried a different drawing app today n it SUCKED n i immediately requested a refund#i just want. good pencil brush. nothing comes close. my search continues#i dont think im gna work tomorrow i have a Day on saturday so. rest n prepare#i will probably read and also play some skyrim n maybe write....im writing...hehe#will i write a full thing will i give up who knows. im having fun.#also ive gone from like reading three books at once to one book at a time i cant read more than one now its so funny#i get stressed abt which one i am reading. i hve a little reading tracker app im using n ive been reading my current book for 9 hours#its so funny to think i have read the equivalent of like a full days reading over like a month#i am not gna hit my reading goal of 25 books i am telling u now. this is my fault for reading like 500+ page books#i have this book to read. then the 3rd one which is like 800 pages i think. then i have two like 400 pages n then im gna read a 1000 page#oh dear.....djbkfs.....n then 3rd book of series i like comes out in june. so much to read!#if u like historical fantasy read the godkiller chronicles i cannot tell u how much i love them like no one has read them. PLEASE.#my goal is to read 1.30 hours a day im reading like 30 mins jsbkbjd.....need to wake up earlier#i dont rlly read iin the evening. pm means skyrim time hehe#im doing dawnguard for the first time cant believe serena made me give up volstag#horrid little man. ive given u a dawnbreaker and u charge me 500 gold.#volstag? vortstag? vorstag#im going to marry him. make him a wife
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anbybeingcool · a month ago
i feel like iwbft should be required reading for anyone who is involved in fandom culture
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searidings · 3 months ago
books BOOKS B O O K S :D can i have more book recs please????????????
but of course!!
my year of rest and relaxation by ottessa moshfegh: darkly funny contemporary lit, Woman Decides To Cure Her Problems By Sleeping For One Year
burnt sugar by avni doshi: contemporary lit in delicious sugary prose, a wry look at the complications of mothers and daughters
animal by lisa taddeo: oh so you said "i think women should get to go batshit as a treat"????? time to put your money where your mouth is. if you like messy women, this is for you. lisa taddeo encapsulates real honest unvarnished womanhood more accurately than anyone else i've read
the jasmine throne by tasha suri: priory vibes, wlw enemies-to-lovers fantasy with unparalleled worldbuilding oh god i can't wait for the sequel
middlesex by jeffrey eugenides: generational family history, immigrant realities, explorations of intersex experience, detroit in the 50s? what's not to like. i believe this was a kmcg book rec and imo she was right. also the virgin suicides by the same author
the water dancer by ta-nehisi coates: historical fiction slash fantasy, immersive and moving and sickeningly well written
the galaxy and the ground within by becky chambers: please. i can't rec this woman enough. if you like sci fi and you like great rep and you like falling in love with humanity all over again each time you turn the page then just, please. read everything becky chambers has ever written
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ohno-the-sun · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sorry about this long doodle dump of some ideas about the backstory for the crime au thing I made a bit ago. In all honesty it’s more a crossover with the book series Six of Crows, it’s lowkey such a good book I highly recommend.
Some backstory under the cut in case you haven’t read the series or if you are generally curious about what’s happening in these doodles.
So basically in this world some people are born magical and have the ability to control either elements, bodies, or materials. It’s overall random who is born with the abilities though there is a bit of genetics involved. Nonetheless these people usually hide their abilities since they are often captured, killed, or are drafted in the army depending on where they were born. 
Sun was lucky enough to be born with a traveling circus (think like how Inej grew up), where for the most part people were okay with it and they even showed it off in shows (though they usually handwaved it as pyrotechnics to keep him safe).
Moon was lucky/unlucky enough to not be born with powers, though this led to him trying a lot harder with gymnastics and stunts, making him overall the better performer compared to Sun.
Unfortunately one day they were kidnapped, sold, and separated. Sun went to Ketterdam and became indentured (basically no rights), while Moon went to Shu Han and got involved in all their experiments. (in regards to canon I’m just assuming these are like the early trials or something)
They are reunited later but there are a lot of issues and trauma going around so like things are rough. Basically Sun has abandonment issues and Moon can’t stand physical touch so its not a great combo. Plus Moon has a funky bit of wiring in his head that when activated cause him to want to kill magical people like his brother sooo... 
Also in this au their names aren’t really Sun and Moon, but that’s the nickname they have for each other for simplicity sake.
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introverted-meme · 8 months ago
the dynamic of the trio from iron widow by @xiranjayzhao is literally this picture
Tumblr media
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30gp · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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cowsaresushi-coral · 5 months ago
oh, you want me to stop spamming your dash with the muppet twins?
too bad.
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oscar-wilde-child · 11 months ago
my favorite night circus quotes
The Night Circus is my all-time favorite book. it is BEAUTIFUL and MAGICAL and WONDERFUL.
here we go again!
“I would have written you, myself, if I could put down in words everything I want to say to you. A sea of ink would not be enough. / But you built me dreams instead.”
"We must put effort and energy into anything we wish to change.”
"It's as if there is love and loss at the same time, together in a kind of beautiful pain.”
"The circus arrives without warning."
"And there are never really endings, happy or otherwise."
