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No worries! Cigarette Sandwich is a sketch comedy group, they do comedy streams on Twitch at The Annoyance Theatre is one Jon worked with for ages, and Cigarette Sandwich is one of the groups within it. He’s done stuff with Cigarette Sandwich for yeeeeears. Jon is hosting the next Power Hour tomorrow at 8pm EST, so it’ll be a bunch of sketches and fun times!

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prompted  //  accepting  !

@umikodo​  confessed  :    ❝ i don’t get scared. i’m practically fearless. ❞ from kou for either of his siblings?


          ❛    there  is  no  shame  in  being  afraid  ,  kou  .    ❜    a  warm  smile  was  offered  ,  expression  full  of  understanding  .    the  younger’s  words  were  attempting  to  cover  up  a  rather  obvious  fear  ,  yet  it  wasn’t  enough  to  convince  the  elder  blond  .    surely  even  the  exorcist  -  in  -  training  himself  had  noticed  it  by  now  ────  the  mild  shaking  of  his  frame  .

          it  was  far  from  unusual  to  see  the  younger  in  such  a  state  ,  especially  when  scary  movies  were  in  question  .    though  ,  this  one  in  particular  ended  up  being  a  bit  more  gruesome  than  the  description  had  alluded  .    protective  hand  reached  out  ,  resting  atop  kou’s  head  &  giving  it  a  few  gentle  pats  .    ❛    everyone  experiences  fear  .    there’s  no  need  to  deny  it  .    if  the  movie  is  too  scary  ,  you  can  close  your  eyes  .    i’ll  tell  you  when  you  can  open  them  again  .    ❜

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unprompted ask / always accepting !!

@nonkinai​ said: Pats her head ( Osamu )


A    SMALL    SMILE    laced    with    definite    sincerity    ,    and    a    HEARTFELT    HUG    were    given    in    return.        head    pats    ?    the    absolute    best    !

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wait so if there’s monster high dolls based off of the clown from IT and the twins from the Shining(?)

does that mean canonically there’s slashers/horror movie characters in monster high-

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