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sorry!! i didn’t see this until now—


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Ooo! Jay’s sweatshirts so big and comfy!!! And very good for hiding form. And it’s kinda like this:

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with that said, consider this a plotting call!

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mmm i got a pair of sneakers that fit me properly earlier and running feels so good

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ur just mad i know how to play mary had a littol lamb on the piano >:)

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Ditto wants to do a serious roleplay with someone. Come reblog to do a serious roleplay with Ditto! You can DM Ditto asking for a starter, or if you want to make a starter and just tag Ditto after reblogging, that’s alright too. No guarantees I’ll see it, but I’ll try.


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YOOO !! :00!! thats so cool :D

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Hello anon! Sorry this took so long to answer.

Hmm, I like both (yes, very helpful Abby).

I like mechanical pencils because they can be useful for small details and stuff, but they break really easily. And I also get annoyed when the lead just PUSHES back into the pencil.

I also like regular pencils because they don’t break that easily, and they are very useful when it comes to shading and filling in spots. But, they can get dull and my lines get smudgy.

There you go! And thank you for the ask!

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I hope you have a lovely day too!

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♡  @xuanmo​  ♡


       “  i  wish  we  never  met. ” 

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♡  @yecnjns​  ♡


       i  can’t  just  ––  you  can’t  expect  me  to  answer  something  like  that  so  easily. 

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It appears that Sanditon has been quietly renewed by ITV for a 2nd Season.

Per the latest Production Reports, Season 2 is currently in Active Development. Filming is currently expected to take place in Bristol, England in the upcoming Summer.

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