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I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted like, art, but that’s specifically what I need to address.

I absolutely adore the headcanon questions I get from you guys and I actually have a couple more I need to answer, but!!!! This blog is meant for my art, not my fandom shenanigans.

If you have any headcanon questions you want to send me or you want to see all of my answered ones, please go to my toh sideblog @edasnest

I’ll gladly accept more headcanon questions there! And the remaining few I have in my inbox here on my art blog I’ll definitely still answer, but they’ll be the last ones I answer on this blog. My inbox will remained closed on this blog as well, just for the time being, so everyone has a chance to see this announcement and knows what’s up. As for art I’m working on, oh boy howdy do I have some projects in progress (Including part 3 of ECSG).

Btw yall can see scribbles of mine that don’t make it to this blog on my side blog too so like 👀

Thank you guys for being so cool!! See you in the nest!

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i promised myself i wasn’t going to say anything but i’m still thinking about it a day later so. it would be nice if “sex heals trauma” jokes weren’t made. it’s uncomfortable at best. reducing a complex and important character like astrid to “she can heal caleb” and “she can get caleb laid”, even as a joke, just doesn’t sit well with me. we know that honeypotting was a part of their training so sex and intimacy is already something that’s probably iffy with her at best, so making jokes about it feels dismissive of all the potential negative sex experiences she’s had during her time as an agent. it just seems like sam is only viewing her as a vessel to ~make caleb feel better~ instead of a character in her own right and that really bothers me. i wish her story could be taken seriously (or, alternatively, i wish sam would make jokes that are about something other than her ability as a woman and an ex to heal/fix caleb). sex doesn’t heal trauma. jokes about women being used for sex to heal a man’s trauma are uncomfortable and inappropriate. i understand that they are just meant as jokes but they come across as very tone deaf and make a lot of people, including myself, uncomfortable. i was so disappointed to hear sam bring it up again last night.

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