"I am tired of trying to hold things together that cannot be held. Trying to control what cannot be controlled. I am tired of denying myself what I want for fear of breaking things I cannot fix. They will break no matter what we do."
"You’re in the right place at the right time, and you care enough to do what needs to be done."
"Good and evil are a great deal more complex than a princess and a dragon, or a wolf and a scarlet- clad little girl. And is not the dragon the hero of his own story? Is not the wolf simply acting as a wolf should act?"
what were your favorite quotes :)
ALSO, if you have any book suggestions, let me know! if i've read them I'll make a post; if i haven't, i'll read them and make a post!
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welcome-to-green-hills · 8 months ago
i have a theory that Longclaw's kind visited Earth in the past and where worshipped as gods and had temples built and hidden the Chaos Emerald('s) there.
That’s actually been implied heavily in the Sonic Movie Novel! On pages four and five Longclaw talks about visiting Earth and being aware of the ignorant humans that inhabit it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
If she’s been to Earth a few times, then it would not surprise me. She was a warrior that was destined to keep anthropomorphics safe from those who wanted to use magics for evil. It would not surprise me if she—as well as others—were knowledgeable of Earth and his relics there for safe keeping.
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selkiecoded · 12 days ago
What isekai are you reading if you don’t mind me asking?
Tumblr media
okay... but youre not allowed to make fun of me... its called "50 tea recipes from the duchess." korean woman gets fired, gets isekai'd into the body of a duchess who is timid to the point of patheticness and everybody fuckin hates her. is like uggghh well i dont care if im hated as long as i have my special interest: TEA. and with her autistic girl swag (label pending) she makes both the society and her cold intimidating husband love her. 70% of it is her infodumping about tea to the delight of everyone around her.
#started reading it on tapas bc i was bored and it was free. embarrassingly got invested.#more uhh romance isekai? rather than like an action based one. its cute enough. not really groundbreaking but i like the FL.#we did manage to achieve a conversation between the protag and her body swapped soul so that was fun.#generally i dont support ppl who go on abt art that they only engage w for mindless fun or whatever bc theyre usually talking abt fuckin.#idk marvel movies or the latest army propaganda films or whatever. and generally the media they talk abt verges to harmful.#but i am an avid supporter of reading dumb shit you know is silly. all art has value including stupid stuff.#other dumb stuff ive read: at least two ~sexier~ manga/manhwa. former had surprisingly decent world building.#latter had an INCREDIBLY TOXIC cast of characters. it was absolutely fascinating.#those are the more embarrassing ones and the ones i WONT be dropping titles for.#others include furry shoujo isekai; aromantic shoujo; mousou telepathy (ive mentioned that before)#gag comedy where a dude gets ~magicked~ into a girls body but the joke is hes so lazy that he doesnt give a shit (mood)#stupid bl manga with a hot fat character who is very much the main object of desire#a lot of it is manga/manhwa bc its easier to get into something kinda dumb if its bolstered by having nice visuals rather than like a book#or whatever where you have to slog through it with your imagination alone. even when reading 'dumb' art i try to engage it properly bc i#very sincerely believe that every story has some form of meaning if youre just willing to engage with it#(<- plot of orv btw for an ACTUALLY good story)#like i said the sexi manga has surprisingly good worldbuilding. the toxic story the sexu manhwa was telling was earnestly fascinating.#idk! sorry i know you were just looking for the name but while i do consider it just kinda silly its broader impact has a deep effect on me#this is why i love orv❤️ please read orv. while i already had these fond feelings prior to reading orv it really cemented it for me.#oh and i read romance novels sometimes. i like stuff thats cute and silly! idk. youve been on my blog you can see my icon this isnt news.#ask me no questions and ill tell you no lies
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just--a-nb--writer · 6 months ago
I just want to watch LGBT+ people in media without their identity being a plot point.
#lgbt representation#lgbtq#lgbtq characters#plot point#I don't mean that shows where a character is coming to terms with their identity are bad or shouldn't be made - they're necessary actually!#for younger generations and people who are just coming to terms with their identity this shows are very important (when done right)#but I already know who I am and the journey I had to take to reach that point#so I just want to see LGBT+ people existing in media that face *other* kind of issues that have nothing to do with their identity#the good place (eleanor's bisexuality) was a great example of how this can work#RWRB was a missed opportunity 😔#AFTG is between those two - I can't really decide#but anyway#dear writers and creators and whoever is reading this#please make more LGBT+ people who don't have to face issues because of their identity#(recommendations where this doesn't happen are HIGHLY appreciated)#thank you very much for reading :D#have a lovely day and stay safe 💕#(came back to add some show/books tags so hopefully people can add their own shows/books/movies too):#the good place#eleanor shellstrop#kristen bell#michael schur#red white and royal blue#alex gabriel claremont diaz#alex claremont diaz#henry mountchristen windsor#(if I had to tag all the lgbt+ characters in that book I'd retire first but those two were a missed opportunity)#(jane and nora are walking on ice because their relationship is not fully canon as it's never confirmed)#(pez is... I don't know)#(amy and her wife are good examples but they're secondary characters so there's that too)
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herotune · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
crawling out of my hole to announce ive acquired a new special interest in a certain book series from the 1800s and im about to become insufferable
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