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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Şimdi ben 2019 ajandamı buldum ve mayıs ayının 14 ünde bir url yazıyor sanırım doğum günü olduğu için yazmışım da sıkıntı şu urlnin kime ait olduğunu hatırlamıyorum ağlıcam :’(

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Yayyy!!! Thanks for the ask!

1. … it’s the Balance: Unlimited opening because I listened to it 300 times in three days

3. Lonely by Palaye Royale that song is fucking awesome


33. Taste Of Regret by Of Mice And Men

Oh man this one is heavy but also amazing but also REALLY HEAVY

82. blurry (out of place) - acoustic by Crown The Empire

;~; amazing song so beautiful his voice is just MWAH

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Remember, smiling inspires other people to smile, that helps everyone be happy!!! Help create a happier future!!!


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42 - Little Sister by Trixie Mattel

69 - Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks

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- brunhildes hobby is actually READING !!! rica used 2 read her stories bc one of the perks of noble hunting is being well read so she taught hilde 2 read & it makes hilde feel close to her ❤ hilde stole some books from the chantry in lothering to practice with

- shes not super “talkative” so to speak, 1 bc shes mute, 2 bc she likes to use pre-mission time as a time to focus, but if she takes zevran, alistair, or leliana along they always manage to drag some conversation out of her

- MOST EMBARRASSING THING: the first time she experienced a thunderstorm was in camp and when it happened she freaked out SO bad she scaled an entire oak tree & sten refused to get her down so zevran alistair & leli had to tower of babel their way up to her. which took an hour. bc she had climbed all the way to the top. zevran made one(1) squirrel joke afterwards & almost lost his life

- ya she knew how to make camp!! duncan taught her how to pitch a tent!!

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adhd dean! him going mute for awhile after mary died which is REALLY common for kids with adhd or autism. chatterbox of the century dean winchester just STOPS talking when he feels utterly overwhelmed, and his first response when he gets angry or upset is to go quiet and tense, his voice gets all clipped and it sounds forced. dean not being able to focus on research for more than 10 minutes at a time, which sam gets and is understanding and patient about. the constant pop culture references bc dean’s thoughts go a mile a minute. dean forming REALLY intense attachments with people, and being introverted and wanting to be left alone except for his few chosen few. dean with adhd !!

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*dramatic piano music*

fan art for @girnyo‘s fic slip up / amnesiac snufkin au

i know i’ve said it before but i will say again that you are a big inspiration for me in this fandom and while i was reading this scene where they’re having the uncomfortable interactions at the table just kinda stuck in my brain

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